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by Abortion Access Front

Yeehaw! Howdy from Abortion Access Front, everyone’s favorite pro-abortion troublemakers coming atcha every Friday in BUST with a cry-larious weekly round-up of the good, the bad, and, well, mostly bad repro news of the week.

Abortion AF was founded by co-creator of The Daily Show, Comedian Lizz Winstead with one mission: Defending access to abortion care using humor and direct actions to shake things up, keep you informed, and make real change.

So stick with us and you’ll get smarter, stay sane, and hopefully find us sooo mesmerizing that you’ll want to join us for some in-person shenanigans on the front lines in this dirty-ass fight to protect bodily autonomy! Protests, rallies, workshops, and events that unite our communities – We’ve got it all!

Enough with the Formalities, Let’s Get to the News!

At One Texas University, 2+2 = Whore. 

Two professors at the University of Texas at Austin are suing the Federal government because they want to be able to FLUNK students who miss class if they travel to have abortions. Sure, let’s force students to be pregnant – then they definitely won’t miss class! They also are big mad that they can’t fire people who use pronouns. These guys are giving off big incel energy.

Fess Up – Who Left Their Gigantic IUD in Washington DC?

This amazing stunt from Americans for Contraception is a reminder of a major Senate vote on the Right to Contraception Act. Surprise, surprise! They voted, and it didn’t pass. The chance to show their asses must have been simply too much, and it failed to garner the 60 votes needed to make birth control a right with ONLY two Senate Republicans voting for it. Wish someone could insert that IUD into the Senate chamber to stop the implantation of conservatives.  


We are hungover AF from all this anti-abortion fuckery 😩 Time to eat a breakfast sandwich, drink some coffee, and start making moves on these activist streets! Want to join us? Click the link to volunteer with Abortion Access Front in our bio! #AbortionAF #abortion #abortionrights #bodilyautonomy #contraception #birthcontrol #senate #government #foryou #fyp #prochoice #prolife #proabortion

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The Latest Anti-Abortion Grift? Abortion Pills Are… Wait for It… Addictive?!

Yep, Louisiana just passed a law that classifies medication abortion as a “controlled substance,” like Xanax or Ambien. I think we all know that after your first hit of that mifepristone, the euphoria you experience with cramping and clotting has people dropping abobo pills four or five times a day just to keep that high going.

The craw-daddy issues of Louisiana politicians are so curbside that they can’t get any lower. 

But somehow they will. 

OK, We Know You Are Pillow Screaming Right Now, So 

Calm yourself in the waters of Lake Activism and explore all the Abortion AF opportunities for dope ways you can channel that rage into righteousness! 

Join Operation Save Abortion! It’s not a March – It’s a Movement! 

Wanna protect abortion access but don’t know how?

Abortion Access Front has created the ultimate activist guide to help you do just this! We brought together many of the most impactful leaders in the abortion movement from across the abortion access landscape to have a series of conversations that we turned into an accessible video series to guide you in your journey and help you find where you can have the most impact on abortion access. 

Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, + Connecticut: We Need You!

Interested in volunteering with our besties at The Women’s Center clinics? WELL YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! We’re ready to get you connected with providers out there doing the good work. Sign up here!

ANTHONY COMSTOCK: The 19th-Century Creepazoid Who’s Haunting the Abortion Pill

We don’t know about you, but we’re damn tired of being governed by laws older than the bra we refuse to throw away… so we’re doing something about it

Anti-abortion loin legislators are leaning into an 1873 law called The Comstock Act. Named after the prudish Gilded Age postal inspector who hated the idea of anything he deemed “obscene” being sent through the mail, this law, if resurrected, would ban the mailing of abortion pills nationwide. It’s still around, and no one is stopping it from going into effect. That’s where we come in!

Join Abortion Access Front and our partners in calling on our elected officials to REPEAL THE COMSTOCK ACT, and guarantee that it can never be used to ban abortion nationwide! Click below, and help us put Comstock in the ground for good! Click here to join!

Volunteer with Us!

We need folks like you – partners, volunteers, you name it – to roll up your sleeves and join the fight. Whether you’re down to hit the streets, share your skills, or just offer some good vibes, we’re all in this together.

We’re stoked to have you on board, ready to turn that anger into action and fight tooth and nail to keep abortion safe and accessible! Click here to volunteer!

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