The Pros And Cons Of The #LoveYourSpouse Challenge

By Katrina Majkut  In Living  On Aug 30, 2016

Social media has become the new mountain high from which people in relationships are supposed to yell their love for another. It’s a weird phenomenon, considering it means today’s form of P.D.A. is electronic and doesn’t actually include touching. P.D.A, is no longer shared with just your partner but with 700 of your closest online friends too, making it, arguably, not even monogamous. Is the seven-day #LoveYourSpouse challenge, which aims to “keep the celebration of love and promotion of marriage going,” the hashtag… Read more

For Black Women, For Mourning, And Expecting More From Whiteness

By Chaédria LaBouvier  In Feminism  On Aug 30, 2016

This post was originally published on Medium on July 7, immediately after the murders of Alton Sterling on July 5 and Philando Castile on July 6. We're bringing it to you now, with writer Chaédria LaBouvier's permission: My birthday is July 5th. I used to think that nothing of any great significance — beyond the invention of the bikini — happened on my birthday. It, however, never failed to tickle me with a certain irony that America and I almost shared a birthday. I am highly critical of America, but that is because… Read more
Brock Turner will be released from jail this Friday, September 2, after only serving three months of his already ridiculously short six-month sentence. Prosecutors suggested that Turner serve a six-year sentence, meaning he only served 1/24 of the recommended sentence. The maximum sentence for the charges he received is 14 years. This is rape culture, folks. As a refresher, here's a summary of Turner's convicted charges: assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated person, sexually penetrating an intoxicated… Read more
Last weekend (August 20-21), Full Moon Fest came to Governor's Island, New York City, for a full weekend of music, art, and parties. The festival included a diverse mix of acts, with DJ sets in between musicians, keeping the crowd buzzed and moving from the afternoon until the sun was long gone. Oh, and there were booze buckets and part of the island was turned into a beach. It was glorious, and the perfect send-off to summer. If you missed the festival this year, trust me, you definitely want to make it next year.… Read more
Yesterday, millions of men and women freed their breasts all over the world. The parades took place from Missouri to Geneva to celebrate Go Topless Day- where people bare their breast in public to poke at the inequality in the law and to destigmatize boobs. It is a day of celebration and protest to reduce the shame around women's bodies, as discussed in Global Citizen. The parades occur on the Sunday closest to Women’s Equality Day (Aug. 26 is the day women were given the right to vote in 1920 in the US). The movement… Read more
The Bachelor is a reality staple show that seems to become more popular by the season. The show reaches a variety of demographics, and is incredibly addictive, like television nicotine. Last week, mom and blogger Constance Hall posted a photo on Facebook of her 7-year-old daughter, Billie-Violet, who had asked if she could watch The Bachelor. Constance said no for a very interesting reason. Constance explained how as a child, her daughter's life is full of competition. From who's the best in class to who's the fast to… Read more

Make All The Men In Your Life Watch This Video, Right Now

By Patricia Affriol  In Feminism  On Aug 29, 2016

Poet and actor Steve Connell delivers a powerful testament to men in this inspiring video that left me speechless, as part of the YWCA’s violence prevention initiative. He preaches with unwavering conviction, how imperative it is for men to speak out about violence against women. “My friends have beautiful children, and if what I have to do to keep their beautiful daughters from getting raped, harassed, or abused is choose to accept domestic violence as a man's issue too. Then I'll do that.” The video begins by Connell… Read more
Leaving my verbally abusive husband took years of building up strength. When I finally made up my mind, it took me six months to put my plan in place. With my lawyer hired, I took my ex to a public park near our house and told him I was leaving him. I asked him not to come home that night — to go to a hotel, or to find a friend to stay with. He refused, snatched the car keys from my hand, and insisted on driving home with me. Of all the things I’d considered in my plan, I hadn’t planned on him refusing to move out.… Read more

The Truth About Stripping: BUST True Story

By Pipher Scott  In Living  On Aug 29, 2016

Earlier this year, Iceland passed a stripping ban, shutting down every lap dance club and tittie bar in the country. It was heralded as feminist victory throughout the world. Steinunn Valdis Oskarsdottir, a lawmaker in Iceland, told CBC, "Women who work at strip clubs are in many cases the victims of human trafficking and other kinds of abuse. I have been working in this field for almost 15 years and not yet have I met one woman who dances at strip clubs because she wants to." I read that statement in bed one morning… Read more

