Get Lit With A Girl Blunt Stuffed With Calming, Sweet-Smelling Florals

by callie watts

There’s a reason Leikeli47 raps, “This shit is a girl blunt, I only smoke girl blunts” in her catchy homage to super-size joints that pair weed with herbs and flowers in a tobacco wrap. Most girl blunts, including this one, add lavender and rose petals for a pleasant aroma, calming effects, and a feminine flair. But you can also use marshmallow, mugwort, and plenty of other herbs. Follow these instructions for a blunt that smells amazing and is guaranteed to get you on those chill vibes.

First, grind equal parts indica weed (this blunt is for relaxing, which is why we used higher-CBD indica, but you can swap in an indica-heavy hybrid for day-time indulging), dried rose petals (for a euphoric, peaceful feeling), and dried lavender flowers (which reduce stress, can help you get some z’s, and taste a little sweet). Then lay out your blunt or joint paper, sprinkle in your mix, roll that sucker up, and blaze away. 

If you want to get real girly, you can try your hand at rolling your blend in rose petals: Place three whole fresh rose petals so they overlap on a baking sheet and bake for a few minutes at 250 degrees to dry them out. Then use as you would a rolling paper, starting at the bottom of the petals. For a less tricky option, simply stuff prerolled rose cones ($24.99 for 6, with your blend.

Be sure to use organically grown, food-grade herbs (check out the helpful list of smokable herbs and their benefits at and research any allergies you may have. If you smoke weed regularly, keep in mind that blending it with herbs “waters down” the effects. You may want to smoke more than normal or you can increase the amount of weed in the blend. Not a tree smoker? You can totally leave out the weed and still roll a beautiful girl blunt that will give you some light effects without feeling high.

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