Woman Killed on Train for Saying "No"

By Gabrielle Diekhoff  In General  On Jun 24, 2016

As a woman, my day doesn’t feel quite complete unless at least one graphic, unwarranted sexual comment is made about my appearance by some skeevy dude on the street. If a shadowy figure lurking outside of the subway station doesn’t shout “nice ass!” or “damn!” at me as I pass…did my day actually take place? Or did I dream it? Debatable. What I’m getting at here is that it’s nearly an unreality when a woman or female-bodied individual leaves the house and is able to feel safe and comfortable – or even as if we’re… Read more

Why Drafting Women Isn't Gender Equality

By Myra Pearson  In Feminism  On Jun 24, 2016

On Tuesday, June 14th, the Senate approved a military policy revision bill that included a provision requiring all able-bodied women 18 years or older to sign up for the draft, beginning as soon as January 1, 2018. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-California), who has spoken out against women’s service in the past, introduced the provision to National Defense Authorization Act 85-13 to test his more liberal colleagues, then voted against it. He intended it as a “gotcha amendment” to call the bluff of those who support women as… Read more

Discover Radical Knitting Counterculture In This New Film

By Madelyn Sundquist  In Movies  On Jun 24, 2016

In her documentary, Yarn, Icelandic director Una Lorenzen explores the lives of five distinct artists who are revolutionizing perceptions of the craft of knitting and crocheting. Though the use of textiles and yarn has become increasingly accepted in the realm of fine arts, the concept of craftwork being too practical for the high-brow arena still exists. Lorenzen beautifully blends Barbara Kingsolver's prose with animation using yarn to frame the medium as it -- a complex and beautiful material for artistry. The film… Read more
Facebook has removed a page in support of Brock Turner, a man convicted of sexual assault of an unconscious woman, who also happened to swim sometimes. The group called “Brock Turner Family Support,” wasn’t actually run by Turner or his family, according to Turner’s lawyer, but many of its posts made it sound like it was. "It has been months and the accuser has yet to publicly come forward to face our son," one post reads. The page has been removed as of Wednesday afternoon, but some websites have posted screenshots of… Read more

Here's What It's Like To Work With Sloths

By BUST Magazine  In Entertainment  On Jun 24, 2016

Life In the Slow Lane What’s it like to leave the modern world behind to work with sloths in the jungle? Just ask kickass conservationist Sam Trull Sam Trull found out the hard way that you don’t want to get nibbled on by a sloth. “I’ve been bitten by a two-toed on my left ring finger, actually. Of course,” she says with feigned exasperation. “My nail will never be the same.” Between their insanely sharp teeth, long claws, and jaws that can literally chew through rocks, sloths are a lot gnarlier than your favorite… Read more
I don’t dislike this new Ghostbusters movie because they’re all women, that’s silly and ridiculous. I can’t believe that’s even a question, with my history. I mean, my mom and sisters are all women and I know them, so how could I dislike other women that are not them? It doesn’t make any sense and, frankly, it’s below the belt. I mean, how dare you? I hate the new Ghostbusters movie because my number one issue when judging a film is and has always been Hollywood finance reform. And frankly, I’m tired of all big… Read more
If you’ve ever watched The Valley Of The Dolls and wished for just a little more cannibalism, necrophilia, sexual violence, and mountain lions, The Neon Demon is the film for you. Director Nicolas Winding Refn's (Drive, Only God Forgives) begins the Neon Demon with a familiar story: Elle Fanning stars as Jesse, a just-turned-sixteen naïve, talented ingenue who is immediately signed to a major modeling agency; Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks is great in a small but satisfying role as her agent. Soon, Jesse finds herself… Read more
Ava DuVernay is a name you heard a lot last year. DuVernay directed Selma, which chronicles the 1965 voting rights campaign led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Selma is the first feature film to be made about him and his work nearly fifty years after Dr. King walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It was also the first film directed by an African-American woman to be nominated for Best Picture, although DuVernay herself did not earn a Best Director nomination. Selma is DuVernay’s third feature, but the 42-year-old… Read more
When I’d left my husband the thought of dating and sleeping with other men hadn’t even crossed my mind. I’d just wanted out of a marriage that had grown increasingly abusive and unhealthy. Before we’d started dating I’d shared details about my sexual past with my ex-husband. I’d told him, with the help of a half bottle of wine, about my childhood sexual abuse, my crazy religious family and their abstinence-only dogma, and about the rape in my mid-twenties. And then, over the course of our eight year relationship, he’d… Read more
Back in 2013, the Texas legislature passed House Bill 2 (HB2) concerning abortion and access to abortion across the state. Two of these laws—one that requires any physician who performs abortion to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles and another that state’s abortion clinics must adhere to the standards set for ambulatory surgical centers (ASC)—have had the effect of closing 22 of the 41 state’s abortion clinics, essentially eliminating abortion options for women all over the state. The court case… Read more