Why Beyonce Is The Only Person That Mattered At The VMAs

By Katherine Barner  In Music  On Aug 29, 2016

To no surprise, Beyonce's surprise VMA performance was quite literally the most amazing thing we have ever seen, hands down. No exaggeration. With a night complete with a rambling Kanye West, Jimmy Fallon dressed as Ryan Lochte, and let's face it, a whole lot of weirdness, Bey was our saving grace. She started off by dropping jaws and tugging at our heartstrings when she hit the red carpet with her daughter Blue Ivy, both looking stunning and glam with complementing gowns. To give us even more feels, she brought the… Read more

Baddie Winkle Rocked The VMAs In This Badass Sequined Look

By Patricia Affriol  In Entertainment  On Aug 29, 2016

Baddie Winkle stole the show last night with her unforgettable outfit. This badass 88-year-old rocked the VMAs with an outfit I might only be brave enough to wear on Halloween. Yet, she pulled it with confidence and swagger, showing us all that age is just a number. The glittery star was easily the best dressed there. This fearless internet sensation became famous in her 80s for her unique style and her Instagram bio,"stealing your man since 1928." With millions of fans, Baddie has climbed her way up the social ladder.… Read more

Everybody Must Get Stonefruit: BUST Recipes

By BUST Magazine  In Living  On Aug 29, 2016

Everybody Must Get Stoned THE SEASON’S JUICIEST FRUIT CAN GO SWEET OR SAVORY I love me some stone fruit: peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums—all the juicy biteables with a hard pit inside. Use them to whip up a sweet salsa, or bake them into late summer’s superstar dessert, a delicious cobbler with a buttery crumb topping.Stone Fruit SalsaHalve, de-seed, and dice 1 jalepeño pepper (wear gloves so you don’t feel the burn); throw into a mixing bowl. Add a heaping plop of finely diced red onion. Dice up one peach and… Read more

14 Must See BUST Approved Artists at AfroPunk This Weekend

By Melissa Bradley  In Music  On Aug 26, 2016

AfroPunk Fest is back in NYC with full force, and you don’t want to miss this year’s amazing lineup! If you have never been, AfroPunk is an annual high style, weekend long music festival and market that celebrates beautiful black voices, art and culture in Brooklyn. Last year BUST was blown all the way away by the indomitable Grace Jones, whose set included a bloody lipped crowd surf while rockin' a giant porcelin plume and topless hula hooping throughout the entire performance of 'Slave to the Rhythm'. While it may be… Read more

