The Coen Brothers are back with Hail, Caesar!, an homage to Old Hollywood. Set around a major Hollywood studio in the 1950s, the film has more plotlines than I can count on both hands, all centered around a busy, stressed-out studio “fixer” Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) who’s just trying to make it the day without sneaking a cigarette. Here are just a few problems that the fixer has to fix: The studio’s biggest star (George Clooney) goes missing right in the middle of filming a majorly expensive film, Hail, Ceasar: A… Read more

Do As The Doll, Not As I Do: Thoughts On Barbie's New Bod

By Samantha Noyes  In Living  On Feb 05, 2016

The public screams for joy over new Barbie are kind of nauseating when you think about it. I mean, I completely understand having Barbies representing every color of the rainbow — hell, there are a lot more they could do, but it's a start. But these tears of joy over a plastic doll, more than likely put together in shady situations, is such nonsense. It's a fraud, and we’re lying to ourselves if we think it's going to make a difference. Back in the '90s (Were you even alive back then? Ugh youth), they released dolls… Read more
How much would you pay to hush your accuser? Florida State University and Erica Kinsman settled on the figure of $950,000. And Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston didn’t have to pay a cent of that sum. Back in December of 2012, Winston allegedly raped Kinsman, a first-year pre-med student, after meeting and taking shots at a Tallahassee bar. At that time, Winston was a redshirted freshman quarterback for the FSU Seminoles football team; in other words, he was a practicing member of the team, but didn’t… Read more

You Have To See These 3 Upcoming Documentaries

By Michael Lavine  In Movies  On Feb 05, 2016

Sundance always finds such wonderfully powerful documentaries, and this year was no exception. There was considerable buzz about many of the docs showing, so I wasn’t surprised when SONITA, a film about a female rapper in conservative Iran, won the World Cinema Jury Prize and Weiner, the unprecedented inside look Anthony Weiner’s fall from grace, won the U.S Grand Jury Prize. It’s exciting that many of these films will be released out into the world soon. Here are a few reviews of documentary films that I was lucky… Read more
Dumping toxic significant others and eating great snacks? Sounds like a productive night. In a new short film from Derek Lam that we’re excited to premiere, two ladies dump their other halves in a taxi on Crosby Street while rain pours outside and the smell of pizza fills the air.The three-minute short film, titled “Rain Day,” is part of a creative new campaign from designer Derek Lam; instead of launching a traditional print campaign for his new "10 Crosby" fragrance collection inspired by New York’s Crosby Street,… Read more
For years, men on Internet message boards have been sharing revenge fantasies targeting the women who’ve rejected them. But what is motivating their repeated references to a violent “Beta Uprising,” and how dangerous are the guys who chat online about it? ON OCTOBER 1, 2015, in a scene that has become depressingly familiar, 26-year-old Christopher Harper-Mercer walked into Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, and opened fire, killing nine people and injuring nine more. Like George Sodini, who killed three… Read more

52 Weeks of Directors: Lucrecia Martel

By Lauren C. Byrd  In Movies  On Feb 05, 2016

Lucrecia Martel grew up in Salta, a northeastern province of Argentina, where her films are now often set. As a child, she planned to become a physicist.“But I started to have doubts about this career path and I enrolled in a series of programs for various careers: zoology, advertising, and art history—all in different provinces of Argentina. I was willing to travel anywhere, but I didn’t know exactly what I would end up studying. Finally, I decided to take a history course in my hometown, and think about what I wanted… Read more
In the most gratifying moment so far in 2016, outspoken internet douchebag Roosh V., a.k.a. that guy who wants to make rape legal and the self-proclaimed “King of Masculinity,” was found living at home in his mother’s basement. The misogynist creator of the infamous misogynist website Return of Kings called 911 after receiving death threats because he is a deplorable person. The 36-year-old blogger was spotted by the Daily Mail talking to police in the driveway of his mom’s house in Maryland. Roosh the Douche has… Read more
Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesWritten and directed by Burr SteersOut February 5 Almost seven years after Seth Grahame-Smith’s parody novel, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, enjoyed its brief moment in the spotlight, the film adaptation has finally arrived. And the good news is—it’s a lot of fun. The title gives away the simple, silly concept: What if Pride and Prejudice had zombies in it? Jane Austen’s classic story is now set in an alternate version of Regency-era England, where social events are held in secure… Read more
I. W. Gregorio was working full-time as a urologist when the thought came to her: what if there was a young adult novel with a protagonist that wasn’t exclusively male or female, but instead, none of the above? That was the central driving force behind her YA novel, None of the Above (Balzer + Bray / HarperCollins 2015), which focuses on the identity struggle of main character Kristin Lattimer when she discovers she’s intersex. Specifically, Kristin has androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS), which is one of the more… Read more

