When Alice Sebold, the award-winning author of the book The Lovely Bones, was a student at Syracuse University in 1981, she was the victim of sexual assault. After a few months, she encountered Anthony Broadwater, a Black man, and was convinced that she recognized him as being her rapist. In 1982, Broadwater was found guilty based on Sebold’s testimony and hair analysis that tied him to the crime. Broadwater never pled guilty and was denied parole several times. In 1999, Sebold published Lucky, in which she graphically… Read more
Over 250 tons of textile waste have been diverted from landfills thanks to Los Angeles’ small-but-mighty Suay Sew Shop where thousands of pounds of fabric are donated by L.A. county residents every single week. Since 2017, founders Lindsay Rose Medoff and Tina Dosewell, along with production manager Silvia Acevedo, have been building Suay as more than a brand—they’ve created a movement that puts remade textiles and garment workers’ rights front and center. Medoff and Dosewell met through L.A.’s sewing community, and… Read more
When you think of seminal all-female rock and roll bands, the chances of The Go-Go’s being the first group to come to mind are high. Their 1981 album Beauty and the Beat, featuring iconic tracks “Our Lips Are Sealed” and “We Got the Beat”, spent six weeks at the top of the Billboard charts and resides comfortably on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list. Drummer Gina Schock left Baltimore for LA to make it big, joining The Go-Go’s in 1979. Almost forty years later she has opened the vault with her new… Read more

8 DIY Gift Ideas To Unleash Your Inner Artist This Holiday Season

By Holyn Thigpen  In DIY  On Dec 06, 2021

Tired of the store-bought status quo? Unleash your inner artist this holiday season with these easy and affordable DIY gifts for everyone on your list. 1. Feminist Power Necklace Why say it when you can wear it? This statement chain necklace by Karen Kavett is the perfect present for any jewelry-loving nasty woman in your life. While Kavett uses “Feminist” as her example, feel free to use whatever phrase or word (preferably of the girlboss variety) that suits your fancy. 2. One-Braid Knot Necklace Goddess of macrame,… Read more
Like most amazing things, it all started with one viral tweet. "Help, my students are referring to Joseph Stalin as Joseph the Stallion after I showed them pictures of young Stalin," a hapless 10th grade teacher Tweeted. Since then, Twitter has been in a frenzy sharing flashback photos of some of our favorite (and most hated) historical figures in their physical prime because, let's face it: many of those grey-haired, middle-aged men in our high school history textbooks were once… hot!. Here’s a compilation of the… Read more
It seems that Trump-appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett is upholding her prescribed role in the Supreme Court as she pushes for the overruling of Roe v. Wade. Following Wednesday’s Supreme Court hearing in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a Mississippi case that makes abortions illegal after 15 weeks of pregnancy, the court’s oral arguments highlight a clear divide between liberal and conservative judges while driving at the central question of abortion as a states’ issue or Constitutional right. While… Read more

