7 Things We Want To See In The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Series

by Erika W. Smith

 Yesterday, news broke that Gilmore Girls may be returning to a TV near you with four 90-minute episodes catching up on all our favorite citizens of Stars Hollow. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is in negotiations with Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino as well as stars Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) and Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore). Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St. James) is also expected to return.

The new series would finally give Sherman-Palladino the chance to end the series the way she intended – if you remember, she left the series after season 6, resulting in a finale season that jumped the shark in certain ways. Though I loved that Rory ended the series single and embarking on a promising career as a journalist covering the Obama campaign, I’m still angry about Lane’s disappointing ending. 

We’ve rounded up 7 things we’re hoping to see in the Gilmore Girls revival. Tell us your Stars Hollow daydreams in the comments below!

Gilmore Girls

1. Rory’s journalism career.

Rory always wanted to become a journalist like her idol Christiane Amanpour, and the season 7 finale ended with Rory taking the first step into her new career covering the Obama campaign. Almost a decade later, will Rory be a traditional TV journalist or an online media maven? Will she be Twitter famous or anti-social-media entirely? We want to find out! 

2. Lorelai’s hotel empire.

TBH, we’d love to see Lorelai take over the quaint New England bed and breakfast world. Luke can make the coffee. 

Gilmore Girls

3. Rory and Paris interacting in any way at all.

Rory and Paris’s intense animosity-turned-friendship was one of the most rewarding relationships on the series – and we know that there are quite a few people who ship them based on their banter and that Spring Break kiss. Liza Weil – who’s currently part of the amazing ensemble cast of How To Get Away With Murder – hasn’t been mentioned in reports of the new series, but we have hope. Whether the shippers get rewarded or we see Rory and Paris as the editors-in-chief of rival newspapers, we just want to hear some of Paris’ insults again.

Gilmore Girls

4. The return of Jess Mariano.

I’m #TeamJess, 100% (though I could definitely get on board with a canon #TeamParis). #TeamDean (and #TeamLogan and #TeamMarty), hear me out – the Jess we saw in season 6 was a more mature, less douchey version of the brooding, Kerouac-reading, moving-to-California-without-telling-Rory guy he was in season 3, while Dean only got worse with age. Just imagine how much better Jess would be with another 5 or 10 years of maturity. Plus, have you Google image searched Milo Ventimiglia recently? I recommend it.

Gilmore Girls

5. A better ending for Lane.

How did Lane go from the badass drummer to a reluctant young mother of twins who’s given up on her rockstar dreams – AND DOESN’T EVEN LIKE SEX??? Lane deserves better, both in her career AND in the bedroom. We want to see her achieve rockstar fame a la Meg White or Maureen Tucker, with her adorable Manic Panic-haired kids taking a nap in the tour bus. Also, we wouldn’t say no to the return of Dave Rygalski – just sayin’. 

Gilmore Girls

6. Sookie doing literally anything – except having more children.

Sookie is still my favorite Melissa McCarthy character – she’s adorable, ridiculously talented at her job, the best friend you could imagine, and completely hilarious. Plus, there are absolutely no fat jokes!!!!! Sookie is an amazing, ambitious, talented cook with a love life and close friendships – in other words, she’s a real character, not a punchline, just like her skinnier costars. We’d be up for seeing literally any plotline involving Sookie – except for having more children. That season 7 subplot where Sookie’s husband Jackson lies about getting a vasectomy, resulting in a pregnancy that Sookie didn’t consent to (but comes to be happy about), still makes me angry.

Gilmore Girls

7. A tribute to Edward Herrmann.

Sadly, the actor who played Richard Gilmore – as well as legions of other characters, including an Emmy-nominated portrayal of FDR in the ‘70s – died in December 2014. We’d love to see him honored in some way – and of course, Gilmore Girls wouldn’t be Gilmore Girls without Emily Gilmore and her side-eye, too.

Gilmore Girls

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