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The She-Ra Reboot Looks Amazing, and Men Can’t Ruin It For Me

By Rachele Merliss  In TV  On Jul 18, 2018

Netflix and Dreamworks are teaming up for a 2018 reboot of She-Ra, and the first images look awesome. She-Ra is a lot less sexualized than the ‘80s original — she has visible muscles and she’s wearing a SKORT, you guys. And with superstar cartoonist Noelle Stevenson at the helm, this show promises to have the empowerment and representation that young watchers deserve. Noelle Stevenson is the 26-year-old cartoonist who brought the world Lumberjanes, a comic book series about a group of badass friends at a supernatural… Read more
What’s not to love about watermelon? A certifiable summer game-changer, watermelon is a fruit and a vegetable, about 90% water, and loaded with antibiotics and vitamins. Now, in the thick of the growing season, here are some ways to make the most of these juicy bad boys: 1. Watermelon Lemonade by Cooking Classy Watermelon and lemon combine to make a refreshing watermelon lemonade for hot days.2. Watermelon Margarita from All Recipes For something with a little more kick, this watermelon margarita turns it up a notch.… Read more

Catch Chilean Singer Pascuala Ilabaca In Brooklyn Tomorrow

By Alex Vasquez  In Music  On Jul 18, 2018

You won't want to miss Chilean singer Pascuala Ilabaca perform with her band, Fauna, tomorrow night in Brooklyn. Praised as a pioneer of Chile’s emerging new music scene and the South American folk movement, Pascuala Ilabaca’s music fuses traditional folk melodies with jazz, pop and rock influences. Since getting her start 10 years ago, Ilabaca’s soulful singing and groundbreaking performances have landed her the 2013 Best Album award in the World Beat Independent Music Awards and tours across Chile, Europe, and the… Read more

This Woman Had The Best-Ever Response To Slut-Shaming

By Lydia Wang  In Feminism  On Jul 18, 2018

“We’re all sluts,” Samirah Raheem, an L.A.-based model, asserted in a now-viral video. “You’re a slut, all these dudes behind you are sluts, your cameraman’s a slut, your PA’s a slut. And your mic’s a slut.” The moment was filmed at Amber Rose’s 2017 Slut Walk, an event dedicated to raising awareness about rape culture and victim-blaming, but went viral on social media this week. Raheem’s statement in particular was a response to the ultra-conservative personality and reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, who stopped her on the… Read more
Michelle Williams has checked herself into a mental health facility for depression and shared a moving post on social media about the importance of seeking mental healthcare when you need it, writing, "Today I proudly, happily and healthily stand here as someone who will continue to always lead by example as I tirelessly advocate for the betterment of those in need." As a mental health advocate, she has previously spoken out about her struggle with depression, including during the time when she was in one of the most… Read more
Shed negativity while exfoliating your skin with this new line of crystal-infused body polishes from L.A.-based apothecary/metaphysical shop House of Intuition. Each of the five polishes—Jade, Amethyst, Citrine, Opalite, and Rose Quartz ($28, houseofintuitionla.com)—has a unique blend of essential oils and crystal energy, with scents ranging from a floral ylang ylang to a smoky sandalwood. “Rose quartz is universally recognized as the healing stone of love, so the Rose Quartz Body Polish can activate and help spread… Read more

A Bizarre Story Of 19th Century Streetcars And Giant Cats

By Mimi Matthews  In Living  On Jul 18, 2018

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, there was a time when electric streetcars shared the road with mounted riders, horse-drawn carriages, and streetcars pulled by teams of horses. Many interesting animal stories have come out of this brief period of crossover between horsepower and the rise of the modern machine. Naturally, the bulk of these stories feature horses, but one of the most bizarre accounts I have found involves not equines, but felines. According to the September 6, 1893 edition of the Edinburgh… Read more

Your Inside Guide to the Ladies of Reggae Sumfest

By Janeth Gonda  In Music  On Jul 18, 2018

Reggae Sumfest, also known as the largest and best reggae festival in the world, is back July 15-21 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The festival originated in 1993 and has seen some of the biggest stars in music over the years including Usher, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Alicia Keys. We are so excited to head out to Montego Bay and want to give you the inside scoop on some of the amazing female artists you can find on the main festival nights, July 20 and 21. Tosh Alexander, photo provided by Facebook Kim Nain, a powerful… Read more