Let These Angela Davis Photos And Quotes Inspire You To Fight Injustice

By Anastasia K Zimitravich  In Feminism  On Feb 04, 2016

In order to talk about Angela Davis, we first need to take off our racial blinders and peer into how the United States values black life. It’s difficult to think of our country in terms of racial value. But whether it is something we on an individual level are actively thinking about or not, the symptoms of its presence on a macro level are everywhere. Black men are more likely to be incarcerated in federal and state prisons now than they were in the 1960s — six times more likely as compared to white men. Less educated… Read more

The CDC Just Killed Our Spirits

By Courtney Bissonette  In Feminism  On Feb 04, 2016

According to the CDC, women just can’t have it all, and by "all," they’re talking wine and sex. Our bodies might serve as incubators for another human being someday, and if the CDC had its way, women would show proof of their date of birth as well as birth control prescription when your buying booze. They recommend that in order to prevent fetal alcohol syndrome, all women of childbearing age avoid alcohol if they are sexually active but not on contraceptives. CDC Principal Deputy Director Anne Schuchat said, “About… Read more
The actual scum of the Earth, Daryush Valizadeh (Roosh V), has announced on his site Return of Kings that his planned worldwide pro-rape fest will be cancelled. “International Tribal Meetup Day” was supposed to be a gathering of all those wholesome dudes who think rape is totally okay if done in your own home. Valizadeh wrote that he must cancel the events because “I can no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend on February 6.” Yes, you read that right: a pro-rape activist is cancelling… Read more
Intriguing new titles celebrating women in physics and forensics Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs: The Astounding Interconnectedness of the Universe By Lisa Randall(Ecco) In her brilliant and thought provoking new book, particle physicist Lisa Randall delves into a fascinating new scientific theory, connecting one of science’s greatest questions—What killed the dinosaurs?—to one of the most complex celestial elements in our universe: dark matter. Unlike most objects in space, dark matter does not emit or absorb light. Yet… Read more
Earlier this week, the American Magazine Media Conference took place in New York’s Grand Hyatt Hotel, and like any good event, it was filled with some badass ladies. Every year, the conference brings together the most influential people in the magazine media industry to explore what’s on the horizon for magazine media. This year especially, the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) worked hard to highlight women in the magazine industry and discuss how magazine media can be used to expose and investigate women’s stories… Read more
Throughtout history, both women and men have done some pretty outrageous things to adhere to the beauty standards of their day, and let's face it, that definitely hasn't changed. Today, we're still bleaching our teeth, lying in tanning beds, straightening or curling our hair, and pushing up our breasts with all sorts of contraptions. Beauty will always be something we chase, and it's not always a bad thing. Make-up and hair dye and finger nail polish can be a lot of fun, as long as you don't take it too seriously. Here… Read more
Boobs. Chest. Titties. Bosom. Melons. Knockers. Mammary glands. Humans have created a plethora of words to describe breasts. And there’s no denying it: the world is obsessed with boobs. And, why not? Boobs are wonderful and lovely. They’re the greatest symbol of female sexuality, and also—let’s not forget their most important purpose—nourish the little growing minds and bodies of our future generations. As a woman, I’m very happy I have breasts. They’re soft. They look good in small fleece sweaters. And I have a… Read more

