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We previously highlighted all the amazing comedians who will grace the stage at our 25th Anniversary Party on August 28. But they won’t be the only ones—we also have an amazing lineups of musicians and DJs who will keep you dancing all night long. The party will take place at Brooklyn’s iconic House of Yes, and a portion of all ticket sales will be donated to the NNAF (National Network of Abortion Funds). Check out our list of musical acts, grab your ticket today, and stay tuned for more updates! Photo by Nadya Wasylko… Read more

21 New Albums To Take You From Summer To Fall

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Aug 17, 2018

From new Mitski to the return of Neneh Cherry, here's our music reviews from our August/September issue—plus, a Spotify playlist with some favorites from each album. MITSKI Be the Cowboy (Dead Oceans) On Be the Cowboy’s opener, “Geyser,” Mitski begins to reveal her tumultuous relationship status: It’s complicated. This dispute fuels the entirety of the record, wherein she grapples with her nuanced passion, often to the point of explosion. Upbeat piano and synth-driven songs like “Washing Machine Heart” bounce with a… Read more
Just days after Argentina’s government failed to legalize abortion, a 24-year-old woman has lost her life to an unsafe abortion. Lacking a safe and legal option, the mother of two, referred to by Argentinian newspaper Clarín as Elizabeth, attempted to end her pregnancy at home on Sunday. According to The Cut, Elizabeth contracted a serious infection, which sent her into septic shock. Elizabeth passed away on Tuesday. In Argentina, abortion is illegal except in cases of rape or where the health or life of the pregnant… Read more

Aretha Franklin's Activist Legacy

By Alex Vasquez  In Music  On Aug 16, 2018

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, died the morning of Thursday, August 16, in her home in Detroit, and she leaves an infinitely deep trace on the world. As evidenced especially with her hit song “Respect," the iconic singer transformed a male-dominated industry. Her music fueled an era of ideological change, becoming an unofficial anthem for the civil rights, black power and feminist movements. Before laying down “Respect” on Valentine’s Day of 1967 at age 24, Franklin was a little-known gospel singer living in… Read more

Week Of Women: August 17-23, 2018

By Erika W. Smith  In Entertainment  On Aug 16, 2018

This week in feminist-friendly entertainment brings us the Netflix rom com To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Mitski’s new album Be The Cowboy, and the dystopian novel Vox by Christina Dalcher. Along with sampling these new pop culture picks, we hope you play a little Aretha Franklin this weekend, too. Rest in peace, Queen of Soul. MOVIES To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before The latest of Netflix’s original rom coms, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, is directed by Susan Johnson, stars Lana Condor, and is based on the… Read more

How The Media Gets OCD Wrong

By Emily Ruth Verona  In Living  On Aug 16, 2018

Every few months I say I'm going to write it. My big OCD opus. I say it's going to be an article or a film or a novel—a few times I've started writing a screenplay or a short story exploring the mad world of irrationality. Only I never finish the articles or the novels or the screenplays. Because sometimes saying those three letters out loud is a battle all by itself. And somewhere along the way the shame crept in and stole my courage. I don't talk about my OCD anymore. After all, my stomach flips just typing out those… Read more
To celebrate BUST’s 25thanniversary, we’re bringing some of our favorite cover stories online. Here’s our interview with Gloria Steinem and Kathleen Hanna from our Winter 2000 issue. Without asking to, Gloria Steinem and Kathleen Hanna have been made de facto poster girls for their respective generation’s women’s movements—Gloria as the pretty, public face of the women’s liberation movement, and Kathleen as the troop leader of the Riot Grrrls. So choosing to feature both of them in the Feminism issue of BUST was… Read more

