"Renata Borgatti, Au Piano" by Romaine Brooks, 1920. She was a classical musician and one of Rosmaine Brooks's lovers.  1920s Paris. Bohemian, artistic, full of expatriates and very, very queer. However, the history of queer expatriate women in France has been lost throughout the ages with all of the praise given Picasso, Matisse, and Dalí — just to name a few.  In a new exhibition, the Smithsonian American Art Museum has brought one of those forgotten figures of queer bohemia, and her beautiful portraits, back to our attention.
Amy Schumer has been a pioneer for female comedians in the past few years, and her work has paid off. Forbes announced that the comedian made $17 million last year, making her the fourth highest paid comedian in the world, and the first woman to make the annual list. It's really no wonder when you consider the year Schumer has had; with her tour with Aziz Ansari, concluding her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, a new book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, a huge movie, Trainwreck, and a casual Super Bowl commercial. Homegirl's been busy.
What do you personally do to bring down the oppressive system of patriarchy? This is the question I posed to the attendees of the Twin Oaks Women's Gathering this August. As the voices of the women photographed reveal, there are infinite answers! 25 original ways to smash patriarchy are pictured here. The Women's Gathering is a DIY, non-corporate campout that welcomes women (in the broadest definition) from the East Coast region and beyond. It has been organized and hosted by Twin Oaks, an egalitarian intentional community in Central Virginia for the last 32 years.
Instagram/Selena Gomez Recently, pop star Selena Gomez announced that she would be taking time off from her tour and music career to focus on her panic attacks, anxiety, and depression — side effects from her battle with SLE Lupus. After Gomez released the statement, thousands of people flocked to Twitter and Facebook to continue to question her lupus diagnosis, believing the illness to be a convenient excuse for a rehab stint or alcohol problem.
Photographed by Yudi Ela RELIABLE WITH THE LADIES Daveed Diggs talks life after Hamilton, his hip-hop group, and that time his mom tried to give him sex advice. Daveed Diggs is standing in his underwear in a room full of women. In a few hours he’ll be on stage in front of hundreds of people who have paid upwards of $300 each to see him perform as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson on Broadway in Hamilton. But here, Diggs is changing back into his street clothes after his BUST photo shoot. I cast my eyes down to give him some privacy, but he doesn’t need it.
Earlier this year, a small group of people gathered near the Missouri River, right outside the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. A few members of the tribe held a "spiritual protest," keeping a round-the-clock vigil and citing prayers to protect against the "black snake," or the Dakota Pipeline (DAPL). At the time, though, it appeared like a done deal: Paperwork was signed, construction was fast tracked and it seemed to many, just another case of Native American's rights and environmental concerns brushed aside. This time, however, has been different.
It’s difficult to imagine feminism without Gloria Steinem — her name is practically synonymous with the word. The achievements that brought her from being an unknown Smith grad to a household name are forever ingrained in the annals of feminist history. Today’s feminists owe a lot to this visionary activist, writer, and humanizing force for change. Steinem began her career as a journalist. In 1963, she wrote a piece for Show magazine about her experience working undercover as Playboy bunny.
Emma Donoghue, best known for the novel and film Room, explores different territory in her new novel The Wonder. In a small village Ireland in 1859, we follow Lib, a nurse trained under Florence Nightingale, as she investigates the case of eleven-year-old Anna O’Donnell. Anna claims to have survived for four months with no food, and no drink except for a few sips of water each day.
Jesse Williams, Grey's Anatomy star and activist, is once again addressing political issues, this time in a video speaking to undecided voters. Williams released a PSA, "You Say Vote," on Tuesday as part of Joss Whedon's Save The Day super PAC. The video urged Americans to vote in the upcoming presidential election and stressed the importance of being involved in the voting process. Williams addressed multiple problematic viewpoints among voters, from people who won't vote because they don't like either candidate, to people who think voting is useless and that, "democracy is a sham.
More than 67% of American women are a size 14 or over, and yet only 2% of media images feature plus-size women. Refinery29, in partnership with Lane Bryant and Aerie, is looking to change that with The 67% Project. During the launch week of the initiative, 67% of bodies featured on the Refinery29 website, newsletter, and social media accounts will be plus-size. In doing so, Refinery29 hopes to normalize the reality that women's bodies are all different shapes and sizes.


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