Pussy Riot’s New Track Imagines A Just And Fair Police System

By Rachele Merliss  In Music  On Jul 17, 2018

Today, Pussy Riot continued their demands for justice and police reform in Russia with a new song and video, “Track About Good Cop.” The song imagines a future in which Russian police and citizens are partners in creating a safe and just society. It’s a stark contrast to the country’s reality, in which police arrest Russians for speaking out against their corrupt and violent government. The video shows Pussy Riot members dressed in police uniforms dancing happily, while singing lyrics like “Me and the cop, we’ve turned… Read more
Over a year ago, two men in Italy were given a three-year sentence for raping a woman in 2009. Now, Italy’s highest court is granting the criminals a retrial based on new information that the survivor had been drinking during a meal prior to the assault. The Guardian writes that “the court of cassation has ordered a retrial in order to revise the sentence, saying that even though the defendants took advantage of the woman’s drunken state in order to have forced sex with her, aggravating circumstances were not… Read more
On June 24th, four-year-old Luz Gonzalez and her mother Reyna Candia were hit by an SUV outside of Clean City Laundry in Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, reports Gothamist. They were taken to Wyckoff Hospital, where Luz was pronounced dead and Reyna had her injuries treated. Meanwhile, Jeanette Maria, the driver who ran them over on the sidewalk and then fled the scene, was stopped by the police but not arrested nor charged. Luz’s body was flown to Mexico, where their extended family still lives, and her… Read more
It has been ten months since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Since then, we have seen horror stories come out of the island, as well as stories of true heroism. We've seen grassroots organizations come together to send over supplies, and have learned of the heroes on the island literally saving lives. Although Puerto Rico is no longer actively in the news, those helping Puerto Rico have not stopped their efforts. While the cable news cycle may be obsessing over the president’s latest tweet, people on the ground in… Read more

What To Know Before You Go To Your First BDSM "Munch"

By BUST Magazine  In Sex  On Jul 17, 2018

We're bringing you this Q&A from BUST's Sex section, featuring advice from sexologist Dr. Carol Queen. I’m interested in getting more involved in the BDSM community, and I want to go to my first “munch”—a casual social gathering for people interested in the lifestyle—but I’m so nervous and have no idea what to expect. Help! – A Snack A munch is an event tailor-made for newbies, usually held in a public place, where kinky and kink-curious folks gather together to meet, be convivial, and introduce newcomers to the local… Read more

This Website Gives You the Sex Ed You Never Had

By Sarah Boyle  In Sex  On Jul 16, 2018

Sexual education in schools and at home has been a longstanding problem in America. Many people do not receive accurate or sufficient information on sexual health, either from their parents or from their schools. Andrea Barrcia, founder and CEO of O.school, is working to change that. Her website that aims to give everyone the sexual education that they need and deserve, regardless of their background. When researching into the state of American public school’s sex ed regulations, the results are concerning. The… Read more
The World Cup finale took place in Moscow last night with hundreds of millions of viewers in attendance, including Russian President Vladimir Putin—which Pussy Riot saw as an excellent audience for their newest performance piece called “Policeman Enters The Game.” According to the BBC, four members of Pussy Riot, a Russian activist group of punk performance artists, have been arrested for disrupting the World Cup by running onto the pitch in a protest against human rights abuses. They are being accused of violating the… Read more
Thousands of Amazon workers in Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, and England) are striking on the company’s Amazon Prime Day (today) in order to advocate for better working conditions and pay, the Observer reports. Workers say the demands set by the online shopping giant are so high that workers have to pee in bottles instead of taking bathroom breaks. Workers also say that the company discriminates against women who become pregnant or take maternity leave. Read more at the Observer. Inside The Detention… Read more
Debbie Stoller and Laurie Henzel are the co-founders and co-publishers of our beloved BUST Magazine, where they have been the Poptarts hosts’ bosses for a million years. In this episode of the podcast, we are celebrating the magazine’s 25th Anniversary by asking our boss ladies everything we ever wanted to know about BUST but were afraid to ask. About: BUST's Poptarts is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by BUST Magazine editors Emily Rems and Callie Watts that celebrates women in pop culture. The first half of each… Read more
Riverdale ​and ​Stranger Things a​re two of the most popular TV series currently running, and Betty Cooper and Nancy Wheeler are two of the series’ most important characters. After following Betty’s and Nancy’s super sleuth storylines for two seasons now, I have a hunch of my own: the two are essentially the same character fighting the same fight—and together they’re rebranding the modern Final Girl.The Final Girl, a horror trope term coined by author and academic Carol J. Clover, is marked by her perceived moral… Read more

