Most Misogynistic Article Draws Most Misogynistic Comments of All Time

by Katie Fustich

Last week, we shared with you The Most Misogynistic Article of All Time: Return of Kings “24 Signs She’s a Slut”.  Right on cue, the “Male Rights Activists” (MRAs) squirmed out of the woodwork, informing every advocate of women’s rights of just how wrong they are. Think I’m joking? I wish! But you can’t make this stuff up people!

Let’s have a look-see at some of the most memorable gems from the diamond mine that was the comments section. WARNING: Upon reading these responses, your eyes may roll so far back into your head they could potentially get stuck that way forever. 

This gent took the time to post this as a reply to at least five comments that expressed disgust at the original Return of Kings article. What an engaging and interesting way to spark dialogue! And what an original username, might I add!

How fun! His second statement answers his first question! Clever, you are, Tom Dane.

What I got out of this was “Women who are overweight or have tattoos shouldn’t have rights” but that makes so little logical sense that I can’t fully process the comment. Please send help.

Ooh, Tom Dane strikes again! And brings up a few important points that the dictionary definition of “feminism” has repeatedly failed to include: all feminists are ugly and middle aged, and all women who are young and conventionally attractive hate the fact that they can vote! It’s not rocket science. And what a “misandric bubble” the U.S. is, am I right? Sheesh, I sure am glad someone finally put that one out in the open. Funny how misandric we are, though, and yet have so few women with political power…and women making less money on the dollar than men…just a funny thought for this man-hating country we live in.

“Most people” as in the subscribers of this magazine?

The party really got started when some dude found a picture of a cute girl, picked out a porn star name, and thought anyone would believe a woman held these views EVER. 

Those comments were really just the appetizer, though. The main course came in the form of one comment so epically blasphemous…so unbelievably nuts…that all who read it are prone to spontaneously combust. I present to you, James T Kock’s Anti-Feminist Manifesto:

You want to see more rage? You want to read more loathing comments? Really, buddy? You think you are ready for it? Do you have your retaliation planned? Ready? Here’s everything that bubbled up inside of me when I read your thoughts: 

LOL. (Also – get a job, because you have way too much time on your hands).

I sincerely extend a warm thank you to all of these people. When things are going a little too right in the world, and people seem a little too in-tune with equality, it’s easy to forget the reason why we even need silly ol’ feminism in the first place. Fortunately, there are those who will happily hand us 10,000 brand new reasons on a silver platter!

I apologize to all other misogynistic comments that didn’t make the cut for this post. Keep trying to make points that don’t exist and I’m sure that someday, somewhere, a feminist will give you the attention you so rightly deserve.


Image via Overthinking It

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