Photo via Flickr/BeautifulUglyPeople Right now, if you are low income or live in a rural area, finding an abortion provider and getting to an appointment is basically Olympic Hurdles: Punishing Women Seeking Healthcare Edition. But what if we finally got rid of the laws that push abortion out of reach? It may seem hard to imagine, but if people can suspend disbelief for a show about dragons, surely we can imagine what REAL abortion access looks like. In a (badass, feminist, hopefully not-too-far-off) future where the right to abortion is finally REAL, we’d have: 1.
Kathleen Hanna—Rock Star Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin  Bernie Sanders is a revelation. He started us thinking about Socialism as a real option (yeah!) and pushed the Democrats further left than I ever thought possible. But this November, I will be voting for the Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not voting, or writing someone in, would make me an apathetic supporter of the other candidate. You know, the one whose main agenda reeks of ethnic cleansing? If he is elected, families will be split up via mass deportation and people will be denied entrance to the U.S.
Earlier this year, a small group of people gathered near the Missouri River, right outside the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. A few members of the tribe held a "spiritual protest," keeping a round-the-clock vigil and citing prayers to protect against the "black snake," or the Dakota Pipeline (DAPL). At the time, though, it appeared like a done deal: Paperwork was signed, construction was fast tracked and it seemed to many, just another case of Native American's rights and environmental concerns brushed aside. This time, however, has been different.
It’s difficult to imagine feminism without Gloria Steinem — her name is practically synonymous with the word. The achievements that brought her from being an unknown Smith grad to a household name are forever ingrained in the annals of feminist history. Today’s feminists owe a lot to this visionary activist, writer, and humanizing force for change. Steinem began her career as a journalist. In 1963, she wrote a piece for Show magazine about her experience working undercover as Playboy bunny.
More than 67% of American women are a size 14 or over, and yet only 2% of media images feature plus-size women. Refinery29, in partnership with Lane Bryant and Aerie, is looking to change that with The 67% Project. During the launch week of the initiative, 67% of bodies featured on the Refinery29 website, newsletter, and social media accounts will be plus-size. In doing so, Refinery29 hopes to normalize the reality that women's bodies are all different shapes and sizes.
If you told me six months ago that I would be planning to vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election, I probably would have told you that you were insane. Don’t get me wrong, I think that everything that Hillary has done for women is incredibly inspiring. Yet as a native Vermonter I have been Pro-Bernie since I first learned about socialist democracy during the fourth grade (it probably wasn’t that early, but I do remember learning about Eugene V. Debs during elementary school).
Photo via Rights4Girls Facebook When we talk about human trafficking, the phrase “child prostitute” will come up but these two words have created a terrible legal paradox, one that California has finally rectified. On the one hand, you have the word “child,” which implies someone under the age of 18, but it is coupled with “prostitute,” an illegal act that also implies some act of consent — something minors cannot do in the eyes of the law. Many victims of sex trafficking find themselves imprisoned rather than given the help they need.
Image via Facebook What comes to mind when you hear the word “nun?” If you’re like me, you think of The Sound of Music or Miss Clavel from the Madeline series — but you almost certainly don’t think of the Nepalese nuns from the Drupka Order.
Superstore I ask a lot of things while working in retail. “What are you guys doing tonight?” “Where did you get that handbag?” “How’s the weather?” But today, I should have asked one of my clients, "Would you like me served raw, medium, or well done?" When I clocked into work today, I became a piece of meat. A body for everyone’s disposal.Tanner, as I’ll call him because he had the glisten of decades of white male privilege, swaggered into the store escaping the blistering street. His too-tight gingham shirt puckered over his belly.
Last night's first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump resembled more of a reality TV show than an intellectual debate. Trump's misogynistic attacks caused a collective eye-rolling and outraged sighs from every feminist watching. It's no surprise, really. Trump is a reality TV star and a sexist pig. He certainly knows how to intimidate women and tries to knock them into their place with his belligerent language. Clinton, however, is no rookie. She hasn't endured 40 years of sexism to shrivel at the hands of an unethical businessman.