The Girlcott: 13 Trump-Related Businesses You Should Stop Supporting

by Eleonor Botoman

It’s been about a week since the official election results have come out. People are continuing to resist in any way they can — from petitions passed around social media, protests across the country, to donations to charities like Planned Parenthood, the National Immigrant Law Center, and the Trevor Project — but many of us are still asking if there’s more we can do to undermine Donald Trump’s power. 

#GrabYourWallet, created by digital strategist Shannon Coulter, is hitting Trump where it hurts: his family’s profits. Coulter’s up-to-date list shows you the different retailers who sell various Trump merchandise from Ivanka’s clothing collections to Trump home furniture. New York Daily News reporter and activist Shaun King has also called for boycotts of companies whose founders and CEOs have either openly endorsed Trump over the course of the election season or financially backed his campaign.

Here at BUST, we strongly condemn these companies for putting corporate greed over the safety and well-being of women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, Muslims, and the disabled. The following list is a compilation of companies that not only continue to sell Trump products but have heads of the company that supported Donald Trump either through donations or vocal endorsements. Boycotts are not always easy, so we’ve offered alternative companies and organizations for you to support instead. Donald Trump prides himself as a businessman and we hope that by refusing to support the companies the Trump family has directly profited from, we show him that his hateful rhetoric, his lies, and, most recently, his poor choice in staff members are a bad investment for America. 

Join the Girlcott with us. 


1. Yuengling + Miller Coors Beer

Yuengling family 2 14 0Photo via Yuengling

Why we’re boycotting: Richard Yuengling Jr. (the company’s current owner) gave Eric Trump a tour of the family’s brewery in Pennsylvania. “Our guys are behind your father,” Richard said during the visit, “We need him in there.” Pete Coors, before he became a politician, has served as Chairman of the Molson Coors Brewing Company and Chairman of MillerCoors. Back in June, he co-hosted a fundraiser for the Trump campaign.

Alternatives: We all love cracking open a beer at parties, concerts, or family gatherings. One brand to consider is Mexican brew: Corona. Heineken is another option — especially Tecate, who parodied Trump’s wall in a 30-second commercial. Samuel Adams and Modelo are options as well, depending on your brew preference. We also encourage trying out the beers from microbreweries in your area to support local business.  


2. Perfumania

perfumania 29Photo via The Shops At Yacht Haven Grande

Why we’re boycotting: This company is America’s largest perfume retailer. On their website and in their stores, they continue to sell different Trump perfume lines including the “Ivanka Trump” fragrance and “Success by Trump.” These products are not being phased out or, at the very least, sold at discounted prices. 

Alternatives: If you’re a fragrance lover, we suggest purchasing your favorite designer fragrances from companies like Sephora or Ulta. If you prefer department stores, we recommend Macy’s (which has officially announced that it would be phasing out various Trump menswear collections from their stores and are now discounting the Ivanka Trump womenswear collection as well). 


3. New Balance Sneakers

7811482260 45e591c175 zPhoto via Flickr

Why we’re boycotting: Matthew LeBretton, New Balance’s Vice President of Public Affairs, told The Wall Street Journal that “the Obama administration turned a deaf ear to us, and, frankly, with president-elect Trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction.” Since then, the company has issued a statement saying that they do not tolerate bigotry however the damage has already been done. 

Alternatives: Adidas, Asics, Reebok, and Sketchers are just some of the many sneaker alternatives we recommend whether you wear them for running, athletics, or just daily walking. When LeBretton’s comment came out, many people have begun to destroy their NB pair. However, we suggest that you donate your sneakers instead to people in need or your local thrift store. Don’t waste perfectly good shoes. 


4. Hobby Lobby 

9570399476 47a4a062b6 zPhoto via Flickr

Why we’re boycotting: DIY babes, we’re sorry. Hobby Lobby is super Christian (which is not a bad thing — until they try to use their religious practices to restrict their female employees’ access to birth control). Hobby Lobby president Steve Green and his mother Barbara Green have been fighting in the Supreme Court to continue removing birth control from their health insurance plans because of their religious views, even though this conflicts with the Affordable Care Act. David Green  published an article in USA Today praising Trump before the election. The gist of it? “For Americans who value freedom of religion, we must elect a president who will support a Supreme Court that upholds not only this freedom but all that have emanated from it. That president is Donald Trump.” 