9 New Books By Women Authors To Add To Your To-Read List

By BUST Magazine  In Books  On Aug 16, 2018

Our August/September 2018 book reviews are now online! Check out our picks for end-of-summer reads, including new books by Zora Neale Hurston, Caitlin Moran, and Virginie Despentes, plus an anthology edited by Roxane Gay. Don’t forget to subscribe here! America Is Not The Heart: A NovelBy Elaine Castillo(Viking, April 3, 2018) In her debut novel, Elaine Castillo introduces readers to Gerónima “Hero” de Vera, a woman who once traded her privileged upbringing for a communist guerrilla group in the Philippines. At the… Read more
With leading roles in both Fresh Off the Boat and Crazy Rich Asians, Constance Wu is bringing Asian-American stories to the forefront of pop culture. Here, she discusses diversity in Hollywood, the price of outspokenness, and the love of her life—a brown bunny named Lida Rose On the day Constance Wu and I meet to chat at Blue Bottle Coffee in L.A.’s eclectic Echo Park neighborhood, ABC has just announced that Wu’s series, Fresh Off the Boat, will be renewed for a fifth season. The 36-year-old actor is all smiles when I… Read more
Singer and accused sexual predator R. Kelly is scheduled to perform at the Hulu Theatre in Madison Square Garden next month, Variety reports. The announcement of the concert, which will be Kelly’s most high-profile booking in years, follows a decades-long history of sexual assault accusations, including accusations, detailed on BuzzFeed last month, that the performer has been holding young women in an abusive cult. Kelly has also had multiple charges of child pornography and sexual assault, including several charges of… Read more
Last night after a Democratic primary win, Vermont’s Christine Hallquist made history as the first transgender gubernatorial candidate nominated by a major party. She beat out three opponents, securing 48% of the vote, according to Vox. “I am so proud to be the face of the Democrats tonight,” Hallquist said in her victory speech. Hallquist, a first-time candidate, has been CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative since 2005. She hopes to protect Medicare and Medicaid, support the state’s public schools, and raise the… Read more

Modern-Day Mystics On "Cassandra Syndrome"

By Lisa Stardust  In Living  On Aug 15, 2018

The tragic story of Cassandra, a princess of the ancient city of Troy, has a lot to show us about how it is to have magic abilities in a Muggle world. Cassandra was a young and beautiful royal in a grand city who seemed to have it all, but her charmed life changed forever when the god Apollo caught sight of her and decided he had to have her for himself. In order to enchant the young beauty, Apollo bestowed upon her the one thing she didn’t have: the gift of psychic visions. Apollo’s plan was to make the princess his… Read more

Some Thought This 19th Century Seafaring Cat Was The Devil

By Mimi Matthews  In Living  On Aug 15, 2018

For a brief time at the end of the 19th century, Her Majesty’s gunboat “Tickler” was the home of a mysterious cat by the name of Black Tom. According to the ship’s doctor, Gordon Stables, many on board suspected that Tom was a demon or an imp. No one knew where he had come from, how he had managed to get on board, or who had brought him there. He simply appeared one windy, treacherous evening when the sea was rough as the Tickler was crossing the Bay of Biscay. At eleven at night, while smoking on the quarter-deck,… Read more

Yoko Ono Asks, "Where Do We Go From Here?": BUST Premiere

By Lydia Wang  In Music  On Aug 15, 2018

In her newest track, musician, performance artist, and all-around visionary Yoko Ono asks a question that isn’t an unfamiliar one in 2018: where do we go from here? Ono’s latest song tackles blood, horror, and God, and raises questions about power and humanity. Like much of her music, "Where Do We Go From Here" uses simple, harsh images to create a point about the world we're living in. "If we sweep the bottom of the river, we'll find bodies that shouldn't be there," she chants. "If we sweep the courts and the offices,… Read more

What It's Like To Be A Trans Woman Of Color Rideshare Driver

By Liz Ellis Mayes And Lucy Augustine  In Feminism  On Aug 14, 2018

Kianni Jones, a 26-year-old trans woman of color, shares her story about her experiences as a rideshare driver in a short video created and edited by Liz Ellis Mayes and Lucy Augustine. After coming out as trans, Kianni struggled to keep a steady job due to transphobia. "Managers discussed to me that I had complaints in going into the female restroom from other customers," she says. Once Kianni began working as a rideshare driver, she was able to earn enough to take her from below the poverty line to joining the middle… Read more
Okay, the title might be a slight exaggeration, but not really. I'm a working actor, and after one of my scenes in Brooklyn Nine-Nine went viral, I was invited to attend BeautyConLA. I was super excited (and also scared out of my mind) to wear my new bright pink shirt bearing the words, “THEY'RE FAKE (the real ones were plotting to kill me).” The last few years of my life have been surreal, involving my sister’s going through chemotherapy for breast cancer and my ultimately undergoing preventative surgeries to remove… Read more
Our culture only permits women to be one thing: perfect. And if you have to be perfect, you certainly can’t be fat. Like many women, author and activist Virgie Tovar spent a lifetime hating her body before finding her people and true self. In her manifesto, You Have the Right to Remain Fat (Aug. 14, Feminist Press), she discusses her journey from self-hatred to self-love, the effects of diet culture, and the importance of fat activism over the body-positive movement to enable meaningful change from the oppression fat… Read more

