Makers & Shakers: Stern Design Works

By Zeynep Kilik  In Style  On Sep 23, 2017

We love the idea of making wearable sculptures and giving people the vehicle to wear their obsessions. - Rebecca and Cameron Stern Fox Diorama Necklace by Stern Design Works Stern Design Works proves that not all statement pieces need to be over-powering; they truly embody an intersection between S.T.E.M. and fashion. Resembling tiny statues, these works of art are one-of-a-kind designs. The Fox Diorama Necklace featured above takes inspiration from exhibits from the American Museum of Natural History in NYC and the… Read more
Join us Saturday, September 23rd & Sunday, September 24th, 201710:00 a.m. - 6 p.m.New York Hall of Science @ Old World's Fair Grounds47-01 111th Street, Corona, NY 11368 The 8th annual BUST Craftacular @ World Maker Faire is this weekend, and we couldn't be more excited. Known as the "greatest show-and-tell on Earth," World Maker Faire is a two-day, family-friendly event that attracts over 95,000 visitors annually, bringing together educators, hobbyists, engineers, tech enthusiasts, crafters, artists, students, and… Read more
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has followed through on her threat to overhaul the system for dealing with sexual assault on university campuses. Specifically, she has issued a “Dear Colleague” letter withdrawing the 2011 Title IX Guidance (and the 2014 follow up) that discussed the obligations schools have to address campus sexual violence. The 2011 letter was hailed by survivors and advocates as a step towards improving campus culture, but DeVos has taken issue with the fact that it allows for a range of incidents to… Read more
With the recent surge in accessible music streaming services, discovering noteworthy artists among the hordes of daily recommendations thrust upon us (we’re looking at you, Spotify) can be a dauntingly tedious task, to say the least. A fortunate few may have the spare hours required to rifle through the seemingly infinite indie abyss, but most of us don’t. So, allow me to lend you a hand, and believe me when I tell you: Montreal-based singer/songwriter Common Holly (AKA Brigitte Naggar) is an up-and-coming artist you… Read more
Our Lady Of Prime Time For her title role on the CW’s comedy hit Jane the Virgin, Gina Rodriguez became one of the first Latinas to win an acting Golden Globe. Here, the trailblazer reveals the real woman behind “the Virgin,” and opens up about masturbation, her man, and finally making it By Erika W. SmithPhotos by Kat Borchart // Styling by Ashley Avignone Hair by Kristin Heitkotter // Makeup by Carissa Ferreri // Props by Chelsea Maruskin It seems impossible, but Gina Rodriguez may be even sweeter in real life than… Read more
If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of "Guys We Fucked: The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast," you are in for a wild ride. The hosts, comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, started out by — you guessed it — interviewing guys they’d slept with about sex and relationships. The podcast became so popular that listeners began emailing in their own questions and stories about sex, which ranged from funny to heartbreaking and everything in between. Eventually, Fisher and Hutchinson branched out into… Read more
Like Sofia Coppola, Ami Canaan Mann has a family connection to the film industry. But Mann didn’t grow up watching her father, director Michael Mann, on set. Her parents divorced in the early '70s, shortly after Ami was born, and Mann grew up with her mother in small town Dayton, Indiana, which had a population of less than 1,000 and no movie theater. Growing up, Mann played viola and had an interest in photography. Wandering through her living room one day, she saw Apocalypse Now on television. “I don’t know what it… Read more