Alternatives: Michael’s craft store is a good solution as well as Jo-Ann, depending on whichever is closest to you. We highly recommend supporting your local craft and hobby stores as well. 


5. Trump Hotels + Golf Courses

7980690407 50ac8250df z 1Photo via Flickr

Why we’re boycotting: This is a given, but the Trump empire continues to make millions from golf course memberships and hotel stays. We’re including all of his resorts, his casino in Atlantic City, and luxury residences under this heading. Scion Hotels is also Trump’s latest hotel venture, this time rebranded without the Trump name.  We’re also including the Las Vegas Sands casino in this list as well because casino magnate Sheldon Adelson was one of Trump’s biggest financial backers during his campaign. 

Alternatives: Marriot, Ritz-Carlton, and the Four Seasons are just some of the many luxury hotel chain alternatives to consider when planning your next vacation. There are numerous non-Trump-affiliated resort and casino alternatives to keep in mind, whether you prefer Las Vegas or Atlantic City. If you see Trump, stay away. 


6. Century 21, Neiman Marcus,, Bluefly, Bloomingdale’s, Bon-Ton, Dillards, DSW, Carson’s, Wayfair, Jet, Amazon Fashion, Hudson Bay, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, Jet, HSN, Zappos

7829951766 8361b954b8 zPhoto via Flickr

Why we’re boycotting: We know that some of these are probably retail favorites, but all of these companies currently carry Ivanka Trump’s clothing line including shoes, coats, jewelry, perfumes and/or Donald Trump’s menswear line or Trump home furniture. These companies either continue to sell these items at full price, have made no announcement about phasing out the collection, and have offered no explanation as to why Trump fashion items are discounted. 

Alternatives: If you have specific designers or brands you like, consider buying directly from those brands’ retail stores or online websites. Gap, including its 3 other brands Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta, are a good place to buy comfy, relatively affordable basics. Ann Taylor, J. Crew, and Talbots are clothing lines perfect for office-friendly attire. Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue are all high-end department stores that have kept their locations Trump-free. Net-A-Porter, Gilt, Marios, and ShopBop are four department store-style online retailers that also sell luxury designers. Tiffany & Co, Kay Jewelers, and Signet Jewelers are three large jewelry companies that have had no Trump collaborations and stocked with beautiful selections. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes,, Nisolo Shoes, and Marmi Shoes are also companies worth checking out. If you’re looking to stock up on winter or outdoor apparel for both men and women, Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean are both good-quality companies. You can find more ethical brands on Coulter’s list


7. Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory

 41b0b7132d799343Photo via MLive

Why we’re boycotting: These discount retailers sell Trump goods at reduced prices however they have made no official announcement about phasing Trump products out of their stores. 

Alternatives: If you’re looking for quality clothing on a budget, have no fear. H&M, Zara, and Forever 21 are three retail giants that keep their clothes at reasonable price points without any Trump branding. Kohl’s, likewise, is a department store that sells inexpensive or discounted jewelry, shoes, accessories, and clothing. 


8. TD Ameritrade 

ZSf8naZMPhoto via TD

Why we’re boycotting: Although he had been Anti-Trump in the primaries, Joe Ricketts, TD Ameritrade founder, has given at least $1 million to Trump’s campaign (although it’s possible they’ve given much, much more). Ultimately, Ricketts put his pockets over the fears and worries of his diverse group of TD Bank customers.

Alternatives:  Consider putting your money into a Black-owned bank or, at the very least, move your money into a different bank such as Chase, Citi, or Bank of America


9. Home Depot 

the home depot 1Photo via Dividend Value Builder

Why we’re boycotting: Bernie Marcus, one of Home Depot’s founders, and Ken Langone, another co-founder, both praised Trump. Marcus believed that “the fate of this nation depends upon sending him, and not Hillary Clinton, to the White House” while Lagone believed that Trump would do “a hell of a good job.” Although both men are not so involved in the company anymore, they still have large stakes in the company. Although they claim to care about their employees (many of them minorities), ultimately they will profit the most from Trump’s desire to relax business regulations and they have not denounced any of Trump’s bigoted or sexist comments. 

Alternatives: Visit your local hardware store if you’re looking to make some repairs or remodeling in your home or apartment. Lowe’s, another home improvement giant, is another solution. 


