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I started working in fashion when I was 19. Two months into my first position as a stylist's assistant in New York, I was sexually harassed for the first time. A well-known male photographer who worked frequently with my boss invited me to his bedroom after a shoot, which was, conveniently, located right next to the studio portion of his live–in studio. I was squatting down onto the floor as he towered above me; I was busy trying to sort through shoes and clothes, and was startled by his question. Startled and… Read more
The dream of all dreams in 2017 is the impeachment of Donald Trump. If the miraculous were to happen, we would face a new problem. With Trump out of the White House, Mike Pence would step up to take the reigns. The scary thing is Mike Pence is mildly competent at politics, at least much more competent than Trump. An article from the October 23rd issue of The New Yorker, titled “The Danger of President Pence,” compiled a history of Pence’s personal and political legacy. Here are six of the most bewildering, horrifying,… Read more
The New York Times blew up the internet with a bombshell article exposing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein as a serial sexual assaulter/harasser — and the dust has not fallen yet. It seems like every day more and more famous Hollywood movers and shakers are coming out to comment on Weinstein, accuse Weinstein, or sympathize with the women accusing Weinstein, as well as defend/explain/comment on Weinstein’s character. Campaigns like Alyssa Milano’s “Me Too” remind us all just how close to home this is. But Woody… Read more

5 Nightmare-Fuel Spooky Stories To Read This Halloween

By F Yeah History  In Books  On Oct 16, 2017

Tis the season to get spooky fa la-la-la la-la la-la-AAAAAAARGH. Now call me old fashioned, but there’s nothing nicer than curling up with a ghostly short story in front of a fire. BOOOOOOO MUTHAFUCKERS! Traditionally, in Britain, ghost stories are a Christmas activity, with those morbid Victorians telling their most chilling tales whilst roasting chestnuts on an open fire (so the song goes), and if the BBC doesn’t show a ghost story drama over the festive period, it fucking ruins Christmas for us. BUT, we also love… Read more

Amy Sedaris' 6 Batshit Tips For "Enjoying The Outdoors"

By BUST Magazine  In TV  On Oct 16, 2017

Amy Sedaris is a living legend. Perhaps you know and love her from her twisted TV-series-turned-feature-film Strangers With Candy. Or maybe you adore her for her off-kilter DIY books, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence and Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People. Either way, this fall, fans of both her on-screen persona and her loony lifestyle brand will be flocking to her new truTV series, At Home with Amy Sedaris (premiering October 24), a surreal show that looks like what would happen if the producers of The… Read more
Comedian Margaret Cho opens her set at the Gramercy Theatre in New York with a rant about Harvey Weinstein. Like women everywhere, she seems both disgusted and confused by how he could have gotten away with such blatant abuse for so long. Her response is to ridicule him, to take away his social power by pointing out how gross he is as a human being. It is a pattern that repeats throughout her show, as she laughs at Woody Allen, Donald Trump and even herself. Her comedy is subversive, dealing in stereotypes and taboos… Read more
I'm disappointed. Dear Ms. Bialik, I'm a busy mother, wife and writer, so I often skim past news pieces unless I see something that strikes me. I saw that you wrote an op-ed in the New York Times about being a feminist in light of recent events regarding Harvey Weinstein and the sexual assault and rape allegations. I've been a fan of yours since Blossom. In fact, you helped me through my awkward stages. I was not popular. As I got older, my baby fat returned to parts of my body that were harder to hide. I took solace… Read more

Embracing Self-Love In A Time Of Hate: A Flowchart

By Samantha Mann  In Feminism  On Oct 16, 2017

Making healthy choices that stem from a solid sense of self-worth isn’t my strong suit. Treating myself with kindness out of sheer self-respect and believing my body is a temple isn’t my nature. Historically, the idea of self-care has always been an elusive concept for me, falling somewhere between seeming too cheesy and not knowing if I’m entitled to participate in acts that appear self-indulgent. Recently and without much effort, however, I realized I’ve been engaging in more self-care and doing so without the usual… Read more

More Than "Me Too": What Will It Take For You To Hear Us?