Week Of Women: September 22-28, 2017

By Erika W. Smith  In Entertainment  On Sep 21, 2017

It’s that time of week again! Take a look at our 10 picks for women-centered pop culture in the week ahead. This week's edition features the Battle of the Sexes, the return of Transparent, and new music from The Blow. As a reminder, we haven’t seen, read, or listened to all of these ourselves, so if you hate them, don't blame us! But if we have reviewed them, we’ll include a link to the review, or refer to it if it’s in print but not yet online. MOVIES Battle of the Sexes Emma Stone stars as tennis legend Billie Jean… Read more
Apparently witches are scary, or rather Sabrina the Teenage Witch is about to be. The CW is developing a new show entitled The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which is focused on the original Archie Comics version. That version followed a much darker Sabrina then you may remember from your younger years. This adaptation is being compared to the Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby — um, excuse me, Hilda and Zelda would never let something like that happen. The new adaptation shares executive producers with other CW dramas… Read more
1973 was a wild year in this country: Roe V. Wade was won, a gallon of gas was 35 cents, and Richard Nixon was the president – oh, how much has changed. And on September 20th, 1973, Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in one of the biggest exhibition matches ever, nicknamed the “Battle of the Sexes.” After a long winning streak — in which he collected $100,000 by betting on himself — Riggs felt he needed a real challenge: Beating a woman at tennis. After defeating Margaret Court, a match called the “Mother’s Day… Read more

The Best Piece Of Advice I Was Ever Given

By Annie Anzaldua  In Feminism  On Sep 21, 2017

This past summer I had the honor of attending Soapbox Inc.’s Feminist Camp, hosted by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards in New York City. The camp accommodated about thirty people and was focused on how to take our interest in feminism and help translate it into our professional careers. We met with dozens of groups and covered a new theme every day ranging from philanthropy, to women in art, to reproductive justice. We met everyone: female slam poets, nonprofit workers, doulas and even a few lightening rod… Read more
American Woman Social justice activist and Women’s March co-chair Linda Sarsour gets real about hard conversations with her kids, what’s next for the movement, and why the resistance is female By Sarah Sophie Flicker // Photo by Kristen BlushYou may not know Linda Sarsour by name, but it’s likely you recognize the 37-year-old civil-rights champion as one of the most visible co-chairs of the Women’s March on Washington. The Brooklyn native, a daughter of Palestinian immigrants, began her career in activism by joining… Read more

"Broad City" Recap: Season 4, Episode 2 — "Twaining Day"

By Danielle Corcione and Lindsay Patton-Carson  In TV  On Sep 21, 2017

Last week’s episode explored two realities — one true, the other alternate — where Abbi and Ilana still became friends. This week, we’re back to reality. Abbi accidentally ships a package to her old workplace, Soulstice, and somehow ends up training Shania Twain (for real this time) with not-so-former-lover Trey. Ilana goes through her own work journey by being hired at a high-end, cut-throat sushi restaurant in Manhattan, run by none other than RuPaul. Here were our reactions. When they were volunteering at a clinic:… Read more
When asked about VILLAINS, the new album from Queens of the Stone Age, frontman Josh Homme said, "I like to dance," and this album proves it. The crisp, funky sound may seem like a departure from the Queens you know and love, but if you go back to their self-titled debut album, you’ll find all the makings of those grooves. That signature hip-shaking sound is most evident in their single “The Way You Used To Do,” which will keep your toes tapping long after the the track ends. If you’re looking for something that rocks… Read more
There's no arguing that porn is pretty damn popular and lots of women watch it. According to the Huffington Post, porn sites get more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined. The internet has revolutionized the porn industry, making it accessible to everyone and anyone. Sociologists such as Gail Dines argue that porn's prevalence has created a "mass perpetrating porn culture" permeating society. In a TED Talk, Dines argues that growing up in a pornified culture is extremely damaging to women… Read more

Men, Women, And The Big “O”

By Kate Harveston  In Sex  On Sep 20, 2017

How often do you orgasm with a partner? Your answer to that question will probably vary, depending on who you are and who your partner is. New science suggests that if you are a straight, cisgender woman in a relationship with a straight, cisgender man, you are in the group of people who are least likely to reach orgasm with a partner. Bisexual women orgasm more often, and lesbian women reach orgasm even more often. Men, including gay men, are more likely to reach orgasm than women in every single one of those groups.… Read more