3 Natural Hair Care Tips From The Doux Founder Maya Smith

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Jul 16, 2018

Maya Smith, a hairstylist and salon owner with 25 years of experience, has created something that’s both familiar and fresh. With hip-hop-themed product names—Mousse Def texture foam, Fresh Rinse conditioner—and a colorful ’90s aesthetic (that she designed), The Doux natural hair care line inspires the same adoration as products like Let’s Jam and Blue Magic that many black women grew up using. But unlike those products, The Doux (now sold in Target!) is formulated specifically for unrelaxed hair. “I try to create… Read more

Learn About Stonewall Hero Stormé DeLarverie

By F Yeah History  In Feminism  On Jul 16, 2018

Althought it is no longer Pride month, it is always a good time to champions of LGBTQIA+ rights—so we're today we're telling the story of a stone cold butch babe, Stormé DeLarverie. Stormè working security outside The Cubby Hole Stormé was sometimes known in LGBTQ circles as the "Lesbian Rosa Parks." She fought against "ugly" (her term for bigotry and hatred) for her entire life and always looked out for others. There's a Stormé coming. Stormé was born in New Orleans in 1920. Her mother was an African American servant… Read more
It's our birthday and we want to celebrate! For over 25 years, BUST has been releasing content that pushes feminism, equality, and inclusion forward. We take pride in the number of influential, inspiring, and hard-working feminists we have had the chance to collaborate with over the years. In order to honor the hard work and love that has gone into BUST with the combined help of staff, contributors, and of course our subscribers, we are throwing a party—and you are all invited! Join us Tuesday, August 28th at the… Read more
For the third year in a row, TUFFEST will take over South Seattle to uplift and emphasize the voices of people of color, women, nonbinary, trans, and gender nonconforming musicians and artists. TUFFEST is an all-day and all-night annual celebration put on by TUF, a Seattle-based collective. This year’s fest will be held for free on July 14th in Judkins Park. TUF’s mission is to challenge the white cisgender male norm that exists within electronic music and media. The collective pursues this through representation and… Read more
Sandra Oh just made history by becmoing the first Asian woman to be nominated for the Emmy for Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Drama. She is nominated for her role as Eve Plastri in the BBC America drama Killing Eve. It is her first headlining role of her career, and her first major role since Grey’s Anatomy. She had been nominated 5 times for the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy, but never won. It is disappointing but not really that surprising that an Asian… Read more
Trump is in the U.K., and tens of thousands of Britons are expected to protest against him at London’s Trafalgar Square in what is predicted to be one of the largest protests London has seen since 2003 during the Iraq War, reports CBS News. London’s mayor Sadiq Khan even allowed the “Trump baby” balloon to fly over Parliament Square. Read more at CBS News. Trump Calls Immigration “A Very Negative Thing For Europe” in Press Conference with Theresa May After criticizing U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May over Brexit, Trump… Read more

Your Summer Empowerment Playlist

By Melanie LaForce  In Music  On Jul 13, 2018

It’s been a shitty couple of weeks. Given the political climate, the actual climate, and that little old impending nuclear war...well, sometimes we need solid tunes to get us through the day OR get us off our asses. Enjoy this Summer Empowerment Playlist, chock-full of bad ass babes pumping out killer jams: You're making protest posters: "Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson You had a badass day at work and totally shut down Chad: "Bossy" by Kelis Oh, and you also shut down Todd when he tried to steal your idea: "Hit Me… Read more
I just finished watching the well-cast and complex first season of Seven Seconds, a Netflix Original that premiered at the end of February. My delight in this show, however, was short-lived, when I learned that the show had already been canceled, and my surprise has expanded now that star Regina King has earned an Emmy nomination. Despite the cancellation, it is still worth your time to check out this series because it is complete as it stands; there are no threads left dangling, because the intention had been to have… Read more