4 Amazing Lady-Led Films From Sundance

By Michael Lavine  In Movies  On Feb 03, 2016

There were over 120 films at Sundance this year. How does one even begin to crack that nut? I watched 21 films in five days and I didn’t even see any of the award-winning films. The good news is these great movies will all be picked up and you will have a chance to see them soon! 1. Christine Driven by a truly remarkable performance by Rebecca Hall, Christine is an exquisitely rendered dramatic look at the life of Christine Chubbuck, a Sarasota newscaster who, after struggling with depression, committed suicide on air… Read more
Oftentimes when we discuss sexual violence, we fail to address the most important part: how society reacts and treats the victims after their assault. There is a programmed response immediately after an assault from law enforcement and other government entities. After the initial response, however, victims are often expected to be healed or feel better if they decide to report the crimes to the police. It seems that there is an expected timeline for healing for the victims of sexual violence, and that they are expected… Read more
On the phone, Lola Kirke sounds nothing like her older sister Jemima: her accent is all American. At 25, Lola is five years younger than Jemima and though the sisters look remarkably alike — save for Lola’s darker hair — their careers couldn’t be more different. (Another sister, Domino, is a singer.) Unlike Jemima, who only recently began acting and has mostly played fictionalized versions of herself, Lola has acted since she was in middle school and has played characters that are all fiction: in Gone Girl, she plays… Read more

Broad City Needs Your Painting Skills This Saturday

By Olivia Harrison  In TV  On Feb 03, 2016

Broad City returns for its third season on February 17th. Can I get a YAS QUEEN? I’ve been counting down the days for a while now, and I thought there was no way I could be more excited. But then I found out about this. Comedy Central just announced that this Saturday, February 6th there will be a Broad City mural in Williamsburg that will be open for the public to paint. IN ADDITION (as if I wasn’t already loosing my freaking mind), they will also be giving away FREE drinks and Broad City swag. Cue tears of joy. The… Read more

You Need This Feminist Flair In Your Life

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Feb 03, 2016

Add some pizzazz to your steez with these rad patches and enamel pins 1. Menace to Sobriety Patch, $5, 2. Sorry About Your Art Patch, $18.49, 3. Fuck You—Pay Me Enamel Pin Set, $12, 4. Sad Songs Forever Patch, $5.03, 5. Whiskey Witch Patch, $5, 6. “All Eyez On Me” Lapel Pin, $8, 7. Puffy Shirt Lapel Pin, $8, 8. Keep Out Pin, $10, 9. Feminist Enamel Lapel Pin, $11,… Read more

Lush | Chorus (Box Set): Album Review

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Feb 02, 2016

After 17 years of silence, British rockers Lush are making their faithful fans’ dreams come true with the release of their anthology Chorus. The box set first leads listeners through the shoegaze-y Gala, a compilation record of Lush’s first three EPs. Gala debuts the band’s signature sound of illusory noise with ethereal harmonies on songs like “Sweetness and Light.” The set moves into Lush’s three ageless studio albums, Spooky, Split, and Lovelife, and then segues into the B-sides collection Topolino, for lovers of… Read more
When Showtime’s The Affair begins, Noah Solloway’s (Dominic West) first book is a “failure” due to lack of acclaim. Viewers initially root for Noah’s literary success until the show demonstrates how much his rising star relies on privilege. Rather than explore the way male privilege in the literary world turns Noah into a raging narcissist, the show uses that privilege to forward the narrative in laughably unbelievable—and, unfortunately, all too believable—ways. But the show’s biggest transgression is how it… Read more

The Slow Burn: Three Lyrical Women Filmmakers At Sundance

By Michael Lavine  In Movies  On Feb 02, 2016

Sundance was loaded with a diverse range of fantastic films this year, and a noticeable theme was the presence of many women filmmakers delivering command performances. With film narrative running on a continuum from anti plot to arc plot, from non-narrative to hyper narrative, clustered together around a point focusing on the cinematic are three great films by three amazing women film directors. If you are looking for lots of plot twists and explosions, its time to move along. Driven mainly by image, these films are… Read more
Abortion. What female image comes to mind when you think of the concept? Maybe a distressed woman sitting alone in her bedroom, staring at an unwanted— and unexpected—positive pregnancy test. Maybe she’s too young to raise a baby, she's still a baby herself. Maybe she’s already a mom with three babies and can’t feed a fourth. Maybe she doesn’t like kids and doesn’t want a baby. Maybe she wanted a baby but finally realized her husband is an abusive unfit father-to-be. It’s her body, her choice, her life, and none of… Read more
What do hairy palms, blindness and erectile dysfunction have in common? They are all things the kid down the street told you are caused by masturbation. Nicholas Tana and the people behind the year’s most forthcoming documentary, Sticky: A (Self) Love Story, out in the U.S. now, want you to know these are all bold faced lies. This film explores the truth behind the act of solo sex, how it is represented in media and asks the question: if we all do it, why are we so afraid to talk about it?In a nation where 98 percent… Read more