Floyd Mayweather And The Problem With Famous Abusers

By Kat Kothen-Hill  In Feminism  On Sep 20, 2017

Let’s face it, men can get away with a lot in the entertainment business, including, but not limited to, domestic violence and/or sexual assault against women. Accusations, allegations and charges can’t seem to stop men from making money and staying in the spotlight — or even becoming president. Take Floyd Mayweather, arguably the most famous boxer of the 21st century. Last week, he defended Trump’s Access Hollywood “grab ‘em by the pussy” comments. Speaking with Hollywood Unlocked, Mayweather had this to say about… Read more
Wonder Woman is your favorite feminist superhero, duh, but does the 2017 blockbuster hit do this iconic character justice? Unless you’re a huge comic fan, most people would agree the movie does a great job at explaining the back story, the inner struggle, and the extreme badass-ness of Wonder Woman. If you are a huge comic fan, you’re probably upset about the lack of BDSM and how lame Doctor Poison and Ares were – can’t blame you there. Luckily for us all, YouTube sensation Honest Trailers has come out with an honest… Read more
Gabi Gregg, aka Gabi Fresh, has been revolutionizing plus-size fashion for a decade, with her blog, her social media, her swimwear collections with Swimsutisforall, and her new fashion line Premme with Nicolette Mason. I own *quite a few* things from these lines, and I love them all. So I am very ready to put her new lingerie collection on my bod. Gabi teamed up with UK-based brand Playful Promises (also available in the US, don’t worry) to launch a line of sexy and supportive lingerie for plus-size women — bras are… Read more
Deciding how to balance architecture and the art that accompanies it (or vice versa) is a delicate task. In museums with particularly iconic and idiosyncratic buildings, the task becomes even harder. After all, few people go to the Sistine Chapel to admire the building itself — they’re there for the ceiling, the Last Judgement, or the 15th-century wall frescoes by Italian masters. On the other end of the spectrum, architecture eclipses all else at New York’s Guggenheim Museum; it’s hard to fully appreciate the… Read more

How Victorian Women Styled Their Hair For Work And Everyday Life

By Mimi Matthews  In Style  On Sep 20, 2017

For balls and other formal events, fashionable women of the early 1860s often arranged their hair in elaborate styles with artificial tufts, pads, and false plaits. On a day-to-day basis, however, Victorian women of more moderate means stuck to more practical styles. These styles included firmly pinned plaits, simple chignons, and rolls bound up in a hair net or secured with a ribbon. In today’s post, we take a brief look at some of these styles, specifically those which feature in my new Victorian romance novel The… Read more

How Women Directors Show The Nuanced Reality Of Female Friendship

By Emilia Sierzputowska  In Movies  On Sep 19, 2017

My first vivid memory of female friendship portrayed in film comes from Michael Goldenberg’s 1996 rom-com Bed of Roses. Pamela Adlon’s line, directed at her best friend’s love interest — “If you ever hurt her, I’ll kill you” — is, since adolescence, stored in my why-do-I-remember-this drawer. Fortunately, a sidekick in a rom com who is only there to provide relationship advice to the protagonist is not the full extent of how female friendship has been covered on the big screen. It matters if cinema reflects the… Read more
Irma, Sandy, Katrina and Camille. It’s hard to say if we are talking about a new, all-female pop band or a list of some of the most well-known hurricanes, past and present. Sadly, I have to say it’s the latter (I think we can all agree that a new a female pop band would have been be a lot more fun than a bunch of hurricanes.) And as Maria is about to strike our shores, we are more than ready to dig into the history of the naming of hurricanes, and why so many of them seem to have been female. It all started during… Read more

7 Cult Films Reimagined By Parker Day

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Sep 19, 2017

By now, President Trump’s judgment, or lack thereof, when it comes to his Twitter (and a majority of his public appearances) should come as no surprise to anyone. A myriad of racist, sexist, authoritarian and press-condemning tweets seem to have become the best way way to tell it’s a new week in 2017’s America. But this new week, he has lowered the bar one step further. On Sunday morning, Trump retweeted a fake GIF-montage, created by a supporter, of himself swinging a golf club with the golf ball eventually,… Read more

