7 Stoner Girl Anthems You Need To Add To Your 4/20 Playlist Right Now

by Faith Green

If you look up 4/20 playlists, you’ll see lots of Wiz Khalifa, Bob Marley, and Snoop Dogg, but it’ll be a while before you find any playlists specifically for the girlies and/or the gays. Both medicinally and recreationally, women have been severely underrepped in the cannabis industry, and that has to change. This 4/20, we’re here to change that. If Hello Kitty bongs, rose petal pre-rolls, and sparkly pink lighters are your thing, light up a girl blunt and celebrate 4/20 with these stoner girl anthems.

1.) “I Love You Mary Jane” Cypress Hill ft Sonic Youth

We love Kim Gordon here at Bust. We’ve spoken to her several times about her life, her memoirs, and most famously, her band Sonic Youth. But in a small corner of stoner culture exists an anomaly, a Cypress Hill song featuring a hook by Kim Gordon. It’s not well known, considering the fact that it only appears on the soundtrack for the obscure 1993 movie Judgement Night (it’s got a 35% rating on Rotten Tomatoes). It’s a shame, because this song with Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill was the collaboration we never knew we needed. Gordon’s purry vocals, which croon the lyrics “Suga come by and get me high” against the classic West Coast hip-hop sound make this the best 4/20 song you’ve probably never heard of. 

2. ) “So High” – Doja Cat

Real Doja Cat fans remember this catchy 2014 hit. “So High” was Doja Cat’s debut single off of her debut EP, Purrr!. “So High” is a flowy, vaguely psychedelic R&B tune that embodies the soft and cushiony feeling of a good hybrid strain. The twinkling windchime-like melody over a heavy trap beat, coupled with Doja Cat’s cute weed references makes this a perfect song for the “holidaze” or for hot summer nights. Although Doja Cat has since expressed her dislike of the song, it still remains a stoner cult classic. 

3.) “Drugs” – Lil’ Kim

“Drugs” is the 7th track off Lil Kim’s 1996 album Hard Core, and has shown up on numerous stoner playlists in the last 20 or so years. “Drugs” features a mellow acoustic guitar riff, clever lyrics, and a hook by the Notorious Biggie Smalls. It’s definitely a song for those of us who need blunt-proof lip gloss. Lil Kim isn’t shy about enjoying bougie (an AAVE term that is short for “Bourgeoisie“, or high-class) smoke sessions. With lines like “My girls rock Chanel and smoke mad marijuana” and “Inhale this… feel the mist through the uterus,” this is a 100% certified stoner girl anthem. 

4.) “Girl Blunt” – LeiKeli47

What exactly is a “Girl Blunt”? According to the official stoner girl reddit page, r/ENTwives, a “girl blunt” is simply a joint or blunt rolled with rose petals or other floral mixes, (like Spliff, an herbal smoke blend from the queer-owned brand 69 Herbs.) It’s also a killer song by up-and-coming rap artist LeiKeli47 that gained viral attention from women in Tik Tok’s marijuana community in 2021. You’re probably not a stranger to the lyrics “This s*** is a girl blunt, I only smoke girl blunts.” The beat is reminiscent of other bad bitch songs like “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama, and is arguably the catchiest song on the list, with comedic yet expertly crafted lyrics that’ll have you buying baby pink rolling papers. 

 5.) “Let’s Get High” – Letters To Cleo

Letters To Cleo is a criminally underrated female-fronted alternative rock band that gained popularity in the 90s with the hit “Here and Now.” The lead singer Kay Hanely, also provided a majority of the vocals for the 2001 movie, Josie and The Pussycats. Their 2008 song “Lets Get High” is the perfect bedroom rock song for heavy bong rips. Its chill vibes mirror the atmosphere of lyrics like “Let’s get in touch with what’s alive, it’s magical, let’s get high.” The song somehow manages to encapsulate the feeling of packing a sativa-filled bowl on a sunny spring day. Agan Traders clothes aren’t required to listen to this 2000s alt-rock banger, but they’ll definitely help you get in the mood.  

6.) “When I Get Low I Get High” – Ella Fitzgerald

If you wanna light up a “jazz cigarette” and feel like a vampy dame, this old school Ella Fitzgerald song will have you feeling the need to do just that. “When I Get Low I Get High” is a jazzy, big band sleeper hit that was originally recorded in the 1930s by Chuck Webb, and popularized by Fitzgerald, who dabbled in her own cannabis usage. The song details a woman who is down on her luck, so she gets high to shed the troubles of her day, which is something I think all of us can relate to. 

7.) “Good Puss” – COBRAH

If you’re someone who uses cannabis to get in touch with your sensuality, then Cobrah’s song, “Good Puss”, featuring brazen rapper Cupcakke is going to be all over your Spotify Wrapped this year. Cobrah is a Swedish electronic artist who incorporates otherworldly, fetish-inspired costumes into her performances, and the music video for “Good Puss” is no exception. With an addictive house beat that goes hard enough to make your heart pound, and lyrics like “Real good puss, I just wanna feel good, gotta lay down with some good kush,”  you’ll be blasting this on your speakers during your next hotbox session.”

Some honorable mentions include Missy Elliott’s “Pass That Dutch,” Lil’ Debbie’s “4/20,Kali Uchi’s Moonlight,” Lana Del Rey’s “High By The Beach” and Aliah Sheffield’s beautifully hilarious underground song, “Where is My Weed,” which you absolutely need to check out if you haven’t already.

Whether you spend the day making your own edibles, smoking with friends, cooking up a homemade batch of cannabutter, or advocating for medical marijuana access in your area, you’ll need something to jam out to while you do it. Throw on this playlist, hit your baby pink dab pen, and enjoy yourself this 4/20. 

Top Photo Credit: Kym MacKinnon via Unsplash

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