Support Hillary In Style With These Fabulous T-Shirts

By Becky Nash  In Feminism  On Aug 26, 2016

With election season heating up and the first ever female nominee of a major political party in the ring, we realized we needed a way to rep the future Madam President in style. So we found a few sweet Hillary 2016 T-shirts to add to our wardrobe. Our favorite is this collection of super stylish election couture T-shirts, by House of Hillary (modeled below by yours truly): Here is this adorable T-shirt with Hill looking like her badass self, by HARKandCO: We’re loving this Notorious H.R.C. design that comes in 8… Read more
Clea DuVall’s directorial debut, The Intervention, brings together so many of our favorite actors for a break-up-and-make-up dramedy. The film centers on four dysfunctional couples on a weekend trip: DuVall (who also wrote the film) and Natasha Lyonne (a former BUST cover gal) play a couple who might be moving a little too fast — or a little too slow, depending on which one of them you ask. Melanie Lynskey and Jason Ritter play an engaged couple who seems picture-perfect, until you realize that they keep rescheduling… Read more
In Richard Tanne’s latest film, Southside With You, Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers are tremendously cast as a young Michelle and Barack Obama. Set in Chicago in 1989, this walkabout romance flick spans only the length of one day — the day that this future President and First Lady had their first date. As a date movie, this film unavoidably held the potential to be chalked full of clichés and cornball moments, but successfully evaded such tropes and managed to be unique while retaining a sweet and convincing romance… Read more
Ahhhh Texas... my lovely home state. They’re at it again down there with a new campus carry law that went into effect on August 1st. But luckily we have Austin, the progressive oasis in the middle of Texas, to keep us in check. University of Texas students in Austin dipped into their sex toy collections on Wednesday to turn the concept of “open carry” on its head. Thousands of students attended their first day of classes carrying dick shaped objects meant for sexual pleasure. The Cocks Not Glocks event is being called… Read more
When she was 32 years old, Glasgow native Susan Calman quit her job as a corporate lawyer to become a stand-up comic. In the decade since, she’s appeared on television and radio, and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Earlier this year, she published Cheer Up Love: Adventures in Depression with the Crab of Hate, an honest, earnest, and seriously funny memoir about living with depression. In it, Calman relates to the reader in the same frank, tangential manner you imagine she’d have with a very close friend.… Read more
via Macy Gray's facebook It’s not often you find a cover that’s better or at least on par with the original, but there are those moments of pure sonic heaven when you realize you haven't fully appreciated a song until you hear it performed by another artist. Well, Macy Gray covered Metallica’s "Nothing Else Matters," and let's just say that I’m trying to keep my cool but I’m fiendin’. Gray brings her signature raspy voice and bluesy style to the cover, managing to turn a song from one of the most quintessential heavy… Read more
The Hollars is a great little indie that really has it all. You will shed tears, both invoked by emotional feels and laughter. When the movie opens with Ron (Sharlto Copley) peeing in a pitcher because he was sick of waiting for his parents to get out of the bathroom in their house, which he just moved back into, and quickly goes to learning his mother Sally (Margo Martindale) has a brain tumor, this is apparent. Ron's brother John (John Krasinski) lives in New York with his girlfriend (Anna Kendrick), who happens to… Read more
YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRSTDeep in the heart of an urban BDSM parlor, a young dominatrix has a life-changing experience thanks to a dungeon, a turtle, and a magic wand Walking Through Manhattan's Herald Square, the average civilian would never suspect that above a dollar-a-slice pizzeria is a suite of dimly lit rooms outfitted with bondage wheels, wooden crosses, whips, chains, and medical paraphernalia. It was in this modest BDSM dungeon last summer that I experienced many firsts. It was the site of my first… Read more
So, it has recently come to my attention that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler action figures exist. How did I not know about these?? The famous duo has each graced the cover of our magazine. Now, thanks to toy company Bif Bang Pow!, they can grace the top of your dresser in their weekend update pantsuits. More importantly, you can pretend that Tina and Amy are your best friends. Which is what I do anyway every day, but these action figures will make it that much more awesome. You’re welcome! Top photo: Sisters More from BUST… Read more
Like Sofia Coppola, Ami Canaan Mann has a family connection to the film industry. But Mann didn’t grow up watching her father, director Michael Mann, on set. Her parents divorced in the early '70s, shortly after Ami was born, and Mann grew up with her mother in small town Dayton, Indiana, which had a population of less than 1,000 and no movie theater. Growing up, Mann played viola and had an interest in photography. Wandering through her living room one day, she saw Apocalypse Now on television. “I don’t know what it… Read more

Tammy Pierce Is Unlovable: The Narc Called Me

By BUST Magazine  In Entertainment  On Aug 25, 2016

--The Last Laugh By Esther Pearl WatsonThis article originally appeared in the August/September 2016 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today! More from BUST There's A 'Broad City' Art Show And We're Screaming YASSS QUEEN 8 Graphic Novels That Are Seriously Inspiring Required Reads The Valkyries Are Leading The Change To Diversify The Comic Industry Read more
When was the last time you asked someone if they were okay? If you could do something to help them? Did you mean it? As a white woman, it’s too easy to let my life be, well, too easy. I have to push myself to do uncomfortable work and not cower from vulnerable and difficult situations. We all have our own work to do. I sat down with two stunningly fierce black poets from the Bowery Slam Team, Lauren Whitehead and Ashley August, to learn more about how their female identity, their feminism, and their race inform their… Read more

