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We covered Gulalai Ismail’s story a few weeks ago, when her whereabouts remained unknown. Now, after months of evading the Pakistani government with the help of an underground network, the feminist activist is living in the U.S. The New York Times reports that she’s currently staying in Brooklyn with her brothers and sister as she begins the application process for asylum. Ismail can’t disclose details about how she left Pakistan or about her route to New York, except to confirm that she hadn’t been able to move… Read more

Will Cardi B Star In "The Nanny" Reboot?

By Francesca Volpe  In TV  On Sep 20, 2019

Last year, when national treasure Fran Drescher announced a potential revival of her beloved sitcom, The Nanny, we broke out the sequins and feathers in celebration! Now, it’s been reported that Drescher is in talks with Cardi B’s team regarding the superstar rapper starring as Drescher’s iconic character in a modern reboot. Drescher told ET that Cardi B “would be kinda like my top choice.” Given Cardi B’s natural comedic talent, we couldn’t be more excited about the casting choice. The Nanny aired on CBS from… Read more

"Britt-Marie Was Here" Asks, "How Do You Live A Life?"

By BUST Magazine  In Movies  On Sep 20, 2019

Britt-Marie Was HereDirected by Tuva NovotnyOut September 20 For 63-year-old Swedish housewife Britt-Marie (Pernilla August), there’s no problem that can’t be solved with baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and some vigorous scrubbing. But when her husband of 40 years (Peter Haber) has a heart attack and his weeping mistress greets Britt-Marie at the hospital, she decides it’s time to stop cleaning up the house and start cleaning up her life. After four decades outside the workforce, Britt-Marie accepts a position… Read more
Four more women have come forward with gender discrimination complaints as part of a major class-action pay gap case against the Walt Disney Company. According to the Guardian, the new wage disparity lawsuit, filed Wednesday in California, details claims of unlawful discrimination at Disney’s film studios, music label, and finance department, as well as ABC Television’s music department. The class action lawsuit, which seeks to represent all women employed full-time by Disney in California since April 2015, alleges… Read more

Tegan and Sara Go Back To High School In Their Joint Memoir

By Jaime Herndon  In Books  On Sep 20, 2019

Some memoirs are all-encompassing, whereas other memoirs provide you with just a slice of a person’s life. This memoir is the latter. Many of us would likely run the other way if someone asked us to write a memoir of our high school years, but that’s exactly what Tegan and Sara Quin did. The first Tegan and Sara song I ever heard was “Living Room.” That catchy melody, those clear voices, how their individual voices blended together so well – I was hooked. When I heard they were writing a memoir, my interest was piqued… Read more

Twen's "Awestruck" Is An Epic Dream Pop Album

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Sep 20, 2019

TWENAwestruck(Frenchkiss) Twen (Jane Fitzsimmons and Ian Jones) has perfected the art of big vocal tracks and close harmonies on its debut full-length, Awestruck. “It's more about the sound than the words,” Fitzsimmons has said in interviews, explaining her penchant for effects. The rubber-band vocals of ’90s indie icons Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) and Harriet Wheeler (the Sundays) saturate Twen’s duo-treatment of dream-pop with an epic feel. And although sonically shrouded, Twen spent too much time kicking it in… Read more

Brittany Howard Goes Solo On "Jaime"

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Sep 20, 2019

BRITTANY HOWARDJaime(ATO Records) Brittany Howard’s grand voice and intrepid song stylings have captivated since Boys & Girls, the 2012 debut of her Grammy-nominated band Alabama Shakes. On her solo debut, old-school hip-hop beats and classic influences from Prince to Parliament-Funkadelic to a pantheon of female powerhouses (Mavis Staples, Sarah Vaughan, Roberta Flack) are discernible throughout the project. While Howard’s vocals never fail to mesmerize—particularly her righteous, gender-bending falsetto—Jaime’s… Read more

Instagram Is Taking Action Against Harmful Advertisements

By Tess Rosenberg  In Feminism  On Sep 20, 2019

While technology has made it increasingly harder to go a day without consuming content that makes you feel not skinny enough, not pretty enough, and on and on and on, Instagram is addressing the role it's played in the increased pressure put on women through their app. The social media company announced yesterday that it would implement stronger regulations around advertisements through the app concerning things like weight loss and cosmetic surgery products. These products, peddled by Instagram influencers and some… Read more
For decades, Sophia Chang worked behind-the-scenes helping famous men advance their careers as a record exec, producer, and manager, including for the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA, GZA, and ODB, A Tribe Called Quest, Raphael Saadiq, and D’Angelo. Her relationship with the Wu-Tang Clan led her to a transformational journey studying Shaolin kung-fu. And now, in her new Audible Original memoir, The Baddest Bitch In The Room, she shares all the lessons she learned in the trenches of the music business and reveals how she finally put… Read more

