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13 Last-Minute Costume Ideas For Halloween 2017

by Bri Kane

In the wise words of Mean Girls, “In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Dressing like a “slutty mouse” can be fun and all, but there are so many more options this year with break-out television series and jaw dropping celeb drama! Everyone knows you’re a culture queen, so show off your pop-culture know-how with an easy costume this Halloween:

1. Cookie Lyon

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You’re an independent woman who doesn’t need a man to run her company. Cookie Lyon, from Empire, is the ultimate bossed up entrepreneur chick, and her fashion is to die for. Grab your biggest and baddest fur coat, the highest heels you have, some exuberant accessories and an attitude that just won’t quit for this costume. Extra points if you get your friends to be your sons or assistant.

2. Stranger Things 

stranger things group 46953

Stranger Things #cantstopwontstop with the Halloween inspo. Channel your inner Eleven, either punked out or mop-top adorable – both are costumes you can probably throw together from clothes you already have. Or, dress up like Mad Max, the newest red-haired California girl to join the gang by finding a skateboard and skating to your party like the badass lil’ chick you are. If you’ve got three more friends willing to help out, get some jumpsuits and go meta: dress up like the boys on Stranger Things dressed up for Halloween as the OG Ghost Busters.

3. Riverdale

riverdale 10af1

So many options from Riverdale, so literally pick anyone and it will be amazing. Be the beautiful and innocent Betty with a simple high pony-tail and the most 50’s sweater set you have. Or dress like Veronica, with simple pearls and anything that looks expensive.The boys are also easy pickings if you can find a varsity jacket or leather jacket (extra points if you paint a scorpion on the back). Take it to another level by getting your two besties together and being Josie and the Pussycats.

4. Queen Bey

beyonce pregnant 8ea2c

Bow down bitches, Beyonce has arrived. Either be pregnant Bey by shoving a pillow under your dress and draping yourself with beautiful bold colored cloth like the goddess you are, or be new mama Bey by grabbing a giant purple floral comfortable and carrying around two baby dolls. Either way, you’ll clearly be reppin’ your hive.

5. Cardi B

cardi b instagram fae9f

We all know “Bodak Yellow” is still on repeat, so why not channel your inner Bronx bitch? Get a long ass wig, high ass heels, and some fabulous, brightly colored unitard – extra points if you find a giant engagement ring to scream about all night. Be warned though: you will undoubtedly be asked to rap “Bodak Yellow” and drunkenly slur the words.

6. Dead Taylor Swift

dead taylor swift e08d2

Old Taylor cant come to the phone right now. Why? She’s dead. Get some fake blood and a prom-like-dress and call yourself Dead Taylor. To stay in character, make sure not to answer your phone all night and tell everyone “Look What You Made Me Do” anytime you spill your cheap drink.

7. Pregnant Serena Williams

serena williams pregnant 70170

 It should be easy to find a white pleated skirt or something else that looks tennis-y and a racket from a sports store. Shove a small pillow under your top and remind everyone you’re the best ESPECIALLY when pregnant. Extra points if you rock this yellow bathing suit, but only if you Snapchat it all night.

8. Handmaid’s Tale

handmaids tale 66fc2

This costume has been used for a plethora of political protests lately, but if you’re a wallflower, embrace this quiet costume. Use a simple red shawl (read: Red Riding Hood in a Halloween store) and a make-shift headpiece with cardboard paper and scissors — but don’t forget to change your name to “Of” something (eg: Of-your-mcm, or Of-course-I-dressed-like-a-Handmaid-have-you-seen-the-news-today?) 

9. Game of Thrones

giphy 14 70286

Game of Thrones has so many costume inspirations in it, it’s not even funny. You could be a dragon, or an ice dragon, or Daenerys, John Snow, Cersei, Brienne of Tarth, Arya, Sansa, Melisandre, Jamie Lanister, Missendei, Gilly, Grey Worm, Olenna Tyrell, Samwell Tarly, et cetera et cetera et cetera forever. Most of these costumes are simple, long, fairly plain clothing with one or two accessories recognizable for the character. For example, to be Arya all you’ll need is a burlap-sack-looking dress and boots, with some extra face masks in a satchel bag. Or to be Sansa or John Snow, just find a long, royal-looking fur coat (or IKEA rug) and a Stark family pin from any Halloween store.

10. GLOW

giphy 13 80571

Any excuse to wear spandex and running shoes should always be respected. Grab the neon-est clothing you have, sweatbands, and leotards to throw together this outfit — some bold makeup and even bolder hair will bring this look together. Be ready to throw down on the mat though, and don’t forget to create an iconic stage name.


Bigmouth bbdab

Oh puberty, how sweet it is to be through with you. Be inspired by your own ugly pubescent phase and channel these adorkable Netflix characters. The outfits are simple, the most important part is to have a friend dress up as your Hormone Monster, or just print out an image of them and stick them to your back. Extra points if you get to push your mons pubis against another BIG MOUTH character.

12. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 2017 film

Wonder Woman is a classic Halloween costume — for good reason! But this year there are so many more options for this iconic superhero – her Carmen Santiago-inspired coat and hat outfit, her turquoise dress and sword, or the best red, white and gold leotard ever.

13. This Is Us

this is us 1 3 36abe

Wanna make your friends cry? Dress up like your favorite This Is Us character, either in long flowy dresses like Rebecca Pearson, or find a great jean jacket and be Jack Pearson (careful though, if you’re Jack, everyone will spend the whole party asking how you die.) Or get some friends together and dress up like the adorable ’80s babies Kate, Kevin and Randel.

Photos via Netflix, Hulu, The CW, Instagram/Beyonce, Instagram/iamcardib, Snapchat/Serena Williams

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