2+2=Porn With The Cheekily Named Math Magazine

By BUST Magazine  In Sex  On Jul 13, 2018

Looking for something new to get your motor running? Try Math, a feminist, pornographic print magazine that according to its publisher, Brooklyn-based artist Mackenzie Peck, “creates environments for sexual discovery and fantasy without shame or fear.” Beautifully photographed in a way that celebrates the complexities of human sexuality, Math showcases a variety of body shapes, ages, colors, and sizes, and also includes several erotic essays for those who prefer words to pictures. Brimming with kink, cool interviews,… Read more

"Eighth Grade" Is A Heartfelt Ode To Being A Teen Girl

By BUST Magazine  In Movies  On Jul 13, 2018

Eighth GradeWritten and directed by Bo BurnhamOut July 13 It’s the last week of eighth grade, and things haven’t quite turned out like Kayla thought they would. Instead of having a boyfriend and a bevy of popular best friends, she’s quiet and awkward and her every attempt to be cool fails spectacularly. Kayla pantomimes effortlessness on her YouTube channel, where she gives self-help advice, but her tips fall flat IRL. When she’s home with her dad, an equally befuddled divorcé, she snaps at him and plugs into the… Read more

Week Of Women: July 13-19, 2018

By Erika W. Smith  In Entertainment  On Jul 12, 2018

This week in feminist-friendly entertainment brings us the premiere of the buzzed-about coming-of-age movie Eighth Grade, new music by the Ophelias, a new book by Megan Abbott, and more. Plus, subscribe to our podcast Poptarts to hear co-founders Debbie Stoller and Laurie Henzel talk all about the origins of BUST as we prepare to celebrate our 25th anniversary. MOVIES Eighth Grade Bo Burnham’s directorial debut is “a heartfelt ode to being a teen girl,” writes BUST; it Elsie Fisher as eighth grader Kayla. See BUST’s… Read more

The Anxious Women

By Amanda Weaver  In Living  On Jul 12, 2018

Last summer, I had the worst panic attack of my life. I was sitting in the outdoor food court of Ponce City Market, a bougie indoor/outdoor mall combo where you can get fifty-dollar pillow shams and pour-over coffee. It was a hellishly hot day in August, we’d just walked halfway down the Beltline, and I’d worn pants instead of shorts. The heat and my insecurity over showing my legs set me on the path to my attack. My mother-in-law chose the Chinese restaurant in the food court. Only my brother-in-law had eaten in this… Read more

"Weetzie Bat" Is Going To Be A Movie

By Lydia Wang  In Movies  On Jul 12, 2018

Weetzie Bat, Francesca Lia Block’s 1989 cult classic, will be adapted into a movie, reported Deadline yesterday. The movie, which centers around a whimsical dream of a young girl finding friends, family, and love in 1980s Los Angeles, will star Thoroughbreds actor Anya Taylor-Joy as the titular character alongside Nick Robinson, Sasha Lane, Theodore Pellerin, and Keiynan Lonsdale. Thor Bradwell, Justin Kelly, and Joshua Thurston will produce the film. Block, who has since written over 25 books of fiction, nonfiction,… Read more

