HAYLEY ALDRIDGE IS STILL HERE By Elissa R. Sloan (William Morrow Paperbacks) It’s hard not to think of Britney Spears while reading Elissa R. Sloan’s sophomore novel, Hayley Aldridge Is Still Here, or Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and all of the other early ’00s child stars turned Hollywood “it” girls, whose already difficult transition to adulthood was turned into an even bigger nightmare thanks to ruthless paparazzi and the consumers who ate it all up. Hayley Aldridge did not have a regular childhood. Normality was… Read more

5 Creators Fighting Diet Culture That Go Beyond Body Positivity

By Emmaly Anderson  In Living  On Jan 27, 2023

Media is overloaded with advertisements and other content that pushes harmful beauty and “wellness” standards, but this is increasingly being juxtaposed by content creators trying to drown it out with more empowering ideas that challenge diet culture. “Diet culture” – which tells women how we must look to be considered valuable, and what food and exercise we must buy, shun, or subscribe to in order to achieve that look – is an amalgamation of social and cultural biases that oppress us, including, but not limited to,… Read more

Women-Led Films Recognized, But Women Directors Ignored, at Latest Oscar Noms

By Zoë Lourey-Christianson  In Movies  On Jan 27, 2023

The nominees for the 95th Academy Awards have been announced, and there’s a lot to discuss! The Oscars Ceremony will be held on Sunday, March 12th and honor the past year’s greatest film performers, artists, and writers. Let’s unpack some of the biggest award categories, deserving nominations, and surprising snubs of this year’s Academy Awards: One of the most notable awards of the night is going to be the coveted Best Picture, of which the following films are nominated: All Quiet on the Western Front, Avatar: The Way… Read more
Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones originally wrote The 1619 Project for the New York Times and had it published back in 2019. Later it became a podcast, and a book, and in 2020, she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for the project. Now the work has been turned into a docuseries, The 1619 Project, which launched on Hulu on January 26, 2023. The series “seeks to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of our national… Read more
Fans have been waiting six long years for Rihanna—the woman, the myth, and, of course, the legend— to return to the music industry, and now she’ll be back with a performance that could shake a football field. In February, the biggest sporting event of the year is coming to Phoenix, Arizona: the NFL Super Bowl LVII. There will be tailgating, food, face paint, some dudes running around with a football, and of course, the real reason anyone will be tuning in: a half-time performance by Rihanna. For years, fans have been… Read more
Adi Oasis, the French-Caribbean singer based in Brooklyn, released her newest single "Multiply" along with the accompanying music video. The single is Oasis’ fourth song she has released off of her upcoming album Lotus Glow, which features several iconic collaborators such as Rihanna and Ariana Grande songwriter KIRBY, recent Beyoncé collaborator Leven Kali, (who co-wrote and co-produced several tracks on Renaissance), and R&B poet & musical powerhouse Jamila Woods. Lotus Glow is set to be Oasis’ most political album… Read more
Three more excellent offerings from the Sundance Film Festival. JUDY BLUME FOREVER Judy Blume Forever is a touching and comprehensive look into the life of the beloved author known for her relatable and honest portrayal of teenage life. The film lays out Blume's incredible journey from suburban housewife to world-famous author. At 83 years old, a spry and charming Blume revisits her history with a series of revealing interviews. In 1975, Blume published Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, a novel that deals with the… Read more

Gillian Jacobs Shines In 'The Seven Faces of Jane'

