Royal Wedding-shmedding, a new Queen was crowned on RuPaul’s Drag Race

by Janelle

If you care about RuPaul’s Drag Race at all then get ready to get jealous boogers…I met the queens of Season 3, well some of the queens, at the press event before the finale! I got so close to my girl Alexis “BAM BAM BAM” Mateo that I could see the contour make-up stripes down her nose. First, I must apologize for being late with this post since everyone knows Raja took the crown by now. I had to wait until I could watch the last episode of Season 3 and the Untucked first (the behind the scenes for each episode). 

Second apology, I missed out on some gossip. I couldn’t stay for the actual finale party. (Check out these pics though!) This may have been a stupid move looking back. But feel for me, the press event ended at 7 and the doors didn’t open back up for an hour. I was starving, broke, tired and above 50th st in NY (for non-New Yorkers that means “good luck finding anything but a dirty water dog that you can afford.” Dirty water dogs being hot dogs from a food cart that are kept in questionable water). I was still recovering from the Andre Nickatina show (live clip here!) the night before and needed to get to my house, eat real food and go to sleep. 

Anyway, please forgive me for not staying. I did you an injustice. It was open to the public though, so if you happened to be in NY and you didn’t get in the insanely long line, well then you did yourself the injustice. We could have tag-teamed the night. But back to me and the queens! If you have been following Ru then you know this season killed it, killed it! And for every episode full of mind-blowing costumes and dick disappearing illusions (no joke this years top magician was by far Carmen Carrera), there was an Untucked episode to show you more of the catty battles like the Heathers vs. the Boogers and the budding friendships.

First I chatted up Stacy Layne Matthews. This year’s drag race seemed to reflect the runway, with more plus size models then ever working it and Stacy thinks it’s about time, “I don’t think people should look at plus size girls and think we aren’t capable of being just as fierce as anyone else.”

It seems a lot of the ladies from this season are going on to do Sex and the City inspired shows, developing comedy acts based on characters they showcased this season and going on to teach at RuPaul’s Drag U and Stacy is no exception. She’s working on a Sex and the City-esque pilot based on gay guys in Atlanta, in which she plays a character named Miss Mona, a club owner and she’s developing a comedy show for July based off her Mo ‘Nique impersonation.

Final 3 contestant, Manila Luzon looked radiant. I asked her if she ever hangs with the other ladies, “Whenever a girl comes to town I make sure we have a drink at least. Originally I am from Minneapolis but I live in New York City now. I feel really bad having my drag sisters come here and they’re like, ‘Hey, can I stay at your house?’ and I’m like, ‘oh girl, I have a New York City apartment, hope you don’t mind the cockroaches girl and you don’t mind sleeping on a tiny-ass loveseat. Well, then come ahead.’ It sure beats paying $400 a night at a hotel.” I just love the thought of her fitting all her glamour accoutrements into a tiny roach infested apartment. She also felt Delta Work could have taken the crown, “She’s done it a long time and has a clean polished look, a funny, dry, sarcastic humor that I freaking love and I was thinking that a big girls gonna take it this year. You know drag knows no race, size, or ethnicity.” Her favorite look from the season (and mine too) was the pineapple dress, “I travel everywhere in the pineapple dress. Actually, its underneath this [dress].”

Bonus: I found this on her site:

Yeap, Manila as King Karl, soooooo good.

Next I took court with Shangela Laquifa Wadley, who was hosting the finale. She is also working on a pilot and a comedy tour. “Maybe I’ll be on season 4,5,6,7. I’ll just keep working till I get a check. I am shooting a pilot for NBC (Mann’s World), produced and directed by Michael Patrick King from Sex in the City; Don Johnson is the lead, and Mario Cantone. I play a male hair stylist named Snip from New York that works in a salon in L.A. In addition to that if you go to my site you’ll see that I just finished performing for Nicki Minaj as Nicki Minaj last Friday night. And, I just finished working on a comedy tour for Laquifa the Post Modern Pimp Hoe.” Here is her in character

(Don’t hate but I love Cougar Town, I know this means you may question everything I write from now on, but for real Busy is soooo good in it and I like shows with a healthy attitude towards binge drinking.)

When asked what she would never do drag without she worked that Absolute sponsorship! “I’m a girl that always has to have a cocktail a bottle of Absolute around, a glass at least. Something to keep the girls around and having a great time. Hellelu!” And who did she want to see win (obviously she knew already but she played along), “I’ve always been one for my sisters, Team Alexis all the way, and I hope she takes home the check, if she wins I know she’d loan a girl a twenty, Hallelu!” The person I was most looking forward to was Alexis Mateo. Breathtaking in person, she was also very charming. “I think I have been featured as the most real one. I love that they actually showed who I am. I’m still kind of surprised I opened up so much with everybody about my life.

I think I should get my own dating show, like Tila Tequila’s A Shot At Love. There are a lot of people interested and I’m still looking for the love of my life. And, I think I should be the first Hispanic drag queen homosexual President of the United States.” Love it. And whom was she rooting for, beside herself obvs? She thinks her girl, Yara Sofia shouldn’t have been kicked off, “I love her drag queen, she’s got a dark side to it. She’s glamorous, she’s edgy, she is very talented and she doesn’t need the language to communicate perfectly to the people, her personality is huge. We have become very good friends outside the competition: we vacation together, we perform together, and in my eyes she is America’s Best Drag Superstar.” I really wish she had one. Just watch this clip:

[video: 425×344]

Bam! Bam! Bam!

But sadly she didn’t win and Raja took the crown; I am not surprised I saw this coming from the beginning and apparently so did all the press peeps because the line to talk to Raja’s was the longest all night long. What did you guys think, should Raja have won? Who would you have liked to see make it into the final three?

I can’t wait for next season. I do have one suggestion though; they have to get Ryan Robles! Can you imagine what Santana would say to this: 

[video: 425×344]


[Callie Watts]

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