Uranus Is Entering Taurus. Here’s What To Expect

by Lisa Stardust

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” — Frank Zappa

For the past seven years, Uranus, “the Great Awakener,” has been blazing through Aries, creating shifts within the self by revolutionizing the ways that we assert our individual preferences and perspectives. May 15th starts the seven-year switch as Uranus glides into Taurus, causing uprisings in all Venusian areas, such as love, money, self-esteem, culinary and visual arts, and music.

The seventh planet from the Sun in the Solar System, Uranus is a blue planet leaning sideways that celebrates anarchy, revolution, and innovation. Balking at tradition, Uranus makes its own rules. Known as a progressive generational planet due to its long transit in a sign, “The Great Awakener” shakes up the structures built by previous generations, augmenting potentially outdated beliefs with more modern ways of thinking.

Looking back in history to the last transit of Uranus through the sign of Taurus can help us predict how the current transit will affect the world. The last time Uranus aligned with Taurus was between 1934-1942, which was in the midst of World War II. The second World War was a time of chaos and destruction, but it also led to necessary shifts in the workforce and cultural perceptions of gender roles. During wartime, many industries opened their doors to women workers and paid them decently so that they could support their families. This change later impacted the generations of baby boomers after the war. Strong, reliable mothers are very Taurean.

Astrological shifts effect Earth physically, as well. The transition from fiery Aries into earthy Taurus could be to blame for the volcanic eruption in Hawaii. Uranus shook up the mountains, omitting Mars-like gas from the earth during its last days in Aries. The next seven years will likely produce several earthquakes in the world, which may cause destruction as the tectonic plates shift beneath us. Recently, cities in China, California, and Pakistan have felt tremors in these last few days of Uranus in Aries. Ruled by Venus, some of Taurus’s main sensibilities are money, material wealth, and health. After all, the symbol of Wall Street is The Bull. As stocks shift up and down due to Uranus’s unpredictable nature, people are more motivated to invest in crypto-currency such as bitcoin. Although the stock-market may have gone a bit south in the last week, investing in untraditional but promising stocks is what Uranus in Taurus is all about.

In the world of technology, which innovative Uranus loves, robotics are a major upcoming focus in the next few years. Automated check-outs and customer service may leave many people unemployed as technological advances benefit a few investors, but Uranus also welcomes rebellion. Will the people rise up against technologies that don’t benefit the masses? We may very well see what this type of revolution looks like in the next seven years.

The revolution will likely have a deeply artistic component. More artists—a Taurus characteristic—will use their canvases and guitars to express their political views to the world. The fight for technology for the people will have us considering online censorship and service restrictions (think Net Neutrality).

On the flip side, views of intimacy will be expanded and relationships may be more unconventional than ever. Modern love will produce acceptance of expansive love styles such as polyamory and open marriage. The mainstream will embrace these as trends, but as always, the “trends” will help coming generations to be more open-minded than their parents and grandparents. Uranus helps us to create just enough friction between the structured and rebellion to make gradual change stick in society.

Lastly, on a sobering note, limitations and disruption of our food sources may become ever more apparent due to issues like overwhelming pollution. Rampant use of pesticides may change the way we grow food, forcing us to take more widespread notice of genetically modified foods (GMOs), practices like fracking and tar sands extraction, and the impact of climate change on crops. Technologies may be developed to combat the abuses to the earth and help rescue us from the effects of our own poorly planned, highly damaging practices.

Uranus in Taurus will bring changes to us all. The world will transform and implement modern advances in many areas. Ready or not, we are all entering a new time in the modern world, where the world is ready to step up and augment our dated views. Embrace the revolution.

top image: Taurus by Johannes Hevelius via Wikimedia Commons

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