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The Photograph, starring Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield, is the first Black romantic film of the decade—premiering today, on Valentine’s Day, smack dab in the middle of Black History Month. Setting the tone for representation of Black love by Black creators under any other circumstance would be daunting, but The Photograph exceeds expectations by simply just being a regular, degular love story. The film seesaws between two generations of love: Christina (Chante Adams) grappling between her love for her southern… Read more
In a show of solidarity, the U.S. men’s soccer team has broken its silence on Wednesday in an extensive statement. The United States National Soccer Team Players Association (USNSTPA) is the union that represent the United States’ men’s national team. In their statement, the USNSTPA laid out plainly what they believe the game plan going forward should be. “What we believe should happen is simple," they wrote. "Pay the women significantly more than our recently expired men’s deal. In our estimation, the women were due… Read more
Last fall, Starcrawler rocked worlds with Devour You, the L.A. band's second studio album. In our recent fashion editorial, the band's fierce frontwoman Arrow de Wilde modeled some vintage looks fit for a rock star. THE END VINTAGE JACKET; CANNONBALL AND TILLY VINTAGE PANTS; RE-MIX SHOES; RING: MODEL'S OWN LUST AND FOND VINTAGE COAT; SOCK DREAMS SOCKS; CHARLOTTE STONE SHOES; DRESS AND RINGS: MODEL'S OWN THE END VINTAGE DRESS; NEW/FOUND VINTAGE METAL AND GREEN TASSEL VEST; SOCK DREAMS TIGHTS; JEFFREY CAMPBELL SHOES;… Read more
Members of the disabled community often rank among the most invisible groups in society. People with physical handicaps rarely win roles in movies, and they make it to the toy aisle even less frequently. Recently, however, American Girl shattered stereotypes with their doll of the year, Joss. This surfer girl doesn't let a hearing impairment stop her from living her dreams. With her aid tucked in, she's ready to catch a wave — and raise awareness for others with challenges. At 10 years old, Joss Kendrick is a surfer… Read more
Things are stirring in the world of the Equal Rights Amendment once again. Last night, the House of Representatives voted to revive the ERA, removing the amendment’s 1982 ratification deadline. In a 232-183 vote, with five Republicans voting in support of the bill and zero Democrats opposing it, the amendment that is set to give womxn of the United States equal rights under the law may very well be alive again. Well, kind of. The ERA is arguably one of the most complex pieces of legislation in United States history,… Read more

9 YA Love Stories That Will Make You Swoon

By Kim Small  In Books  On Feb 14, 2020

Who says true love can’t be a good book? Here are 9 young adult titles that are sure to make you fall head over heels this Valentine’s Day, or all year round. There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon Following up on her hit When Dimple Met Rishi, Menon has gifted us another adorable story of two teens with something to prove to themselves and the world. Ashish is fresh off a breakup and has to endure his persistent parents who are so sure that they will get him another girlfriend in no time. Cue Sweetie Nair,… Read more
This week has been a big one for women in the United States: not only did the House vote to remove the 1982 deadline for state ratification on the Equal Rights Amendment on Thursday, but on Tuesday, the House passed legislation to bring a Women’s History Museum to D.C.A bipartisan 374-37 vote was cast concerning the legislation of a national museum devoted to women's history, marking the the first steps made in passing the legislation since House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney began… Read more

Growing Up '90s: What the Ladies of "Living Single" Taught Me

By Kim Small  In TV  On Feb 13, 2020

When quotes from an interview with Friends cast member David Schwimmer went viral, many people felt he missed the mark by not taking into account one of the most influential all-Black casted sitcoms of the '90s: Living Single. Often times in the Black community, we refer to Friends as the white Living Single, considering the show premiered a year before Friends and could actually be considered the template for which the internationally syndicated show was founded on. While Schwimmer meant well and gave examples of how… Read more

