“Broad City” Recap: Season 4, Episode 7 — “Florida”


This week on Broad City, Abbi and Ilana travel to the Sunshine State. Do they get sunburn? Do they go to Disney World? Do they meet an alligator? Do they shoot a gun? Read more to find out!

On friends friending your parents on Facebook:

Danielle: I know someone who’s friends with MY parent on facebook.

Lindsay: Oh… And I’m the one who added your dad. I’m like Abbi.

Danielle: *glares at Lindsay*

On the guest celebrity appearance:

Lindsay: It’s Fran!


Lindsay: Is your style more Fran’s or Ilana’s mom.

Danielle: Mine is Fran’s, but more goth.

Lindsay: Oh me too.

Danielle: There are just too many colors she’s pulling off that I cannot handle on my body.

Lindsay: I actually would love that dress if it were all black with the cheetahs.

Danielle: Or all dogs.

Lindsay: Oh my god.


When Abbi and Ilana are at the pool:

Danielle: Do they have a belly button?

Lindsay: Holy shit. Look at Abbi’s abs. I can see five of them

Danielle: I don’t think Soulstice gave her to credit she deserved. Do you see how Abbi’s swimsuit looks like the Broad City intro?

Lindsay: Oh wow. It does.

Danielle: Do you think they planned that?

When they’re walking around the apartment complex:

Danielle: This is what it’s like at my dad’s apartment complex.

Lindsay: What? Old men on benches?

Danielle: No, alligators. But yes, that too.

When things are going too well:

Danielle: I think something bad is going to happen. They’re glorifying Florida too much.

Lindsay: What do you think the thing that makes them hate Florida will be?

Danielle: Guns, alligators, heat, thunderstorms.

When Abbi and Ilana are told the apartment is $400:

Danielle: That’s how much my rent cost in bumblefuck Nebraska.

Lindsay: I think it’s that much for the whole house.

Danielle: I’m offended. How could anyone think any rent is $400?

Lindsay: I really think the cost of the house is $400.

Danielle: That’s not true. It’s too unrealistic.

Lindsay: They were cartoons literally two weeks ago.


broadcity3 a93dd

When Abbi and Ilana start dressing like the people at the complex:

Lindsay: Look how they are dressed. Do you think they’re going to look older as they acclimate?

Danielle: Do you think this is going to contrast with the young Abbi episode?

Lindsay: Holy shit, that’s deep.

Danielle: Do you think this season of Broad City is surreal?

Lindsay: Yes. And that’s why I love it.

When they went to the store:

Lindsay: They’re Lemonading! She’s wearing LEMONS on her shirt as they are LEMONADING.

When Lindsay needed a snack break:

Lindsay: Oh my god. I forgot to open these plantains from 15 minutes ago.

Danielle: …do you still want to open them

Lindsay: Yeah.

When Abbi and Ilana see the Trump skywriting:

Danielle: SEE? Something bad is going to happen!

Lindsay: Oh my god. There are so many signs. Their hair, the guns, Trump.

Danielle: Do you think they’re going to turn into Trump supporters?

When Abbi and Ilana realize Florida is super racist:

Danielle: SEE I TOLD YOU? That’s so real.

Lindsay: Where do you think is more racist? Florida or South Carolina?

Danielle: Anywhere can be as racist as Florida. Because think of it: people move to Florida.

Lindsay: So are you saying people are less likely to move to South Carolina than Florida?

Danielle: Oh, I don’t know.

broadcity2 752ae

When Ilana’s mom and aunt are fighting:

Danielle: Oh, their mom did die.

Lindsay: Right! Because Abbi talked about pegging at the funeral.

Danielle: Is that what it’s like to have siblings?

Lindsay: No. Not for me.

Danielle: Well, at least it will never be a possibility for me. Have you ever gotten high with someone’s parents?

Lindsay: No, but I want to. Look at them all getting along now! So many problems get solved because of weed.

The Florida license plate:

Danielle: It says America’s droopy dick? Did you see that!?

Lindsay: No! Oh my god. What does it say on their normal ones?

Danielle: The sunshine state.

Lindsay: What’s Pennsylvania’s motto?

Danielle: I don’t know.

When Abbi and Ilana were driving back to New York:

Danielle: They got the grandma’s car?


Danielle: Oh my god. LINDSAY. We can go on a road trip to Florida to visit my dad!

Lindsay: Why? Did they legalize weed?

Danielle: No. They do the opposite of that there.

When Ilana was in the suitcase on Lincoln’s doorstep:


Danielle: What?!

Lindsay: Did you ever hear the story about Taylor Swift being carried in a giant suitcase from her hotel room to her car?

Danielle: No.

Lindsay: Look it up.

After the episode:

Danielle: I didn’t feel like there was a lot of substance in this episode.

Lindsay: The moral of the story is if you are fighting with someone and you smoke some weed, it will get better.

Danielle: Thats a good lesson. They never ran into an alligator, though. I thought they would.

Lindsay: Is the alligator why you’ve been so critical of this episode?

Danielle: More stuff would happen if one did show up.

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