How Director Anna Rose Holmer Made 'The Fits': BUST Interview

By Catherine Plato  In Movies  On Jun 23, 2016

Many of us remember early adolescence as a difficult social time: growing up, standing out, fitting in. In her new film The Fits, writer and director Anna Rose Holmer imagines a new, bizarre—and perfectly apt—rite of passage to illustrate these late childhood to early teen years. The film focuses on 11-year-old Toni (played by first-time actress Royalty Hightower), a precocious tomboy who spends her days training with her brother in a boxing gym in Cincinnati’s blue-collar, African-American West End. Between training… Read more
On Thursday morning during the House sit-in, Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Dingell from Michigan took the podium to make an impassioned plea for the passage of gun control legislation.“I lived in a house with a man who should not have had access to a gun,” said Dingell. “I know what it’s like to see a gun pointed at you and wonder if you were gonna live. And I know what it’s like to hide in a closet and pray, ‘Do not let anything happen to me.’” Dingell has long used her own experiences to speak out against domestic… Read more
Alexandra Henry has worked for the past three and a half years on a feature documentary about the courage and creativity of female graffiti and street artists. The documentary, called "Street Heroines," follows artists across 10 different countries whose work offers solutions to issues such as gender disparity, sexual harassment and human rights violations. According to Henry on the project’s Kickstarter page, the artists’ “observations clearly reveal the struggle for creative space, and a lack of recognition faced by… Read more
There is a stereotype that curvy and plus size women can’t wear vintage lingerie due to sizing. I am here to tell you that is absolutely untrue! Just as hard as it is for a woman with a DDD or above bra size to find a bra at Target, it is not easy to find vintage lingerie that flatters all sizes, but it isn’t impossible! Below are some of my favorite vintage labels that cater to the busty and plus size market. Busty Brands Carnival is renowned among curvy beauties for their incredible body shapers and lingerie pieces… Read more
“No More Cutting”—an Amsterdam-based art project created by Papersmith Studio director, Mandy Smith, paper artist Oksana Valentelis and photographer Kyla Elaine—is demonstrating the diversity of vaginas and highlighting the dangers of female genital mutilation. This project celebrates the uniqueness of the natural female form and donates any of their profits to Equality Now, an NGO fighting for female human rights around the globe. As a project, they hope to “raise awareness, open discussion, and gain more support for… Read more

Free Tampons And Pads To Be Provided In New York City

By Becky Nash  In Feminism  On Jun 23, 2016

The city council of New York City made history on Tuesday with a unanimous decision to pass a bill that would guarantee free access to tampons and pads in all public schools, jails, and homeless shelters. This bill is the first of its kind in the nation. It goes without saying that menstrual products are a necessity and not a luxury for any person with a period. That is why we can’t believe it took this long for a U.S. city to start providing tampons and pads to the huge population of people who need them. We take for… Read more

8 TV Boss Ladies Who Will Inspire You to Get the Job Done

By BUST Magazine  In TV  On Jun 23, 2016

Here at BUST we know a thing or two about running our own business. And though it's rewarding being in charge, every hardworking 'trep deserves an occasional break from the real-world grind. Whenever we need to recharge, we like to gain inspiration from these leading ladies: 1. Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope is the quintessential overachiever. Whether running for city council or throwing a funeral for a miniature horse, Leslie is 110% dedicated to every project. Her intense tenacity is tempered by a… Read more

5 Reasons Why Elizabeth Warren Is A Badass

By Madelyn Sundquist  In General  On Jun 22, 2016

Elizabeth Warren is a badass — no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The U.S. Senator from Massachusetts was elected to her seat in 2013 and we’ve been cheering her on from the sidelines ever since. It just so happens that today is this fabulous woman's birthday! In honor of her 67th, we’ve crafted a list celebrating a few of the many reasons why we are such fans of Warren and why we think she's the most badass Senator in Washington right now. 1. She’s not tied to Wall Street. Warren’s top contributors from 2011-2016 are… Read more