10 Female-Driven Holiday Films To Cozy Up With This Winter

By Holyn Thigpen  In Movies  On Dec 02, 2021

Need some fun flicks to round out your next holiday movie night? Have no fear! We’ve got you covered with some amazing by-women, for-women movies guaranteed to get you feelin’ festive. 200 Cigarettes Dir. Risa Bramon Garcia, 1999 Set on New Year’s Eve 1981, this ensemble comedy follows the lives of different groups of New Yorkers as they prepare to say goodbye to the old and ring in the new at their friend Monica’s (Martha Plimpton) NYE bash. The film features a truly loaded ensemble cast: '90s teen royalty, Christina… Read more
It is difficult, if not impossible, to pin down exactly who Annie Clark, also known as St. Vincent, truly is. That’s because, with each new album, she transforms into a new version of herself. At the time of her 2017 Grammy-winning record Masseduction, for instance, St. Vincent was a neon-hot, futuristic dominatrix, dressed in pink latex and fixated on power. Now, as she tours in support of the glittery, gritty, glam-rock Daddy’s Home, she sports leather jackets, bell-bottomed jumpsuits, and a bad wig, creating a… Read more
Picture it…your home with Sophia, Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche! Over 30 years since its premiere, The Golden Girls is more popular than ever. It's time to celebrate these four fabulous friends—and Cross Stitch The Golden Girls and Crochet The Golden Girls provide the perfect ways to do it! Decorate your home or share as gifts! These fabulous kits include everything you need to get started! Cross Stitch The Golden Girls includes the materials to stitch 2 patterns: “Dorothy & Rose & Blanche & Sophia” and “As They Say in… Read more
Lush, the bath bomb and cosmetic company announced on November 24 that they would be deactivating their Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat accounts two days later, on Black Friday. In a statement on their website, Lush explained the decision was influenced by safety concerns about social media use, and their frustration that the platforms are not taking actions about the mental health issues that can be caused or exacerbated by social media. “We wouldn’t ask our customers to meet us down a dark and dangerous… Read more
Fusilli aren’t silly at all as a pasta shape; in fact, they are quite serious. That is, serious about providing all sorts of nooks and crannies for sauce to cling to, making for a seriously delicious plate of pasta. You’re going to want to be in a seriously zen frame of mind to twist hundreds of these little guys. I have found that with fusilli in particular, a healthy pour of delicious wine helps me channel just the right mindset. They are one of my favorite shapes to showcase one color on one side and a different… Read more
Sarah Everard was a 33-year-old white woman who went missing after leaving a friend’s house in the evening and walking to her home in Clapham on March 3, 2021. She was missing for a week until her body was found on March 10th. Six months later, it was revealed that police officer Wayne Couzens, 48, had handcuffed Everard in a fake COVID arrest, before raping and murdering her. In the week when Everard was missing, the media kept the public up-to-date with the search for her body. They reported every detail about… Read more
A Norah Jones Christmas album: it’s such an obvious idea that it’s hard to believe it hasn’t happened until now! But Jones just released her first-ever holiday disc, I Dream of Christmas, last month. Her voice is uniquely suited to Christmas songs; indeed, the press release that accompanied the album aptly described her as “a steady voice of warmth and reassurance for nearly 20 years.” And who couldn’t use a little warmth and reassurance during the holiday season? Norah Jones burst onto the popular music scene in 2002… Read more
Check out these 14 gift ideas from some of our favorite makers, support small businesses, and stay out of the mall this season! THREADFOLLOWER KITS Giving a handmade gift has never been more fun! These delightful, wool felt sewing kits are designed for beginners of all ages, with clear, step-by-step instructions to guide your every stitch. So, brew a cozy cup of tea and stitch some joy this season! ART OF PROTEST BY DE NICHOLS From Keith Haring to Extinction Rebellion, the civil rights movement to Black Lives Matter,… Read more
