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Mars Is Now Retrograde. Here’s What That Means

by Lisa Stardust

Mars, the planet of action and pure, raw sexuality, will be retrograde from June 26 to August 27 of this year in the airy sign Aquarius, making this a challenging time for us all to assert ourselves in various areas of life. Hot new romances and projects may fizzle out quickly as Mars moves backwards, provoking us to handle self-defense, relationships, and anger with a lot less diplomacy than usual.

Mars in Aquarius, when direct and moving at its natural pace in orbit, tends to be a little scattered and unable to focus on one thing at a time, as Aquarius is an air sign. The unique, independent nature of Mars in the sign of the unique and independent, yet humanitarian Aquarius tends to inspire us to be open-minded and progressive, but will not stand to be boxed-in. Rebellious by nature, Mars in Aquarius tends to shake things up: arguing about social injustices and asserting freedom is always the top priority. Sexual desires in the midst of this sign tend to be on the voyeuristic side, astray from social norms, which can lead to exciting new experiences.

That said, Mars retrograde can make us feel a little lost and tense because we feel our pent-up energy more acutely. We find ourselves reflecting to the max, but we don’t act on our overthinking because we are unsure of the consequences of taking the initiative. Desires may be dampened, and we are unable to express our feelings clearly because we are so body-centered at this time. Our libidos may dwindle for lack of action. This happens because Mars likes to take the lead physically and have sex, but when Mars is retrograde, it becomes slower and less likely to go after what it wants. Expect sexual frustrations and temper tantrums during the upcoming hot summer nights as Mars creates limitations and restricts us from expressing our desires. In the midst of all this tension and heat, it’s helpful to have coping mechanisms to guide us through the challenges. Read on for some ways to stay cool, calm, and confident with Mars retrograde:

Choose Your Battles

On a bad day, Mars can be argumentative. When Mars is retrograde, temper tantrums may persist; immature behavior can lead us all to throw childish fits. Over the next two months, try to choose your battles wisely. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Pep talk yourself into asserting your desires, but only in regards to important matters. Think “is this a big fish or a little fish?” Use your energy wisely to avoid rash arguments.

Try A New Activity

With all that pent-up sexual energy, you may want to start a new workout class or art project. This will keep your mind, body, and hands busy, which will lead you to feel physically fulfilled and gain a sense of personal satisfaction without you having to worry about intimate interactions that could get awkward.

Dirty Talk

Sexy Mars is moving backwards in the brainy air sign, Aquarius, and air signs love to communicate. It’s time to use your pillow talk and send flirty and dirty sexts to your beau or crush. Be adventurous and wild with your words. Don’t hold back! Sexting can relieve the physical stress you may feel at this time. Expressing rather than repressing your sexy thoughts will lighten your overall mood.

Be Wise With Your Time

Picking the right person or people to spend time with and getting to know them will help raise your vibrations and keep you positive about the future that stretches forth beyond the summer heat. Make sure to respect others’ boundaries; let them know you value their company verbally and through thoughtful gestures.

Work Things Out

As with all retrograde cycles, try to work out issues in relationships. While others may cause frustrations, try to talk (in a non-defensive way) through problems with others. Don’t let relationships fizzle out just because you are too proud or confused to say exactly what you mean. Talk things out wherever you can see it happening without a blow-up! Give people the love and dedication they need to grow, even if they feel stuck. Holding space for others can help you learn about yourself and your own needs as an individual. .

Focus On You

Mars retrograde is a wonderful time to put the focus back on yourself and support parts of your life you wish to grow. You have the power to reevaluate your life and make all the changes necessary and that you see fit to grow and evolve. Make rituals for relaxation.

top image: NASA/JPL/USGS

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