Rape Culture And Rate My Professors

By Veronica Popp  In Feminism  On Jun 22, 2016

Contingent professors are nearly 75.5% of the professoriate, according to one liberal study; they are 50%, according to more moderate ones. Most contingent professors are adjuncts or part time faculty; they do not have the flexible schedules to be available to their students. Therefore, they will receive vitriol online or offline from a student who received an “F,” blaming their inaccessibility. Adjuncts are typically not paid for office hours (and usually have no office!). They have no job security, no insurance and… Read more
Esmé Patterson is the true definition of an artist. If you can define an artist, of course. This may be an oxymoron, but give a listen to her newest album, We Were Wild, and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Patterson’s third solo album is her most thoughtful yet. This is understandable given the massive amount of change she was going through during the time she was writing. A Colorado native, Patterson recently made the move to Portland, Oregon. She has been a professional musician for a decade, but only… Read more

You Won't Believe What Victorian Women Used For Lipstick

By Mimi Matthews  In Style  On Jun 22, 2016

Attitudes toward cosmetics in the 19th century were notoriously negative. Queen Victoria herself denounced make-up as being “impolite” and mid-century magazines like the Saturday Evening Review declared that cosmetics were “insincere” and “a form of lying.” (Pallingston, 13) Even more damning, to most Victorians, make-up was considered the province of only two classes of women: actresses and prostitutes. Did this mean that no one but prostitutes and actresses colored their lips and cheeks? Not at all. In fact, most… Read more
I was once asked to finish the statement, "My feminism is…" It didn’t take me long to come up with an answer. I’m a gay, black woman. My feminism is intersectional. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, your experiences in life are shaped by the intersection of class, race, gender, sexual orientation and identity. During the '60s and '70s, the faces of the women's right’s movement were white. But that’s not because black women weren’t part of the movement. Those just happened to be the faces that the media wanted… Read more
Tom Lenk has recently taken Instagram by storm; and not just because he played the character Andrew in the beloved television series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Lately, Lenk has been gaining followers as a result of serving fire #lewks, in which he remakes stand-out red carpet fashion using inexpensive, everyday materials. Check out some of his hilarious interpretations under his hashtag #LenkLewkForLess, below, and see even more on his Instagram. "Get that Brit Brit KRYSMUHS in the summer#LenkLewkForLess! STAHKINGS,… Read more
If you haven't seen it or heard about it by now, let me enlighten you: Last Wednesday, a mother shared a picture of her three-year-old daughter practicing how to hide from attackers in the bathroom. At first, when her mother saw her standing on the toilet, she thought it was funny—she was going to send a picture to her husband for some casual parenting LOLs. But then her daughter told her why she was standing on the toilet, and it sparked outraged sobs: "At that moment all innocense of what I thought my three-year-old… Read more

Hayley Williams Wants You To Dye Young

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Jun 22, 2016

Hayley Williams is known for two things: being the high-octane frontwoman of the band Paramore and giving everybody #hairgoals. If you’ve ever brought a photo of the former BUST cover girl’s insanely hued tresses to your hairdresser, get ready to squeal. Good DYE Young (gooddyeyoung.com) is a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free collaboration with her stylist/makeup artist Brian J. O’Connor that features five highlighter-bright hair colors: blue, pink, red, yellow, and orange. You can mix the dyes or “pastelize” them with… Read more

6 Ways The Dixie Chicks Defy Stereotypes of Southern Women

By Becky Nash  In Music  On Jun 21, 2016

The Dixie Chicks have always been feminist country queens, and they are continuing to prove their feminist credentials on their current world tour. By showing preshow ads for Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign and Proclaim Justice, showing their support for the LGBT community, and performing in front of a yuuuge defaced picture of Donald Trump, the Dixie Chicks are turning their comeback tour into a progressive political statement. But let’s not forget about their long history of defying the conservative… Read more

