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BUST’s Holiday Gift Guide For The Best Presents At Every Price Point

by BUST Magazine

Looking for gifts in a variety of price ranges, from thrifty to splurge-worthy? Want to support women-owned businesses and charitable causes with your holiday shopping dollars? Then look no further than this handy guide to the best buys of the season. 


icon female a4206= woman-owned business (at least 50% owned by women)

icon bust 0632d = BUST Holiday Craftacular vendor

icon heart 24922  = Proceeds benefit those in need

$5 – $20

notebooks e51f6

 Lit chicks will love these throwback ’90s teen novels reconstructed into notebooks. There is a huge selection, so you are sure to find something to give ‘em high-school-book-club flashbacks. DAWN’S WICKED STEPSISTER AND MURDER FOR CHRISTMAS NOTEBOOKS, $9 EACH, CJSFANCLUBINTL.ETSY.COM. icon female a4206

Pink 40s socks ee947

Party-time pals will love slipping their feet into these super-soft socks decked out with 40-oz. beer bottles. 40S (PINK) SOCKS, $12, 40SANDSHORTIES.COM.

Little Book of Little Activists 73dca


With an introduction by Bob Bland, co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington, and an afterword by civil rights activist Lynda Blackmon Lowery, this fierce little picture book features photos of junior protesters making their voices heard. Plus, five percent of the proceeds benefit the Children’s Defense Fund. THE LITTLE BOOK OF LITTLE ACTIVISTS, $9.42, AMAZON.COM.icon heart 24922  

2017 DollyLlama 1790 51960

These koozies are one-size-fits-all, making them the perfect stocking stuffer for homies who drink 40s, soda-can sippers, or runners who suck on water bottles. DOLLY LLAMA, $10.99, FREAKERUSA.COM.


dankcrystalcandle 118c7

This candle (which contains a crystal inside) will brighten up even the dankest mood. DANK CRYSTAL CANDLE, $14, DANKCRYSTAL.COM.icon bust 0632d

feministpatch a1878


An homage to both Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising and to the struggle for gender equality, this counter-culture patch has it all! 10” FEMINIST BACK PATCH, $15, ETSY.COM/SHOP/HISSYFITCVLT.icon bust 0632d icon female a4206

cat glass 3bf86The purrfect gift for pals who fancy a night in with some vino and their fave feline, these hand-etched and frosted cat glasses are super cute ‘n’ classy. CAT ETCHED STEMLESS WHITE WINE GLASSES, $14.99 EACH, ETSY.COM/SHOP/THATCATSTORE.icon bust 0632d

2017 Crochet 1919 be753 Give a baby this handmade rattle, and you’ll also be giving a fair wage to the Bangledeshi woman who crafted it. PIXIE RATTLE DAFFODIL, $16, FAIRTRADEWINDS.NETicon female a4206icon heart 24922  

2017 lacroix 1602 0766aYour favorite LaCroix addict needs these cute pins—just make sure you don’t get them coconut when they’re all about pamplemousse. LA CROIX OFFSET PRINTED PINS, $6 EACH, FELTGOODCO.MYSHOPIFY.COM.icon bust 0632d


kickingass mug ba725

Gift this mug featuring one butt-kicking lady on each side, to a woman who means business. Half of the proceeds are donated to Planned Parenthood. LADIES KICKING BUTT MUG, $15, etsy.com/shop/jinjinbyjinjin. icon female a4206icon heart 24922  


2017 broadcity back 1 1766 60d17These 3D Broad City notecards are the perfect way to say “Peace Mortals,” “Damn Dude,” “Fronds to the Ond,” “Yas Kween,” or “Feminist Hero!” BROAD CITY! 10 POP-UP NOTECARDS & ENVELOPES, $14.95, CHRONICLEBOOKS.COM. 


houseplant book 4ab4b

This oversized book is like Where’s Waldo?, if Waldo was a hip lesbian who spent her weekends at feminist book signings and thrift shops. Get it for that person who “gets it.” HOUSEPLANTS AND HOT SAUCE: A SEEK-AND-FIND BOOK FOR GROWN-UPS BY SALLY NIXON, $14.95, CHRONICLEBOOKS.COM.