All Your Anxieties About Your Boyfriend’s Ex, Illustrated

By Madeline Raynor  In Books  On Feb 02, 2016

Leanne Shapton’s graphic non-fiction book Was She Pretty? takes its title from the question you always want to ask after hearing about your significant other’s ex. In her research, the author and illustrator asked people she knows about their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends: the result is a book of very short true stories (most are only a few sentences long) accompanied by Shapton's minimalist illustrations. A lot of the classic exes are there: the older woman, the kinky one, the artist, the foreigner, and more. Many of… Read more

Neo Soul Mates: A Q&A with Lion Babe

By Liz Galvao  In Music  On Feb 02, 2016

With buzzy singles like "Treat Me Like Fire" and the Pharrell Williams-produced "Wonder Woman," a tour with Childish Gambino, and a feature on a recent Disclosure track, Lion Babe is on fire—and their album isn't even out yet. The two-piece band from New York City featuring vocalist Jillian Hervey and producer/musician Lucas Goodman has won fans over with their modern take on funk and soul.The duo's highly anticipated debut album, Begin, is set to be released on Polydor/Outsiders on Friday, February 5th. BUST spoke to… Read more

Send Grotesque Texts With These New Goth Emojis

By Madeline Raynor  In Living  On Feb 02, 2016

Do you like emojis, but wish they were more macabre? If you answered yes, you’ll love the Goth Emoji app. Goth Emoji is available for iOS. It’s easy to install. Once you shell out 99 cents, you’ll have access to five pages of all-black goth emojis, such as coffins, skulls, and a pack of cigarettes. The emojis are the size of stickers, and like all third-party emojis, you have to copy and pastes them into your texts. The app could use some improvements: all of the emojis are slightly blurry. I tried to send some goth… Read more
Two slices of bread. One generous dollop of peanut butter smeared across each. A slathering of jelly. Press the bread together, and seal. Last week, multimedia artist Jessica Olah performed that process 2,340 times over five days as part of a performance-art piece at Specials on C in NYC’s Alphabet City. Her ambition? To recognize her mother, who every morning, from the time Olah was in kindergarten through 12th grade, lovingly crafted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for school lunch. Over those 13 years, Olah… Read more

I Fell in Love With My Sorority Sister: BUST True Story

By Laura Leigh Abby  In Living  On Feb 01, 2016

The following is an excerpt from Laura Leigh Abby's best-selling Amazon Kindle Single The Rush, the story of unexpected romance and heartbreak in an unlikely place: my college sorority. The pledges “crossed” into the sorority just after Halloween. The nights were dipping down near freezing and the approach of winter meant the impending end of the semester. About a week after cross one of the senior girls hosted a slumber party at her house outside of Boston. We rode the train out on Saturday night, ordered pizzas,… Read more
A few weeks before the Iowa caucus, packed in a small events room above Manhattan’s The Harp Raw Bar and Grill, a crowd of mostly 20- and early 30- somethings fawned over the soft-spoken-yet-passionate Maryland heartthrob. “Are you two crushing on him also?” a young woman asked my friend and me as we watched O’Malley stand on a chair and sing about togetherness and love and the American dream. Why yes, in fact. Yes we were. I’ve been a fan of Martin O’Malley for a while now. The political dreamboat is all of America’s… Read more

Sail Away To Dreamland With These 4 Sleepy Gadgets

By BUST Magazine  In Living  On Feb 01, 2016

Having trouble laying your weary head to rest? I tested out some sleep gadgets to see if they could really help me catch more zzzs. The S+ ($129.99) is a device that sits on your nightstand and monitors your movement and breathing, then sends the data to an app on your phone for ideal sleep analysis. It also synchronizes sounds to your pre-sleep breathing to soothe you into slumber. But the best part is its alarm: within a set time range, it wakes you during a light sleep as opposed to a deep one, which totally helped… Read more
I did not know Janese Talton-Jackson on a personal level. There’s a chance I might have seen her before. And a lesser chance I might have spoken to her. But if I did either, I don’t remember.But after news of her death began to circulate Facebook Friday afternoon, and more and more people spoke of her, I learned there weren’t many degrees of separation between us. Practically none, actually.She left behind three children. Twin girls and a one-year-old son. The father of her daughters is the son of my mom’s best friend,… Read more