By Michael Atkinson  In Movies  On Jan 25, 2023

Jane is an enigma. She is a complex woman who wears many masks. Every day she chooses which face to put on, determined by the situation and her mood. Her seven faces represent different sides of her personality and how she chooses to present herself to the world. From her determined business face to her goofy, carefree face, she is always able to be exactly who she wants to be. Her seven faces have allowed Jane to explore different aspects of her personality and live life to the fullest. With her chameleon-like ability… Read more
Last week, comedian Leslie Jones commanded The Daily Show desk, receiving rave reviews and giving us iconic lines such as "Men! Why are you so mad? You need to calm your ass the fuck down!" So far, comedian Wanda Sykes has proven to be a worthy successor, with her first two shows airing on January 23rd and January 24th. Sykes began her first show by reminding us of her signature wit and charm, stating "My wife asked me to unload the dishwasher and I needed an out, so I’m so happy to be here." She went on to provide us… Read more
Sustainable beauty is more than a trendy buzzword. Self-care is a priority for many, but so is caring how the things we use and consume might adversely affect the world. Thankfully, makeup and skincare brands are taking note, turning to locally sourced ingredients and recyclable and refillable packaging to reduce their carbon footprint. The cosmetics industry produces 120 billion units of packaging each year, so buying from brands that consciously design and use recyclable and refillable containers can still have a… Read more
“The mystery genre has been done,” “The detective trope is tired,” “We’ve seen every twist a million times before.” If you listen to any TV critics lately, they're likely to spout opinions like this. But for Rian Johnson and Natasha Lyonne, that's just bullshit. And they're here to prove it. The creative mind behind smash hit films Knives Out and Glass Onion is making his TV debut with Poker Face, starring and executive produced by Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll, Orange is the New Black). Johnson has already proven his… Read more
Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week shows the world’s top fashion houses competing with one another as they put their most attention-grabbing and rule-breaking designs on display, and the star-studded front row of each show generally includes the same. Expensive, innovative, and over-the-top aesthetic choices characterize celebrity Fashion Week appearances, but Doja Cat truly went above and beyond. Covered literally from head to toe in red crystals, the “Woman” singer commanded everyone’s attention when she arrived at… Read more
On Wednesday, January 18th, 2023, the day that fans of Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus had been waiting for since 2018 finally arrived. boygenius has officially returned. Fans had been speculating about a possible reunion of the trio since around November, when Baker, Bridgers, and Dacus were spotted taking photos together in brightly colored clothing at a seemingly random corner in Los Angeles. Rumors about new music from the group also started spreading when they were announced as a performer at this… Read more
Aram Han Sifuentes [far right] sewing at her Protest Banner Lending Library installation at the Chicago Cultural Center Aram Han Sifuentes’ Protest Banner Lending Library began in 2016 out of a desire to have a voice when she felt like she had none. After Donald Trump was elected, Sifuentes recalls feeling devastated. Especially since—as someone whose family immigrated from Korea to California when she was a child—she wasn’t a citizen and couldn’t vote. “So much of [Trump’s platform] was about demonizing the immigrant… Read more

SUNDANCE DISPATCH— #3 Orgasms, Periods and Jeremy Allen White

By Michael Lavine  In Movies  On Jan 23, 2023

Here’s another batch of stand out movies from the Sundance Film Festival, hoping these all get picked up and play in a theater near you this year. THE DISAPPEARANCE OF SHERE HITE This amazing documentary is an evocative portrait of the life and career of the flamboyant feminist icon Shere Hite. Using a wealth of exclusive archival interview footage, her personal journals (voiced by Dakota Johnson) and original survey responses, the film delves into Hite's long and storied life: from struggling to make a living as a… Read more