Poop Around The World With These Toilet Travel Tips

By BUST Magazine  In Living  On Aug 14, 2018

As someone who’s shit in all kinds of conditions, I can tell you that bathroom habits (and facilities!!) vary widely from country to country. Sure, the toilet situation may not be the first thing on your mind when planning your next big adventure, but it warrants some attention if you want to have comfortable, ahem, movements while you’re away. (And maybe avoid wiping with a receipt after an attack of “Delhi Belly” at the Taj Mahal.) Read on for my best tips. Do your research. Knowledge is key, whether you’ll be… Read more
The apocalypse that Ling Ma creates in her debut novel Severance is all too easy to believe: “Shen Fever,” a mysterious disease, originates in Shenzhen, China and slowly spreads around the world, drawing media attention, panic, and uneasy joking—just like the 2014 ebola epidemic and the 2009 swine flu pandemic. But unlike ebola and swine flu, Shen Fever is always fatal...in a way. Those who catch it die, but their bodies live on, mechanically living out the routines of their daily lives—setting a table, turning the… Read more
As a queer woman of color, it is not often I go out to a show on my normal stomping grounds and see someone representing for myself and others who identify the same. When I first ran into tubafresh it felt like a breath of fresh air, to not only see a band who was doing something different and holding down a unique sound but also, to be frank, wasn't just made up of a bunch of white people. We sat down with band leader Chanell Crichlow and discussed the difficult necessity of being unique and carving out spaces where… Read more
It’s our anniversary, and we’re celebrating with a benefit show and party at Brooklyn’s House of Yes on August 28. The event will start at 7 P.M. and a portion of all ticket sales will be donated to the NNAF (National Network of Abortion Funds). Alongside some iconic musicians and DJs—among them Erykah Badu, Miss Eaves, and the Resistance Revival Chorus—we’re stoked to welcome a killer team of feminist comedians, including our host for the night, actress Jenny Slate. Here’s everything you need to know about all the… Read more
Male comedians get an average of 85% of stage time, according to Bitch Media—but are they 85% funnier than female comics? (Of course not!) There are plenty of feminist comedians breaking down barriers that we should be paying attention to, and here's 16 of them. Aparna Nancherla Nancherla, named one of “The 50 Funniest People Right now” by Rolling Stone, is an absurdist comedian whose humor is dry, existential, and often addresses mental illness. She is currently playing Grace, an HR rep, in the Comedy Central show… Read more
Sharice Davids won her primary! She will be running in the Third Congressional District in Kansas against Republican Representative Kevin Yoder—who is endorsed by Trump himself. According the The New York Times, in a statement, Davids referred to Yoder as “a pawn of Trump.” If she wins the November election, she will present many firsts for Congress. She would be the first lesbian congresswoman from Kansas and the first Native American woman in Congress (potentially alongside Deb Haaland, who also won her primary in… Read more
Chavela (born Isabela Vargas Lizano) was a famous Costa Rican singer and was a huge influence on Latin American music from the 1950s to today. She was known for her soulful, intense, and gravelly voice; her ability to hold her drink; her reputation with women; and her incredible artistic output. Seriously....how hot was she?! Chavela was born in Costa Rica in 1919. She never really knew her parents and was raised by relatives in the countryside. Chavela wanted more than country life. She bided her time until she could… Read more
If you haven’t watched the complete Hannah Gadsby comedy special Nanette—as in, you shut it off partway through because, though her comedy was amusing, it just didn’t speak to you—you’re about to miss yet another not-so-subtle stake-in-the-ground in this watershed #MeToo, #TimesUp, #UsToo cultural moment (along with Gadsby's recommended remedy for the societal ills causing it). Young, old, comedy fans or not, women, and yes, especially men—hell, everyone should probably see this. Just don’t expect it to be any good. Or… Read more