Week Of Women: February 14-20, 2020

By Lydia Wang  In Entertainment  On Feb 13, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether or not you’re in a romantic state of mind, we have you covered this week with everything from the sweetest rom-coms to chilling thrillers to ten episodes’ worth of Zoë Kravitz. Read on for our entertainment picks this week. MOVIES/TV High Fidelity In Hulu’s gender-swapped take on the classic Nick Hornby book (and rom-com), Zoë Kravitz stars as an effortlessly cool music enthusiast forced to look back at her previous breakups in order to move on from a recent one. Streaming February 14 on… Read more
Most know Camille Saroyan, the head of the Jeffersonian Institute’s Forensic Division in the FOX hit TV show Bones, but not as many know the actress who played her: Tamara Taylor. Since Bones ended in 2017, the 49-year-old Canadian actress has gone on to play parts in a number of movies and TV shows. But her latest role in the new Netflix series October Faction, which she describes as "like Mr. and Mrs. Smith meets Buffy the Vamipre Slayer," is probably the one she is most excited about. “It’s funny because it’s really… Read more

9 Films to Watch This Galentine's Day

By Emma Davey  In Movies  On Feb 13, 2020

Leslie Knope has filled many a binder with good ideas, but perhaps her best idea is Galentine’s Day, a day for ladies celebrating ladies. Here at BUST, we love nothing more than celebrating rad women, and we especially love it when they show up on our screen. So grab your friends, some wine, and your snack of choice and unwind with some of our favorite flicks about female friendship, as chosen by our staffers. Waiting to Exhale Featuring a star-studded cast filled with legendary actresses such as Angela Bassett,… Read more
By popular demand, award-winning comedian and actor Natalie Palamides brought back her hit solo gender-bending show Nate to New York’s Improv Aslyum in Chelsea, Manhattan. In it, Palamides plays the titular Nate, her male alter ego. It's a solo set, and Palamides pushes for participation from the audience, making it a very interactive show. NYC!! I’m doing NATE for one week at @improvasylumNYC Get ur tickies! https://t.co/virfBEccRT pic.twitter.com/71FMPQhXjS — Natalie Palamides (@natdogkatdog) January 29, 2020 In her… Read more
MADAME GANDHI Visions(Self-Released) L.A.-based artist and activist Madame Gandhi continues to break down the status quo on her latest EP, Visions. These tracks examine the pressing trials of our time—climate change, global capitalism, and patriarchy. “I’m not everyday trying to turn up to the sound of my own oppression,” she begins on “Waiting for Me.” Set against a flawless blend of her award-winning drumming, trap beats, Bali funk, and the sounds of everyday life, Madame Gandhi presents songs that make you think and… Read more
Last week, Virginia made United States history when it became the first southern state to pass a bill that protects the lives and rights of LGBTQ+ individuals. Titled the Virginia Values Act, this legislation calls for anti-discrimination protections for members of the LGBTQ+ community. “You’re not free if you’re discriminated against in housing and employment,” David Alphonso of the Human Rights Campaign stated, “and this legislation is going to change that so LGBT people can be free like everyone else.” The newly… Read more

What We Can Learn From “Birds of Prey” and the Male Gaze

By Georgia Dodd  In Movies  On Feb 12, 2020

After Suicide Squad failed with DC fans, with its weird plot and “Hot Topic” aesthetic, many fans left the theaters with a new love for Harley Quinn, the zany, loveable anti-hero, while others were disappointed in her portrayal. Easily the best part of the 2016 film, the fan-favorite left a lot to be desired and many women wanted her character explored more. Thankfully, this fourth-wall-breaking character is getting well-earned praise and spinoffs. Her adult cartoon tv show Harley Quinn premiered in 2019. So, when DC… Read more
1975’s frontman, Matty Healy, has announced on Twitter that the band will only be playing festivals with a gender-balanced lineup. After another approaching festival season with largely male-based acts, The Guardian’s deputy music editor, Laura Snapes, reached out to the band online suggesting a new term of agreement for them “that says you’ll only play festivals that commit to X% (ideally 50%!) acts that include women and non binary performers.” “Take this as me singing this contract,” Healy replied. The singer added… Read more
An issue regarding decriminalizing sex work has divided members of the National Organization for Women. Toni Van Pelt, the president of NOW, reignited the long-debated issue after testifying in front of the D.C. council last October, where she vehemently stated on the behalf of the organization that it would not support a bill to legalize sex work in the capitol. The 72-year-old argued that, if legal, the area would become a hotspot for sex tourism and endanger women and girls. She added that the industry is “the most… Read more