Why Everyone’s Obsessed With That Lauren Duca Profile

By Sophie Hayssen  In Living  On Sep 20, 2019

Who is Lauren Duca? This is the question that Scaachi Koul raises in her viral piece on the journalist published on Buzzfeed Tuesday. Koul explores Duca’s authenticity or lack thereof, juxtaposing her history as a quasi-political figure with the apparently disastrous summer class she taught at NYU called “The Feminist Journalist.” Koul explains that Duca shot to fame after publishing a viral article “Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America” for Teen Vogue and then being publicly harassed and demeaned by Martin Shkreli and… Read more
The BUST Holiday Craftacular—Brooklyn's longest-running indie craft fair is back this December—with over 150 vendors of the best in handmade goods, plus food, drinks, music, and more! At this year's fair, we'll be focusing on celebrating and promoting businesses owned by women and genderqueer persons, which will allow shoppers to support these businesses when they buy their holiday gifts. We still have some spots left, so apply before we fill up! https://craftacular.bust.com/ In tandem we will be hosting The BUST… Read more

Week Of Women: September 20-26, 2019

By Lydia Wang  In Entertainment  On Sep 19, 2019

It’s a great week for everything from TV dramas to personal essays to the return of the Vivian Girls – here are just a few of the pop culture treats we’re eyeing the next few days. MOVIES/TV mixed-ish We’ll watch any spin-off of black-ish (which returns this week, too!). This latest series is a prequel following family matriarch Rainbow Johnson’s childhood, and her family’s move from a hippie commune to the suburbs. Premiering September 24 on ABC. The Good Place The existential comedy starring so, so many of our… Read more

Jillian Bell Wants To Tell A New Kind Of Story: BUST Interview

By BUST Magazine  In Movies  On Sep 19, 2019

Fans of the multitalented writer, actor, and all-around scene-stealer Jillian Bell already know that she’s hilarious. But in her new movie, Brittany Runs a Marathon (out August 23), Bell proves that she’s more than just your favorite part of Workaholics or 22 Jump Street. She’s ready to tell stories about complicated and flawed women, make you cry when you’re least expecting it, and yeah, she still wants to make you laugh. “It’s in the moments when you’re crying hard that you really want there to be a moment where the… Read more

Looking Back At The Case of Aziz Ansari

By Tess Rosenberg  In Feminism  On Sep 19, 2019

This past July, I opened my Netflix and was, as I often am, bombarded by a movie trailer starting without clicking on it or even summoning it remotely. As I watched snippets of Aziz Ansari’s new comedy special, I thought about how easy it was for me to forget about any scandal or allegations associated with him while he showed off his new sets to a large, loving crowd. Out of the habit formed from my love of stand-up comedy, I swear the thought crossed my mind, “Oh perfect, something to watch tonight” and Grace* — the… Read more
On Tuesday, Merriam-Webster announced the line up of words added to its dictionary, and among the new additions included an important win for non-binary folx. Webster included a new definition of the pronoun “they” as “used to refer to a single person whose gender identity is nonbinary.” The nonbinary pronoun 'they' has been added to the dictionary. https://t.co/tadl1VdfB0 — Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) September 17, 2019 AOC responded to the announcement with a tweet thanking “activists who’ve worked hard to let… Read more

"Hustlers" Brings Us A New Kind Of Girl Gang

By Joline Faujour  In Movies  On Sep 19, 2019

Hustlers spoilers ahead. Hustlers is just as thrilling as it might sound, starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, and others as a group of strippers who are hustling for their money – then, ultimately, hustling others. Lorene Scafaria wrote the screenplay based off a true story, and the group acts like a squad of modern day "feminist Robin Hoods," stealing money from the rich men who visit their strip club. The film takes a pretty dark turn when that hustle has the women caught up in a dangerous scheme that involves… Read more