How To Make Your Own DIY Espadrilles

By BUST Magazine  In DIY  On Aug 13, 2018

Espadrilles—the classic footwear for hot sand beaches, breezy summer strolls, cold drinks on sunny patios, and lazy days in a hammock—have been keeping a big secret: They’re surprisingly easy to make yourself! Say what?! Yep, this casually stylish shoe, originally conceived by the Catalan peasants of Spain as far back as the 1300s, is easy to pull together in a crafternoon. So grab your sewing machine and materials and put your best foot forward. MaterialsOne pair of espadrille shoe soles in your preferred size*¼-yard… Read more
Winona Ryder is a peerless pop cultural icon. Here in NYC, the Quad cinema will be showing 16 Winona films this month as part of their “Utterly Winona” retrospective. And The Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn is having an all-day Winona movie marathon on August 25. Both special events coincide with her new film Destination Wedding opposite Keanu Reeves opening at the end of this month. But her upswing in popularity seems to go much deeper than that. Here to discuss with us why Winona’s appeal is more potent now than ever is… Read more
Argentina is in uproar this week over a bill that was shut down in Congress that would have legalized abortion up to 14 weeks, The Guardian reports. The vote was split 38 opposed to 31 in favor, displaying how divided the government and the country is on this issue. The now-defunct bill would have allowed for women to obtain an abortion up to 14 weeks along in pregnancy in a country where the procedure is currently criminalized. Women who seek to have abortions face a risk a jail sentence of 4 years. Current law only… Read more

“BlacKkKlansman” Draws A Direct Line From The KKK To Trump

By Erika W. Smith  In Movies  On Aug 10, 2018

If you follow movies at all, by now you’ve likely seen a trailer for BlacKkKlansman. The movie is directed and co-written by Spike Lee and produced by Jordan Peele, who Lee says approached him with the idea for the film. Based on the memoir by Ron Stallworth, BlacKkKlansman tells the true story of a black undercover detective (Stallworth, played by John David Washington) who successfully infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in 1970s Colorado Springs. How? Stallworth’s white coworker—here a Jewish cop named Flip Zimmerman,… Read more
In Madeline’s Madeline, the main character’s first words aren’t, strictly, words—they’re meows. Sixteen-year-old Madeline (Helena Howard) is the youngest performer in an immersive theater troupe, and she spends much of her time, both in rehearsal and at home with her overprotective mother Regina (Miranda July), pretending to be animals. Madeline’s Madeline is a strange and often disorienting experimental film, with frequent, extreme close-ups and sound mixing that often makes dialogue seem far away or underwater. These… Read more
Director Crystal Moselle’s (the Wolfpack) first narrative feature stars members of the real-life all-girl skateboard crew Skate Kitchen. Moselle immersed herself in the girls’ lives while writing the movie, meaning that there’s a naturalistic feel, Instagram drama, and plenty of New York teen slang. Rachelle Vinberg stars as Camille, an 18-year-old who lives in Long Island and loves to skateboard—but after she gets "credit carded"—falls crotch-first on her skateboard—and needs stitches, her mother (Orange Is The New… Read more
Following Brock Turner’s latest attempts to worm his way out of taking responsibility for raping an unconscious woman known publicly as Emily Doe in 2015, Turner and his lawyer Eric Multhaup made an appeal to overturn sexual assault charges in an effort to reverse his status as a registered Tier 3 sex offender for life. Multhaup's argument relied on the reasoning that Turner had only wanted “sexual outercourse”—a concept defined by Multhaup as sex without penetration (which is still assault if it occurs without… Read more

"Crime + Punishment" Examines Racism And Policing In NYC

By Alex Vasquez  In Movies  On Aug 09, 2018

Crime + Punishment is a documentary that chronicles twelve black and Latino NYC whistleblower cops who filed a class action lawsuit against continued use of policing quotas by the city in 2015. The film follows the group of policemen and the people of color they are pressured to arrest as the policemen risk their careers and safety to expose injustices about illegal quotas. Directed by Stephen Maing and thewinner of this year's U.S Documentary Special Jury Award for Social Impact Filmmaking at the Sundance Film… Read more
Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Mary G. Ross, the first Native American woman engineer, on what would have been her 110th birthday. Mary Ross was a trailblazing engineer. According to Time, she made momentous contributions to the American space program, worked hard to support other Native American and women engineers, and was even a member of a top-secret think tank that developed designs for interplanetary space travel. But before all of that, Mary Ross was born in 1908 in Park Hill, Oklahoma to a Cherokee family.… Read more