12 Feminist Moments From New York Fashion Week

By Erika W. Smith  In Style  On Sep 19, 2017

New York Fashion Week is over, and we’re taking a look at some of the moments that give us a little bit of hope about feminism's growing influence on the fashion industry. From growing numbers of diverse models on the runway, to Refinery 29’s celebration of women and nonbinary people at 29 Rooms, here are 12 moments to pay attention to. 1. Refinery29’s 29 Rooms exhibit brought activism to fashion week BRIGHT FUTURE in collaboration with Planned Parenthood, courtesy Refinery29 Refinery29 filled a warehouse in… Read more
A Hollywood success story that doesn’t make you want to barf is rare. When you encounter one, it is like encountering a unicorn. I interviewed ingenious comedy writer and wonderful person, Samantha McIntyre, about her debut feature film, Unicorn Store, which premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, for this reason. Unicorn Store is the whimsical, existential, coming-of-age story of Kit (played by Brie Larson), an artist and a dreamer, who is faced with the painfully boring disappointment that is… Read more
Going to your first New York Fashion Week show is nothing less than all your dreams come true. The streets surrounding Skylight Clarkson Square building buzzed with models, fashion editors, photographers and drag queens giving out free cotton candy. As I squeezed past the crowds looking for the correct gallery, I snapped pictures of street style inspo and tried not to look too star-struck. Once I found the correct gallery I pushed past paparazzi and suddenly froze: Paris and Nicole Hilton exited the Alice + Olivia show… Read more

As A Female Director, My Voice Changes Society

By The Light Leaks  In Movies  On Sep 19, 2017

A rainbow of shotgun homes whipped past the window of our rental car. Maria Marrone, my production designer and honorary DJ, turned up the Beatles as we sped through the battered New Orleans streets and onto the highway. My director of photography, Joshua Herzog, nodded off in the passenger seat. An array of lighting gels and gaff tape jutted out from the backseat and lightly licked his arm. The pre-production process, filled with hiccups and sleepless nights, had worn us down before we even began. After locations… Read more

9 Moments To Care About From The 69th Emmys

By Bri Kane  In TV  On Sep 18, 2017

The 69th Annual Emmys was last night, and we all know you watched the red carpet but then just checked Twitter for news – the Oscars were dramatic enough, we’re all still a little scarred. In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard the news: the Emmys went pretty well, and considering we’re living in practically apocalyptic times, it was a nice reality break. Celebrities even honored the Dream Act by wearing blue ribbons. Also, from now on we’ll all be referring to RuPaul as Emmy. Here are some other moments you… Read more

Amber Tamblyn Says, "I'm Done With Not Being Believed"

By Amanda Brohman  In Feminism  On Sep 18, 2017

“What’s the point, if you won’t be believed?” actress Amber Tamblyn wrote in an op-ed published in the New York Times on Saturday. In it, she talks about the sexism she’s faced as a young woman in Hollywood, which (not surprisingly) is mirroring the sexism any girl or woman is faced with in any part of society — yes, even still, in 2017. After all, what comes out of Hollywood is mostly a reflection of what comes out of the world at the moment, and, as is being made more than visible by Tamblyn, we sadly still live in a… Read more
Gabrielle Kwarteng is an award-winning DJ based here in Brooklyn, NY. Soul, funk, and disco are her areas of expertise and she seriously knows how to make you forget about your troubles and transport you to a nightclub in the '70s. I was lucky enough to ask her a few questions about her musical background and experiences breaking into the DJ scene. Gabrielle, you’ve been DJing professionally all over NYC for a few years now. First off, how did you first get into records? Admittedly, I didn’t begin DJing with vinyl. I… Read more

Reflecting On Princess Diana, The Disrupter

By Juliana James  In Movies  On Sep 18, 2017

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and we have been blessed with not one but FIVE original documentaries about her life and death. If you know who Princess Diana is, then you probably know that she and the media were frenemies of the worst kind. This complicated relationship put me in a pickle. Would watching these documentaries make me complicit in her exploitation? Probably. Would she have wanted this media blitz on the anniversary of her death? I don’t know, but it seems… Read more
Marsha P Johnson was a fucking badass. A badass with a big heart, a creative sense of style, and a fearless attitude. She was a veteran of the Stonewall riots in the late '60s, she campaigned for Queer rights, and she set up a charity to help disadvantaged Queer youth. The influence Marsha and other Trans women of colour had on bringing Queer rights into the mainstream, as well as the creation of Pride, protests, and change in laws is often ignored or whitewashed by mainstream culture. Marsha never missed a protest… Read more

How Much Do You Know About Shirley MacLaine?