By Hannah Matthews  In Living  On Oct 16, 2017

Once, in college, I relayed the horrifying story of a classmate’s rape to a male friend. “But did she really get raped,” he said, “or did she do that thing that girls do where they just call something rape?” Instead of knocking him out, or telling him to fuck off, nineteen-year-old me dutifully went on to list the girl’s various physical injuries, to assure him that the police had also called it “rape,” to swear that she had been a virgin at the time of the assault.Only then was he satisfied. Only then did he consider… Read more

BUST's "Poptarts" Podcast Asks, "What's the T on Cardi B?"

By Emily Rems  In Music  On Oct 16, 2017

Poptarts is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by BUST Magazine editors Emily Rems and Callie Watts that celebrates women in pop culture. The first half of each episode is devoted to a hot topic in entertainment, and in the second half, a segment called "Whatcha Watchin'?," Callie and Emily dig into all the shows, movies, books, music, videos, and podcasts they've enjoyed since the last episode, and either praise or pan each experience. The latest episode is allllll about Cardi B! She recently became the first solo female… Read more
Sophie Strauss is a singer-songwriter on the rise, characterized by her lush sound and witty, poetic lyrics. BUST is premiering her newest music video, “Quiz in a Magazine,” a short, incisive song about sexism and the murky, confusing nature of girlhood. "I wrote 'Quiz In A Magazine' as a way to capture the internal dialogue that girls and women have as we try to rationalize away the experiences of quotidian sexism and abuse," Sophie tells BUST. "I wanted to get at the little things that we shrug off—or are told we… Read more

Giveaway: Everything You Need To Learn Hand Lettering

By BUST Magazine  In Sponsored  On Oct 16, 2017

Hand lettering is back. Despite the ease and accessibilty of modern technology, artists and creatives continue to rely on traditional techniques to create gorgeous, contemporary designs. Whether it's inspirational quotes on Instagram or fancy AF birthday invitations, lettering is the latest and greatest way to make your life beautiful. Many people find lettering meditative, and it is a skill that can be used in basically any situation. Hand lettering is both pretty and practical, and once you get started there are… Read more
The nightmare of sexual predators in positions of power seems to be never ending. Prior to the Weinstein case, women who have come out against their assailants were met with harsh criticism and immense doubts. In fact, the accused were often left facing little to no repercussions at all. For example, Bill Cosby was unconvicted in numerous sexual assault charges, and both Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes left Fox News with millions in severance packages. Even the U.S. President Donald Trump was seemingly unscathed by… Read more
Belly dance has become a popular style practiced by women all over the world. Many women are drawn to the style because of the expressive movements that are intimately connected to the body's form, and the supportive dance community that surrounds it. We sat down with belly dance expert Salit Cohen-Cheng and talked about the history of belly dance. Salit is one of the many amazing instructors you can catch at the BUST Holiday Craftacular December 9th and 10th for an introduction to belly dance. So how long have you… Read more