From Eating Disorder To Burlesque Dancer: BUST True Story

By Susan O’Brien  In Living  On Aug 25, 2016

Red lights of the EXIT sign cast a shadow on my shoulder blades, the only light I can find that isn’t already taken by another. The pulsating, thunderous bass of Def Leppard’s hair metal anthem “Pour Some Sugar On Me” hangs on the walls like old gum too fossilized to ever fade away. I look at the other girls, each with something wild within us. The double-sided sticky tape finally releases onto my pointer finger. The same finger that wears my mother’s old engagement ring. I place the pastie onto my nipple, rosy from… Read more
Here at BUST, we are all about body positivity, and that includes being against excessive Photoshop. Advertisements that digitally erase pores, whittle away waists, and even distort elbows (???) contribute to an unrealistic and unattainable beauty standard for women. That’s why we’re loving this new lingerie campaign starring Girls stars Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke (who is a former BUST cover gal, btw). The images show Lena and Jemima hanging out in a bathroom, applying makeup and simply lounging comfortably, in a… Read more
I am deeply disgusted and saddened by the recent cyber attacks on Leslie Jones. The badass comedy star, who also co-star this year’s Ghostbusters movie, was victimized yesterday by online hackers. In a shocking act of sexism and racism, the hackers uploaded a photo of the gorilla Harambe on her website and posted Jones' private nude photos. And if that wasn't enough, they also inserted pictures of her driver's license and passport, threatening her security, as discussed in the New York Times. Jones has been under… Read more
There have been recent attacks on women's bodies in France. And earlier this week, armed French police approached a woman dressed in a headscarf, blue long-sleeved shirt, and leggings on the beach and issued her a fine for violating the controversial band on the burkini (swimsuit that covers the whole body). Startling images surfaced in Nice showing four police officers hovering over a woman, who was simply relaxing on the beach. The woman, after seeing the armed guards approaching, quickly took off her blue tunic to… Read more
According to a 2015 State of Women-Owned Business report by American Express Open, it is estimated that black women in the United States currently own 1.3 million businesses nationwide, making them the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs today. The last ten years have seen an increasing number of black women embracing their natural beauty by “going natural,” eschewing the chemical relaxers used to permanently straighten the natural curl pattern in favor of learning how to properly style and maintain their own hair… Read more

How A Corset Saved One Victorian Woman's Life

By Mimi Matthews  In Style  On Aug 24, 2016

Considering how often corsets, crinolines, and towering headpieces were responsible for some hapless female’s untimely demise, it seems only fair that occasionally fashion should be credited with saving a historical lady’s life instead of putting an end to it. For an example of this, we need look no further than author and historian Margaret Drinkall’s newly published book The 19th Century Barnsley Murders. A collection of seventeen carefully detailed and impeccably sourced incidents of true crime that took place in… Read more
Big news for fans of Empire or Taraji P. Henson (so, that’s every single one of our readers, right?) — Taraji is collaborating with MAC on a makeup line called MAC Taraji. According to Fashionista, the collection will launch on on September 6 and in select MAC stores on September 8. It includes six products: a “deep tone beige” matte lipstick called “Strip Me Down,” a mascara called “Haute & Naughty,” highlighting and contouring powders called “Highlight The Truth” and “Taraji Glow,” an eyeliner and a brush.… Read more
I was the epitome of uncool in middle school. Almost all of my “friends” were people who would make fun of me constantly and in exchange for putting up with this, they might invite me out every six months. The sadness of being left out and bullied was worsened by how desperately I wanted a boy to like me. How could I meet anyone, especially someone of the opposite gender, if I never had the opportunity to? To search for potential pals, I decided to join a theater group in a community center. My interest in theater was… Read more

8 Stunning Photos To Get You Ready For Afropunk

By BUST Magazine  In Arts  On Aug 24, 2016

Inspired by the game-changing music festival, this collection of eye-popping, Afrocentric threads is out of sight! --- Photographed by Michael FloresStyled by Kisha C. JonesHair by Helena MokeMakeup by Rie Tsukui Casting by Laine RosenbergMakeup Assistant: Aya KudoModels: Folasade Adeoso, Ereka Duncan, Salomon Faye @ Red Model Management, Iman @ Wilhelmina Curve, Salieu Jalloh @ Red Model Management This article originally appeared in the June/July 2014 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today! More from BUST… Read more

Bella Thorne Comes Out As Bisexual On Twitter

By Katherine Barner  In TV  On Aug 24, 2016

Actress and singer Bella Thorne, best known from the Disney Channel show Shake It Up and MTV's Scream, officially came out on Twitter after speculation from several Snapchat posts. After a fan asked her, she replied with a simple yes. Since then, many fans have shipped her and the girl popping up in so many of her adorable Snapchats, Bella Pendergast. We must admit, the idea of Bella squared gives us all sorts of happy feels. She even posted this sweet message on Instagram for Pendergast's birthday. Thorne has received… Read more