Week Of Women: August 10-16, 2018

By Erika W. Smith  In Entertainment  On Aug 09, 2018

This is a big week in feminist-friendly pop culture, bringing us the premiere of Crazy Rich Asians (starring our current cover gal, Constance Wu); the return of Insecure; and more. I'm looking forward to staying inside with some air conditioning and consuming all the pop culture! MOVIES Crazy Rich Asians Crazy Rich Asians is finally here! It’s notable for being the first Hollywood movie centering on Asian-American characters released in 25 years, and for heralding the return of the big-budget rom com. We can’t wait to… Read more

Amy Poehler Interviewed By Rachel Dratch: From The BUST Archives

By BUST Magazine  In TV  On Aug 09, 2018

To celebrate BUST’s 25thanniversary, we’re bringing some of our favorite cover stories online. Here’s our interview with Amy Poehler from our December/January 2010 issue. For the past 10 years, Amy Poehler’s comedy career has been unstoppable. And from the improv trenches to Saturday Night Live to her current incarnation as a 38-year-old movie star and prime-time darling, she’s remained a relatable gal we’d love to pal around with. Here, we get a peek at what being friends with Poehler is really like, as she chats it… Read more

5 Judy Blume Books We Want To See On The Big Screen

By Sarah C. Epstein  In Books  On Aug 09, 2018

Puberty is having a moment. Or, at least, it could be on the cusp of having a moment—Judy Blume, the world’s favorite young adult writer, recently tweeted at her fans, asking, “Which of my books, kids and/or adult would you want to see adapted for series or movie? I ask because I’m in LA meeting with many talented people. I think the time has come.” To answer her question, BUST has compiled a list of the five Judy Blume books we would want adapted, or lovingly reimagined, for the screen: 1) Are You There God? It's Me,… Read more
For the fifth consecutive year, Lincoln Center’s Out Of Doors Music Festival is in full swing in New York City. Their Roots of American Music Weekend: AMERICANAFEST NYC 2018 is happening on Saturday, August 11 an Sunday, August 12. Saturday night’s show features singer-songwriter Joe Henry and gospel and soul legend Mavis Staples, whose recent collaboration with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, If All I Was Was Black, was released to critical acclaim in 2017. Sunday night’s performance features Lukas Nelson (as in Willie’s son)… Read more

Joëlle Jones Is The First Woman To Both Write And Draw Catwoman

By Isabel S. Dieppa  In Books  On Aug 09, 2018

Comic book artist and writer Joëlle Jones draws some of the most beautiful women you will see on a seven-panel page. In her world, women are strong, sexual, vulnerable, and absolutely stunning. But beyond their looks, Jones has an amazing way of portraying women in complex ways, showcasing their dirty, clumsy, human mistakes. In her most recent project, Jones puts her talent, wit, and sharp pen to one of the most famous felines, Catwoman. A feat that shouldn’t be undermined—she is the first woman to both write and draw… Read more

How To Run A Voter Registration Drive

By BUST Magazine  In Feminism  On Aug 09, 2018

Ever since 45’s election, people have been marching by the millions for women, for science, for gun control, and more. And all of that fomenting activism can make real political change in the November 6 midterm elections—that is, if all those millions of marchers get out and vote. To that end, did you know that anyone (read: you!) can hold a voter registration drive? Here’s how: Know your local lawsSome states require training (which could take up to eight weeks, according to Jeanette Senecal of the League of Women… Read more

"The Revolution is Female" Celebrates Feminism Today

By Rachele Merliss  In Feminism  On Aug 09, 2018

The Revolution is Female, a photography book celebrating Hillary Clinton, her supporters, and the current women’s movement, is coming out on Wednesday, August 15th. The project grew out of photographer Kristen Blush’s desire to showcase “revolutionary feminists” and “empower and uplift” today’s changemakers. The Revolution is Female is a large-format, hardcover photography book that features beautiful photos, quotes, and essays about our current feminist movement, including commentary on the election, #MeToo, the… Read more
When Congress began trying to defund Planned Parenthood in 2015, Amelia Bonow posted an unapologetic expose about her experience with having an abortion. Her post served as a catalyst for the viral #ShoutYourAbortion movement. Shout Your Abortion (SYA) is now both an official organization and a network of individuals sharing their abortion stories. On their website, the organization's bio reads, “Abortion is normal. Our stories are ours to tell. This is not a debate.” This movement is now becoming a physical… Read more