Beauty And The Cattiness Myth

By Autumn Whitefield-Madrano  In Style  On Jun 21, 2016

Before I’d had a chance to ask a single question of Lara, a 28-year-old Virginian I was interviewing about her attitudes toward beauty, she let me know what we wouldn’t be talking about. “I’m probably not like other women you’re talking to,” she said. “Beauty isn’t about rivalry for me.” I was conducting interviews for a book about how appearance shapes women’s lives—our romances, our language, the way we take in media—and this interview in particular was about how beauty affected female friendships. I wasn’t surprised… Read more

Evan Rachel Wood Wants You To Dismantle Biphobia This Pride Month

By Madelyn Sundquist  In Sex  On Jun 21, 2016

Evan Rachel Wood has a message to share with you this Pride Month: Stop perpetuating misconceptions about bisexuality. Have you ever felt limited in this life by the constructs of gender roles and rigid sexualities that exist in our society? Evan understands. In a video, the entertainer expresses her frustration with the LGBT acronym itself, explaining, “There are these letters that represent these groups, but there are a very small number letters to represent a very large spectrum of people and sexualities.” She then… Read more

I Became A Mom At 15: BUST True Story

By Amy Lappos  In Living  On Jun 21, 2016

“Call me when your toes curl from the pain,” the doctor had told me. I was doubled over. Time to call. It was coming. I was 15 and about to have my first child. Although I could sense a change within me as she grew in my belly, it wasn’t until the moment I held her that my world ended and our world began; as if I too had been squeezed through a place of femininity into a bright, new, unfamiliar world. The fear of responsibility for another human was overwhelming. The self-pressure to be perfect was suffocating. But an… Read more
In the age of Seamless and countless other on-demand services, you can go online and get everything from kitty litter to breakfast tacos delivered right to your door. So, why not birth control?That’s where Nurx comes in. Nurx is an online service currently available in California and New York that lets users order birth control pills, patches, the NuvaRing, and Plan B online for home delivery—no doctor visit required. Once you set up an account on their website, all you have to do is choose your preferred method of… Read more
Samantha Bee nails it again with her latest video on the gun control debate and the ridiculousness that is the GOP. A 15-hour filibuster was hosted by the Senate Democrats on Monday, which let to a vote on four gun control measures. None of these measures passed, by the way, and Bee had something to say about it. On Full Frontal Monday night, Samantha Bee explained why these measures were voted down, despite the fact that the vast majority of responders in a CNN poll want expanded background checks, and a ban for those… Read more
JCPenney’s new body positive “Here I Am” video launched this weekend with an inspiring message for plus size people everywhere. The video features five key women in the body positive and plus size communities who share messages of inspiration and hope for anyone who’s ever been told they don’t deserve to take up space. In less than four minutes, these women show us how they “counter a lifetime of learned hatred” and how they continue to prove people wrong who tell them they can’t succeed, can’t participate, and can’t… Read more
Sunflower Bean has been labeled a band on the rise from multiple outlets, from Rolling Stone to Consequence of Sound, after the release of their first album Human Ceremony in February. Human Ceremony is like taking a walk back into the dreamy rock music world of the '70s. It's hard to believe that only two members of the band are barely legal, and one can't even buy a beer yet. We sat down with Sunflower Bean's Nick Kivlen, Jacob Faber, and Julia Cumming before their show at House of Vans in Brooklyn with The Paranoyds… Read more

How To Actually Close The Diversity Gap

By Isabel Dieppa  In Arts  On Jun 20, 2016

Access, equity, and inclusion: That is what the PowerPoint slide read in our all-staff meeting of the same title. As a Latina, I was really excited about this talk, and in fact, left the talk inspired. Here, the institution I worked for, an internationally renowned museum, is working to make an effort in order to close the diversity gap in major cultural institutions. Now, if only my immediate directors believed in the same thing. In the vein of Dear White People, please allow me to explain some of the problems and… Read more

Redefining The 'Strong Woman'

By Piyali Dasgupta  In Feminism  On Jun 20, 2016

“Girl, you have to be strong." “You are a woman, you need to be stronger.” “Women are born strong.” From childhood, girls are raised to aspire to be “strong women." Who does our society consider a “strong woman”? Community rules, mainstream media, religious bodies and corporate bigwigs declare that a woman has to stomach negative, antagonistic and unfavorable people, situations and circumstances to be considered “strong." We need to constantly give in to and put up with what we shouldn’t. Society says that putting up… Read more

