Rub a dub dub, let’s talk about chub rub!

by Hallie Marks


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Now that spring is finally here (wee!) there is plenty of warm weather ahead of us. But as much as I love the beautiful weather, I’ve always dreaded shorts season. Regardless of my size, I’ve never been able to wear short shorts or dresses without ending the day in immense pain. Why? Because the tops of my legs chafe. 

The problem was so bad, that when I would go for a run,  the inside of my legs would be bleeding by the time I finished. At one point, after being fed up with my constantly chapped legs, I went to the dermatologist to find out why my legs were always irritated. “It’s friction”, he said. “Maybe lose some weight and then your legs won’t touch.” I was humiliated. “I’m too fat,” I would think. “My skin is just sensitive.” “There’s something wrong with me.” And up until about a year ago, I thought I was alone.

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Turns out, I’m not. Thigh chafing is a problem that tons of women (and men) of all sizes face. Additionally, part of the problem is thought to be the way your legs are angled, not just the size of your thighs. However, many plus-size women often do deal with “chub-rub” (as I lovingly call it) but don’t realize that it’s a common phenomenon.  Once I started to realize that maybe there wasn’t something wrong with me, I started looking for ways to deal with the problem.


 Oh spandex, how you’ve saved me. I love skirts and dresses, but in the summer, it’s almost as painful as chub rub to wear tights in 90 degree weather. However, as I’ve started to invest in some great spandex, I’ve been able to wear skirts and dresses without pain! You can get any kind of spandex really– from athletic wear to shapewear. One great company that makes shorts to relieve chafing is Thigh Society. The only drawback is that I can’t wear very short things unless I want my spandex to show under it. Additionally, wearing the extra layer under my outfit definitely isn’t the most ideal scenario in the heat.


 I tried tons of products and solutions to prevent my legs from chafing without a layer of clothes to protect them. Though I’ve heard some people have luck with lotion, deodorant or glide sticks, they rarely lasted. However, when I tried Monistat Soothing Care Gel, I was amazed. That’s right; the folks who are better known for helping you get rid of your yeast infection make a gel that helped me to wear shorts, dresses, and skirts without chafing for a few hours after applying it. Bonus: it wasn’t greasy or visible! The problem with this is that it needs to be applied many times throughout the day, especially if you’re like me and sweat a lot.


Recently, I came across a product called Bandelettes. I haven’t tried them, but I’m planning on ordering them. They are a 6 inch lace band that you wear around your thighs where the chafing usually occurs. This removes the issue of the heavy and tight spandex, doesn’t make you have to keep applying product, and if they peek out under clothes they would look really cute! I just wonder what they would look like under shorts. I definitely want to see how they work and if they are effective. Has anyone tried these before?

Can you tell I really want a pair?


This powder contains cocoa butter so it smells lovely and is perfect for smoothing and moisturizing your skin. Also, it’s jamsine scented!

Buy it here .


Even though it was originally designed to protect runners, Bodyglide is the ultimate anti-chafing weapon for everyday use. It comes in a convenient deoderant-like stick form and is super easy to use!

Buy it here


This magical powder is constarch and Calamine based and absorbs sweat like no other. It provides a long-lasting cooling relief to your thighs and is irritation free. 

Buy it here

I just want to be able to rock a pair of short shorts without worrying about chub rub all day. How do you deal with thigh chafing (or any kind of chafing)? What products do you find to be the most effective?

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