Princess Nokia, Armed With Soup, Fights Off a Subway Racist

By Lianna Remigio  In Feminism  On Oct 13, 2017

Chicken Soup for the racist’s soul? Earlier this week, a video surfaced of a man yelling racial slurs while riding the Brooklyn Bound L train in N.Y.C. Fed up, passengers confronted the racist and kicked him off the train. Someone also took it upon themselves to throw a container of soup at the man. N.Y.C. native and rapper, Princess Nokia, AKA Destiny Frasqueri, took to Twitter and revealed she was responsible for this badass act of bravery. Princess Nokia is well-known for her activism, being a voice against racism… Read more
When a new high-profile sexual assault or harassment accusation hits the press, you can rest assured the backlash machine will kick into overdrive. Victim blaming, followed by victim shaming, rounded out by a Greek chorus of “whys?” Why didn’t she come forward before? Why didn’t she say just ‘no'? Why didn’t she tell anyone, go to the press, press charges, stand up for herself? Af if the easiest thing in the world is for a woman to stand alone in a public arena, one already starved and braying for her blood, and face… Read more
Many people are unaware of one of the main inspirations behind the beloved 1930s cartoon character, Betty Boop. The famous sex symbol actually got her signature “boop” from a black Harlem singer named Esther Jones, otherwise known as Baby Esther. While almost everyone can immediately picture the wide-eyed, baby-voiced character that is Betty Boop, the name Baby Esther doesn't tend ring any bells. The visual inspiration behind Betty Boop, a Max Fleischer Studios creation, was actually a popular white actress and singer… Read more
I remember when I first heard the term “menstrual equity.” It was in February of last year, while writing a feature for Broadly. At the time, New York City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland wanted to make tampons and pads free and accessible to public school students in the five boroughs. My article delved into her efforts, and why it’s vital that students who menstruate have easy access to personal hygiene products. And it was for that piece — one of the first in a series I would write Broadly on menstrual equity… Read more
In the wake of the ever-increasing number of allegations of sexual harassment and assault against producer Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men in Hollywood, it has been reassuring to see the overwhelming support for Rose McGowan and other survivors sharing their stories. Men and women from all backgrounds are listening to survivors who have come forward, and are holding perpetrators and their enablers to account. We should continue to amplify these voices. However, as the firestorm over Rose McGowan’s suspension… Read more
"Fear is always with us, but we just don't have time for it. Not now." — Hillary Clinton I am one of the millions of Hillary Clinton supporters who joined the “secret” pro-Clinton Facebook groups during the 2016 presidential election — and I regret it. I understand the purpose they served and why they flourished, but in retrospect, the unintended role they played in Clinton’s loss is clear — and there’s a lesson to be learned from acknowledging it. Pantsuit Nation was the first secret group a well-meaning friend added… Read more

This Woman Is Creating A Space For Black Women In Yoga

By BUST Magazine  In Living  On Oct 13, 2017

It’s no secret that the wellness world is overwhelmingly white. Thankfully, Lauren Ash, 29, is changing that. The Chicago entrepreneur’s multifaceted lifestyle brand, Black Girl in Om (BlackGirlInOm.com), is all about creating the ultimate happy place, online and IRL, for black women to practice self-care through holistic health. “Unfortunately, the wellness space is not immune to discrimination, prejudice, and racism,” says Ash. “Many women of color entering a yoga studio face things they shouldn’t face anywhere, but… Read more
Our weekly roundup of women-centered pop culture is here! Scroll down to read about the 10 movies, albums, TV shows, and books created by or starring women that we’re most excited about for the upcoming week — this week, we’ve got a different kind of Wonder Woman movie, new music from St. Vincent, and the return of Jane the Virgin. As a reminder, we haven’t seen, read, or listened to all of these ourselves, so if they're bad, don't blame us! But if we have reviewed them, we’ll include a link to the review, or refer to… Read more
With all of the countless accusations against Harvey Weinstein now at the forefront, the public was keen to hear what those closest to him would have to say. After good friend and colleague, Ben Affleck came forward to disassociate himself with Weinstein, things quickly went left. Long-time Weinstein whistleblower Rose McGowan called foul recalling a memory of the time where she told Affleck about Weinstein’s conduct. She alleged that Affleck was definitely in the know: Her firestorm of allegations landed her in… Read more
Actor Rose McGowan, who has always been a major badass on film and in real life, has gained a huge following on Twitter in recent days for her fearless advocacy of survivors of sexual assault. McGowan has made her own accusations of harrassment against producer Harvey Weinstein and has also called out the culture of silence and tacit acceptance that surrounds abusers in Hollywood. She has specifically targeted the board of the Weinstein Company, Matt Damon and Ben and Casey Affleck for protecting Weinstein. She came… Read more
Amy Sedaris’ new Tru TV series At Home With Amy Sedaris is no doubt going to be a break-out hit this year since no one can stop talking about it! You can also see Sedaris from our newest edition of BUST Magazine, where she explains the proper technique for chopping wood, hiding from bears, and how to build a fire (pro tip: lighter fluid). She’s been all over our TV screens recently, from BoJack Horseman to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – you could recognize her sharp wit anywhere. She will not be your new Martha Stewart… Read more
In our Fashion Nation series, we talk to women about their sense of style. Audrey Mabry, Makeup and Special Effects Artist, Brooklyn, New York Tell us about this look.The leather jacket I got from Buffalo Exchange, it’s motorcycle brand FMC. The studded sleeve cuff and the Comes (a hardcore Japanese punk band from the ’80s) T-shirt are from Addicted to Chaos on Etsy. The bondage choker is from another Etsy shop I love, Mourn the Living. The rosary is from the Brooklyn store Schafmayer & Company, where I also work and… Read more

