On a recent episode of Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner created an obstacle course inspired by Shonda Rhimes and her many TV hits, and taking on that obstacle course  - which Billy called "Gay American Ninja Warrior" - was the one, the only Amy Sedaris.  A few of the physical challenges pay homage to Shonda Rhimes's many achievements, like "bursting through the glass ceiling at ABC" and "the NAACP Image Award ball pit." Others poked fun at some of the more ridiculous aspects of the TGIT shows, like Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Read More

The Williamsburg Reality Show 'The Bedford Stop' Needs To Stop

BY Kellie Galentine IN TV ON November 11, 2015

The Bedford Stop is an Internet-reality show about a group of friends living in Williamsburg, and it lacks so much substance that I could cry. You know when you're sitting around with your friends, and someone says, "You guys, we should have our own show," and you all laugh and are like, "Ya, it would be so funny," but deep down you know that it wouldn't be that funny? That deep-down feeling needs to get relayed to Alex, Olena, Sarah and Melissa, the four main characters in this millennial tragedy of an online production. Read More
Recently, I’ve become completely obsessed with The Knick. The what, you ask? The Knick is an episodic TV show that’s airing on Cinemax, which explains why you’re probably not watching it (sorry, Cinemax). Luckily for HBO subscribers, the first 10-episode season was briefly available on HBO Go, but it went away as of Oct. 31, so you’ve missed that opportunity. I watched a few episodes on HBO Go before it was cruelly yanked from me, and then actually sprung for the entire season’s rental on Amazon. And I suggest you do the same. Read More
Lucy Lawless has been a feminist pop culture icon for 20 years - and she’s still making projects we’re excited about. BUST got the inside scoop on her latest project - plus old favorites - during a roundtable interview at San Diego Comic Con. Though Lawless pointed out that there were other strong female characters before Xena: Warrior Princess, we have to say that Xena makes Jon Snow look like a pretty-haired boy with a sword in comparison. Xena didn’t need men to tell her what to do, and she kicked ass like none other. Read More
As sci-fi geeks and unknowing civilians world over are aware, Star Trek has left a seismic cultural imprint. I thought that this cult classic was a thing of the past, an awesome heirloom available for nostalgia-induced Netflix streaming.  Not so fast! CBS Studios announced yesterday that a new season will be released in January of 2017. The series will feature new characters and new far-out civilizations, and as always will explore explosive contemporary themes. In the past, Star Trek has been credited with provoking thoughtful discussion about race, gender, and the environment. Read More

Women In Television Take The Spotlight At NYTVF

BY Erika W. Smith IN TV ON October 26, 2015

Imagine a panel of female showrunners - the women who make the big decisions on hit series like Madame Secretary, VEEP, The Good Wife and Louie. Now, imagine that the panel hasn’t been billed as a pinkified, sparkly ~women in television~ event. That’s exactly what happened last week at the New York Television Film Fest. On Tuesday, October 20, NYTVF held its Creative Keynote Panel, titled “Running The Show; A Big Picture Conversation On Creating For The Small Screen. Read More
Three friends sign up for a game show - but once they arrive for filming, they have to ride a terrifying haunted elevator to an abandoned warehouse that contains all their worst fears. The game show hosts, identical twins dressed all in black, manipulate the monsters, ghosts and serial killers that torment the friends - and the elevator is leaving soon. This isn’t the premise for a creative horror movie or a hilarious SNL sketch, but a REAL. LIFE. GAME SHOW. It’s called Hellevator, and it premiered on GSN TV last night - you can catch future episodes every Wednesday at 8pm. Read More
 Yesterday, news broke that Gilmore Girls may be returning to a TV near you with four 90-minute episodes catching up on all our favorite citizens of Stars Hollow. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is in negotiations with Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino as well as stars Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) and Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore). Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St. James) is also expected to return. Read More
After seven successful seasons, the television series Mad Men ended this past May. I loved this show on such a deep level for one major reason: the women. The development of the female characters throughout the course of the show is what I connected to the most. Peggy, Joan, even Betty, they were the reason I tuned in every week (well them and Jon Hamm’s damn gorgeous face). The finale season was especially exciting because it so clearly hinted at the impending Feminist Movement of the 1970s. The characters and viewers both felt that things were about the change for women in America. Read More
Everyone has watched Abigail Breslin grow up, it seems. Not long after we sit down in New York’s venerable Italian bakery Veniero’s, an admirer approaches us. She’s not a fellow teen—as many of the 19-year-old’s most ardent fans are—but a middle-aged woman who has known the actress/writer/singer since she was a kid. Breslin was born and raised on the Lower East Side, and she’s been coming to Veniero’s for years. Unlike this woman, you’ve most likely never watched Breslin eat pastries. Read More