9 Fungi Buys To Celebrate Mushrooms

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Aug 24, 2016

Magic Mushrooms GIVE THESE SWEET FUNGI BUYS A TRY Cap off your décor with a digital design from a Croatian artist.BLUE MUSHROOMS PRINT, $20, NICEMICEFORYOU.ETSY.COM Get in a purple haze with this hand-painted pouch.GOOD STUFF: BY STEPHANIE J.HAND PAINTED ZIPPER CLUTCH, $32.23, COSMOSBITS.ETSY.COM Spotty Swedish sandals are pretty fly...agaric.BOLOGNA ORANGE POLKA CLOGS, $149, MAGUBA.COM Show you’re a fan of fungus with iron-on patches.LITTLE MUSHROOM PATCH ($2.99) AND ALLMAN BROTHERS MUSHROOM PATCH ($4.99),… Read more

Against Me! Has A New Video And Lightsaber Guitars Are Involved

By Katherine Barner  In Music  On Aug 23, 2016

Against Me! led by Laura Jane Grace, defeats a Darth Vader-like character with lightsaber guitars (you heard that right) in this hilarious low-budget video. The band dons comical face paint, looking like a punk rock KISS, while jumping and dancing around the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia. The room is decorated in a plethora of Christmas lights in an otherwise dark room, creating a DIY outer space-like vibe. "This was one of the most difficult videos we've ever made because it was filmed in outer space," drummer Atom… Read more
For the first time, Kara Walker and Ari Marcopoulos have collaborated to create an upbeat video for Santigold's song "Banshee" that represents Santigold's inner strength and daily struggles. This power squad met at a Gucci fashion show in Milan and after hanging out all night, the three excitedly decided to make a video together. Santi discussed, “Kara snapped a silhouette photo of me in the dark as I stepped into my cab.” The result was an inspiring, catchy video “Banshee” that displayed each of their artistic… Read more

What It's Like To Travel Alone As A 20-Year-Old Woman

By Gabby Catalano  In Living  On Aug 23, 2016

There was a moment, the last time I traveled alone, when I was stumbling through the lit streets of London’s SoHo district, intoxicated from hours of authentic Thai food, vivid conversations, and pints of hard cider, that I thought, “This really was the best idea ever.” This experience was just three weeks ago, and it was my first time traveling in a foreign country solo. That moment of clarity continued for the next week of my trip, embarking on some Eat, Pray, Love realizations. I found myself feeling empowered as a… Read more

This Hilarious Video Skewers Tampon Commercial Tropes

By Myra Pearson  In Entertainment  On Aug 23, 2016

In June, a product aimed at reducing period pains began crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Livia delivers a pulse to your pelvis thatdisrupts the pain signals being sent to your ladyparts, and is adjustable for varying levels of discomfort. According to the company website, Livia “tunes into the wavelength frequency of your menstrual pain and blocks the pain from registering in your body.” As medical advisor and doctor at the Women’s Hospital in Beilinson Prof. Bari Kaplan explains, “over 50% of women suffer primary menstrual… Read more

A Broad City Art Show Is Happening, Has Us Screaming YASSSSSS QUEEN

By Katherine Barner  In Arts  On Aug 23, 2016

We may have to wait until 2017 for Broad City to grace our television sets again, but we have just the thing to hold you over! Jane Dope​, Hussy Whipped and Sleazy Bake Oven​, the trio that’s brought us Eat Your Art Out for nearly ten years, are bringing our favorite queens in the form of art to LA. Eat More Art Out Productions is transforming LA’s legendary Meltdown Comics Nerdist Showroom into the streets of Broad City and with 75-100 pieces of the show’s most impressive fan art qith "NOMO FOMO: An Art Show About… Read more
Donald Trump has turned over a new leaf and is advocating for acceptance across religion, sexualities, and gender. In a new stage of his campaign, he is calling for a weeding out process for potential immigrants, called “extreme vetting”— that would guarantee that "only those who we expect to flourish in our country and to embrace a tolerant, American society, should be issued visas," according to Cosmopolitan. That's right. Trump is campaigning for tolerance and acceptance. Bigots are no longer welcome. The Daily Show… Read more
Recently, an archived interview has resurfaced that by no means has aged well, due to the fact that we now know women are actually humans and not sex objects. The footage from 1975 shows a 30-year-old Helen Mirren being subjected to a slimy late night host, Michael Parkinson, who asked her if the size of her breasts “hinder’s her in your pursuit of the ambition of being a successful actress or serious actress.” among other atrocious moments of British sexism at its best: For her introduction, Parkinson proudly states,… Read more