As we continue to transition back to life outside and reconnect with family, friends, coworkers, and even partners, it’s important to think about healthy boundaries. According to Elyse Fox, the founder of Sad Girls Club—a nonprofit and online platform that aims to end stigma around mental illness—they’re a crucial part of self-care. “When you set a boundary, you’re advocating for your needs,” she says. Setting boundaries can be difficult, but with time and practice, doing so will help you become a better communicator,… Read more
WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM: A Novel By Christine Pride and Jo Piazza (Atria Books) The novel We Are Not Like Them starts with a compelling premise. A Black journalist named Riley returns home to Philadelphia and reconnects with her childhood best friend Jen, who is white—and married to a police officer. When the cop kills a Black teenager, it’s a career-making story for Riley, a personal crisis for the pregnant Jen, and the ultimate test of their relationship.The narrative swaps perspective from character to character.… Read more
Davina McCall continues to speak out about menopause, announcing that there'll be a follow up documentary to her Channel 4 doc, Davina McCall: Sex, Myths, and the Menopause, in 2022. “You don’t have to be menopausal. You don’t have to be a woman. This is something everyone needs to know,” says McCall in the opening of her first documentary. The first documentary, which has been watched by over two million people, has received 3 television awards including a BAFTA Scotland. The follow up documentary which will be called… Read more
On November 12th, the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), held in Glasgow, Scotland, brought down the curtain on two weeks of meetings between leaders from all over the world. Although the outcomes are widely discussed by many climate change activists, one point was raised during the event: the intricate relationship between gender and environmental crisis. According to the International Panel on Climate Change, women would be even more touched by climate change than men because of their socio-economic… Read more
Peng Shuai, former Wimbeldon and French Open doubles champ, posted a 1,600 word post on her Weibo account chronicaling a 10 year relationship with former Communist Party leader Zhang Gaoli on Tuesday, November 2, including allegations of sexual assault. The post, written as an open letter to Zhang, was deleted within half an hour and searches for Peng Shuai’s name yielded no results. Zhang served as Vice Premier during President Xi Jinping’s first term, 2012 to 2017, before retiring in 2018. China’s constitution… Read more
L.A.-based author, educator, and activist Patrisse Cullors co-founded the Black Lives Matter movement in 2013, and her 2018 memoir, When They Call You a Terrorist, was a huge bestseller. Now, her new book, An Abolitionist’s Handbook: 12 Steps to Changing Yourself and the World, is poised to once again inspire readers to fight for a better future. Here, she shares how she gets her revolutionary words out into the world. –Emily Rems Do you prefer to write longhand or to type? What kind of software do you use? I actually… Read more
Over the last month, the battle between Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Republican Paul Gosar has continued to heat up. On Sunday, November 7th, Gosar took to Twitter to share an anime-themed parody video featuring many political faces. In the 92-second short video with the caption, “Any anime fans out there?” Gosar, along with other GOP members were depicted battling a giant monster with the face of Ocasio-Cortez . Gosar, starring as the Attack on Titans’ protagonist Eren Yaeger, later launches… Read more
With Thanksgiving fast approaching we wanted to share some recipes with you to spice up your T-day meal this year. And while this holiday may not be celebrated by everybody, there's no reason not to try these delicious recipes at your next dinner party. Whether it be how to season your turkey or create the smoothest gravy going, we’ve got your back! 1. Pickled Turnips Why not bring out something a bit unexpected to your Thanksgiving table or cheese-laden charcuterie (aka "shark coochie") board? Not only do these… Read more
Sex and the City is returning to TV screens, so pull out your stilettos and mix up some martinis. In a teaser trailer released last week, HBO Max announced that the show’s new spinoff, And Just Like That…, will premiere its first two episodes on December 9. The 10-episode series will reunite us with Manhattan’s most fabulous friends: Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda (alas, minus Kim Cattrall as Samantha). We’ll also be introduced to a new friend, Lisa Wexley, played by Nicole Ari Parker, who is one of four women of color… Read more