BUST'S 10 Best Bets For February And March 2016

By BUST Magazine  In Entertainment  On Feb 01, 2016

We've collected the best new films, podcasts, television, and music for you to focus in on for the remainder of the winter months. Enjoy our ten best, we will too. 1. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Premiering February 8 on TBS, this late-night chat fest hosted by hilarious Daily Show alum Samantha Bee promises to be a buffet of sarcastic, deadpan deliciousness. She’s also executive producing the show alongside her comedyheartthrob hubby Jason Jones, proving that the family that slays together stays together. 2. Mavis!… Read more
At the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday, everyone’s favorite duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler teamed up again to present legendary comedian Carol Burnett with the SAG Life Achievement Award. Unsurprisingly, the ladies killed it and made me wish once again that Fey and Poehler would not only host every award show for the rest of time but also run for president on a joint ballot and be my best friends. For now, we’ll have to make due with this little bit of hilarious and heartwarming magic from the ladies.… Read more

Sex Toys: The Future is Now

By BUST Magazine  In Sex  On Jan 29, 2016

When you hear “Silicon Valley,” you may not think of silicone vibrators. But as technology marches forward, sex toy companies are often the first brands to position themselves at the cutting edge of innovation. Here are five devices to test out if you’re looking to become an early adopter—for science, of course. Womanizer $199.99, Though this one’s name makes us squirm a bit (and not in a good way), the Womanizer’s patented “PleasureAir technology” and unique design certainly bring something different to… Read more
Anti-rape activist Amber Amour posted a picture of herself on Instagram minutes after she was raped by an acquaintance in a hotel room in Cape Town, South Africa in Nov. 2015. She sat in the shower, tears streaming down her face, knees against her chest as she detailed the rape to her followers, “As soon as I got in the bathroom, he forced me to my knees. I said 'stop!' but he just got more violent. He lifted me up and put his penis in my vagina. I asked him to stop, again, as I began to cry. When he shoved it in my… Read more

Teen-Made Game 'Tampon Run' Sticks It To Period Shamers

By Maggie Stamets  In Entertainment  On Jan 29, 2016

Say hello to the new way you will entertain yourself at work! Tampon Run is an awesome, arcade-style game fighting period stigma and the normalization of violence. Plus, you get to throw tampons at mean boys!The game was made by two awesome young feminists, Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser. The Girls Who Code graduates originally developed this game for the web but have since created an app.The game's introduction poses an important question: why is gun violence and gory, bloody death considered commonplace in media,… Read more

Linguists Find That Disney's Leading Ladies Lack Language

By Courtney Bissonette  In Movies  On Jan 29, 2016

Once upon a time, Disney never stopped being problematic. Linguists Carmen Fought and Karen Eisenhauer have been working on a study that analyzes the dialogue in Disney movies in order to determine the verbal equality between male and female characters and to determine whether or not it plays a major role in the lives of children who view them. The study has already found that around 70% of all dialogue spoken in most Disney princess movies is by male characters. According to the research, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty,… Read more

Anya Marina's 'Paper Plane': Album Review

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Jan 29, 2016

Singer/songwriter Anya Marina has been quietly releasing some of indie rock’s best tracks for years. Her fourth full-length album, Paper Plane, is full of the same witty lyrics, accessible pop hooks, and images of a complicated woman’s life that have made her songs favorites of music supervisors in TV and film. This time, Marina focuses on romantic relationships; “Shut Up” is a slow burn about an unlikely hook-up, and the energetic “Ordinary Dude” is about a turning point in a relationship, with nicely contrasting… Read more

