‘Friend Zone’ Backlash Upsets Friend-Zoned Dudes

by Amy Bucknam


You know how it goes. It’s that trite rom-com cliché that’s been done over and over again: a guy likes a girl who sees him as just a “friend.” This guy is usually the one that treats the girl right, listens to her, let’s her know how wonderful she truly is, despite how the world has mistreated her, blah blah blah. And then he gets pissed when she doesn’t want to bone him. 

Really? Like, you two were FRIENDS! Can’t you just be a good guy and not expect sex in return? That’s how friendship works.

This topic has appeared this week on a blog called Least Likely, a badass blog by and for badass ladies. In a post called “The Friend Zone is Bullshit and Here is Why,” Brooklyn blogger Stephanie Willis discusses (as the title implies) how ridiculous it is that some dudes get pissed when they don’t get laid by their female friends.  The reaction to this proclamation is quite extraordinary.

“A man claiming to be ‘friend zoned’ by a girl suggests that the only reason he was nice to her in the first place was for the potential of sex,” she writes, “and once she makes it clear that she isn’t interested in having sex with him, he gets the second place trophy of her dumb friendship.”

Willis talks about who she calls “Nice Guys,” that type of guy that acts as a good friend to a girl, only to in turn feel as though that girl owes him something more than friendship.

“Men who say they were friend zoned are often the same Nice Guys who think that if they had tried harder they could have won her over. These men view women as pretty sparkly prizes with vaginas.”

This didn’t sit well with A LOT of dudes who commented on the post, starting an extensive stream of debate on the subject and the post.  One guy, going by “Stormkeeper,” wrote a 1091 word-long comment (for real) critiquing Willis’ post.  In it he wrote things like, “As a former full-time and now only part-time Nice Guy, I can recall many many hours of listening to women complain about the jerks they were with and how they wished they could find a Nice Guy, but when they did, they rejected him and kept going for jerks.”

This comment left me pondering a couple things; such as how much time this dude must have on his hands, and how clearly detrimental his time in the “friend zone” must have been for him.

Along with the angry outcries of many (most likely) men, there were also a lot of ladies countering these arguments and defending Willis’ frustration. One of my favorites in the line of, currently, 89 comments began like so: “LOL forever at all of the dudes who felt so disrespected they just had to rush in to defend their gender. GOD BEING OBJECTIFIED IS SO HURTFUL. WHERE IS THE PERSPECTIVE?”



You can check out this post and others on Least Likely here.  Be sure to read the comment section.


Images via quickmeme.com

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