While the late Karen Black is known more for her acclaimed 1960s/1970s acting career in films including Five Easy Pieces and Nashville, she was also a prolific singer/songwriter. Several of Black’s studio recordings and demos are now seeing the light of day thanks to Cass McCombs, who compiled and co-produced this collection over the course of three years. The 17 tracks display Black’s high, clear vocal range (think early Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell) as well as her penchant for storytelling, often about love,… Read more
Zooey Deschanel and Ingrid Michaelson have cast their votes in the great “When Is It Too Early to Listen to Christmas Music” debate with a new song and adorable music video featuring animated, felted bunnies full of holiday cheer and cozy vibes. The song, “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year” was written by Ingrid Michaelson and features Zooey Deschanel in a sweet and festive duet about being in love in winter and beyond. Both singers are no strangers to holiday music, Deschanel recorded A Very She & Him Christmas with M.… Read more
Boyfriend, the New Orleans-based multi-hyphenate musician who has written with Big Freedia, Charli XCX, and Pussy Riot, is notorious for her theatrical live shows. Decked out in rollers and vintage lingerie, Boyfriend coined the term "rap-cabaret" to best describe the vibe. Burlesque, aerial silk performers, drinking Monster Energy out of martini glasses, set pieces, crowdsurfing -- what could be a more natural step for such an interactive performer than... radio? Boyfriend partnered with Amazing Radio, a British radio… Read more
Asanni Armon looks radiant, dominating the room in a white column silk dress, her striking, attentive eyes peeking out from her long blond extensions. Her skin is luminous and makeup impeccable. She takes breaks from a photo shoot to check her phone to see when the opening DJ will be arriving – ensuring that everything is on track before her guests arrive. “Excuse me for a moment because I have to check on the DJ and whether the tables are ready for the guests,” she says while adjusting her hair. At just 26, Asanni… Read more
The teaser trailer for Downton Abbey: A New Era is finally here. Following the box office success of the first Downton Abbey film in 2019, which saw the Crawley’s preparing for a visit from the King and Queen of England, its sequel reveals a long-kept secret and a Crawley family summer vacation. The trailer for A New Era opens on the Dowager Countess disclosing a past love affair, “Years ago before you were born, I met a man, and now I’ve come into possession of a villa in the South of France.” It teases a wedding,… Read more
Britney Spears is finally free. For 13 years, Britney’s conservatorship granted her father, Jamie Spears, and private practice conservator Jodi Montgomery full control over her financial, medical, and day-to-day personal decisions. On Friday this all changed, as Judge Brenda J. Penny of the Los Angeles County Superior Court agreed to terminate Spears’ conservatorship, effective immediately. This ruling comes months after the 39-year-old singer first expressed her unhappiness under the conservatorship. As far back as… Read more
November marks Native American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate and explore the extraordinary cultures, traditions, contributions, and histories of Native American communities and individuals. Womanica is a daily women’s history podcast from Wonder Media Network, and for the month of November we're helping BUST highlight indigenous women from around the globe, with a particular focus on Native American women in honor of this important month. While we’ve covered quite a few Indigenous women on the podcast over the… Read more
THIS IS HOW I DISAPPEAR By Mirion Malle (Drawn and Quarterly) The graphic novel This Is How I Disappear revolves around Clara, a millennial in Montreal struggling with a recent breakup, a boss who expects full-time hours for part-time pay, and a book of poetry inspired by her breakup that she is under contract to finish writing. While her sadness is initially credited to her heartbreak, it expands into a void of numbing emptiness that leaves her increasingly disengaged from life. Haunted by the pain of a past sexual… Read more