By BUST Magazine  In Movies  On Sep 18, 2017

Shirley MacLaine Has Still Got Game! A legendary actor, singer, dancer, activist, author, and spiritual seeker, Shirley MacLaine has spent the last 60 years in the spotlight. Think you know what makes this 83-year-old dynamo go, go, go? Then take the quiz! 1. Born on April 24, 1934, in Richmond, VA, Shirley was named after what performer? a. Shirley Templeb. Shirley Basseyc. Shirley Hemphilld. Shirley Jones 2. The oldest of two kids, Shirley’s younger brother is also a star. Name him. a. Willie Nelsonb. Jack… Read more

BUST's "Poptarts" Podcast Zooms In On Self-Help Celebs

By Emily Rems  In Books  On Sep 15, 2017

Poptarts is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by BUST Magazine editors Emily Rems and Callie Watts that celebrates women in pop culture. The first half of each episode is devoted to a hot topic in entertainment, and in the second half, a segment called "Whatcha Watchin'?," Callie and Emily dig into all the shows, movies, books, music, videos, and podcasts they've enjoyed since the last episode, and either praise or pan each experience. In the latest episode, Callie and Emily are joined by the hilarious hosts of the… Read more
Raquel Reed Are you ready?! The NY Burlesque Fest will be celebrating 15 years of glitter and glamour in Gotham from September 21-24, and we have two free tickets to give away! Share/comment on this link, and you will be entered into our random drawing for free passes. Portia Control This annual festival has been showcasing sold-out performances by big-name acts since 2003, with Potani Productions and Thirsty Girl Productions combining their burlesque expertise to create an unforgettable event. Potani Productions is… Read more

The Mudd Club Comes To Life In A Fascinating Tell-All Memoir

By Michael Levine  In Books  On Sep 15, 2017

Back in the late 1970s, New York City was still an affordable, gritty, and edgy place to live — very different from the shopping mall New York has morphed into. Influenced by the prevailing Warholian concept of High Art meets Low Trash, The Mudd Club was the happening place to dance and hang out. Artists, writers, musicians, actors, performance artists, and scensters of all persuasions created a mix that has been emulated by downtown denizens to this day. It was the anti-Studio 54, but had an even stricter door policy.… Read more
On Thursday, while on a tour promoting her new book What Happened, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stopped by ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’. In a break from discussing the 2016 campaign and election, Clinton mentioned President Trump’s latest actions and gave some advice to the President. In a conversation about the North Korean threat, Clinton opined that Trump is being played by Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator. She explained, “This missile test [...] is sending a message from Kim Jong Un that he is not… Read more
Until recently, Chile was one of the toughest countries in the world to get an abortion. Along with El Salvador, Malta, the Vatican, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua, Chile's laws stated that women were not able to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy for any reason. However, Chilean president Michelle Bachelet has been at the forefront of a campaign to decriminalize therapeutic abortion (abortion after diagnosed medical necessity), and after two and a half years of discussion and debate, she enacted a law on… Read more
It appears that the White House has failed at keeping Donald Trump abreast of all the current and necessary issues. It was not until this morning that he finally and officially responded to SportsCenter’s Jemele Hill’s initial tweets from five days prior. He tweeted, “ESPN is paying a really big price for its politics (and bad programming). People are dumping it in RECORD numbers. Apologize for untruth!” Back on Monday night (Sept. 11), what started out as a criticism of some Facebook comments Kid Rock (yeah, girl, I… Read more
Recently, the effort to bring diversity to the runway in high fashion has been increasing. While there is still a long ways to go, designer Eckhaus Latta made strides this week by having 8-months-pregnant model, Maia Ruth Lee, rock a high fashion “cut out” dress on the runway. While there have been a few pregnant models on the runway before, this look truly showcased Lee’s baby bump. This fabulous dress style was not necessarily intended, which may be the best part. When Lee attended her NYFW fitting, she noticed the… Read more
I had a fraught relationship with feminism growing up as a young adult in the early 2000s. Although I was drawn to many of feminism’s tenets, I felt disconnected deeply from its general view on sex and pornography. Unlike many of my fellow teenage feminists, I trusted (and still do) that women can make the active choice to enjoy and engage in sex work, whether that’s watching pornography or acting as a dominatrix. I thought (and still do) that we have the power to turn a historically patriarchal and misogynist adult… Read more