How to Build a Sustainable Closet

By BUST Magazine  In DIY  On Feb 12, 2020

IT’S NO SECRET that the fashion industry is rough on the planet—it’s responsible for more than 1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year, according to a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. And the United Nations Environment Assembly says that, next to agriculture, toxic waste from textile dyeing is the world’s biggest water polluter. On top of that, we throw most of our outfits out anyway—almost three-fifths of clothes get dumped within a year of production, according to a report by McKinsey… Read more
Founded by the United Nations Generally Assembly five years ago today, International Day of Women and Girls in Science Day is a time to recognize and honor the influence that women and girls have in the scientific field. The disparity between men and women in the domain of STEM is staggering with women making up less than 30% of the research work field. UNESCO found that only close to 30% of female students wind up choosing to pursue STEM-related coursework outside of high school. These rates are alarming and has left… Read more
Columbia University came out with a study on February 5, that suggests that when general anesthesia is used in Caesarean deliveries, the chances of a new mom getting postpartum depression (PPD) increases. It is the first study to examine the effect that anesthesia may have on postpartum depression. PPD has increased “seven-fold” in the United States in the past 15 years. According to the study, when comparing general anesthesia to regional anesthesia, regional numbs a larger part of the body but keeps the patient… Read more

9 Things To Not Do To Your Waitress

By Mayzie Hopkins  In Living  On Feb 11, 2020

I’ve been a server for a while—a little over two years—and have hated almost every moment of it. During my first week of university, where I studied journalism, a professor told the whole class that we “probably wouldn’t get jobs in the industry.” At this point, I’d already taken out a 27 thousand pound loan and couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else, so I finished my three years and hoped for the best. And it seems that the professor was almost right. All that’s followed since graduating has been a string of… Read more
MOON DUOStars Are the Light(Sacred Bones) San Francisco psychedelic rock group Moon Duo dovetails disco, house, and intense funk on its seventh album, Stars Are the Light. Guitarist Ripley Johnson propels these influences to an otherworldly climax, hitting a full stride on “Eye 2 Eye,” while Sanae Yamada’s electronic rhythms on “Fall (In Your Love)” groove into your bones and send your head straight into the cosmos. Stars was flawlessly mixed by Sonic Boom, of the cult favorite band Spacemen 3, in the Portuguese Sintra… Read more
On February 7, a judge made a ruling in the defamation lawsuit against Kesha. She ruled that Kesha tarnished Dr. Luke’s reputation when she texted Lady Gaga that he raped Katy Perry. Perry said on the record that this assault never happened. Kesha now has to pay Dr. Luke, her rapist, $375,000 for late royalties. This horrifying instance of injustice shows just how prevalent revictimization is in the justice system. While there have been some wins for sexual assaul tsurvivors, more often than not, their reputations are… Read more
The Russian police just shut down production on Pussy Riot’s new music video, citing “extremism” and “gay propaganda,” among other things. The group, known for their feminist anthems, was shooting a video for their latest single, “БЕСИТ / RAGE,” in a studio when the power was abruptly cut out and the group was forbade from bringing in a generator to finish filming. Now, the punk rock band is short $15K that they spent on production and will never be able to get back, all due to these “gay propaganda” laws and… Read more

