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During a speech yesterday, outlining his plans for increased gun control in a gun-obsessed nation, Obama began visibly tearing up while remembering the deaths of students, from college students right down to first graders.

Tears for the sake of murdered first graders seem undeniably reasonable. Beyond reasonable. Yet some over yonder at the Fascist, Overzealous Xenophobic network called Fox News, begged to differ:

He used onions! He’s a liar! He’s not crying about ISIS! Sarah Palin, meanwhile, wrote a brief op-ed on Obama’s wimpy-yet-totalitarian leadership in which she mocked his tears and blamed his liberalism for every problem in the “civilized” world.

Weeping for the loss of innocent lives while practically begging for gun control is not the mark of government overreach, nor is it the mark of political pandering for popularity. Emotion expressed for the sake of doing what is conscionable is the sign of a great political leader, not a weak or morally bankrupt one. We’re on your side, Obama!


Image via CNN (screenshot)

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