13 Resources For The Resistance Against Trump

by Patty Affriol


In wake of President-Elect Trump and a Republican-run Senate and House many people are, understandable, absolutely terrified. This rings particularly true for people who currently live on the fringe of our societies, and who have just become even more vulnerable.

My Facebook news feed is filled with many people saying to relax—”nothing’s happened yet”. This sentiment is overwhelming projected from white, straight males (Not entirely—but the majority). While there isn’t direct malice behind these comments, there is privilege and naivete. For many people—especially Muslim Americans, LGBT members, POC, women with limited health-care options, and illegal immigrants—this is not a time to relax. And if you care about protecting people from human right abuses, it’s imperative that we educate and act now.

Below is a comprehensive list of the immediate actions we can take to resist a Trump presidency, based on a Medium Article.

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1) Write and call your congressional representative and insist they kick Steve Bannon out of the white house. He is a bigot—who has been endorsed by the KKK—and has no business governing our country. Call, write, make a fuss. Follow this guide here to take action.

2) Support survivors of sexual violence, here. Donald Trump openly talked about grabbing a woman without her consent, and our country STILL elected him—which legitimizes sexual assault as a normal behavior. Educate your children, your male friends, your female friends, your lovers on what consent is and just how damaging sexual assault can be.

3) Get involved and protest. Mobilize and make your voices heard. Learn about events on Facebook but discuss details off Facebook. Use encrypted communications apps like Signal. Also always wear your glasses to protests in case you are pepper sprayed or tear gassed. Bring fresh, clean water—just in case.

4)Stand up for Muslim Women if you see they are being publicly harassed. Follow this guide on how to intervene without escalating violence. Reach out to the Muslim community—let them know they are welcome here and equal members of our society.

5) Join the Women’s March on January 21st. Invite your Mom, your Grandma, and even your Trump supporting Aunt. 53% of white women voted for Trump, partly because sexism is a daily reality in their lives. It’s time to start conscious raising among women and that begins with rallying together. Let the Trump Administration know we are not going to let them strip away our rights. Men, please come too. Feminism is not just for women.

6) Support the Water Protectors Against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Trump will absolutely ensure that Pipeline gets constructed and it’s up to us to stop it. The protectors have an Amazon Wish List to donate to if you are able to. You can also pledge to resist here.

7) Get Involved with Black Lives Matter. It’s important to stand up to police brutality and mass incarceration. If you’re white get involved with Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURP). Founded by Alicia Garza, a founder of Black Lives Matter. SURP encourages whites to resist white supremacy.

8) Donate to Planned Parenthood. Even better, donate in Mike Pence’s name (he doesn’t get the tax break). Also, contact your local chapter to see if they need volunteers. It’s important to make sure women continue to have access to abortion, birth control, and life-saving cancer screenings. Stay vigilant on any attacks against reproductive rights. Stock up on birth control or even consider getting an IUD.

9)Help Refugees. If you live in one of the 29 cities listed here, you can volunteer with the International Rescue Committee to welcome families to America and help them adjust. There are rightwing sites that are already monitoring where refugees are settled, and it may get worse. Let Refugees know they are welcome here!

10) Reduce your Carbon Footprint. Take shorter showers, use less plastic bags, etc. Join the organization 350, which does great work for the environment.

11) Obamacare will most likely be repealed, which means millions of people will lose their insurance. Donate to Families USA, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring people have affordable and comprehensive health care.

12) If you are transgender and over 18, consider becoming an operator at Trans Lifeline. If you are a lawyer, offer your services to help people change their legal name and gender on their documents before Trump’s Inauguration.

13) If you are able to, donate to National Immigration Law Center. Immigrants may be extremely vulnerable under Trump, as he has threatened mass deportation. Everyone has rights, regardless of citizen status. If you need a visa extension or are considering citizenship (Not filing under DACA) do it now

Keep active. Stay Vigilant.

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