“Broad City” Recap: Season 4, Episode 10 — “Friendiversary”


This week on Broad City, Abbi and Ilana celebrate another anniversary of their friendship.

On Abbi and Ilana’s giant faces:

Lindsay: Abbi has an Ilana body pillow. Who would you get a body pillow of?

Danielle: Bruce Springsteen. Or Bruce Springsteen’s dog.

Lindsay: What does his dog look like?

Danielle: I dunno.

Lindsay: It’s not a body pillow! It’s just a giant face!

Danielle: Why is she bringing the giant face?

Lindsay: I don’t know, but I love it.

broad city

During a commercial break:

Lindsay: Hold on, I have to control my dogs. Ugh, I stepped in pee.

Danielle: Oh, I’m sorry.

Lindsay: It’s fine. This is my life.

Danielle: I picked up a puppy yesterday that I wasn’t supposed to pick up. But it was OK because in the end, I got to hold a puppy. Are you ready?

When Abbi is on her scavenger hunt:

Lindsay: Ilana is so good at this.

Danielle: Oh my god, no way. She was puppy hair!

Danielle: How much do you think this scavenger hunt cost for her to make?

Lindsay: I think a lot of people owed her favors in town.

When Abbi and Ilana eat chicken fingers for their friendiversary:

Danielle: We should do this, Lindsay! A friendiversary!

Lindsay: When we have our friendiversary can we have too much cheese?

Danielle: Yeah, but I have to wait a while before I go to sleep because you know what happens with my dreams if I have too much cheese. We have to wait for it to… wear off.

broad city

When Ilana gives Abbi the diamond necklace:

Danielle: Oh no. Abbi’s gonna lose the necklace. Something’s going to happen. WHY WOULD ILANA GIVE THIS TO ABBI?

Lindsay: They know they’re not responsible!

Danielle: She got Ilana nothing!

Lindsay: Oh no. Do you think the season’s going to end with them breaking up?

Danielle: No, no, no, no, noooooo. ABBI!

Lindsay: THINK ABOUT THIS. Their first episode this season was their friendship origin. The end is their friendship demise.

While they are on top of the Empire State building:

Danielle: It costs $1200 to get these cardboard cutouts done.


Danielle: I’ve always wanted to do that?

Lindsay: Look into people’s apartments?

Danielle: NO. Have sex in a high-rise building!

broad city

When Abbi and Ilana leave the Empire State Building to fight crime:

Danielle: Where do you think this episode is going to go?

Lindsay: They’re going to end their friendship.

Danielle: I don’t know. Has the show been renewed? Did they see any blood?

Lindsay: They don’t care. There’s real crime in New York to deal with.

Danielle: It’s definitely a blow-up doll instead of a body. Wait, what if the body’s in the bag?

When Abbi and Ilana are following the man:

Danielle: Who do you think the celebrity is going to be in this episode?

Lindsay: I hope it’s Steve Buscemi again.

Danielle: How far are they going to watch him!?

Lindsay: Oh my god! Abbi is painted on Ilana’s coat!

When Abbi and Ilana sneak into the man’s apartment:

Danielle: What are they look for in there?

Lindsay: Look for clues!

Danielle: They committed a crime just now!

Lindsay: The girlfriend is going to come back after a trip and find out that he uses a blow-up doll!

Danielle: This is crazy.

When the guy goes to the movie theater:

Lindsay: Oh my god do you think he just went to the movie theater to get popcorn because it’s so good?

Danielle: She has Abbi on her jacket!

Lindsay: I said that five minutes ago.

When Abbi and Ilana realize he had a sex doll:

Danielle: I was right!

Lindsay: It was a sex doll! And he DOES enjoy the popcorn!

broad city

Planning our friendiversary:

Danielle: Do you remember the date we got coffee?

Lindsay: In January?

Danielle: It may have been in March.

Lindsay: I think it’s still in my calendar somewhere.

Danielle: Find it. Find it now!


Images and gifs via Broad City/Comedy Central

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