10 New Albums To Make The Soundtrack To Your September: Playlist

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Sep 15, 2017

Here at BUST, we bring you music reviews every issue. Peep the most recent releases from our August/September 2017 issue right here, featuring new music from L.A. Witch, Zola Jesus, Domino Kirke and more. Plus, scroll down to find our Spotify playlist, and check out the rest of our August/September issue album reviews right here. ZOLA JESUSOkovi(Sacred Bones Records)Okovi means “shackles” in Slovak, and the latest album from electronic phenom Zola Jesus (aka Nika Roza Danilova), is a wild, spiritual reckoning with all… Read more
Feminism is changing. With the rise of social media, feminist discourse moves at breakneck pace, broadening the movement and embracing new quesitons and criticisms. And yet, the essential preoccupations of women fighting for equality remain the same: reproductive rights, economic freedom, education, and personal safety, to name just a few. From searing critiques of power and wealth, to in-depth investigations of race, gender, and class, these books offer new perspectives on gender in the twenty-first century. How All… Read more

This Artist Turns Weird State Laws Into Mind-Boggling Photos

By Molly McLaughlin  In Arts  On Sep 15, 2017

Did you know that in Delaware it is illegal to consume perfume? Well, that’s what people say anyway. New York-based photographer Olivia Locher’s book I Fought The Law is not concerned with technicalites. In fact, quite the opposite. She has selected her “fifty favourite alleged state laws” and photographed them in her trademark colourful, intriguing, pop-art style. Some of the laws are true, some were true once and some have been passed along as fact so many times they might as well be. Locher is a young photographer… Read more
Jane Austen is gracing the £10 in UK today – Mr. Darcy can just GTFO. BBC reports today that Austen will be replacing Charles Darwin and will be the exclusively accepted £10 by Spring 2018. Austen was born July 18, 1775 and it only took about 200 years for the UK to put her face on currency! Earlier this year, on the anniversary of her birth, it was announced she will adorn the newest £10 to huge support and excitement from various feminist/Austen-ist organizations. Austen is considered a proto-feminist author, most… Read more

These Feminist Embroidery Artists Are Breaking Boundaries

By Bri Kane  In Arts  On Sep 14, 2017

Point Green is a big, hip and irresistibly cool art gallery tucked away on Java St. in Brooklyn, NY – their newest exhibition, She Saw the World Brighten and Catch Fire, will feature seven artists who experiment with Ray Bradbury’s short story "Embroidery" and, well, embroidery. The short story by Bradbury focuses on the destructive power of men compared to the creative powers of women, seen through the lens of women sitting in a sewing circle waiting for what turns out to be the end of the world — and it is not… Read more

Week of Women: September 15-21, 2017

By Erika W. Smith  In Entertainment  On Sep 14, 2017

Our weekly roundup of women-centered pop culture is back! Scroll down to read about 10 movies, albums, TV shows, and books coming out this week. As a reminder, we haven’t seen, read, or listened to all of these ourselves, so if they're bad, don't blame us! But if we have reviewed them, we’ll include a link to the review, or refer to it if it’s in print. This week’s highlights include the Emmys; JLaw's latest movie, mother!; and new books by Toni Morrison and Ellen Pao. MOVIES mother! Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem… Read more

11 Unique Gifts You'll Just Want To Keep For Yourself

By Zeynep Kilik  In Style  On Sep 14, 2017

1.Beetle Wing Earrings (M) by Tavia Sanza, $32.00 Made out of real beetle wings (you read that right!), these tiny statement pieces will catch every passerby's attention. Tavia Sanza has been part of the Craftacular fam for a long time. Her Brooklyn-based designs are truly one-of-a-kind, from rings to crowns; her handmade jewelry is made out of free-form wire wrapping, so each individual piece is unique. In addition to this, you can design your own custom-made statement piece. You can sign up for her classes at… Read more