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America has elected a bigot, and immediately after we did minorities in this country had to deal with the consequences from his equally bigoted supporters.

We made a roundup of all the racist, misogynistic, homophobic and xenophobic things that happened to people on day one following the election on Tuesday. Unfortunately these are not all the incidents that occurred; some of them were not documented on social media, and some of them may never be shared in any way by the victims.


These stories prove why this election is different. People aren't just bummed out that their candidate lost the election; they're terrified for their lives now that our next president has encouraged prejudice and hate towards minority citizens.



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Maha Abdul Gawad





Pinocchio Lies




Journalist Shaun King has been using Twitter to post hate crimes he has been sent directly by victims, or that he finds across social media. The following are just some of the assaults and crimes he has posted. For updated results as he posts, visit King's Twitter page.


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shaun king 4

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A lot of voters were already racist or sexist, or a nice combination of both, before Tuesday, but hid their prejudices out of fear of the consequences. There are no consequences anymore. These people now feel safe to celebrate and act on their intolerance, and it's legitimately dangerous for many Americans. 

Stay safe, everyone.

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