All About that Bass Parodies: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

by Samantha Albala

Meghan Trainor’s single “All About That Bass” is currently number two on Billboard’s Hot 100 and her music video has gotten a lot of attention for her commentary on “bass.”

As a piano player, I do not choose between, nor discriminate against, bass and treble, musically or body-wise. There is a lot of body shaming that goes on for all women due to photoshop, and one’s ability to genetically produce a booty should not affect whether they are deemed beautiful. This is probably why so many people have commented on and parodied the song. That and it’s catchy.

While I do feel like Trainor’s has a fun song with bright bubblegum and cotton candy like visuals, she did leave a lot of room for criticism. Not only is skinny shaming unkind, it is also frustrating that her song alludes to self worth being determined by what men think of a woman’s body. Ugh.

It’s great that people are pointing a finger at shaming and sexist views, even when they sometimes cross boundaries to do so. The list is ordered from most positive to most harsh. 

Natty Valencia’s Not About Your Waist


Best: Confronting the song’s faults and changing the lyrics to make it even more positive by being inclusive about women of all sizes. They lyric, “don’t settle” does make it still allude to bodies serving the purpose of attracting men, but it still works well to preserve love your body attitude. Well done Valencia!

Laughing Mom’s I Just Can’t Clean This Place

Good: A mommy video! While it is not confronting Meghan Trainor’s message directly, it does confront women’s issues, and possibly mommy shaming. I have always wondered about those perfect seeming Mommy Bloggers who seem Stepford Wife-ish and, well, too put together. It doesn’t even seem to be putting these blogger moms down, but only showing a “I don’t’ know how you do it, “ sort of attitude. Thank you for that.

Agent K Media’s All About That Dress


Bad: I am not sure how to feel about this one. It feels there are quite too many stereotypical jabs in here about being Jewish. It feels offensive at moments, and generally funny at others. “Yeah my mamma said don’t worry about their size, she says Jews have more inches that’s why they are circumcised.” It is in a sense perpetuating marriage and outdated and strict orthodox ideals… eh. Even though there seems to be a reverse norm where the men are the sexual objects in this video, I am hesitant to have any love for it.

Bart Baker’s All About That Bass


Ugly: Bart Baker directly attacks any of the flaws Trainor had in her lyrics, message, and the general video. The fat suit is offensive, and so is the commentary of the music industry pressure of looking a certain way is the only way to stay relevant. He points out her privilege, and that the motivation behind the message is confusing. “I thought this song was supposed to be about loving you for you…then why are you basing your self worth off of pleasing dudes?” Although the song is making fun of the message, he still seems to be perpetuating female competition and fat shaming. I enjoy the line, “booty never left that statement is trash,” but it doesn’t redeem the fact that there are still some scary messages left in there.

Honorable Mention

All About that Haze


Singapore’s contribution to the Trainer-thon is this curious video complaining about “the haze.” Apparently there was some big fire earlier this year that sent all kinds of smog their way.  The more you know.

Kids React to Meghan Trainer
Granted, this isn’t actually a parody video at all, but it’s very entertaining to watch the kids’ response to the video. Especially one kid. You’ll know which one we mean as soon as you watch it. Consider it a palate cleanser before going on to the next videos in this list.
All About that Bass (as in fish! get it?)

 Funny and/or terrifying, depending on your perspective. The oddness of this one is absolutely mesmerizing, but the part we like the best? The way they sing “bu-bubble.” Actually a creepy/good improvement over the original.
All About the Books

 The librarians at the Nashville Public Library kicked out all the stops on this one, and it’s adorable. And they didn’t make a parody of the video. Oh no;they’re much too clever for that. They actually made a parody of Trainor’s performance with  Jimmy Fallon on the Tonite Show. Smarties!

What do you think? Comment below with your favorites, and why or why not you did not like a particular parody.   



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