Bloggers in Sin City. Blogging and Sinning and Blogging about Sinning

by Laurie Henzel

After my swift departure from Corporate America a few months ago, I found myself at a loss. Not so much a loss for the consistent paycheck I continually wasted on frivolous travel or the much-needed health benefits for “regular checkups”, but the notion I would never find a place or group of people who felt the same way I did about the word fuck.

I have been blogging for three years, but only recently started taking it more seriously and actually seeing the effects in my bank account. And only recently did I stop truly caring what other people thought about my foul mouth and my constant decision to blog or not to blog.

I consider myself a pretty good writer, but only if I’m allowed to use the words as I so chose. (Obviously it’s naïve to think I can always use the words of my choice, but it’s nice to not be extremely limited by the confines of Corporate America.) Words usually in the form of four letters scrambled together to make a word my mother usually hangs up on me for using. (She can’t even handle the ladylike manner in which I inform her I have to piss.) In the midst of my who-else-likes-to-say-fuck-despair, four new letters infiltrated my world – BiSC (don’t try to pronounce it or you’ll sound like an asshole, trust me). 

You know those blogs that make you wonder, who the hell is this amazing person unafraid to blog about their entire life, even those embarrassing  and awkward moments ? The people you judge wondering if they have jobs or parents even, but deep down you wish you had those same massive ovaries to tell your own tales because surely you have a few worth sharing. But alas, most of you are just jealous you can’t drop the same vile lingo on the boardroom.

That is what Bloggers in Sin City (#BiSC)  was all about. This past weekend in Vegas, meeting 50+ people (51 women, 6 men) that all used ‘fuck’ in completely different yet appropriate ways. People you’ve never met before that make calling you an asshole feel as if it were a term of endearment. Is there any better place to take your online faceless relationships offline than in Vegas? I think not. (I bet the directors of You’ve Got Mail are kicking themselves in the ass right now for not thinking of this first).

There really isn’t any alternative for a full-fledged elaborately planned out blogger MEETUP like this one. It’s like an extended happy hour except at the end you go back to your hotel room and do it all over again the next day. And the day after. The only “conference” that may have one or two similarities is BlogHer , which is almost too big and structured to leave with any of the same takeaways.

The cost for #BiSC was $350 for VIP registration which also included a goody bag (filled with the likes of SKYY Vodka  and sex toys from Babeland , fondue tastings at Sugar Factory, a badass Go Room at the Flamingo and much more (price does not include airfare).

While there are lots of bad words and sometimes over-indulgent details in each of our blogs, our everyday vernacular and what have you, we are the people who make the Internet fun. The fun bloggers who talk about life like Apocalypstick  and Moose in the Kitchen , bloggers who incessantly refer to themselves as a bitch like Terra , bloggers who can’t find a single thing off the record like I Hate So Much , and girls that constantly push the meaning of TMI like Rachel at The Southfield Masshole . Nicole, the leader of The MeetUp puts it in perspective, “I don’t have tolerance for people that suck.” End. Of. Story. She is also the same girl whose “About”  includes the word vagina just 12 words into her life summation, which is awesome.

This Meet Up did more than just teach me creative new ways to showcase my foul mouth (and writing style), it served as proof that there are others out there just like me bucking the corporate world. And having a damn good time doing it. And making a living from it. It showed me that no matter how many Republicans there are here in Texas, there is a place for my obscenities and that place is right here – the Internet. By Jayme Lamm

Guest blogger Jayme Lamm: (sports column) (writing portfolio)

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