10. People magazine 

1 g v nMlqOHhxIR2l2q EYQPhoto via People

Why we’re boycotting: Immediately after the election, People released their newest issue that was full of pandering to the Trump family. Among other things in the issue, there were “way too cute” pictures of Ivanka Trump’s family (who had continued to deny Trump’s sexism despite so much evidence to the contrary). We know that celebrity gossip magazines do not always have the best moral compass but c’mon. The articles inside continue to gloss over many of Trump’s terrible actions, from sexual assault allegations to his comments about Muslims, Mexicans, and the disabled. This shift in tone is made worse by the fact that in October People writer Natasha Stoynoff shared her account of being sexually assaulted by Trump while covering a story about him and Melania — and the magazine had supported her. We strongly condem any publication that attempts to normalize Donald Trump and all of the hateful beliefs he stands for. Sure his family may have their photogenic moments, but they fought tirelessly to him elected, despite all of the sexual assault allegations and business failings that came to light over the course of the campaign. Since the controversy, People has defended their choice claiming that “the story is not a celebration or endorsement” however the glossy cover and warm-and-fuzzy articles contradict that. 

Alternatives: Any magazine that has not endorsed Trump nor is trying to normalize him and his family post-election. We know that’s vague, but that’s because there are so many other options whether you read People for its fashion coverage or celebrity news. Us Weekly will satiate your celebrity gossip guilty pleasure while Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and online blog Hello Giggles offer fashion advice and showcase some of your favorite celebrity looks. Avoid normalization at all costs. Nothing about the the Trump presidency is normal and we shouldn’t pretend otherwise. 


11. Pep Boys and Herbalife

14485 PepBoys Logo clr.9.2013Photo via Pep Boys

Why we’re boycotting: Billionaire investor Carl Icahn currently owns and has large stakes in these two companies. Icahn and Trump have done business together in the past and Icahn continued to support him over the course of the election. Icahn was offered Secretary of Treasury although he turned it down. It’s unclear what role he’ll play in the Trump administration but he’s already using his money and influence to advise Trump on who to pick for cabinet positions. While Icahn lines his pockets, Herbalife repeatedly hurts people who get caught up in its pyramid scheme and Icahn’s defended the company’s actions. Iachn repeatedly uses his money and investments to influence big business and is currently pushing against, among other things, EPA fossil fuel regulation

Alternatives: Support your local car mechanics! Make the choice to switch to a different nutrition brand, whether you use vitamins or protein powder. Nature’s Way, products from GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, and Vitafusion are just some of the other brands you can find in health stores and drugstores. 


12. Amazon

amazon sign boxesPhoto via BGR

Why we’re boycotting: Trump and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos fought during the campaign, with Trump making threats to Bezos over Amazon tax issues and his ownership of The Washingon Post. Bezos, following the election, sent out an email praising Amazon’s commitment to diversity, yet also congratulated Trump on his election victory.  Amazon continues to sell Donald Trump products, from pro-Trump merchandise to Trump’s books to Ivanka’s clothing line, and Bezos has given no indication that he will remove them from the site. His actions are contradictory and hypocritical, and Trump’s empire ultimately profits. 

Alternatives: We understand that it’s very difficult to completely divest from Amazon’s services and we continue to benefit from Amazon’s reduced prices and things like Amazon Prime and Amazon video. One of the ways to stop supporting Amazon products, like their e-readers or Amazon Fire, is to opt for other electronics. Consider Nook e-readers and using Chromecast or Apple TV. Amazon also has a registry service, but Crate & Barrel and Target are both Trump-free. It also helps to go out to physical stores to buy the items you need to support local business instead. 


Note: Paypal is a company that appears several times on Trump boycott lists because Paypal’s founder, Peter Thiel, was named to Trump’s transition team. However, after some research, we’ve decided not to include Paypal, not only because so many online retail platforms (such as Etsy and Bandcamp) only offer payment with Paypal, but because Thiel has been working as a venture capitalist since he sold the company to eBay in 2002 and has not actively participated or held a significant stake in the company since.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) president Dana White endorsed Trump at the RNC, calling him a “fighter.” We highly suggest boycotting UFC if you are a MMA fan, however, we did not add it to our main list because it is more of a media/television promotion company than a retail business that directly recieves patronage from consumers. 

Likewise, we suggest boycotting the New England Patriots (sorry, guys). Tom Brady, coach Bill Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft are all prominent Trump supporters. However, this is a sports team not a company or a corporation which is why the Patriots are omitted from our main list. 

Published November 15, 2016

Top photo: Tino Bau/Flickr

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