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Make Your Own Cannabis Gummies In 7 Easy Steps

by BUST Magazine


Much like Drew Barrymore’s Josie Grossie in Never Been Kissed, there may have been a time when you’ve bitten off more of a marijuana edible than you can chew, so to speak. Having suffered the consequences (i.e., maybe felt like you were in the dimension between life and death, cried like a baby, only talked in a whisper voice for two hours, or, as in Josie’s case, danced with a feather boa and ate an entire pie?), it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve sworn them off for eternity. Thankfully, the legalization of some form of cannabis in 30-plus states, along with more expansive research, has made it easier to procure professionally made edibles—cannabis gummy brands like Kiva, Lord Jones, and Kushy Punch, are focused on proper dosage and education—or you can take matters into your own hands with this tasty, easy, DIY version. 

Cannabis offers many therapeutic benefits aside from a nice high. CBD, the non-psychoactive component, can alleviate pain and inflammation and decrease stress, anxiety, and even PTSD, while the psychoactive THC can do all that and help with insomnia. Gummies are an easy way to partake, especially if you want to “microdose” (take a small amount on a regular basis). Use an already-made tincture from a medical marijuana dispensary if you live in a weed-legal place, since this will help with dosing consistency. Or channel your inner Ina Garten and make your own tincture. Either way, when eating edibles, it’s always best to start low and go slow. Begin by eating a small amount (like half a gummy), wait one-and-a-half to two hours, then see how you feel before eating more.

THC or CBD Gummies 

Makes about 50 clear gummies about .75x .45 x .4in size; approximately 5 mg THC or CBD per gummy. Dosage will vary depending on the size of your molds (molds pictured are larger than recommended in order to show detail).



2–3 tsp. of THC or pure CBD tincture (a regulated 250 mg bottle provides enough, or see right for a homemade THC tincture recipe)
1 cup white grape juice (can sub orange juice or apple juice if you don’t mind a muddy color)
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
2 Tbsp. honey
Cooking spray
Sugar for dusting (optional)
3 Tbsp. unflavored gelatin

50-cavity silicone gummy candy mold in bear or heart shapes (available on Amazon or at craft supply stores)
Medicine dropper (some molds include this)







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Over medium to low heat, heat a saucepan and add the juice, lemon, and honey, stirring gently. When thoroughly mixed, add two to three teaspoons of tincture. Slowly add gelatin, whisking constantly until mixture is smooth. Spray silicone molds evenly with cooking spray. Remove pan from heat and use dropper to quickly fill molds with mixture. Refrigerate molds for 15 minutes, or freeze for 5, until mixture is solid. 

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Remove gummies from molds (they should easily pop out once hardened), and, if you’d like, toss the gummies in a light dusting of sugar so they look nice and won’t stick together. Refrigerate gummies in an airtight container for up to two weeks.

Homemade Cannabis Tincture 

Makes much more than the 2-3 teaspoons our gummies recipe calls for. Just keep it on hand for plenty of future use.


  • 1/8  oz. cannabis flower (sativa, indica, or hybrid, depending on your desired effect)
  • 2 oz. high-proof, clear alcohol like Everclear or vodka


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    First you’ll need to decarboxylate your flower. This activates the THC; raw cannabis is not psychoactive. Preheat your oven to 240 degrees. Grind your buds with a cannabis grinder (available on Amazon) and spread them evenly on a baking sheet or oven-safe dish lined with parchment paper. Cook for 40 minutes. (Warning: Your house will smell like weed, but you can cover your buds with foil or an oven bag to help prevent this.) Once it’s done cooking, the cannabis should be a toasted, darker color. Freeze the cooked cannabis and alcohol (separately) for two hours. Next, put the cannabis in the Mason jar and pour the alcohol over it, cover, and shake vigorously for several minutes. Let soak for two hours, shaking every 30 minutes or so. (You can also let the mixture soak over the next two days, shaking every few hours.) The longer it soaks, the more potent and green (from the chlorophyll in the plant) your mixture will become. Remove the flower by straining the tincture through cheesecloth, then again through a coffee filter. Refrigerate the tincture in a properly labeled, dark-colored bottle, or store in a cool, dark place, for up to two years.

    By Marie Lodi
    Photographed by Julia Stotz
    This article originally appeared in the March/April 2019 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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