Zendaya Honored as Youngest Recipient of CFDA Fashion Icon Award

By Elizabeth Safaryn  In Style  On Nov 12, 2021

Wednesday night’s Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Fashion Awards pulled out all the stops as Hollywood’s starlets stepped out in jaw-dropping ensembles. Dubbed the “Oscars of Fashion,” this year’s event honored Zendaya as the youngest recipient of the CFDA Fashion Icon award. The affair was hosted by A-list actress Emily Blunt and CFDA chairman and luxury designer Tom Ford. This year’s awards saw a shift towards inclusivity by recognizing BIPOC designers. Some of the recipients included Edvin Thompson… Read more
If the thought of child marriage conjures clichés of religious extremists in far-away lands, think again. Girls from every race, religion, and social class are being married off to adult men—right here in America. “I never wanted to get married but I don’t think I had a choice, he was going to get charged with statutory rape,” former child bride Brittany Koerselman tells me from her home in Pocahontas, IA. Now 23, she was 15 when she married her 21-year-old boyfriend in 2014. Seven months pregnant when the police… Read more
Avril Lavigne was the princess of 2000s pop-punk, and now, with her latest single, “Bite Me,” she’s right back on the throne. Released on Wednesday under Travis Barker’s label, DTA Records, “Bite Me” is the first taste of Lavigne’s upcoming, currently untitled seventh album, and it marks a triumphant return to her angsty rock roots. Every line of “Bite Me” packs the same powerful punch as Lavigne’s early hits like “Girlfriend” and “Complicated,” using playful phrases like “I bet you taste me on the tip of your tongue /… Read more
Researchers have found that the “once in a lifetime” physical and psychological impact of the pandemic has had an effect on many women’s menstrual cycles and sex drives. Earlier this year, some women feared that COVID-19 vaccinations may be affecting their menstrual cycles due to heavier and belated periods. However, research proved this theory to be wrong. Nevertheless, the majority of women’s cycles have been altered during the pandemic, although not due to the vaccine. Researchers from Trinity College Dublin, say… Read more
Joni Mitchell is a creative genius and musical innovator who has inspired many musicians such as Elvis Costello, Chrissie Hynde, Kate Bush, Cat Power, Patty Griffin, Rufus Wainwright, Joanna Newsom, Anhoni, Brandi Carlisle, and Margo Price to name a few. Joni’s catalogue of recordings are classics and her influence on pop culture is wide reaching. The second installment of Joni Mitchell’s archives is being released in a 4-CD, 4-LP, and digital versions set on Rhino records. Like its predecessor, Archives Volume 1,… Read more
Every November, the United Nations meets for the Conference of the Parties (COP) to discuss the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The UN’s Cop26 summit has been hosted in Glasgow over the last week, introducing a feminist approach for tackling the impending global climate crisis. As environmental degradation impacts our planet, both women and people of color are disproportionately affected. According to research from the UN, Women make up 80% of the population displaced… Read more
Pablo Larraín’s Spencer is a tender, difficult, resplendent, and devastating movie. It is very, very good. Kristen Stewart brings all her formidable powers to bear, blazing through the screen with a flamboyant, heartsick chaos that sears through quiet dialogue and tense, terrible scenes of solitude. Part of the challenge of the movie—and part of why it was such a hot-button topic in its casting to its star’s accent—is that Diana seems untouchable. She is so beloved, so deeply mourned, so tragic that it becomes… Read more
Earlier this year, beloved shoe brand Dr. Martens announced a series of mini documentaries about several music scenes in New York City and Los Angeles for their Dr. Martens Presents: Music & Film Series project. The latest episodes focus on women punk rockers in L.A. and the DIY music scene in NYC, with appearances from members of the old and new guard alike. In Redefining Feminism in Punk: Los Angeles, director Alison Roberto interviews punk icons from the earlier days of the genre — X’s Exene Cervenka, Backstage… Read more
On Saturday night, Cecily strong slammed the recent ban on abortions in Texas in a sketch for Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” dressed as “Goober the Clown.” She used the sketch to give a powerful speech about abortion by revealing that Goober had an abortion the day before her 23rd birthday. “I really don’t [want to talk about abortions]," Goober says, but she feels compelled to because “people keep bringing it up.” Noticing that abortion is a “rough subject,” Goober tells the host, Colin Jost, “we’re going to… Read more
NO GUITARS, NO drums, no synths.The nine tracks on the self-titled Les Sewing Sisters LP were made entirely with vocals and samples of sounds made by sewing machines. Though a listener probably wouldn’t immediately recognize the singular source, the result is a collection of industrial musique concrete/electronic-pop songs about sewing, fabric, and dressmaking delivered via repetitive, steely vocals. Formed in 2016 by Japanese born, L.A.-based costume designer Saori Mitome and conceptual artist Lun*na Menoh, Les Sewing… Read more