Be Ours At The CYP Comedy Show On Valentine's Day

By BUST Magazine  In Entertainment  On Feb 10, 2020

There's going to be a lot of loving going down Friday, but know what else? There's going to be a lot more laughing! Canal Yards Project features some of the freshest acts in stand-up comedy, and it's Valentines Day! Bring a date, bring your friends, or just treat yourself to an awesome night. Single or not, you're gonna have a good time. The Canal Yards Project is sponsored by Frying Pan Brooklyn, Industry City, and, us, BUST magazine. Featuring: Emily Duke, our host with the most Karen Chee (Late Night with Seth… Read more
We all knew the 2020 award season was going to be a disappointing time for feminists when the nomination lists began to roll in. Both the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs featured little to no women or PoC nominees, and the beloved Oscars were no different. But just because the nominations were so discouraging didn’t mean feminist celebs weren’t still going to serve. While we here at BUST are still screaming at the academy to name a woman, here are 10 feminist moments we absolutley adored at the 92nd annual Academy Awards.… Read more
IN MARFA, TX, every Friday after school, a group of girls, ages 7 through 14, gathers in a shed full of power tools. They call themselves Lumber Club Marfa (lumberclubmarfa.com) and when it comes to woodworking, they’ve nailed it. What began in 2016 as a family activity between artist Larry Bamburg and his daughters Mae (10) and Willa (8), has evolved into a collective of 7 girls supervised by Bamburg that specializes in making threaded, three-legged stools. Each handcrafted chair is available for purchase with… Read more
When the musical Spamalot said “Finland, Finland, Finland: That’s the country for me,” I felt that. According to a 2019 report, Finland is the happiest country on planet earth. Sure, this could be largely due to the fact that the cities are astoundingly beautiful and clean, the sun never sets in the summer, saunas are commonplace and little fuzzy reindeer romp around the northernmost part of the nation at all times. But, it’s more likely due to the fact that Nordic governments have kind of mastered the whole democracy… Read more

‘The Lodge’ Leaves the Audience in Frozen Fear

By Georgia Dodd  In Movies  On Feb 10, 2020

The LodgeDirected by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala Out February 7 The Lodge is a terrifying nightmare, that plays like a disturbingly twist on The Parent Trap. From the directors of Goodnight Mommy, Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala’s, The Lodge follows a family who retreat to their remote cabin over the winter holidays for some quality time together. When the father (Richard Armitage) has to go back for work, he leaves his children, Aidan (IT’s Jaeden Martell) and Mia (Lia McHugh) with his new girlfriend, Grace… Read more
The buildup to Freeform’s newest season of Grown-ish kicked off with something of a bang. Promotions for season three tipped viewers off that there would be a baby on board. Fans took to social media speculating that perhaps it was the show’s main character Zoey (Yara Shahidi) who would be expecting, or maybe religious pro-lifer Ana (Francia Raisa). Theories in the comments sections sprang steadily, with some speculating that maybe it would be Nomi (Emily Arlook) becoming a surrogate for someone. As episode one of the… Read more
Virginity testing. It sounds like something that would only exist in the Middle Ages along with iron chastity belts and a variety of other ancient, misogynistic practices. But, as T.I. reminded us back in November of last year, virginity testing is apparently still very much a thing. The 39-year-old rapper shook the internet when he revealed in a podcast that he attends a yearly OB/GYN appointment with his 18-year-old daughter to ensure that her hymen is “still intact.” News outlets and civilians on social media were… Read more