Helen Mirren On That Sexist Interview: 'It Was Enraging'

By BUST Magazine  In Movies  On Aug 23, 2016

Helen Mirren is best known for playing various members of the House of Windsor. But in real life, the boundary-busting actress is anything but restrained. Here, she talks about her films, her family, and why it’s great that young women today can just say “Fuck off” I am 45 minutes late for my on-set appointment with Helen Mirren. As a punctual person, this is my worst nightmare come true: sitting in a rental car, stuck in traffic, surrounded by Yankee Stadium–bound partiers, all the while knowing that The Queen is… Read more
InstaFamous MARIA QAMAR EXPLORES DESI IDENTITY WITH HER INSTAGRAM ART SERIES HATECOPYCombining a Pop-Art style with satirical takes on life as a young Desi woman, artist Maria Qamar’s work has struck a chord online, resulting in an Instagram following 50,000 strong and growing. Posting under the name @hatecopy, the 25-year-old daughter of Pakistani immigrants to Canada started drawing her series after being laid off from an advertising job a year ago. “My work shows different parts of my life from youth to adulthood,”… Read more

JK Rowling Reveals the Ugly Truth Behind Voluntourism

By Patricia Affriol  In General  On Aug 22, 2016

We all know JK Rowling is boss. The legendary author whose characters captured the hearts of many has stood up for LGBT rights, diverse representation in her movies, and the welfare system. To add to her impressive progressive resume, this bad-ass British icon has once again reminded us how awesome she is by revealing the dark truth behind an issue that plagues the idealist mindset: Voluntourism. Voluntourism, or international volunteering, is the term that includes work for organizations or causes in foreign… Read more

This Book Could Change Your Sex Life Forever

By Jera Brown  In Sex  On Aug 22, 2016

From candid discussions about consent and STIs to self-worth and gender identities, as well as helpful how-tos about giving head, fingering, or preparing your bedroom for sexy company, Amy Rose Spiegel’s Action: A Book About Sex is a progressive holistic look at a modern sexuality. It’s complete with autobiographical moments from the Spiegel, a Brooklyn-based writer and former editor of Rookie. BUST: Your book speaks a lot about resisting traditional scripts of sexuality — ways we’ve been taught sex and dating are… Read more

Serial Rapists Are Given Criminally Light Sentences

By Myra Pearson  In Feminism  On Aug 22, 2016

A serial rapist in Chattanooga, TN, has claimed his fifth victim while out on probation. Willie James Bradley, a registered sex offender, had been charged with rape five times prior, but in each case, pled guilty to assault charges in exchange for lighter sentences. Bradley was first charged with aggravated rape in 1999, but he pled guilty to a battery charge and served six years in jail. This would be the longest sentence he would receive over the course of the next 17 years. In Tennessee, aggravated rape carries a… Read more
As an INFJ, there is nothing more precious to me than alone time. Ask me to describe my perfect weekend and I’ll tell you it’s just me, myself, a book or two, and a candlelit bath, devoid of the pressure to hold a conversation with anyone that I know will eventually result in an awkward silence, during which I stare at the floor and shuffle my feet and maybe burp. Also, ask me how many times in this past week alone I’ve sent “Hey sorry, I actually can’t go out tonight, I’m not feeling well” texts, and then just sat on… Read more

Mentally Ill, Addicted, And Medicated: BUST True Story

By Emma Faesi Hudelson  In Living  On Aug 22, 2016

I left the teenage psych ward with a folder full of handouts about substance abuse, pamphlets on suicide prevention, and a prescription for a new antidepressant called Effexor. It was a double-barreled shotgun of a drug, working on both serotonin and norepinephrine, one of the first of its kind. Like all antidepressants, it came with a warning: DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WHILE ON THIS MEDICATION. Problem is, I was drinking alcoholic beverages. Often. And the doctor knew it, or at least knew I drank. Sure, I… Read more