Find Out Why T-Rextasy Is Your Next Favorite Band: BUST Interview

By Madelyn Sundquist  In Music  On Jun 20, 2016

You may not know the name T-Rextasy yet, but you will. I’ll even bet you BUSTies out there that you’ll have their new album, Jurassic Punk, on heavy rotation by the time this interview is over. Jurassic Punk by T-Rextasy T-Rextasy is made up of five fabulous women: Lyris Faron on vocals, Lena Abraham and Vera Kahn on guitar, Annie Fidoten on bass, and Ebun Nazon-Power on drums—they're all only juniors in college, and they all rock. What I first noticed about this band when they took the stage at their album release… Read more

Get Ready, A 'Golden Girls' Café Is Opening!

By Katherine Barner  In TV  On Jun 20, 2016

Grab your gal pals, The Golden Girls are coming to Manhattan! A Golden Girls-themed café is reportedly coming to Northern Manhattan, on Broadway between 187th and 188th streets. Michael J. LaRue, a close friend of Rue McClanahan, aka TV’s sassiest senior citizen Blanche Devereaux, is planning on opening The Rue La Rue Café, and Betty White will attend the grand opening. DNAInfo reports that the restaurant will be adorned with memorabilia from McClanahan’s estate, including her piano, which will be used for live music.… Read more

15 Queer Musicians to Add to Your Summer Playlist

By Gabrielle Diekhoff  In Music  On Jun 20, 2016

June has finally arrived y’all, in all of its sunny, sweaty glory. This means two things: First of all, it’s officially summer. Second of all, it’s PRIDE MONTH (fellow queers, rejoice)! So, to celebrate the changing of the seasons and Pride alike, I’ve compiled a list of queer musicians that you need to add to your summer playlist.Whether you’ll be spending the sweltering days beachside, poolside, or couchside (me), these artists, who are proudly representing the queer community, are summer playlist staples. 1. Your… Read more

Get Ready to Laugh Until You Snort During This Must-See Short Film

By Gabrielle Diekhoff  In Movies  On Jun 20, 2016

Comedian and author (and BUST contributor!) Sara Benincasa has just released her first-ever short film, and it’s f*cking hilarious. Directed by Heather Fink and produced by Roxane Gay, the film, titled “The Focus Group,” stars Sara herself as a depressed, unemployed woman with a love for egg rolls who submits her body to a focus group that promises to “improve her personal brand.” It’s 9 minutes and 30 seconds of snort-worthy laughs that had me choking on my coffee. Check it out here: Images via Facebook More from BUST… Read more
Almost two years ago, I sat down with SHIRA — a poet, visual artist, and musician — hoping to introduce her work to BUST’s audience during my time as an intern for the magazine. After listening to her 2013 EP Shouts and Sparks, I was deeply moved in a way that I was not familiar with. Sometimes, I forget the power and truth in women’s voices; SHIRA’s music reminded me that those stories must be listened to. Because of this, I wanted to pick her brain, to perhaps ground my interpretation of her artistry, and then to… Read more

5 DIY Sunburn Soothers To Make With Stuff In Your Kitchen

By BUST Magazine  In Living  On Jun 20, 2016

Soothe a sun O.D. with stuff straight from your kitchen The first step to feeling good about summer skin is not getting burned. But if you happen to mis-slather your sunscreen or nap by the pool a bit longer than intended, we’ve got you covered. And you won’t have to go farther than your kitchen cabinets or refrigerator for relief. Oatmeal is a sunburn lifesaver thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Grind a cup of it in a food processor, add it to a warm bath, and take a soothing soak. Full-fat, unsweetened… Read more
1996’s Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? was a bad movie. It was a “so bad, it’s good” movie! When we, the die-hard fans of camp-tastic Lifetime Originals movies, learned that James Franco was remaking the classic film, I think we all anticipated a trashy homage to the original. Franco aims for kitsch cult classic, but unfortunately, his stake misses the heart. In fact, this movie can barely be called a “remake” aside from the fact that it shares the same title as the original. Oh, and Tori Spelling. Spelling plays the… Read more