Florence Welch, Before "High As Hope": From The BUST Archives

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Jul 12, 2018

To celebrate BUST's 25th anniversary, we're bringing some of our favorite cover stories online. Here's our interview with Florence Welch from our June/July 2011 issue. From art school dropout to Grammy-nominated artist, Brit singer Florence Welch is cool as hell. Here, she reveals what it's like to be a sudden celebrity and what happened when she had the world's worst hangover. Florence Welch cannot believe what I am telling her. “Whaaaaat?” she says into the phone incredulously. She’s drawing out her words, apparently… Read more
A number of migrant children under the age of five were reunited with their parents after forced separation as part of a court order on Tuesday in Phoenix, but the reunions happened amid confusion as some children failed to recognize their parents. Children also expressed attachment to social workers who overseed them during the separation and referred to other children held in detention as siblings, the New York Times reports. Brett Kavanaugh Criticized Roe V. Wade As Wrongly Decided Supreme Court nominee Brett… Read more
Adrienne Truscott’s new show A One Trick Pony (Or Andy Kaufman Is A Feminist Performance Artist And I'm a Comedian) brings back to the stage one of the most astute cultural observers of our time, and proves that she indeed has more than one trick. A One Trick Pony is the follow-up to Truscott's critically-acclaimed show Asking For It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy And Little Else!, in which Truscott served us a subversive dissertation that foretold today's rape culture reckoning and the #MeToo… Read more
Alicia "Alice" Armendariz, a.k.a. Alice Bag, is more than a riotous vocalist with a sharp tongue and explosive delivery. Yes, she is known for igniting a fierce femme fire within the late '70s L.A. punk scene with her pioneering band the Bags, but that is just where her musical story really took root. For more than four decades, the East L.A.-born artist has created powerful, defiant music that pushes the boundaries of the status quo (her band credits are long and varied: Cholita!, Castration Squad, Stay at Home… Read more
There’s some serious shit going down in the red rock desert of Southern Utah. Six years ago, polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs, president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), was sentenced to life in prison for child sex abuse. And just last year, his brother and successor Lyle was jailed on fraud charges. Thus, a leadership vacuum was created in Hildale, Utah. A former FLDS stronghold, Hildale elected a woman as mayor for the very first time this past November, after decades of… Read more
There is a long-standing history of male artists taking credit for women’s work, and the Dada movement was no different—even though Dadaism was an art movement founded in the rejection of logic, reason, and modern capitalist society. Dadaism was considered the “radical left” of the time but they still ignored, rejected, and excluded women from the canon of art history. According to Open Culture, one of the many poignant examples of this is the authorship of the notorious Fountain from 1917. The Fountain, which is… Read more
Last August, DJ David Mueller was found guilty of groping Taylor Swift’s bare butt at an event in Denver (in case you don't remember, he was fired for groping her, then sued her for "costing him his job"; Swift countersued for sexual assault and won, and Mueller was ordered to pay $1 in symbolic damages). Today, in a creepy, sexist interview, Mueller told RadarOnline that he now feels like he’s "imprisoned." “Now I’m afraid to even talk to women. I don’t even go near women,” he said. “I was always the gentleman. I… Read more
If you haven’t heard of congressional candidate MJ Hegar, chances are you will soon: the Texan Democratic candidate’s campaign video has racked up over 2.5 million views so far, kicking off Hegar’s platform with a memorable start. The campaign is one in a series from female candidates who, according to the The Associated Press, have set a record this year for women running for the U.S. House of Representatives. In preparation for this year's 2018 midterm elections, watch Hegar’s video below in addition to campaign ads… Read more
Artist Vivek Shraya’s new Ace Hotel exhibition, Trisha, is a photo series of self portraits in which Shraya recreates photographs of her mother from the 1970s. Shraya's mother immigrated from India to Canada, and Shraya always looked up to her. She wrote in an essay to her mother, “I was right to worship you. You worked full-time, went to school part-time, managed a home, raised two children who complained about frozen food and make fun of your accent, and cared for your family in India. Most days in my adult life, I… Read more

