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this is a site that is dedicated to promoting and electing pro-choice, democratic women to office. to say it 'kicks ass' is an uderstatement.

Get Informed, Gain Control: Domestic Violence


Get the facts on Domestic Violence in the United States. Get informed on what to do if you are in an abusive relationship, or someone you know is.

Get Informed, Gain Control: Rape


Get the facts on rape in the United States. Find out what to do if you or someone you know has been raped, and get informed on how to prevent rape from happening. Follow links to organizations that deal with rape issues, and work to educate, and try to ...



A women's rights website that describes how women can fight for equal rights, responsibilities and representation in society. Features on music, politics, pop culture and propaganda.

The Gender Ads Project


A collection of nearly 3,000 ads representing various analyses of gender, the body and sexism.

Women's eNews


Women's eNews is a nonprofit independent news service covering the issues that are of particular concern to women. We are balanced and nonpartisan and we have more than 100 correspondents across the nation and around the globe. Women's Enews has one agend ...

Younger Women's Task Force


The Younger Women’s Task Force, a project of the National Council of Women’s Organizations, is a nationwide, diverse and inclusive grassroots movement dedicated to organizing women in their 20s and 30s to take action on issues that matter most ...



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