Dance The Night Away With This Disco Hair DIY

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Feb 07, 2020

With holidays come parties, so finish your cat-eye (or Euphoria-inspired glitter look) and take your tresses to the next level with disco waves. Hairstylist extraordinaire Ellie Hotaling from N.Y.C.’s Fringe Salon used Bantu knots to create this particular style. Originating centuries ago in southern Africa, Bantu knots are styled by twisting individual sections of hair into small, coiled buns, which can create cool waves when undone. It’s a technique that can be easily modified to fit your individual style and… Read more
Warning: This story contains description of sexual assault and harassment. Sex Education: It’s the Netflix Original that completely reimagined teen television as we know it. It's kind of like if every John Hughes movie, Charlie Bartlett and Skins had a baby, but written by a woman and with themes that are actually important to the 21st century. Not to mention, it’s the very definition of binge-worthy, feel-good television. Why, those who haven’t had the privilege of watching this masterpiece might ask? Well, because… Read more
Below is an excerpt from the book RESISTANCE WOMEN by Jennifer Chiaverini, a historical fiction novel based on the true story of an all-women espionage network who helped fight against Hitler in 1930s Berlin. Resistance Women is on sale now. March 1933 Mildred From the moment the crackdown on avowed and suspected Communists began, Mildred feared for Arvid’s safety. His publications and lectures made his academic interest in the Soviet Union’s Five-Year Plan a matter of public record, and his recent travels there and… Read more
Showgirls. It’s a bad movie. The world is full of bad movies. But what does it take to make a really great bad movie? One that inspires a cult following and Halloween costumes and theme parties and ongoing public screenings and full-on fan obsession? Whatever that special magic is, Showgirls has had it for 25 years. And on this episode of BUST's Poptarts podcast, we are joined by Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen— founders of the THNK1994 museum and curators of GODDESS: The Immersive Showgirls Exhibit—to discuss why the… Read more
Brianna Wu, the Co-Founder of Giant Spacekat — a video game development studio in Boston, MA — and software engineer, has had enough of the types of politicians who are in Congress. This year, she’s taking matters into her own hands: she is running herself. Wu, 43, is running to represent Massachusetts' 8th District in Congress in 2020. Wu is no stranger to politics, however. Back in 2018, the video game designer campaigned for a seat in the House of Representatives in 2018 after the Gamergate harassment campaign, a… Read more
Taking achievement to new heights, astronaut Christina Koch has just made history for breaking the record for longest spaceflight by a woman after spending 328 days in space. The previous record by a woman was held by Peggy Whitson who spent 288 days in spaceflight. Koch, along with European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano and Russian cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov, returned early Thursday nearby Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan just after 4 AM. Koch’s accomplishments mark another milestone for women in the aerospace… Read more

Week Of Women: February 7-13, 2020

By Lydia Wang  In Entertainment  On Feb 06, 2020

It’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but we’ve got tons of soft-sweet entertainment to get you in a romantic mood, from the return of To All The Boys to new tunes by Victoria Monét and Sharon Van Etten. Read on for what we’re excited about this week. MOVIES/TV To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Lana Condor and Noah Centineo first stole our hearts in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – and now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the duo is returning to Netflix for a sequel. Streaming February 12. Birds of Prey (And the… Read more

Fall (Drunk) In Love With These Women-Owned Liquor Companies

By BUST Magazine  In Eat Me  On Feb 06, 2020

Support women with every sip when you stock your bar with female-founded booze brands. From whiskey to pisco to pre-batched cocktails, every bottle here is 750ml and will get you through any function. New York Honey Whiskey from Catskill Provisions The slight sweetness in this 80-proof rye whiskey comes from natural honey from New York’s Catskill Mountains, and Claire Marin isn’t only the distiller, she is also the beekeeper. $45, catskillprovisions.com pür • likör Spice Blood Orange Liqueur from pür • spirits This… Read more
Long-time social activist and feminist Jean Stallings first volunteered with the civil rights movement in the 1960s through Johnnie Tillmon’s National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO). Since 2000, she has volunteered with ATD* Fourth World, which led her to write a documentary fiction novel that won a Next Generation Indie Book Award in 2019. I sat down with Stallings to talk about her activism, rights for single mothers, and her experience meeting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. How did you start your journey inspiring… Read more
THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS In the Morse Code of Brake Lights (Concord Records) In the Morse Code of Brake Lights is road music for an uncertain future. This eighth album from the iconic power-pop collective the New Pornographers dives headlong into a horizon we can’t quite see: all the shaky energy of America in 2019 bundled into a set of songs that feels warm and lush, bold and escapist. It’s also, to be clear, just a damn fine record. Tracks like “Colossus of Rhodes” channel the starry, harmonic atmosphere we know and… Read more

