20 Struggles Of Having A Resting Nice Face

by The Odyssey Online

As defined in Urban Dictionary, resting nice face is:

A person who naturally looks “nice” or “approachable” when their face is expressionless, without meaning to. Basically the opposite of “resting bitch face.”

“Yo, imma holla at that girl over there.”

“Nah, son. She just has resting nice face. She’s a mad hoe.”

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Resting nice face: Is it a blessing or a curse? The world may never know. What I do know, is that if you, like me, have resting nice face, you know these 15 things all too well:

1. You get stopped on the street by solicitors and salespeople all the time.

nice face

I already support LGBT, please don’t ask for my money.

2. Old people talk to you on the bus/train/plane all the time.

nice face

Last summer I was on the train home from Lollapalooza. I was wearing a crop top and short shorts and had the whole Lolla get up, and an old woman still told me her life story. Because she couldn’t resist the face.

3. It suprises people when you say something sassy.


4. Or when you have your own opinion.


5. And it especially surprises them when you swear.

Miley Cyrus

6. People who don’t know you very well tell you all their problems, as if you’ve been best friends forever.


7. Everyone either thinks they’ve met you before or thinks “You look so familiar!”


Oh, I must look like your friend who smiled once.

8. People hug you without asking.


9. Teachers always put you with the bad kids in class because they think your “niceness” will rub off on them.


I sat next to the same annoying boy in every single class in the 7th grade and he never got the hint.

10. People always ask you for directions.


And then, they’re sad and confused when you don’t know which way is north or what street you’re on.

11. Casually cool? More like casually foolish.


I’m sorry I said that.

12. Strangers always ask you to watch their purse while they use the bathroom, just real quick?


What if I were a really nice looking kleptomaniac?

13. Animals LOVE you.


But actually, you’re okay with this one.

14. Strangers say hi to you and smile at you as you’re passing by.

freaks and geeks

And it’s usually just uncomfortable.

15. People ask why you’re having such a good day, when it’s just your face.

Kim Kardashian

I was actually having a really terrible day, thank you very much.

16. Sometimes resting nice face is equivalent to having a baby face, so you’re often mistake for a middle schooler.


True story: I had to observe a 7th grade class last semester for my education class and when I walked in the first day, all the kids thought I was a new student.

17. You are known as “sweetheart” and “honey” to anyone older than you.


18. You get compared to tiny animals often.

Hillary Duff

Usually bunnies and kittens.

19. People ask you what your secret to being happy all the time is.

Honey Boo Boo

20. But, you secretly love your nice resting face.


Whether you suffer from resting nice face or perhaps the more widely known resting bitch face, I’m sure your face is lovely and you are, too.

This post originally appeared on odysseyonline.com. 

Grace Ludwig is a college kid who likes singing, dogs, yoga, and pretending I’m more popular than I am.

This post was published on March 17, 2016

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