Bees sponge 37a3dThis colorful dishtowel and sponge cloth will brighten up any kitchen, along with the futures of the refugees and homeless folks of Albuquerque who screenprint them. BEES FLOWER SACK DISH TOWEL AND BUFFALO AND FRIENDS SPONGE CLOTH, $12 FOR SET OF TWO, KEIANDMOLLY.COMicon female a4206icon heart 24922   

2017 bustgiftguide BOOKS 1723 cd785

Give one of these adorable mini-editions of classic nonfiction books by women—only slightly larger than a mobile phone—to a bookish friend, and they’ll get lit, literally. PICADOR MODERN CLASSICS, $16 EACH, US.MACMILLAN.COM/SERIES/PICADOR/MODERNCLASSICS/.

BNMN LemonCurd KO 79392So good they’ll want to eat it with a spoon, this insanely delicious lemon curd will bring a bit of citrusy-sunshine to even their coldest day. BONNE MAMAN LEMON CURD, $5.25, BONNEMAMAN.US.


  mermaidfacemask 19255Skin care just got a whole lot more magical, thanks to this seaweed-laced face mask that fans of either clear skin or mermaids (or both) will love. MERMAID DETOX FACE MASK, $30, CAPTAINBLANKENSHIP.COM. icon female a4206

WinterWonderland b727e

 Kids and grown-ups will love creating this winter scene from Todd Oldham’s Kid Made Modern collection. WINTER WONDERLAND KIT, $19.99, KIDMADEMODERN.COM.


Lantern e848aWith 20 hours of light per fill, they’ll be ready for a cozy night outdoors—or a full-blown hurricane—with this high-quality, wind-proof oil lamp. FEUERHAND GALVANIZED LANTERN IN DUST BLUE, $39.95, LEHMANS.COM.

valfre coin purse cd6d4

All the ladies on your list out there combing their leg hair will flip for this vegan two-pocket wallet. NO SHAVE CLUB COIN WALLET, $20, VALFRE.COM.  icon female a4206

ttg Brut LAF btlHR 76bdb

It ain’t a party without some bubbly, and everyone loves champers. TATTINGER BRUT LA FRANCAISE, $50, WINE.COM.

narwhal slippers 26449

For those who love all things cute and cozy, nothing can beat a pair of super-soft, Narwhal-shaped heated slippers. NARWHAL USB HEATED SLIPPERS, $34.99, THEAPOLLOBOX.COM.

2017 MalalaTshirt 1927 f2efa

Conjure up their inner warrior with this metal Malala shirt, designed by us here at BUST. A portion of every sale goes to the Malala Foundation. METAL MALALA T-SHIRT, $29.95, FEMINISTAPPAREL.COM/COLLECTIONS/BUST-MAGAZINE.icon heart 24922

RuthBabyGinsburg 1b65e



Get that baby on your list dressed to dissent with this Ruth Bader Ginsburg bib. DISSENT COLLAR BABY BIB, $16, DIRTSASTUDIO.ETSY.COMicon female a4206


pizza sled f33b9Thrill seekers with a sense of humor will freak da fuck out over this three-foot-wide pizza sled. YOU WANT A PIZZA ME? XL FROZEN PIZZA TUBE SLED, $24.99, PERPETUALKID.COM.

wildfeminist 54649

Help your favorite wild feminist rep her politics with this cute floral tee, which benefits Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. WILD FEMINIST FLORAL TEE, $40, WILDFANG.COMicon female a4206icon heart 24922 

blue diffuser 7b1a4One of the loveliest diffusers out there, this blue ceramic model is pretty enough to leave out as it fills their space with the scent of calming aromatherapy oils. BLOSSOM ULTRASONIC ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER IN BLUE, $59.99, ELLIA.COM.


BrettLauren 0c81e
Brett Lauren employs women from residential homeless shelters in San Diego to handcraft unique accessories made from matte crystals, like this bangin’ bracelet. CHALCEDONY BEAD BRACELET—SILVER, $48, BRETTLAUREN.COMicon female a4206icon heart 24922 

ramblerose 952d6
A unique slice of amethyst—known for promoting balance and calm—dangles from this 17” sterling silver chain in a statement piece that is both sophisticated and woo-woo. THE BUFFALO, $58, RAMBLEROSE.CO.  icon female a4206 

ChocBourbTorte2 19d9a


Layers of rich chocolate, Kentucky bourbon, pecans, and caramel bourbon sauce make this delish dish a gift for the decadent eater. CHOCOLATE BOURBON PECAN TORTE, $35, 1812HOUSE.COM.

 icon female a4206

planter dae8f

 Cute is the operative word to describe this perfect planter. ONE-OF-A-KIND CERAMIC POT, $45, ERINWENGROVIUS.COM. icon female a4206 icon bust 0632d

unicornpencilcase 75b27


A glittery vinyl clutch with a prancing unicorn appliqué is the perfect way to tell someone you love, “You’re magical!” UNICORN CLUTCH!, $20, JULIEMOLLO.COMicon female a4206  icon bust 0632d