Puerto Rican Artist iLe Is Making Music For The Revolution: BUST Premiere

By Isabel Sophia Dieppa  In Music  On Sep 19, 2019

In the last month, the world witnessed how music, unity, and protest can take down a corrupt and sexist governor, and among the artists leading the revolution is Puerto Rican artist iLe. iLe, like many other artists at the protests, hit the streets every day demanding #RickyRenuncia. The protests were sparked after the Centro de Periodismo Investigativo released 800 pages of a private chat uncovering sexist conversations from political leaders. The chats revealed a text of the former governor saying, "Vamos caer le… Read more
Warning: This story contains descriptions of sexual assault that may be triggering to some readers. On Tuesday, five women in California filed lawsuits against ride-sharing company Lyft for its failure to keep passengers safe and take sexual assault allegations seriously. One of them is a woman named Alison Turkos who, according to an essay published on Medium, says that her driver kidnapped her at gunpoint, drove across state borders, and, along with at least two other men, gang-raped her. “Lyft tells its customers… Read more
Who said feminist don’t know how to party? Last night marked the 2019 Feminist Power Awards presented by The Feminist Press at Taj II. Led by Executive Director, Jamia Wilson, The Board of Directors, the 8-person Feminist Press staff, and the 2019 interns, the night was filled with food, drinks, a silent auction, and of course, feminism. Founded to “advance women’s rights and amplify feminist perspectives,” the nonprofit commemorated this year’s six feminist honorees for their exemplary work as leaders, activists, and… Read more
Shout Your AbortionEdited by Amelia Bonow and Emily Nokes(PM Press) With the recent anti-abortion laws passed in Georgia, Ohio, Missouri, and Alabama, now seems to be an especially crucial time for Shout Your Abortion, a book which aims to release the stigma around abortions as well as normalize them as being an essential part of women’s reproductive health. The online grassroots movement began when the U.S. Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood and editor Amelia Bonow opted to share her experience obtaining an… Read more

These 19th Century Sporting Cats Put Dogs To Shame

By Mimi Matthews  In Living  On Sep 18, 2019

When one thinks of a 19th century shooting party, one usually imagines well-to-do sportsmen in plus-fours and tweed caps, accompanied by their loaders, their beaters, and—of course—their sporting dogs. However, according to an article in the October 29, 1880 edition of the Portsmouth Evening News, even the best spaniels and retrievers could not compete with the “great skill” of a sporting cat. As the article explains: “Dogs cannot climb trees to hunt birds, whereas cats find no difficulty in following game from branch… Read more

Snatch These Irresistible Iridescence Items Immediately!

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Sep 17, 2019

From our Spetember/October issue, you too, can serve opalescent optics with these color-changing goodies 1. SILVER & WHITE DISCO LONG SLEEVE CROP TOP, $48, 2. CLEAR OPAL HOLOGRAPHIC CROP TOP  AND CIRCLE SKIRT SETAND CIRCLE SKIRT SET, $110 3. Fluid Fan Fantasy, $29.99 4. SLAYR ATLANTIS BOOTS, $100 5. STAINLESS STEEL ROLLING TRAY WITH STASH JAR, LIGHTER, AND PRE-ROLL CONES, $49.99 6. KADINA RAINBOW SILVERWARE SET, $78.97 for 20-piece stainless steel set 7. IMPALA QUAD SKATE—HOLOGRAPHICIMPALA QUAD SKATE—HOLOGRAPHIC,… Read more
BLACK BELT EAGLE SCOUTAt The Party With My Brown Friends(Saddle Creek) At The Party With My Brown Friends is Black Belt Eagle Scout’s (aka Katherine Paul’s) celebration of love, desire, and friendship. While her 2018 debut, Mother of My Children, dealt with the self-described radical indigenous queer feminist’s experiences with coming out and loss through musical distortion, here, she explores connections through gentle strums and soaring choruses. Amongst the nine tracks, she finds acceptance and self-discovery… Read more