How to Make the Year of the Rabbit Your Best Year Yet

By Meera Becker  In Living  On Jan 23, 2023

The Lunar New Year took place on January 22, 2023, and with it commenced the Year of the Rabbit. The celebrations of the Lunar New Year can last up to 16 days but the public holiday is observed within the first 7 known as the golden week. The Year of the Rabbit is thought to bring peace and prosperity in comparison to the previous year, the Year of the Tiger, which is said to be a much more tumultuous and action-packed year. The Lunar New Year is one of the biggest celebrations among Asian communities around the world.… Read more
January 22nd, 2023 was supposed to be the 50th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade. Thanks to the Supreme Court, which currently includes an alleged attempted rapist and an accused sexual predator, it was not. Roe was overturned in June of 2022. Since then, thirteen states have instituted full abortion bans and five states have partial-bans depending on the length of pregnancy. It is a grim period for reproductive justice, and the stripping of rights that many generations hoped would be permanent is deeply upsetting and, in… Read more
POLITE SOCIETY Set in London, “Polite Society” is a campy and raoucous coming of age story following two British-Pakistani sisters, high schooler Ria, (a star turn for Priya Kansara) and college-age Lena (Ritu Arya) on a badass, girl-powered action-comedy that packs a ferocious punch against the patriarchy. Ria is determined to become a professional stunt-woman and Lena, is a frustrated artist who has recently dropped out of art school. When Lena gets involved in an arranged marriage with a handsome wealthy doctor, Ria… Read more
We’re here to give you the scoop on the new crop of films playing at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Offering over 110 feature films, there is quality cinema in every corner of Park City. Sundance sets the tone for the year on independent cinema, they are the gatekeepers, star-makers and our guiding light. This is important because Independent Cinema provides valuable representation of women and other marginalized groups in front of and behind the camera. Sundance specializes in diverse and underrepresented… Read more

Chelsea Handler Slayed at the Critic's Choice Awards; Announces Upcoming tour

By Zoë Lourey-Christianson  In TV  On Jan 20, 2023

Chelsea Handler is kind of on a roll right now. She just hosted the 28th Annual Critics Choice Awards, released a Netflix special called Revolution last month, is set to guest host upcoming episodes of The Daily Show (with rumors of her becoming the full time host) and announced a new tour this week! The comedian’s first time hosting the Critics Choice Awards went swimmingly. She started the show off with a bang in a fiery-hued dress and a sharpened pen to match, then eased into her monologue with the topic of abortion… Read more
Trevor Noah, the former host of The Daily Show, held his last show on December 8th, 2022. In his absence, the show has recruited some of our favorite celebs to guest host until a permanent host is found. On Tuesday, that guest host was none other than former SNL cast member and comedy legend, Leslie Jones. Jones hosted three nights of the show, January 17th, 18th, and 19th. In her debut episode, Jones was brilliant and fit perfectly into The Daily Show’s mold of being funny, sharp, and politically aware. Jones started… Read more
This past December, Netflix canceled production for a third season of one of its popular shows Warrior Nun. Created by Simon Barry, this fantasy drama stars the character Ava Silva, played by Alba Baptista, and follows her journey after she wakes up from a coma and discovers she has supernatural powers. To those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, you might be wondering why it’s so disappointing Netflix discontinued this series. I’m sure we’ve all had shows before we wished lasted for a couple more seasons, but… Read more
Oh, not another epidemic! Monkeypox (MPX)—a relative of smallpox—causes painful, raised, reddened lesions with pus inside and can also affect the body in other ways. This disease has been causing outbreaks in Africa for several decades, but it seems to have found its way to Europe and, the Americas, and here we are. In Europe and the U.S. it has so far primarily affected men who have sex with men, but it is beginning to slip out of that community as well. It is now obvious that MPX is sexually transmittable—but it can… Read more