Ani Cordero Is Mad As Hell — So She Made "El Machete"

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Feb 06, 2020

ANI CORDERO El Machete (Panapén Records) Ani Cordero is mad as hell and this album is her way of coping. The Puerto Rican activist and artist’s latest was inspired by a dream in which she battled her enemies with a wooden machete. In 10 tracks, Cordero fights off corruption, misogyny, and oppression with hope. The electro bop “Préstame Tus Penas” asks for compassion for her people, while “Pan Pan (Sin Mantequilla)”’s chants of “Bread, bread/Without butter,” is about fighting for more than government scraps. What may be… Read more
It’s almost that time of the month: Valentine’s Day! Though Friday, February 14 is arguably the most romantic night of the year, this V-day, spend your night with someone you love while supporting something you love. For that, Panache Booking and New York Night Train have just the event for you: Village of Love's Planned Parenthood Benefit at TV Eye on Feb. 14 at 9 p.m. This Valentine’s Day, musical artists from all over New York City’s underground will be breathing life back into your favorite love songs backed by a… Read more
FOR BROOKLYN-BASED ARTIST OlaRonke Akinmowo the world opened up when, as an adolescent, she began reading books by Black women. “The first time I read Toni Morrison, it sparked something in my mind,” she says. “Like, ‘Wow! You can read a whole book and there doesn’t need to be any white people in it, and Black girls like you can be the focus and the star of the story.’” That early exposure to stories centered on girls like her solidified Akinmowo’s lifelong love affair with reading. So five years ago, when she set out… Read more
During the State of the Union address on February 4, Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter was killed in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, shouted “What about victims of gun violence like my daughter?” when President Trump vowed to “always protect your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms." Guttenberg was then escorted out of the chamber and handcuffed. Guttenberg attended the speech as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s guest. Guttenberg told HuffingtonPost that, “After… Read more
A female firefighter for Montana was fired for posting supposedly “racy” content on her Instagram, she claims and has recently filed a wrongful termination act against the Evergreen Fire Rescue Department. Presley Pritchard announced the news to her followers online with a screenshot of an article published by Daily Inter Lake. “The article finally came out today regarding my lawsuit against the fire department for sexual discrimination & unlawful termination. The state ruled in my favor 4x since August,” she wrote.… Read more
Disguised as a speech, Donald Trump and the rest of the Republicans and Democrats squared off last night in Washington, D.C. for the 2020 State of The Union Address. The State of the Union occured last night in Washington, D.C. Through his ramblings, he went on about our borders, the economy, energy, health, trade, and the courts. But the highlight for many of us was the end. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi performed the ultimate act of resistance to the President. She ripped up his speech. Of course, not everyone thought… Read more
There were many emotional moments during the 62nd Grammy Awards on two Sundays ago. There were all the tributes to Kobe Bryant after his passing, the tributes for Nipsey Hussle, Camilla's father-daughter song, Ariana Grande’s particularly emotional rendition of “Thank U, Next”, and, of course, Demi Lovato’s moving comeback. Lovato performed her new song “Anyone”, written days before her very public overdose in 2018 as her first performance after two years away. Many fellow singers and stars, reacted to her emotional… Read more
Just a few short years ago, I never saw girls that looked like me represented in the catalogues of my favorite clothing stores. This felt particularly evident when searching for lingerie. As a teenager, I’d have to play a guessing game on how a certain garment would look good on me, or run out of Victoria’s Secret in tears after trying on bras for two hours only to realize that 1. I’d never look like any of the models wearing them and 2. I’d never fit into any of their bras in the first place (yes, VS, you’re still… Read more
Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno has issued an apology via Twitter regarding his recent comments demeaning the seriousness of sexual harassment. On Friday, at a conference in Guayaquil, Moreno spoke about the dire issues men face in a slowly progressing world when it comes to believing victims. Men, he said, are “permanently subjected to the danger of being accused of harassment.” Moreno then went on to say that women are biased around reporting incidents of abuse. Better looking men are less likely to be denounced,… Read more