These 9 Women of Color Are Passionate About Teaching Women How To Level Up Financially

by Prachi Golecha

 It’s 2022 and women are finally starting to claim power over their money. But while we are making strides economically, we continue to scramble for a level playing field in the financial space. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Data, women still earn roughly 82 cents for every dollar a man makes. This ever-widening income gap impedes women’s financial inclusion and leads to an increased poverty rate, less retirement security, and low chances of career advancement. Furthermore, matters are worse for women of color who have experienced historical oppression at the intersection of patriarchy and racial discrimination. A report by the US Census Bureau states that in 2020, Black and Hispanic women made 64 and 57 cents for every dollar earned by a man. 

To navigate and survive in a system that is essentially stacked against women, it is crucial to equip ourselves with financial literacy. Over the past few years, social media has witnessed a rise in the number of women of color involved in educating people about money management. Below, we have rounded up a list of nine financial gurus who can help you get your finances in order. 

1. @delyannethemoneycoach  

A Brazilian-American money expert, Delyanne has come all the way from being riddled with a six-figure student debt to owning a seven-figure business that can help you become a “savvy investor.” She firmly believes that “long-term investing” is the key to financial freedom. With over 150k followers on Instagram, Delyanne imparts knowledge about the stock market, taxes and becoming debt-free amongst other money-related topics. 

The nationally-recognised money coach also hosts a podcast called Diversifying that “demystifies and humanizes money” by helping new generations and a diverse set of communities navigate the financial system. 

2. @thebrokeblackgirl  

Having amassed nearly 200k followers on Instagram, financial activist Dasha Kennedy uses her space to document her financial journey as an African-American woman and offer her community valuable insights that she has gathered over the past few years. 

In addition to providing actionable money-related advice, Dasha also touches on “daily money affirmations” to manifest and attract financial health. 

To learn more about her philosophy, you can explore her ebooks that cover a wide range of topics from paying off your debt to becoming a “girlpreneur”.  

3. @thebudgetnista 

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche is an award-winning financial educator who has spearheaded a “financial movement” that helps women worldwide reclaim their power over money. Through her Instagram page, the money coach hosts insightful live sessions, shares powerful “money mantras” and uses refreshing templates to discuss new developments in the financial space. 

A former preschool teacher, Tiffany is the author of Get Good With Money, a New York Times Bestseller that charts out her powerful techniques to attain “financial wholeness” through actionable steps, worksheets, checklists and resources. 

4. @investwithqueenie 

Sydney-based Youtuber Tan’s content ranges from reels on smart lifestyle hacks for saving money to informative text posts on the dynamic nature of stock market and life-changing financial lessons she has learned over the course of her life. 

Like other finance experts, Tan swears by the importance of investing early. She uses her platform to actively talk about investing strategies and asset management. While Tan admits that starting your financial journey is the most difficult part, she advises her followers to trust the process and believe in the power of compound interest on investments. 

 5. @ca_rachanaranade 

As a chartered account based in India, Rachana is undoubtedly a repository of financial knowledge. From analyzing the performances of major companies in the field of finance to apprising her followers about the latest IPO to hit the market, the influencer’s ability to make thought-provoking and user-friendly content about money has made her one of the most popular finance experts amongst Indians. 

Her new Instagram venture called Funance aims to simplify financial literacy by using interactive templates and memes to educate her community about money-related concepts. 

6. @fly.nanced 

The founder of an online platform called Flynanced, Cinneah is a Black money expert who is on a mission to help women or in her words, “9-5 hotties”, fulfill their ambitions by building their wealth at an exponential rate. Besides talking about the various aspects of a 9-5 job and decoding her career trajectory as an NYC-based product manager, the influencer also talks about improving job prospects, creating a travel budget and becoming debt-free. 

With an Instagram following of over 140k, Cinneah addresses the marginalization of BIPOC in the space of personal finance and strongly advocates for income equality and financial freedom for women of color. 

 7. @clevergirlfinance 

With over 370k followers on Instagram, the founder of Clever Girl Finance Bola Sokunbi is determined to make the knowledge of personal finance and wealth building more accessible to women.  

Besides advocating for financial independence, the influencer talks about how to find your way through different situations with money such as surviving a recession, creating a budget with an inconsistent income, and trying to not be a shopaholic. She also incorporates the latest social media trends into our reels to actively address topics like positive affirmations, investments, and financial goals and resolutions. 

Bola also has her own podcast called Clever Girls Know where she hosts honest and meaningful conversations with women who discuss their diverse financial journeys and experiences. 

8. @ca_anamikarana  

Another chartered accountant based in India, Anamika Rana is a finance expert who talks about managing and building your wealth holistically – from investments and side hustle jobs to affordable grocery shopping and obtaining discounts on purchases. 

Being an avid traveler, Anamika also uses her platform to talk about budgeting and saving money while traveling.  She is also an astrologer who is a huge proponent of spirituality and positive financial affirmations. 

9. @myfabfinance 

Tonya Rapley, the founder of My Fab Finance, not only delves into the various aspects of expanding your wealth but also teaches her community how to draw balance between motherhood, relationships and money. 

With a platform worth over 200k followers, other prominent topics that can be seen on her Instagram are student debts, fighting inflation, and maintaining a positive relationship with money. 

Header Photo by Katt Yukawa 

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