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Margaret Cho is blowing up the Twittersphere in support of a legalized sex-trade. These tweets might give you a new perspective on how you view sex-workers and the industry at large. Maybe our worries about prostitution are more to with our hang-ups and less about protecting people. 1. Could the sex-trade be empowering and not just exploitative?   2. Could prostitution be a way for victims of sexual abuse to reclaim power?   3. Why do we equate rape and prostitution?   4. Is the idea of a woman in charge of her own body just too scary?   5. Read More
The Annie Oakley sex worker art show was a gem in the sea of busting open sexual taboos for women. Showing the world that being open about your sexuality doesn’t make you a freak, being a woman and being sexual doesn’t make you a whore, and it certainly doesn’t mean you have no soul, it makes you a human. For women who have been and are sex workers to share their experiences through artistic performance takes courage. Read More
The names of 60 sex workers who were murdered in 2010 will be read aloud at candlelight vigils across the world on Friday.  Sixty is a conservative estimate, violence against those in the sex worker community more often than not goes undocumented, unreported, unnoticed.  Often we don’t hear about it until it is too late for anything other than tabloid headlines, until there is a body left my the roadside, stuffed in a drainpipe or tossed from a car. Read More