Detox By DeClue: Transforming Lives Through Personalized Wellness

Detox By DeClue, founded by Ginger DeClue, is a revolutionary company that combines detoxification and wellness to help individuals achieve optimal health. Inspired by her personal journey of overcoming chronic illness and witnessing the devastating effects of poor dietary choices, Ginger embarked on a mission to empower others to take control of their well-being. In this article, we delve into the story behind Detox By DeClue, its unique approach to detoxification and wellness, the D8 cellular reconstruction system, student success stories, future plans, and the challenges Ginger has faced as an entrepreneur in the detox and wellness industry.

The Inspiration Behind Detox By DeClue:

Ginger DeClue’s motivation to start Detox By DeClue stems from her personal struggle with chronic illness and her remarkable recovery journey. 

“In 2011, I woke up in the hospital unable to move my body.” says Ginger,  “It took another 6 weeks to diagnose me with encephalitis and an autoimmune disease.

Surviving this experience made me truly realize the value of health. Over the next 10 years, it was my mission to research answers to healing my own body.”

After suffering from encephalitis and spending a year learning to walk again, Ginger immersed herself in a decade of research, exploring various healing modalities, including Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and more. Witnessing the tragic health outcomes of her mother and grandmother due to poor dietary choices further fueled her determination to promote a healthier lifestyle. Ginger’s ultimate goal is to be there for her children and inspire others to do whatever it takes to live a fulfilling life.

A Unique Approach to Detoxification and Wellness:

Detox By DeClue stands out in the industry by offering an individualized approach to detoxification. Each student undergoes an “eye reading” which is  a one on one iris analysis consultation, which provides valuable insights into the body’s accumulated waste and determines the specific herbs and detox protocols that will best support their needs. Ginger’s philosophy revolves around the belief that eliminating toxins and environmental pollutants from the body can lead to the reversal of disease.

Iridology is an ancient practice, the study of a person’s eyes, specifically the iris or colored part of the eye, to determine any physical ailments that may be present in the body. The iris is one of the most intricate and fascinating tissue structures in the human body. 

The iridology report is the first step in the full body cleanse which is the D8 cellular reconstruction system. The iridology reading is delivered with marked pictures of the eyes and a 14 page written report during a 45 minute to one hour consultation.

Says Ginger “The mission is to teach people to cleanse each system of the body, and know exactly the steps to do that to heal and prevent disease in the future.” 

Detox By DeClue’s flagship program, the D8 cellular reconstruction system, is a comprehensive 16-week full body detox program. Led by Ginger and registered nurses, this live program guides students through a transformative journey of cleansing and detoxifying every system in the body. By fostering a supportive community environment, Detox By DeClue ensures that participants receive the encouragement they need to stay committed to their health transformation.

Safety, Effectiveness, and Scientific Research:

Detox By DeClue prioritizes safety and effectiveness by providing each student with a registered nurse for guidance, particularly if they are on medication or dealing with serious health conditions. Although large-scale studies on detoxification may be limited due to the pharmaceutical industry’s focus on long-term medication use, anecdotal reports, small scale studies, thousands of years of traditional medicine practices, such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, support the benefits of detoxification. With over 200 video testimonials and countless success stories, Detox By DeClue’s approach has yielded positive results for many individuals.

How this approach is Realizing Success: 

Detox By DeClue has transformed the lives of thousands of  individuals, as evidenced by a multitude of success stories. From shrinking fibroids, healing polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and dissolving cysts to helping people overcome kidney failure and achieve remission from autoimmune diseases, viral infections, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and more, the program has brought hope and healing to its students. 

“Through my pain, research, and success, I have helped 1000+ people with their own chronic illness and disease.” says Ginger proudly. “Inside of Detox by DeClue my students are put on my signature D8 cellular reconstruction system which is a 16 week full body detox program. As of now we’ve had over 3000 students go through the program. We’ve helped people learn to get healthy and end addictions to food, cigarettes, alcohol and weed, but we’ve also helped people achieve remission from things like lupus, autoimmune diseases, viral infections,  arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety depression, fibroids, pcos infertility and more.”

What the future holds:

Detox By DeClue’s vision extends beyond its current impact. Ginger’s goal is to reach millions of individuals, particularly those from underserved communities. By leveraging social media platforms to share free educational content, Ginger aims to empower people with life-changing information. Additionally, the company plans to expand its scholarship program and use social justice impact funding to create awareness and provide employment opportunities, with a particular focus on underprivileged individuals.

Ginger draws inspiration from trailblazers like Serena Williams, who exemplifies the qualities of dedication and perseverance. She also considers her black mother from Camden, New Jersey, a hero, having witnessed the preventable tragedy of her mother’s early death due to a lack of dietary knowledge. These individuals serve as beacons of strength and motivation for Ginger as she strives to make a difference in the lives of others.

Detox By DeClue, founded by Ginger DeClue, stands out as a pioneer in the detox and wellness industry. Through her personal journey of healing and transformative experiences, Ginger has built a company that offers personalized detoxification and wellness programs. Detox By DeClue’s commitment to individualized care, supported by registered nurses and a strong community, has helped numerous individuals achieve remarkable results. With a focus on constant improvement, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Detox By DeClue is poised to continue making a significant impact in the lives of people seeking to reclaim their health

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