Exploring The Roots Of Jamaica: My Time in Montego Bay

By Janeth Gonda  In Living  On Aug 08, 2018

As a person who loves to travel, it is important for me to spend time with the actual communities of the country I am visiting. Although it can be fun to visit popular tourist attractions, I don’t think you can really consider yourself a well-versed traveler if you don't take the time to try to understand and learn about the beliefs and ways of the people. I was recently lucky enough to head out to Montego Bay, Jamaica and be immersed in the culture, nature, and the roots of reggae and dancehall music during Reggae… Read more
“Maybe our America is not dead,” Aja Naomi King told us from the stage, quoting the lawyer, filmmaker, and Sikh faith leader Valarie Kaur, “but a country waiting to be born.” The How To Get Away With Murder actress was speaking to two thousand Planned Parenthood organizers, patient advocates, and volunteers at our national Power of Pink conference, held this July in Detroit, MI. She gave us Kaur’s words to conclude her rousing speech on power, persistence, and relational organizing strategies, one of many incredible… Read more
Rashida Tlaib just became Michigan’s Democratic nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives, and she’s running unopposed in November—which means she is on track to become the first Muslim woman in Congress. Tlaib has a long history of breaking boundaries. She was the first Muslim woman in the Michigan Legislature, serving in the state’s House of Representatives from 2008 to 2014. Tlaib's campaign ad highlights her history of fighting for working families. After that, she worked at a national non-profit, public… Read more
The CW has cast actress Ruby Rose to play Batwoman for a new series in development, with Rose’s role portraying the network’s first lesbian superhero. The genderfluid actor took to Instagram to announce the news, writing, “The bat is out of the bag and I am beyond thrilled and honored…. This is something I would have died to have seen on TV when I was a young member of the LGBT community who never felt represented on TV and felt alone and different.” The Bat is out of the bag and I am beyond thrilled and honored. I’m… Read more

The Strange But True Story Of A Dog Arrested For Theft

By Mimi Matthews  In General  On Aug 08, 2018

In December of 1888, the Gloucester Citizen reported on the arrest of a Parisian dog thief. Mind you, this was not a human who dognapped canines. It was, in fact, a dog who regularly absconded with goods from the fashionable shops of Paris. This dog thief is described as “a big Newfoundland.” On the day of his arrest, he entered a large shop located near the Bastille. According to the Gloucester Citizen: “After having ‘prospected around’ for some time, [he] selected a bundle of shooting jackets, seized them between his… Read more

Spoil Your Cat With These 10 Purrfect Products

By BUST Magazine  In Living  On Aug 08, 2018

From our August/September issue, BUST editor Callie Watts picks 10 purrfect products for crazy cat ladies who want to make sure their fur babies are feline fine. All animals love to feel the breeze through their fur. Let them lounge outside in this pop-up pet tent. The Cat House Outdoor Pet Enclosure, $35.99, nalaandcompany.com A pizza filled with catnip will make your pussy flip. Extra Crispy Catnip Pizza, $12, misohandmade.etsy.com Made with liquid catnip, this set includes four “flavors” like Pinot Meow and… Read more
Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. That means that today marks the day when Black women, on average, have made the same amount of money that white men made last year. In other words, Black women have to work for 20 months in order to make what white men make in 12 months. When a white man receives a dollar, a Black woman receives 63 cents. Acknowledging the meaning behind today’s date means taking a good hard look at the way our country works. The wage gap we most often hear about—that women make 80 cents for every… Read more

Get Lost in The Woods at Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival

By Janeth Gonda  In Music  On Aug 07, 2018

We are so stoked to head out to Croydon, NH for the 5th annual Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival. The carefully curated lineup accompanied by the intimate vibes make this the perfect festival to gather with your music family. The two-day festival, slated to be one of its bigger years, will be held on Page Farm from August 10th-11th. The stacked lineup features live music from Hayley Jane of Hayley Jane and the Primates and Yes Darling, Lespecial, Emancipator Ensemble, Consider the Source alongside so many dope… Read more