River Phoenix’s most enduring performance may be his portrayal of Mike Waters, the narcoleptic sex worker, in My Own Private Idaho (1991). Written and directed by Gus Van Sant (Milk, Good Will Hunting) and starring Keanu Reeves as Scott, Phoenix’s character’s best friend and love interest, the film is a seminal piece of queer cinema with a cult following. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Henry V, My Own Private Idaho follows Mike and Scott as they travel from Portland, Oregon to Idaho, to Italy in search of Mike’s mother. My… Read more
American Cockroach (Cooking Vinyl) Deap Vally’s American Cockroach EP showcases the L.A. duo crawling out of its artistic shell yet again to expand the pair’s sonic range. For their second release of 2021, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards explain the EP is “songs we’ve been working on for a while that run the gamut from deeply personal, to outright satire, and everything in between.” Continuing their tradition of collaboration, the power of three is amplified on “I Like Crime,” featuring Jennie Vee (Eagles of Death… Read more
American actress Kristen Stewart has announced her engagement to partner Dylan Meyer. While Stewart is currently the centre of the attention thanks to her portrayal of Princess Diana in recent feature Spencer, it’s for personal reasons that she is once again under the spotlight. Kristen Stewart had met Dylan Meyer, (screenwriter for Moxie) eight years ago on the set of a film, but the two didn't begin dating until 2019 after meeting again at a friends party. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dylan Meyer… Read more
Fall can often be the time that a summer romance turns sour. So what better way to mend a broken heart than to scream along with Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”? Nearly a decade after its release, Swift’s Red is getting a revamp as the next album in her lineup of re-recordings. Set to release on November 12th, we are one week away from channeling major 2012 nostalgia with Red (Taylor’s Version). Since Swift released her highly-anticipated Fearless (Taylor’s Version) back in April 2021, many Swifties have been… Read more
Fall is the best time of year for many reasons. There are the wool sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, holiday rom coms, and last but not least, candles! Whether you need decor for a family get-together or some herbal magic to lift your spirits, we’ve got you covered with the best seasonal candles around. 1. Apple Cinnamon Scented Bread Loaf Candle By Candlelit Desserts View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jennifer Cox (@candlelitdesserts) There are few things like the smell of fresh baked goods, and with Candlelit… Read more
There's a track on Yola’s new album, Stand for Myself, called “Break the Bough.” The song’s mix of poppy soul and powerhouse vocals make it such a bop, it takes a beat to realize it’s about mortality. “The bass line came to me when I was riding my motorcycle back from my mother’s funeral,” she says. By the time she got home, the lyrics followed. “That moment of watching my mother’s casket be carried down the aisle of the church, I realized how much of her life was filled with so much drama and all of that was boiled… Read more
After building up a cult following over the last 15 years, Nickelodeon’s Avatar the Last Airbender is set for a live-action adaptation via Netflix, set to start production next month in Vancouver. While released back in 2005 for a three-season run, the Avatar series has seen spin-offs with Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra and the highly-scrutinized live-action film adaptation, The Last Airbender. The latest series has increased focus on authenticity to the characters’ culture, strengthened by a new cast of Asian and… Read more
“Sexual fluidity” can mean a lot of things, but even if your orientation is carved in stone, you might experience some changes in libido over the course of your lifespan. As you begin to see your 40s on the horizon, it’s possible that your experience of desire will begin to change, and if it does, a number of things might play into that. Let’s consider some of them, shall we? First, let’s just acknowledge that we have lived through an era that could try any libido. Or maybe supercharge it, depending on how you deal… Read more

12 Autumn Nail Designs To Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Season This Fall

By Elizabeth Safaryn  In Style  On Nov 04, 2021

Fall isn’t just a season; it’s a lifestyle. We’re looking for more ways to incorporate pumpkin spice and plaid into every and all aspects of our day-to-day lives before the Christmas season hits. Here are 12 super cute nail ideas to sport at your Thanksgiving gathering! 1. Fall Tones View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mirna M. Thabet (@nails.art.bymirna) If you’re like me and don’t have the steadiest hand for detailed nail art, you can never go wrong with a classic coat of paint. The best colors to pop on… Read more