TikTokker Faces Backlash After Using Black Hair Care Products

By Sabrina Walls  In Style  On Jan 19, 2023

In recent weeks a famous TikTok content creator, Danielle Athena, has been facing backlash for a video of her going through her hair-care routine that was taken down after it went viral in early December. In the video, she uses Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil, on her untextured hair, when the product was intended for people with texturized hair. The brand Mielle Organics has been a female-black-owned business since 2014, selling hundreds of products catering to people with different… Read more
When Roe v. Wade was struck down in June, many immediately took to social media, offering to assist people who’d been impacted to get the care they needed. Unfortunately, those posts may have hurt more than they helped. Instead, becoming an “abortion doula” is a far more effective way to be of service. Here, we explain what the job entails, and how to get involved: The social media posts suddenly popped up everywhere. It was June and the Supreme Court had just handed down its landmark decision in Dobbs v. Jackson,… Read more
Joan Brown was an American figurative painter whose work stood out among the abstract expressionists of the mid-20th century. Her bright colors, bold brushstrokes, and whimsical subject matter made her a beloved artist in San Francisco, where she lived and worked for most of her life. Brown's painting style was heavily influenced by the Expressionists, yet she also incorporated aspects of surrealism and Pop Art. Her work is often characterized by her use of bright colors, her dynamic compositions, and her exploration… Read more
At the tender age of 80, Betsey Johnson has lived a life many of us can only dream of. She’s built a legendary career out of kitsch, eschewing the minimalist motifs favored by some of her fashion industry colleagues for funky prints, an unabashed celebration of extreme girlishness, and the tendency to close her runway shows with her signature cartwheel and splits. Still, one has to wonder if Johnson was ever tempted to submit to the status quo. “I never feel pressure to conform,” Johnson says. “I am proud of who I am,… Read more
Perhaps one of the most interesting and creative styles to come out of the internet-era is “Y’allternative”, which as the name implies, combines dark, alternative fashion inspired by Goth and punk with Old Western sensibilities. Envision an otherwise Wednesday Addams-esque outfit accessorized with a cowboy hat and boots, a bolo tie, and the sort of belt typically worn with a pair of classic Wranglers. Other common themes in outfits considered “Y’allternative” include dark colors, fringe, flashy belt buckles, and cowboy… Read more
Academy award-winning actress and everyone’s favorite ABBA-singing hotel owner, Meryl Streep, is joining the star-studded cast of Hulu's Only Murders in the Building season 3! On Tuesday the star of the cast, Selena Gomez, posted a reel on Instagram featuring herself along with co-stars Steve Martin and Martin Short. The video shows the now beloved trio sitting together on a couch in the midst of filming. The video also, included some new surprise cast announcements. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Selena… Read more

5 Most Stylish Luggage Sets For Your Next Trip

By callie watts  In Style  On Jan 16, 2023

Whether you’re road tripping to see family or leavin’ on a jet plane for vacay, packing your stuff and then lugging it around can be stressful. But having the right luggage changes everything. Here are our picks for the most stylish luggage sets to help you travel like a pro. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board This is the lightest carry-on in the world, legit—it weighs only 3.9 pounds! Even loaded up with 360-degree spinner wheels and a TSA-approved lock, it’s the definition of “traveling light.” Carry-On Light,… Read more
Let’s just get one thing clear: Velma is not the same old Scooby-Doo we know and love from our childhoods. With Mindy Kaling starring as the voice actor for Velma, this show is directed toward the now-adult audience who grew up watching Scooby-Doo. The show was written by Charlie Grandy, and despite starring a lot of great actors like Glenn Howerton, Sam Richardson, and Constance Wu, the show seems to fall far short of expectations. Velma is set to tell the character’s origin story and the events that led to the… Read more
We finally have a trailer for Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, and it’s giving us the nostalgic warm-and-fuzzies. Hot off the release of the first looks at the film adaptation for the iconic coming-of-age novel, Lionsgate has put out an official trailer for the movie. It teases a truly delightful depiction of the different stages of womanhood through the stories of Margaret (Abby Ryder Fortson), her mother, Barbara (Rachel McAdams), and her grandmother, Sylvia (Kathy Bates). We see Margaret trying to navigate… Read more
The feminist protest group Pussy Riot will be at the Jeffrey Deitch Gallery in Los Angeles on January 27th to unveil their new piece, Putin’s Ashes. The short film, created, produced, and directed by the founding member of the group Nadya Tolokonnikova, will be on display at the gallery until February 3rd. Tolokonnikova was sentenced to 2 years in a Russian prison in 2012 following an anti-Putin performance. She then went through a hunger strike protesting devastating prison conditions and ended up being sent to a… Read more
Ada Limón was just named the 24th U.S. Poet Laureate in July. Here, writer/actor Amber Tamblyn speaks with her about this huge honor and how poetry can change the world: Mexican-American poet Ada Limón has long been the not-so-secret weapon of the poetry world—a powerhouse writer who belongs to the people. For two decades, Limón’s work has spoken directly to the hearts of our humanity, making us feel like we belong to her poems, and that, somehow, her poems also belong to us. Through her six poetry collections—one of… Read more