A Webcam Just Won An Emmy Over Beyoncé

By Sophie Hayssen  In Entertainment  On Sep 17, 2019

These days you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like Beyoncé, but apparently the small minority of non-stans showed themselves at the 2019 Creative Arts Emmys this weekend. Beyoncé’s standout Netflix documentary Homecoming, which chronicled the singer’s performance and preparation for her 2018 Coachella performance, was nominated for six awards and got beat out in every category. However, The Hive has taken particular offense at Beyoncé’s loss to James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke in the Best Variety Special… Read more
From September 15 to October 15, it’s National Latinx Heritage Month! Here at BUST we’re kicking off the month long celebration with this short film, that features 5 LA-based, very different artists discussing their individual heritages which ultimately shapes their experiences as Latinas in the United States. These five ladies got together in Ascott Hill to talk about their individual heritages and how their experience has manifested in them today. "The big, old melting pot of America holds the many colors of the… Read more
Share premiered at Sundance and making its way to Cannes before finding a home with HBO for distribution. Pippa Bianco’s debut feature Share illuminates rethinking what justice means for sexual assault victims. Bianco’s film takes a realistic approach to the experience of sexual assault victims and everyone else involved. Share is not too focused on the horror of sexual assault, but more so on the numbness, shame, and isolation left in it’s wake. In the film, we meet Mandy Lundy (played by Rhianne Barreto) confused as… Read more
Forced sterilization may sound like a draconian tactic from the distant, prejudiced past, but for Indigenous women in the US and Canada, it is very much a reality. In an article for Vice published last Monday, writer Ankita Rao reports that 100 Indigenous women filed a class-action lawsuit against the Canadian government for forced sterilization which occurred as recently as 2018. The lawsuit calls for a reform in the healthcare system as well as for $7 million in compensation for the physical and psychological damage… Read more

Jay Som's "Anak Ko" Is Playful And Exploratory Jam Session

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Sep 16, 2019

JAY SOMAnak Ko (Polyvinyl) On the follow-up to Jay Som’s 2017 debut, Melina Duterte takes her bedroom pop in dizzying and dreamy directions. From the rhythmic opener, “If You Want It,” to the warm and mellow title track, she creates atmospheric arrangements and grooves kept smooth. A blended balance of fuzzed-out guitars, ambient layers, and hazy vocals gives the album a decidedly shoegaze sound and feel, but Duterte maintains a unique focus, often highlighting melody over beats or shifting between simple and… Read more

Here's Why Ocasio-Cortez's Supporters Are Boycotting ABC

By Safire R. Sostre  In Feminism  On Sep 13, 2019

An advertisement showing a burning image of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aired during last night’s Democratic debate and has sparked instant criticism of ABC from both the public and the N.Y. representative herself. The 30-second release is from the New Faces GOP PAC, led by former congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng. The ad, which ran on at least one Sinclair-owned ABC affiliate in Washington D.C., opens with an image of Ocasio-Cortez, whom Heng calls “the face of socialism and ignorance.” The picture then burns away… Read more
No board game knows how to monopolize itself better than Monopoly. We’ve got Monopoly Junior, Bacon-Opoly (pass go and collect 200 strips of bacon), Monopoly for Millennials (pass go and collect 2 years of unpaid experience), Casinopoly (pass go and lose $200), Grateful Dead-Opoly (pass go and collect 200 tabs of LSD). The list keeps going. Now, Hasbro is launching Ms. Monopoly: a new, feminist edition of the classic board game twelve-year-old me once flipped over Teresa Giudice-style because everyone was cheating… Read more

Where Was the Fight For Women At Last Night's Debate?

By Tess Rosenberg  In Feminism  On Sep 13, 2019

While there’s a lot to unpack about the third Democratic debate last night, one thing easy to summarize is the conversation about women’s issues — mostly because it didn't happen. Though there remains a record number of women in the race for President and many candidates with plans regarding gender inequality, women’s issues seemingly have fallen to the wayside of the Democratic Party’s priorities last night during the debate, something candidates including Kamala Harris noted after the fact. Has there been any talk of… Read more

The Paranoyds Have Nerve On "Carnage Bargain"

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Sep 13, 2019

THE PARANOYDSCarnage Bargain(Suicide Squeeze) Self-confident in the chill of their mid-tempo, motorik style, the Paranoyds sound somewhat like a nervy version of the Intelligence or Six Finger Satellite. On “Face First,” the opener of Carnage Bargain—their debut full-length—the L.A. group sneers, “Hair slicked back/Better think fast.” Think fast indeed. The Paranoyds drive a path through a 10-track forest of fuzz and feedback with no stops until the final buzzing chord. Staz Lindes (bass/vocals), Laila Hashemi… Read more

Chelsea Wolfe's "Birth of Violence" Is An Awakening

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Sep 13, 2019

CHELSEA WOLFE Birth of Violence(Sargent House) Neofolk singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe is once again the embodiment of all things haunting on her sixth full-length album. Her sound is more folk leaning than it’s been in the past, but still just as goth. Birth of Violence feels like a rebirth, full of exhumed awakenings and budding seeds as Wolfe digs into the darkest parts of herself, examining, like on lead single “American Darkness,” why “all my old ways have started kicking in.” Her vocals are a silky cocoon spun by… Read more