Dick Sticks: Sexism In Snowboarding

By Sue Ferguson  In Feminism  On Oct 12, 2017

I started snowboarding in 1990 and was hooked from the moment I started. Back then, the percentage of women participating in the sport was at just 3%, and we were such a small market, there wasn’t even female-specific clothing or equipment. Fast forward a decade, and through a combination of talent, fortitude and luck, I ended up being short listed for a senior sales role at Burton Snowboards in 2011. By 2011 female participation in the sport had risen to almost 20% (thanks in no small part to its inclusion in the… Read more

"Broad City" Recap: Season 4, Episode 4 — "Mushrooms"

By Danielle Corcione and Lindsay Patton-Carson  In TV  On Oct 12, 2017

This week, Broad City returns with a trippy, partially-animated episode appropriately called "Mushrooms." When they’re making the shrooms: Lindsay: What are they making? Food or drugs?Danielle: Are they putting the shrooms in the food?Lindsay: I don’t know any of these names they’re saying. Danielle: Oh no. where are they going? … oh, like a drug trip. Because “Mushrooms” is the name of the episode.Lindsay: Ew. They just ate mushroom yogurt. When they become cartoons: Danielle: She has no feet! HOW ARE THEY IN PUBLIC… Read more
Why didn’t she report it? Why didn’t she come forward sooner? Why did she stay silent? These are the questions that are inevitably raised in response to survivors making accusations of sexual harassment and assault. Women are interrogated for speaking out and for keeping quiet, grilled for ulterior motives and personal details. But the question we should be asking is: Why did this man think he could get away with it? In the latest scandal, men in Hollywood have denounced Weinstein as one bad egg, claiming they had no… Read more
Gold bracelets and bangles were popular throughout the Victorian era. They came in a variety of styles, including thin bracelets, heavy bracelets, and bracelets adorned with jewels. Most were fairly commonplace in appearance; however, in the late nineteenth century, a new style emerged on the scene in the form of gold bracelets made to look—and sometimes function—like handcuffs. As the 1879 edition of Godey’s Lady’s Book reports: A gold handcuff, presented by a gentleman, and locked on the wrist of the fair recipient, is… Read more
"Mad as hell" is an apt way to describe being a woman in today’s world. Meg Remy, as U.S. Girls, channels those frustrations and disappointments with current politics into a disco-pop number that is both critical and inspiring at the same time. “We can never know the hands we're in, until we feel them grip / Choking off our air supply but I don't cry / Every day I look, every day I see / That good war music still getting written for me,” she sings. With Trump and Co. working to take women’s rights away (amongst other… Read more
In the wake of the avalanche of information about serial sexual assaulter Harvey Weinstein, many celebrities have come forward with their own stories of support and survival. Most of those speaking out are now are calling for men to speak out against violence they see perpetuated by their male friends, family and colleagues — arguing that it’s time men step up to the plate with the women who have been fighting against sexual assault for decades. Then, Terry Crews shut everyone up. Not only did he explain his own story… Read more

Ride Like A Girl: 5 Women Motorcyclists Redefining Adventure

By Egle Gerulaityte  In Living  On Oct 11, 2017

Women motorcyclists aren’t the rare unicorns they once used to be: according to the USA Motorcycle Industry Council statistics, 25% of American riders are women, and this number is constantly growing. The UK statistics on bikes and motorcycle license holders says there is now over half a million women who hold full motorcycle licenses in Great Britain; in Australia, the number of women riders is a little less — somewhere around the 14% mark — but there, too, it’s growing exponentially. Women riders tend to be younger… Read more