Margo Price Faces Tough Topics on New Album, "Strays"

By Eliza C. Thompson  In Music  On Jan 12, 2023

Margo Price toyed with classic rock sounds on her last album, 2020’s That’s How Rumors Get Started, but on Strays, she channels the psychedelia of the 1960s and ’70s, with a dash of outlaw country. The album kicks off with the blistering “Been to the Mountain,” where Price tells critics—and the world—to “take your best shot” over a stomping beat threaded with trippy guitar and synth licks. Price has never shied away from tough topics in her lyrics, and Strays is no exception. On “Lydia,” she steps into the shoes of a… Read more
Recently, TikTok creators have been warning women about harmful ingredients in our period products that we should be aware of. On average women have around 450 periods in their lifetime, for most women that means going through a lot of period products such as tampons and pads. Despite these products being such a prominent part of our lives, it has come to the internet's attention that many of us don’t even know what’s inside the period products we use. This is because the FDA classifies tampons and pads as medical… Read more

Do men and women fall in love differently?

By The Greensheet  In General  On Jan 12, 2023

Whether it be a romantic relationship or a platonic one, the age-old debate of whether women love harder than men has been a contentious one. While some may argue that men have a greater capacity for loving others, studies have shown that women are more likely to experience a greater intensity of emotions in relationships. Women tend to be more in touch with their feelings and, as a result, demonstrate a greater capacity for expressing and understanding love. The key is to understand that love is not a… Read more