A Sexologist's Guide To Muffing

By BUST Magazine  In Sex  On Sep 13, 2019

We're bringing you this Q&A from the Sex Files in our September/October 2019 print issue, featuring advice from sexologist Dr. Carol Queen. I’ve been reading online about “muffing”—a sex act in which the body cavities where the testes descend from are penetrated—but I’m not sure I understand how it works. Can you give me a primer? –Getting Handsy Muffing is a hand-sex variant in which you stimulate the inguinal canals. You can look up “inguinal canals,” but be warned that you’ll initially find a lot of anatomy pix… Read more
New York singer, songwriter, and producer Fiona Silver knows just the right words, and how to sing them. Her 2017 album, Little Thunder, was a feat: Silver paired unapologetically vulnerable lyrics with a badass, rock ‘n’ roll sound and soulful, sensual vocals that cemented her role firmly as an artist who’s here to stay. Following Little Thunder’s release, Silver embarked on a North American tour with blues-rock musician Gary Clark Jr., and has released a few treats in the meantime, including “Thunder and Lightning”… Read more
National Suicide Prevention Week is an annual week-long campaign created to inform and engage the public on suicide prevention and warning signs, as well as offer support to those who have attempted suicide and live with suicide ideation. Surrounding World Suicide Prevention Day, which was on September 10, this week brings together people and organizations that promote suicide prevention and awareness by sharing important stories and resources, all while aiming to break the stigma around the topic by encouraging the… Read more

Week Of Women: September 13-19, 2019

By Lydia Wang  In Entertainment  On Sep 12, 2019

Well, it’s the week I’vebeen waiting for—that is, the week heist drama Hustlersfinally hits theaters. But even if girl squads and scams aren’t your thing, you’ve got lots of good entertainment options this week. Here’s everything on our radar. MOVIES/TV Hustlers This stripper dramedy stars our dream team, basically – that includes Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Cardi B, Lizzo, and Lili Reinhart – as dancers who turn the tables on their Wall Street clientele. In theaters September 13, and catch our review soon on… Read more

This One-Braid Necklace Is "Knot" A Difficult DIY

By BUST Magazine  In DIY  On Sep 12, 2019

Windy Chien was sweeping up sawdust in her backyard woodworking shed when she had a “lightbulb moment.” The former record-store owner (she ran San Francisco’s famous indie shop Aquarius Records) turned Apple employee had quit her corporate job to focus on her own creativity, but wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. Having dabbled in macramé, this idea struck her: a year of knots. She decided to learn a new knot every day for a year, documenting it all on Instagram and now in her new book, which features all kinds of… Read more
Earlier this week swimmer Breckynn Willis, at Anchorage, Alaska’s Dimond High School won her competition in the 100-yard freestyle meet with a rival from across town, only to be disqualified for a reason unrelated to her talents and skills. Why was she disqualified? Because an official had ruled that her swimsuit exposed too much. This call was under investigation for a few days and left the whole city — and fans from all over — furious and confused. Willis was the only one on her team to have been disqualified for… Read more

Austin Becomes The First City To Fund Abortion Access

By Tess Rosenberg  In Feminism  On Sep 12, 2019

Some of you may want to take a seat. This may come as a shock, but there are still politicians out there not actively trying to destroy women’s reproductive rights. Don’t worry, astonishment and awe are expected at a time where it seems the right to choose has been under consistent and severe attack this year. The miracle which has single-handedly given me hope to carry on is coming from Austin’s city council, and it's aimed at giving low-income people with uteruses access to abortion care. While I’m being slightly… Read more

Jenny Hval's New Album Is An Exploration Of Love

By BUST Magazine  In Music  On Sep 12, 2019

JENNY HVALThe Practice of Love (Sacred Bones) Fans of Jenny Hval’s vampire- and menstruation-inspired Blood Bitch may be surprised that her latest release is a trance-music exploration of love. While The Practice of Love—Hval’s seventh solo album—is built on ’90s rave-style synths, it still contains her signature elements of spoken word interludes and otherworldly vocals. Album standout “Ashes To Ashes” exemplifies her skill at using synths and vocals to craft lush, multilayered musical collages (with collaborators… Read more
You know what's the absolute last thing I need while I’m rushing up a tight staircase while sweating onto the old woman next to me that I’m on the verge of knocking down so I can get to my subway? An AirDropped picture of a penis from a man I don’t know and did not ask for! Not only is that a sight I do not want, but it invokes that special kind of fear that women get to live with. For example, I thought to myself: which creepy man nearby just forced a picture of his penis onto me? How do I react toward this kind of… Read more

