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The “Gossip Girl” Meme Offers Some Joy During Dark Times

by Aliza Pelto

Every so often, a meme comes around that completely defines a period in time. For the mid-late 2000s, it was a grumpy cat. Last year? The Distracted Boyfriend meme. For some reason, Pepe The Frog was the talk of the town for a while. The list of the best memes of all time could go on for a while, but right now, we are seeing a renaissance in meme culture. Whether it’s simply because we’re all stuck inside spending even more time on our phones than we’re used to, or because comedy is the best distraction in times as harrowing as these, the Internet has really stepped up its game as of late. One meme, however, stands out among the rest. Within the last week it has somehow managed to turn both Twitter and Instagram upside down. Everyone is talking about it: the Gossip Girl meme.

Like most memes, nobody quite knows how or why this image began to circulate. What’s even more of a mystery is why it became so incredibly popular. It’s hard to tell exactly how it started. The first rendition I saw being widely re-posted and reproduced online featured a two-panel image of Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf, the leading ladies of the hit teen television drama. In the image, Serena simply states, “I have to pee,” to which Blair responds, “Go Piss Girl.” Out of context, this is not funny. But when you see the phrase “go piss girl,” somehow rearranged from the letters that make up “Gossip Girl,” it somehow becomes instantly hilarious. In fact, I firmly believe it is exactly the kind of comedy we need in our lives right now. The Gossip Girl meme, as dumb as it is, might just save our sanity as a society.

Apparently, the rest of the Internet agreed with me. Shortly after the original meme began to circulate, hundreds of new renditions started to surface online. Now, you cannot log into Twitter without seeing dozens of Blairs and Serenas littering your feed. So, without further ado, here are some of the most creative recreations of the meme that have come out of this terrific, albeit ridiculous, trend:

1. This one, which perfectly encapsulates my state of mind 95 percent of the time

2. This showcase of what Blair and Serena are up to while in quarantine

3. The one that proves a millennial runs the Democratic Governors Association Twitter account

4. This ode to everyone’s fave children’s television heroine

5. The most creative critique of how our government is handling the pandemic

6. This gem that is sure to bring you back to your indie electro-pop days

7. This one that decided to completely abandon the meme’s format just to state our collective mood

8. One for the Disney fans out there, ft. a fave Disney feminist icon

9. Live footage of Presidential Candidate Joe Biden when someone asked him who is VP might be

10. This one that feels like it took zero effort and so much thought and consideration at the same time

11. What will be remembered in history books as the constant mood of 2020

12. Gossip Girl…but make it Animal Crossing

13. One for all you Marina and the Diamonds fans

14.  This meme paradox

15. This incredibly niche yet morbidly hilarious little number

16. This legendary call to action

17. One for all RuPaul’s Drag Race fans out there

18. Perhaps the only inderation that actually calls back to Gossip Girl

19. This creation that perfectly utilizes the “is she…you know…?” meme 

20. This throwback to 1999

21. This one spitting the straight up laws of nature

22. A brief synopsis of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

23. Another one that completely abandoned the meme’s format, but still somehow works beautifully

24. I don’t even know what happened with this one, but it feels right

25. This roast of the Kent State gun girl

26. This one that is so oddly specific but somehow feels universally understood at the same time (#EndPlantationWeddings2k20) 


27. Some truth tea for you

28. A little throwback to high school math class

29. The one that perfectly answers the question as the how this meme unraveled in the way that it did

30. And last but not least, the one that proves we are, in fact, entering a renaissance. I said what I said.

Header image via @baro_tokiyo on Twitter


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