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This Book Promises To Unlock The Mysteries of The Moon and Astrology. Plus, How The Cosmos Affect Your Life

by Lisa Stardust


There aren’t many astrology books that focus on the in-depth meaning of the moon. Luckily, Narayana Montufar’s best selling astrology book Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power serves as the fantastic lunar book to boost and guide us through every element of the moon.

In astrology, the moon represents our emotions, maternal instincts, emotions (how we express and experience our feelings), the divine feminine, intuition, memories, and comforts. But, it’s so much more than that. The moon shows us how we can help others — as well as ourselves — be the best person we can be. It’s the natural and oldest teller of time, giver and receiver of news or information. The moon changes signs every 2.5 days and goes through every sign of the zodiac — from Aries to Pisces once a month. It moves through its eight phases — from new to full — in 30 days. In each sign and phase, the moon brings different meaning and energy to our lives.

In an astrology chart, the moon is the will — or most important factor of one’s astrological DNA according to the astrologer. Also, the moon progresses and changes signs every year. It progresses and evolves with us as we move forward in life — it grows with us. So, we look to that aspect as well as our natural placement of the moon in our birth chart.

Shining light on the moon is essential for any astrologer — no matter what level of studying astrology that you’re at. This book does an excellent job of explaining the importance and meaning of the lunar activity and aspects. As someone who’s dedicated their life to studying the stars, I often recommend this book to my clients and students. It’s easy to understand and super explanatory. And, no, I’m not just saying that because Narayana is my colleague. The writing is superfluous and flows like a poetic love letter to the moon. While the descriptions and explanations are in depth. Not only that, but the art in the book is really cool.

One thing that’s overlooked is lunar compatibility and it’s an important factor to see how we’ll connect with others according to Narayana. Signs in harsh aspects can create tense relationships, while the ones that harmonize create lovely partnerships. Looking back on my relationships it makes sense. Being a fire sign moon, I’m drawn to and get along best with air and other fire moons. This is a theme that I’ve recently started to explore — which Narayana was ahead of the trend in her book.

If you can, grab a copy of Narayana’s book Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. You’ll become the authority on the moon and elevate your cosmic awareness. This amazing and wonderful book is an A+! Astrologer approved! -Lisa Stardust 

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