Get Weird At "Vampira" In A Bushwick Art Studio This Weekend

By Amanda Brohman  In Arts  On Oct 11, 2017

"Vampira is dripping blood and joy. Her face dripping carnage, her robes splattered, and her hands distorted, as she leads you into her world where you are digested into a world of meditative art." If that was the first paragraph of any pre-Halloween read, we would have been ready to settle into our reading nooks all weekend. But when it turns out to be the invitation to a Saturday night in the Bushwick art studio of artist Michael Alan, featuring artist Jadda Cat's one-woman performance VAMPIRA (her female… Read more
This Saturday October 14th at noon, Brooklyn Public Library and If You Want It are hosting Genderful!, an event that creates a space for kids ages 6-12 and their caregivers to learn about gender through a variety of activities and performances. Genderful! will feature: Kid-friendly set by Laura Jane Grace, a transgender musician best known as the founder, lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of punk rock band Against Me! Workshop with performance artist ray ferreira & the Octavia Project, which empowers girls and… Read more
As his alter ego Christeene, Paul Soileau is pushing the boundaries of drag It’s rare to encounter an artist who calls audiences from all walks of life to the dance floor while challenging them to think about gender, sexuality, performance, and even bodily orifices in new ways. But self-proclaimed “drag terrorist” Paul Soileau, 41, has been doing all that and more for the past eight years in the guise of his on-stage alter ego, Christeene. A larger-than-life rapper/performance artist who combines the horror-show… Read more

Donna Karan Says Weinstein's Victims Were "Asking For It"

By Amanda Brohman  In Feminism  On Oct 10, 2017

In the wake of revelations in the New York Times about Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long sexual harassment of women (from actresses to assistants) famous voices have been raised in support of the allegations. Additional reports are being published, adding more victims and detailing the increasingly disturbing frequency and intensity of sexual assaults that Weinstein has allegedly committed consistently throughout his career. On the other hand, some prominent figures continue to defend Weinstein. Powerhouse fashion… Read more
Whether you’re a seasoned super-fan regularly scouring the darkest, dustiest corners of Drag Race Reddit boards, or simply an owner of cable television who has happened to catch a glimpse of RuPaul’s gorgeous face while feverishly flipping channels on a week night, chances are, you’ve heard of Alaska Thunderfuck. As a runner-up on Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the champion of RPDR: All Stars 2, Alaska, arguably more-so than any other alumni of the Emmy Award-winning reality show, has built a seemingly unshakable… Read more
The 2017 edition of Halloween is fast-and-furiously coming upon us, and this year it feels more important than ever to bring our witchy side to the front and do all we can to scare off misogynism and take charge of the male gaze, in any way we can. And there seems to be no better way to do that than to join bad-ass feminist artist and performer Kembra Pfahler, who has been known for her fiendish feminism and her comandeering of the male gaze through producing provocative and patriarchy–smashing art since the 1980s:… Read more

These Powerful Portraits Give You An Inside Look At Skate Culture

By Erika W. Smith  In Arts  On Oct 10, 2017

San Francisco-based photographer Jenny Sampson spent seven years making tintype portraits of West Coast skaters, bringing a portable darkroom to skate parks in California, Oregon and Washington — and now she's ready to share them with the world with her book Skaters: Tintype Portraits of West Coast Skateboarders (Daylight), out today, October 10. In an introduction, Sampson explains her fascination with skate culture: That skaters view the world through a unique and uniquely revelatory lens is no secret. Where… Read more

On Depression, Stigma And Learning To Listen To Yourself

By Eva Recinos  In General  On Oct 10, 2017

“What’s wrong?”I sat on the edge of my bed, one parent on either side of me. I stared down at the colorful balloons of my bedspread sheet, the same ones that dotted the canopy above our heads. I thought about how small I seemed, how small the bed looked as the three of us tried to get comfortable on it. My parents stared back at me and I couldn’t think of an answer for them. The words felt like the balloons on the bedspread, floating around me but somehow always out of my grasp.“I just don’t feel good,” I finally… Read more
Here at BUST, we’re all about the self-love. And by that we mean masturbation. So we were very happy to test out some ~luxury~ vibes from adult toy store Adam & Eve. And you can try them out too with this BUST exclusive deal — Enter code BUST at checkout to get 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping on your entire order in the US & Canada (Certain exclusions apply. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee). We had three BUST ladies of different vibe experience levels try out some luxury vibes. Here’s what they learned: TESTER #1: VIBE… Read more