"Women Talking" Demonstrates the Power of Solidarity Among Women

By Debbie Stoller  In Movies  On Jan 11, 2023

Michael Gibson Copyright © 2022 Orion Releasing LLC. All Rights Reserved. Women Talking is an thoughtfully crafted cinematic experience that tells the story of eight women’s courage and determination in the face of an unimaginable injustice. Set in rural Bolivia in the early 2000s, the film follows the story of a group of women who come together to take a stand against the sexual violence that they have endured in their community. The film is a powerful and moving exploration of the strength of female solidarity, and… Read more
Ethel Cain’s 2022 hit “American Teenager,” from her album Preacher’s Daughter, has been rapidly gaining attention lately after being included on former President Barack Obama’s “end of year roundup” playlist. The playlist has become a tradition for the former president, in which he lists his favorite songs that came out that year. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Barack Obama (@barackobama) Ironically, “American Teenager” heavily critiques patriotism and the United State’s involvement in the wars in Iraq… Read more
From Jennifer Coolidge’s heartfelt and hilarious acceptance speech, to Laverne Cox’s impressive red carpet interviewing skills, women ran this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Here are some moments that made us say, “thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press”: Jennifer Coolidge winning her first Golden Globe for her role in HBO’s The White Lotus. In her speech, Coolidge thanks show creator Mike White and states that because of him, she’s finally being invited to her neighbor’s parties. Dolly de Leon walking the red carpet as… Read more
Meet some of the beauty and fashion creators keeping us inspired this winter. Pull Up for Change: Supporting Black Founders Photo: Sharon ChuterWhen it comes to revolutionizing the beauty industry, no one is doing it like Sharon Chuter. In the past two years, the Uoma Beauty CEO and founder launched Pull Up for Change, which calls on corporations to be transparent and hire more Black people in leadership roles, and Make It Black, which partners with beauty brands to support Black founders through impact funds. Rachel… Read more
Canadian skateboarder Natalie Porter is archiving the history of women’s skating online, one unsung heroine at a time. With hundreds of entries made since its digital inception in March of 2022, Porter’s website and its accompanying Instagram account are educating skaters, feminists, and history buffs alike about the achievements of women and nonbinary skaters from the 1960s through today. And with over 25 years of skateboarding experience under her belt and a thesis on the subject to boot, Porter is the perfect person… Read more
We are finally getting our first look at the film adaptation of the 1970 Judy Blume novel Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. Anyone who has been a twelve-year-old girl at any point in their lives has been anticipating this film since it was announced almost two years ago. Written and directed by Kelly Fremon Craig (The Edge of Seventeen), it is set to release on April 28th, 2023. The movie will bring the iconic coming-of-age novel to life with Abby Ryder Fortson as the titular Margaret, and Rachel McAdams in the… Read more
Dolly Parton joined the cast of the Fox sitcom Call Me Kat starring Mayim Bialik this Thursday, January 5th, to honor her late friend and beloved comedian Leslie Jordan. Jordan tragically passed away in October 2022. In the episode, Parton sang “Where The Soul Never Dies”, a song she and Jordan performed together on his 2021 album, Company’s Comin’. After her melodic performance, Parton stated, “you left a lot of people here with a lot of precious, precious memories. Everybody loved you but I doubt that many of them… Read more
If you’re like me and live somewhere that gets lots of snow with little sunshine during the winter months, the comedown that follows the joy and celebration of the holidays can hit extra hard. If the “winter funk” you’re going through has been especially tough on your mind and body, you could be one of the 4 to 6 percent of people in the United States that experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a form of depression, often referred to as seasonal depression, that is triggered by changes in season,… Read more
Tinned fish—A staple food in many European and Asian countries—is finally enjoying its long overdue moment in the States. These women-owned brands, which put thoughtfully sourced fish front and center in their flavor-packed tins, have made it worth the wait. Scout Canning Inspired by the fishmongers of her Prince Edward Island home, Chef Charlotte Langley is on a journey to revive the lost art of preserving Canada’s freshest catches—like PEI mussels in a smoked paprika and fennel tomato sauce, and smoked wild albacore… Read more
“Now, you’re going to feel just a little pinch.” Famous last words. Nothing about getting my IUD inserted felt remotely close to a “pinch,” let alone a “little.” I even took 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen before my appointment as I was told by both Google and my doctor–and that was the extent of my being informed of any kind of pain management related to the procedure. I had done my research and like to think I have a pretty high pain tolerance. In said research, I learned that the insertion process usually takes around… Read more
Is it possible to engage the biggest erogenous zone we have—the brain—simply through language and intimate connection? Erotic hypnosis—or “hypnokink”—says “Yes.” Hypnokink is the practice of using hypnosis to enhance sexual or kinky play. A hypnotist—someone who has learned hypnotic techniques but is not necessarily a licensed hypnotherapist—uses skillful words, actions, and even touch to lead their consenting partner (the “subject”) into amazing, heightened erotic experiences, just by working with their mind. I’ve… Read more
When I was a kid, I molested a boy from my neighborhood. As an adult, I knew I had to try to make it right. A ton of terrible sex things were done to me when I was a kid. The first time was when I was four or five. It was the night after my mother packed up my two sisters and me and took us to her BFF’s house because my step-dad had just choked her and hit her with his balled-up fist. Her bestie had a son, and neither she nor my mother knew that a four-year-old girl shouldn’t be put to bed together with a six-year-old… Read more

6 Cancelled Shows That Left Us Shook

By Sabrina Walls  In TV  On Jan 04, 2023

Last month, much to fans dismay, HBO canceled their popular series, Minx, about a young woman trying to start a feminist magazine (sound familiar?). But as a person who watches way too much TV and loves the classic girl boss trope, I can tell you that I’m beginning to get used to saying goodbye to my favorite female-led shows way before their time. Even though actresses and writers share their talent, heart, and ever-changing stories to create series that address female struggle, race, class, and queerness that many… Read more