Dancing With The Devil

By It's Not Personal  In Living  On Jul 11, 2018

There we were…two lost souls in Mexico, both unknowingly searching for someone to feed each other’s soul. Well, at least that’s how it seemed, when, I, the soul-searching empath who thought she was safe from any more toxic energy vampires, saw him. Him. The guy who screamed “Damaged!” and ”Stay away!” All of his giant red flags were waving in the wind…But instead of ignoring them, I playfully danced with them, knowing I was dancing with the devil. I had gone through a hard breakup three years before we met. Those three… Read more
Serena Williams, all-star tennis player and mom to a 10-month-old daughter, has spoken out on Twitter about one of the major challenges that working moms experience: missing their children’s milestones, the Washington Post reports. In a tweet, the tennis star stated that she missed her daughter Olympia’s first steps because she was training. What followed was a mass wave of other working mothers showing their support for Williams and encouraging her that even though she missed a moment, she is still a fantastic mother.… Read more
Making change means getting your hands dirty. Just ask Pashon Murray, the woman behind Detroit Dirt (detroitdirt.org), a non-profit that collects food and grain waste from restaurants and breweries, and manure from the Detroit Zoo, and turns it all into high-quality compost for gardens and farms. “Going to the landfill as a child, that place never made sense to me,” says Murray, whose dad worked in waste management when she was growing up in Grand Rapids, MI. Witnessing piles of garbage made an impact on her (as did… Read more
In January 1818, on the second page of a small Irish newspaper, was a brief article with the sensational headline: “Projected Divorce in High Life.” This case, which would soon become notorious in both England and France, was not, in fact, a divorce. It was an action for criminal conversation—a tort, long extinct, in which an aggrieved husband could make a claim for damages against the lover of his adulterous spouse. These sorts of cases were always deliciously scandalous, and none more so than that of Aston v.… Read more
Last night, Trump nominated federal appeals court judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat left by Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. This morning, Politico reported that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to block Kavanaugh and told CBS This Morning that “I don’t think he would have been put on this list had he not been one of these hard right judges.” Who is Kavanaugh, though, other than one of the judges who famously argued for Clinton’s impeachment? We’ve compiled a list of just some of the… Read more
Pregnant immigrant women detained in ICE detention centers are not receiving adequate medical treatment during miscarriages, reports BuzzFeed News; one woman said that she asked for medical care when she realized she was miscarrying and was refused; instead, she "spent about eight days lying down." According to doctors and lawyers involved in these cases, the policies directing the treatment of pregnant women have changed during the Trump administration, leading to more health risks for pregnant women. Read more at… Read more
Recently, a group at The American Library Association voted that the career achievement award that bore Laura Ingalls Wilder's name since 1954 (when she won it) be changed, and her name removed. In a statement, the ALA said that the decision was made in part because Wilder's books "reflect dated cultural attitudes toward Indigenous people and people of color that contradict modern acceptance, celebration, and understanding of diverse communities." If you're a Laura Ingalls Wilder superfan, like I am (I wrote an entire… Read more

“Love War Stories” Explores Love And Heartbreak

By Erika W. Smith  In Books  On Jul 10, 2018

Ivelisse Rodriguez’s short story collection Love War Stories (Feminist Press) shares a name with the final story it contains. In the short story, a group of young girls go to war with their mothers over the concept of love: “Just the summer before—fighting, yelling, believing—me, Yahira, Alexa, and Ruthie and a host of other girls would tell love stories,” Rodriguez writes. “And our mothers would tell antilove stories. And we did this every week in Springdale Park for three years until we went off to college. This was… Read more

10 Must-Have Travel Buys For Your Next Vacation

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Jul 10, 2018

From our June/July 2018 issue, Stephanie J. shares her "good stuff." This time, the theme is "Bon Voyage"—catch the travel bug this summer with these wise buys. With this striped suitcase, your bag will be easy to spot. 20-INCH GLACIER STRIPE SPINNER LUGGAGE, $330, PENDLETON-USA.COM Keep it zipped with a canvas case for your tech. CANVAS LAPTOP SLEEVE, $89.95, MOCHITHINGS.COM Lauren Falkowski’s leather designs are perfect for travel and time off. STELLA TRAVEL WALLET CLUTCH, $158, LOLAFALKLEATHERGOODS.ETSY.COMKeep your… Read more

In Defense Of Pop Culture Adaptations Of History

By F Yeah History  In Entertainment  On Jul 09, 2018

Recently, there’s been an amazing spate of really popularized history media. From the (hysterical!) Cunk on Britain, to Drunk History, to a full-on rampage of Philippa Gregory spin-offs. There’s just one thing: none of the above count as history. Well, so we’re told… But I have a question. What makes those...so different from this: The amazing "Horrible Histories" Guys, I think the only difference might be that Horrible Histories is made for children, and the others are made for adults. When you think about it, that’s… Read more