Over $50

Zara edit 32924

Get the kids on your list stoked about STEM. This doll’s “Siggy” scooter connects to a smart phone or tablet via an app that allows users to learn coding like repeat-loops, conditionals, and basic algorithms through games and missions.  ZARA DOLL WITH SIGGY, $79.99, SMARTGURLZ.COMicon female a4206


2017 TeaCups 1819 f46e9

For the feminist who loves to spill the tea, this set includes three vintage teacups hand painted with resistance slogans. MINI FEMINIST TEA SET, $65, QUEENFORDINNER.COMicon female a4206

PressureCooker e85a5

Plenty of people will be receiving multi-function cookers this holiday season, but only a special, select few will be gifted one that’s pretty in pink. LIMITED EDITION PINK MUTI-FUNCTION PRESSURE COOKER, $84.99, YEDIHOUSEWAREAPPLIANCES.COM.


camerastrap e534e

This handmade, one-of-a-kind camera strap will help your favorite shutterbug stand out in a crowd and give back to the artisans from rural Guatemala who created it. VEGAN FLORAL CAMERA STRAP—NO. 01 MULTI, $69-$89, HIPTIPICO.COMicon female a4206icon heart 24922 

hollysimpletarot c7505

This weird and wonderful gift set includes one deck of tarot cards, one illustrated guidebook, and one bleeding rainbow enamel pin, all created by Brooklyn-based artist Holly Simple. HOLLY SIMPLE TAROT GIFT PACK, $68, HOLLYSIMPLESTUDIO.COMicon female a4206 icon bust 0632d

  droid aafc0

Little inventors will love this Star Wars droid-making kit. Rey guides users as they bring their droid to life, and then helps them program it to navigate around rooms, deliver secret messages, draw maps and messages, and more. DROID INVENTOR KIT, $99.95, SHOP.LITTLEBITS.CC. icon female a4206


sunglasses b1f86


Your favorite sweet pea will look glam AF with these over-the-top sunglasses adorned with sweet peas and roses. MS SWEET PEA SUNGLASSES, $124, HOUSEOFCORREIA.COMicon female a4206 icon bust 0632d

Kilimanjaro DelDia d0245 Cotopaxi uses scraps of leftover fabric to create their unique, colorful gear, and they donate a percentage of their proceeds to advance health, education, and livelihood initiatives around the world. KILIMANJARO 20L BACKPACK—DEL DÍA, $89.95, COTOPAXI.COM.icon heart 24922 


wood headphones 53755You’ll make someone’s commute so much better with these wireless headphones—plus, a portion of proceeds help bring hearing aids to those in need. ZEBRA WOOD FILLMORE WIRELESS HEADPHONES, $129.99, LSTNSOUND.CO.  icon female a4206icon heart 24922  


mint juicer 13853

Foodies will flip for this slow juicer. Its slower revolutions mean less heat and friction on fruits and veggies—leaving the juice more nutritious. Plus, it is as quiet as a mouse. HUROM HP SLOW JUICER IN MINT, $299, HUROM.COM


choker b4ede

This eye-catching sterling silver charm features eight rainbow moonstones and comes on a black braided cord perfectly on-trend for the choker revival. SILVER RAINBOW MOONSTONE CHOKER: GWEN, $160, BLUEMOONSTONE.NET.  icon female a4206  icon bust 0632d

 2017 CrystalBong 1848 a45ed

Doreen Sullivan makes one-of-a-kind bongs out of vintage glassware that are perfect for those who like to smoke their stash with class. This “Pleiades”  set comes  with a bong/decanter and six  matching glasses. PLEIADES, $279.95,  MYBUDVASE.COM.  icon female a4206


Orsden 119 2 3fd78

Give the gift of warmth and style to your winter-sports-loving friend with this super cozy, yet lightweight and waterproof, jacket. ORSDEN WOMEN’S LIFT JACKET, $330, ORSDEN.COM.  icon female a4206

  bando il souvenir shop bomber jacket multi 01 2 46e49

This illustrative, embroidered jacket makes a bold fashion statement.  SOUVENIR SHOP BOMBER JACKET, $128,  BANDO.COM.  icon female a4206

rings 35e5a

Impossible to ignore, these one-of-a-kind, bomb-ass crystal statement rings are wearable art at its best. ADINA MILLS RINGS, APPROX. $140 EACH, ADINAMILLS.COM.  icon female a4206

top photo: Parks and Rec

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