Joséphine Baker: Secret Agent Woman

By BUST Magazine  In Entertainment  On Jan 29, 2016

In the 1920s and 30s, Joséphine Baker was an international superstar, known for her daring dances and exotic costumes. But during World War II she performed her greatest role yet: Spy. Onstage at the Casino de Paris, Joséphine Baker stretched her arms out toward the expanse of pale faces staring up at her as she sang. By now, the African-American expat superstar had grown used to performing for white crowds across Europe, but in 1939, the audience was changing. The men who came to see her new revue, Paris/London, were… Read more

Get Your Vibe On: The Crave Vesper Vibrator Review

By Isabel Bartholomew  In Sex  On Jan 29, 2016

The Crave Vesper Size: golf pencil Shape: that pen that Joan from Mad Men wears around her neck/between her boobs Sound: Katniss Everdeen’s arrow Strength: va-va voom Satisfaction: gaspin’ O Pairs with: a vesper, Bond-style, duh I was really, really excited about the Vesper when I saw it online, because it’s also a necklace, which seems so SEXY and DANGEROUS and SOPHISTICATED to me (so I can wear it over my pajamas as I drink Franzia Crisp White from a plastic camping mug, alone). When I opened it, I realized that it’s… Read more

Sia Reclaims Her Rejected Songs On The Excellent 'This Is Acting'

By Madeline Raynor  In Music  On Jan 29, 2016

What happens when a songwriter pens a tune for a client, but it gets rejected? Does it get wadded up and tossed in the trash? Or does the writer sing it herself? The latter approach is Sia’s solution on her new album, This Is Acting: every song but one was originally written for another artist.Sia’s side-business of writing hits for pop stars like Rihanna and Beyoncé is well known. After a successful alternative pop career, Sia took a break from being a singer to write hits (or, more accurately, co-write them) for… Read more

52 Weeks Of Directors

By Lauren C. Byrd  In Movies  On Jan 29, 2016

A year ago, I decided to start writing about female-directed films.In a time when multiple research organizations are informing women how dismal the statistics are for women in Hollywood and when the number of female directed films recognized during awards season is so low it's almost negative, it is important to remind young women about the work that is being produced.Meet my series, "52 Weeks of Directors." Each week, I'll highlight a different talented director who just so happens to be a woman. While parity is… Read more

5 Darkly Funny Books About Pain-in-the-Ass Women

By BUST Magazine  In Books  On Jan 28, 2016

With TV comedies like Difficult People, The Comeback, OITNB, and Nurse Jackie racking up praise and awards in recent seasons, women who are “not here to make friends” are definitely having a cultural moment. This trend has also been going strong in literary fiction, and 2015 was an especially great year for novels about women who do what they want without apology. As a reader, I’ve learned that good fiction about “bad” women penetrates my psyche in a way that no self-help book can. If I find myself having a charged… Read more
In 1944 the kind people at Modess wanted women to know getting their periods was totally normal, nothing to get your womanly head “excited or nervous” about, a neccessary step on your way to baby-making town, and most of all keep fucking smiling. Growing up and Liking it! (posted by Print) is 30% an informational pamphlet for young women and 70% an ad for “super-soft snowy-white Modess Sanitary Napkins.” As would be expected from any type of sex ed from the 40s, this is chalk-full of mansplainations of periods, PMS,… Read more

How Much Do You Know About Bessie Smith?

By BUST Magazine  In Entertainment  On Jan 28, 2016

Known all over the world as “The Empress of the Blues,” singer Bessie Smith made an indelible impression on American music in the 1920s and ’30s. Think you know what made Smith so legit? Then take the quiz! There is some debate over whether Bessie was born in 1892 or 1894 in _________. a. New Orleans, LA b. Chattanooga, TN c. Reno, NV d. Atlanta, GA By the time she was nine, Bessie’s_____ had died. a. mother and father b. mother and brother c. father and brother d. mother, father, and brother Around 1913, Bessie began… Read more

Barbie Gets A Banging New Bod

By Courtney Bissonette  In Entertainment  On Jan 28, 2016

Judging you Barbara Millicent Roberts has come along way from her original blonde hair blue eyed shifty af resting bitch-face look of 1959. It turns out the real reason she looked like that, was her way of throwing shade at the doll makers for not being an accurate representation of women. After 58 years, Mattel plans to change that by introducing three new Barbie body types that come in tall, petite, and curvy. The long overdue innovation is an initiative for young girls to be accepting of their own body types as well… Read more