'Finding Dory' Is Exactly What You Anticipated: BUST Review

By Samantha Ladwig  In Movies  On Jun 17, 2016

Finally, thirteen long years after the release of Disney Pixar’s much-loved marine tale Finding Nemo, Andrew Stanton brings audiences young and old the much-anticipated sequel Finding Dory. The news of Finding Dory came as no surprise when, in 2013, Ellen DeGeneres made the announcement on her TV show. It's a project she’d been trying to put together since the conclusion of one of the most popular animated features ever released. After seeing it though, we’re wondering if audiences really needed a sequel. Finding Dory… Read more

10 Funny Father's Day Gifts for the Raddest of Dads

By Gabrielle Diekhoff  In Living  On Jun 17, 2016

It’s that time of year again; the oh-so-blessed time of year when supposedly high-end grilling supplies, bacon-scented candles, and those tired t-shirts that proclaim whoever is wearing them is, in fact, “The World’s Greatest Dad” start overtaking your local supermarket. Indeed, it is the season for masculinity to run amok, even more so than every other time of the year. Father’s Day, Dad’s Day, “Oops…I Finished Early And Now We’re Going To Have A Baby Day,” – however you refer to this holiday is unimportant. What is… Read more

An Open Letter To My Conservative Father, From Your Liberal Daughter

By Gabrielle Diekhoff  In Living  On Jun 17, 2016

Dear Dad, Father’s Day is just around the corner. That’s why I thought to write you this letter. I am writing this letter to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, because I don’t have the money to thank you with a haul of new duck decoys from Bass Pro Shop or your favorite meal of fish n’ chips from Uncle Buck’s. I am also writing this letter because there are things about me that, even after being my father for 20+ years now, you do not know. As your youngest child and only daughter, our relationship is unique… Read more
Orange Is the New Black’s Uzo Aduba reveals how a show about prison is setting the whole entertainment industry free Uzo Aduba has come a long way since her middle school music teacher convinced her to sing “I Will Always Love You” in the sixth grade talent show. “I was shaking I was so nervous!” the 35-year-old Orange Is the New Black star says. “I sang it and the auditorium all stood up and they were clapping and I just remember saying to myself, ‘I think I can sing?!’” Now the New Yorker—by way of Massachusetts,… Read more

My Dad Is In The Army And He Raised Me To Be A Feminist

By Robyn Smith  In Feminism  On Jun 17, 2016

In over 30 years of serving in the Army, my dad has been deployed twice, once in South Korea and once in Kuwait; he’s traveled all over the world; and he’s commanded multiple units. He is a building survivor of the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and he’s lost countless co-workers and friends due to war and terrorism. During those three decades, many of his bosses were women and he worked alongside women—single mothers supporting their children, married women who were separated from their spouses… Read more

Amy Schumer Spoofs 'Real Housewives' In Season Finale

By Becky Nash  In TV  On Jun 17, 2016

Amy Schumer is at it again in the season finale of her show Inside Amy Schumer. The episode titled “Rubbing our Clips” came in the form of a Real Housewives reunion spoof. Hosted by the famous reality show producer Andy Cohen, the episode brings together Amy Schumer, supervising producer, writer and real-life sister Kim Caramele, and frequent stars Greta Lee and Bridget Everett. In classic Amy Schumer style, the episode is self-deprecating and a little bit trashy, with pussy discussions galore. Check out these two… Read more

How Agnes Varda Became A Filmmaking Legend

By Lauren C. Byrd  In Movies  On Jun 17, 2016

“I had a world. I don’t think I had a career. I made films,” said director Agnès Varda of her life’s work. Cannes Film Festival gave Varda an honorary Palme d’Or for her lifetime of work. Varda is 86. Varda was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1928 to a Greek father and French mother. Christened as Arlette, she changed her name to Agnès when she was 18. She studied at the Ecole de Louvre and became a still photographer at the Theatre Nationale Populaire in Paris. In 1954, she made her first film La Pointe Courte. The film… Read more

Six Ways To Get Your Glow On This Summer

By Alice Lawton  In Style  On Jun 16, 2016

This summer is all about getting your glow on. Who doesn't want to look a lil' sweaty or like they have rolled in gold? A light glow brings a healthy look to the skin while a heavy glow lets you shine. These tips are important to achieving the radiance you desire. 1. Exfoliate To have glowing skin, you need to start with a good base. Break out your favorite exfoliator and use as directed. I love a good chemical exfoliant like the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate or the Pixi Glow Tonic. Exfoliators, especially chemical ones,… Read more


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