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In a speech earlier today at the National Issues Conference of the Women’s Leadership Forum, Chafee announced the end of his bid to be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016. No surprise, given his useless and unmemorable debate performance last week. Here was a bit from his speech to a room full of female leaders: Since today is all about women’s leadership it reminds me of one of my favorite Greek plays; Lysistrata, a comedy from about 400 BCE by Aristophanes. Read More
When former governor Mitt Romney wanted to add women to his cabinet, he asked his staff to find qualified female candidates. What they brought back, Romney would later explain during his 2012 presidential bid, were “binders full of women.” That comment inspired an Internet firestorm, but also an annual conference: Bindercon. Read More
Hi, 2015. We here, we’re horny, and we’re texting about it.  Yet, we’re left sending emojis of eggplants and whales. “Why?” you might ask a millennial. Because the tech world seems to be denying that, like it or not, our sexualities are going to intersect with the soft glow of our smart phones and computer screens. Flirtmoji is here to rescue us from rigid conservatism and bring us into the limitless sexual future with emojis featuring vaginas, penises, boobs, and yes, bunny rabbits fucking. The vaginas display a true-to-life diversity. Read More
The entire Democratic debate on CNN was an intellectual oasis in the desert of nonsense that is the Republican primary. Aided by Anderson Cooper’s sharp moderating, the candidates managed to step outside their talking points, and talk like humans with nuanced thoughts on complicated issues. Though we are still fairly set on Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, we here at BUST were unable to come to a consensus on a “winner.” But we have plenty of time to decide. So for now, let’s all just luxuriate together on the five best moments from the debate.   1. Read More
Get ready to rave with dAKOTA rAE dUST's super-embellished designs. Based in Bristol, Bec opened dAKOTA rAE dUST in 2014, ten years after graduating from a degree in surface design. She then worked in the womenswear industry for five years, designing prints and embroideries. She says: “dAKOTA rAE dUST allows me to continue... my passion for pattern and texture in fashion. Read More