Special Delivery: Abortion Pills By Mail

By Elisa Wells  In Feminism  On Oct 10, 2017

When my mail carrier handed me the small brown envelope, I’m sure she had no idea she was handing me the means to have a safe, private abortion at home. I had ordered the pills a week and a half earlier off a somewhat sketchy website and, frankly, was wondering if they would ever appear. I say “sketchy” in that the offer seemed too good to be true — abortion pills for less than $200, no prescription needed. The “Whoa, trouble ahead!” warning from my McAfee security system certainly gave me pause, but by the time I… Read more

This Resistance Cookbook Has Easy Recipes For Busy Activists

By BUST Magazine  In Eat Me  On Oct 10, 2017

“On the most basic level, resistance, just like any other active thing, needs to be fed in order to sustain,” Julia Turshen writes in her new cookbook,Feed the Resistance: Recipes and Ideas for Getting Involved (Chronicle Books, October 3, 2017). And every page does just that, with easy recipes for busy activists (Greek chickpea salad), dishes for crowds (tikka masala mac & cheese), and portable snacks and baked goods (persistence biscuits, chocolate espresso pie bars) for protesting fuel and fundraisers. Sandwiched in… Read more
Unless you live under a literal rock, you’ve seen the Dove ad on Facebook that has the comment sections of the world blowing up. The ad has a simple layout: a black girl wearing a skin-tone matching shirt lifts her shirt and changes into a white girl with a skin-tone matching shirt, who then lifts her shirt and changes into a Hispanic girl with a skin-tone matching shirt. Obviously, no one at Dove has any idea what is going on regarding racism and sexism in this country. The image of seeing a smiling black girl… Read more
A powerful man in a suit with a half- or fully-naked woman draped somewhere on him, or around him, has been a stereotype used in ad campaigns for as long as modern advertising has been around. From car ads to perfume ads, this kind of sexism and objectification of female bodies has become so common that we don’t even look twice at a billboard showcasing it. But this fall, a slight breeze of seemingly refreshing change is stirring up waves in the world of fashion advertising. Those winds are courtesy of clothing brand… Read more
In September 2008, Christopher Mirasolo, 18 years old at the time, kidnapped three 12-13 year old girls for two days in a vacant house near his families property. He now has joint legal custody of a child conceived out of that rape. The Detroit News has been following this story, stating that one of Mirasolo’s initial victims discovered she was pregnant the same month he was convicted of rape. Mirasolo served only six months of his one year sentence for that incident, and in 2010 was later convicted of another child… Read more
Our October/November BUST cover gal Sarah Silverman has just released a promo (in the form of a patriotic song) for her new talk show. I Love You, America is Silverman’s new Hulu talk show where she explores America to meet people who are "un-like-minded." The show will try to move out from under the shadow of politics and focus on connecting with people who may not agree with you. The musical promo addresses some big issues — especially in white feminism. While Sarah sings about loving all races and being liberal, she… Read more
On October 5th, in an exposé from The New York Times, it was uncovered that Harvey Weinstein, one of the most powerful men working in Hollywood, has been sexually harassing and abusing female actors, assistants and other women working alongside him for decades and has paid them off to shut them up. Weinstein resigned from his own company the next day, releasing a statement to the New York Times saying, “I am trying to do better, but I know I have a long way to go.” A statement which in itself is problematic, as Harvey… Read more

Giveaway: Win $200 of Playful Lingerie For Every Body

By BUST Magazine  In Sponsored  On Oct 09, 2017

Remember when we told you how excited we were about the new plus-sized lingerie line by Gabi Fresh & Playful Promises? Well, now we're even more excited, because we're giving away a $200 gift certificate to Playful Promises so you can get some of this gorgeous stuff ON. YOUR. BODY! If you like your lingerie quirky, flirty and even a little bit dirty, Playful Promises have got you covered, offering everything from open cups to basques, robes to suspender belts and more! Covering sizes US 4 – US 24and 28-30 DD-I, 32-44… Read more