Period Apps Are Sharing More Than Just Your Cycle With Facebook

By Sophie Hayssen  In Living  On Sep 11, 2019

On Monday BuzzFeed released findings from UK advocacy group Privacy International, which looked at how period tracking apps shared data with Facebook. The group found that top offenders included the apps Maya by Plackal Tech and MIA by Mobapp Development Limited. The report also names My Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar, and Mi Calendario as apps which alert Facebook whenever you open it. Tech company’s lack of respect for user privacy has been widely documented. BUST has even reported on what happens when… Read more
The gas-lit ballrooms of the mid- to late nineteenth century weren’t as flattering to some colors as they were to others. For example, the 1897 edition of Hill’s Manual of Social and Business Forms warns that pale shades of yellow became “muddy in appearance by gaslight,” while shades of rose simply disappeared. Similarly, most shades of purple, as well as darker shades of blues and greens, were known to “lose their brilliance in artificial light.” As a result, nineteenth century ladies often selected ballgowns and… Read more
Sunday night, Mitski stepped on stage for the last time, indefinitely. Wearing a white tee, black bike shorts, and a pair of knee pads, she appeared before the buzzing crowd without reacting to its rising volume. After a few measured steps and a 90-degree turn, she stopped, revealing only her profile. Her eyes were low and locked but not downcast, her arms at her sides, her body still and ready. She waited for the band’s machinery to kick in. This show, just after sundown in Central Park, finished off the Be the Cowboy… Read more
In 2017, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey's investigation into Harvey Weinstein's predatory behavior led to a seismic shift in the way we talk about sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood and beyond, work which earned them a Pulitzer Prize. Now, the two New York Times journalists have compiled and expanded on that research in a new book coming out today, She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story that Helped Ignite a Movement. In it, they detail the process of earning the trust of their sources, like Gwyneth… Read more
CHRISSIE HYNDE Valve Bone Woe(BMG) The Pretenders’ lead singer Chrisie Hynde has released an album of covers drawing from an eclectic mix of artists from Frank Sinatra and Charles Mingus to Ray Davies and Nick Drake. Hynde and producer Marius de Vries chose acid jazz, dub, trip-hop, and lounge styles to successfully reinterpret this classic material. And standout tracks include Brian Wilson’s “Caroline, No” and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Hello, Young Lovers.” There’s something to be said for nuanced singing. Hynde uses… Read more
At the Sunday showing of his Spring 2020 collection at New York Fashion Week, designer Prabal Gurung used his designs to pose the complex and increasingly relevant question: Who gets to be an American? Gurung told the Associated Press that “America to me is the sum of all things.” Gurung brought that sentiment to life by mixing classic Americana imagery—cowboy boots, denim, and tie-dye—with a more modern sense of America. The show featured diverse casting that included POC and plus-size models, further emphasizing… Read more

"Vita & Virginia" Is A Love Story Worth The Wait

By BUST Magazine  In Movies  On Sep 10, 2019

VITA & VIRGINIAWritten and directed by Chanya ButtonOut August 23 It’s surprising that, until now, there hasn’t been a movie about the love story between writers Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West. But writer/director Chanya Button’s Vita & Virginia is worth the wait. Sackville-West (Gemma Arterton) is a high-society novelist, married to a diplomat and infamous for her relationships with women and refusal to conform to early-20th-century ideas of what a female aristocrat should be. She’s instantly drawn to guarded… Read more

The $5 Comedy Show in Brooklyn You Don't Want To Miss

By BUST Magazine  In Entertainment  On Sep 10, 2019

Our sponsonered bi-monthly comedy show right here in Industry City, Emily Duke presents Canal Yards Project is back but with a small fee. The once free comedy show is now $5, BUT it comes with one free beer. We have had some really awesome shows all summer, so much so, that we have added a second performance per month! Check out the roster below Jess Salomon (Tonight Show)Caitlin Reese (HBO)Lauren Krass (She Devil Winner)Electra TelesfordChanel Ali (Just For Laughs)Sam Taggart (Comedy Central) Canal Yards is Partnered… Read more