Lola Kirke in Mozart In The Jungle On the phone, Lola Kirke sounds nothing like her older sister Jemima: her accent is all American. At 25, Lola is five years younger than Jemima and though the sisters look remarkably alike — save for Lola’s darker hair — their careers couldn’t be more different. (Another sister, Domino, is a singer.
Broad City returns for its third season on February 17th. Can I get a YAS QUEEN? I’ve been counting down the days for a while now, and I thought there was no way I could be more excited. But then I found out about this. Comedy Central just announced that this Saturday, February 6th there will be a Broad City mural in Williamsburg that will be open for the public to paint. IN ADDITION (as if I wasn’t already loosing my freaking mind), they will also be giving away FREE drinks and Broad City swag. Cue tears of joy.
When Showtime’s The Affair begins, Noah Solloway’s (Dominic West) first book is a “failure” due to lack of acclaim. Viewers initially root for Noah’s literary success until the show demonstrates how much his rising star relies on privilege. Rather than explore the way male privilege in the literary world turns Noah into a raging narcissist, the show uses that privilege to forward the narrative in laughably unbelievable—and, unfortunately, all too believable—ways.
Jumpsuit: Ramy BrookBlack-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross opens up about television’s race problem, getting real on social media, and the Supreme support of her very famous mom Tracee Ellis Ross is hilarious, but her success is no joke. Ross has worked the runway for Thierry Mugler, posed for world-famous photographers such as Herb Ritts, snagged an Ivy League degree (and, more recently, an honorary doctorate) from Brown University, and stole our hearts as Joan on Girlfriends, the long-running (2000–2008) Sex and the City–esque show that featured four leading ladies of color.
Rowan Blanchard is so much more than the talented star of the Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World (yes, that's the sequel to Boy Meets World). The 14-year-old has spoken out in favor of intersectional feminism, gun control, human rights and many other worthy causes, making her an inspiration for people of all genders and ages. Now, Rowan is opening up a conversation about sexuality and representation by coming out as queer on Twitter.It all started when a fan tweeted #BisexualRileyMatthews2K6, referring to the character Rowan plays on Girl Meets World.
Female nudity is rapidly saturating the television industry; here is Cody Kennedy's personal account of taking the topless plunge on the Golden Globe-nominated Hulu series "Casual."On an ordinary Tuesday, something pretty extraordinary fell into my lap. In front of me was the chance to audition for renowned screenwriter Jason Reitman’s newest comedy. Instantly, I was overwhelmed with the thought of showcasing for the man behind Juno (2007) and Up in the Air (2009). But before I rushed to confirm, I took a look at the fine print: NUDITY REQUIRED. Instant buzzkill.
With the premiere of Idiotsitter, two more funny females are joining the likes of Amy, Ilana and Abbi on Comedy Central.   Jillian Bell plays Gene, a wild trustfund baby who is under house arrest in her dad's mansion. Charlotte Newhouse plays Billie, a Harvard grad desperate for cash to pay off her student loans, so she's forced to take a job "sitting" for Gene. Things get hilarious when the two are essentially trapped in each other’s company. Bell and Newhouse created and star in the show. BUST sat down with the comedy duo to talk about their new show.
I often think back on '90s cartoons with great affection, but it wasn't until recently that I started to realize how totally feminist some of these cartoons were. Lucky for me, I grew up with parents who always told me girls could do anything boys could. (One time, my mother called my elementary school after I came home complaining that one of our teachers—a man—told me I couldn't play football with the boys during recess. I don't think I really even gave a fuck about football, but the injustice of it really pissed me off, and it definitely pissed off my mom).
Have you heard the rumors? Supposedly, As Told By Ginger is coming back to Nickelodeon in 2017. In the late '90s and early 2000s, I lived and breathed Nicktoons, and As Told By Ginger was a super important one. My older sister and I tuned in every Sunday evening to watch Ginger and her friends navigate the very tough world of middle school. I was still in elementary school at the time, but Ginger gave me a glimpse into a world that I would soon enter and warned me of the challenges ahead.
On Saturday, February 6th, Lifetime is premiering Manson's Lost Girls, a movie following the lives of the woman in Charles Manson's family who were involved in Helter Skelter and the killing of at least seven people in the Tate/LaBianca murders. The Lifetime Original Movie is set in the "psychedelic summer of 1969" and depicts the gory details through the eyes of Linda Kasabian, a former member of the Manson Family and the getaway driver during the slaughterings. Kasabian is played by MacKenzie Mauzy from Into the Woods, while Manson is played by Jeff Ward from the Mentalist.