According to Instagram, Laurent and I were destined to be an amazing couple. We first collided at work in the Google hallway. I was walking to the kitchen for my upteenth ice tea, he was going to take a call with his team in Brazil. “Those stairs are really hard to get up, right?” Laurent sputtered. “I’m always out of breath and I’m in decent shape!” He pushed his black Ray Bans further up on his face. I was wearing the same glasses in brown and under his focused stare, reverted to my nervous habit of twisting my long brunette hair up into a quick ballet bun. Read More
In the latest episode of Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner parades Julianne Moore through Times Square as she performs monologues from her films. But instead of getting a paycheck, she’s working for tips and competing with creepy fake Elmos. This is possibly the most uncomfortable Billy on the Street video yet, and that's saying something. Moore pulls some emotional punches and even cries in front of strangers. She also does a monologue from The Big Lebowski that involves a lecture about vaginas. Props to Eichner for making some kissing teens feel awkward. Read More
The incomparable Santigold just gifted us mortals another single from her forthcoming record, 99¢ and guess what – actually, don’t – it’s amazing. I’m currently nursing a cold, and “Who Be Lovin’ Me” was precisely the summery-escapist-joy-ride I needed to get me through. I’m at like 15 consecutive listens. I have no intention of stopping. You should do the same thing. Did I mention it features the rare Earl Sweatshirt?     Alas, we still have another month to wait for the LP (drops Jan. 22!). Read More
After years of making Broadway audiences swoon, actor Cheyenne Jackson became a small-screen star in 2009 with his recurring role as Danny Baker—a TGS cast member who has a fling with Liz Lemon—on 30 Rock. Now, the 40-year-old triple threat has taken up residence at a decidedly scarier address, Hotel Cortez—a fictional downtown L.A. location at the center of the latest season of American Horror Story. Read More
  On November 28, adult film star Stoya took to Twitter to publicly accuse fellow adult film star and her ex-boyfriend James Deen of rape. Here are Stoya's tweets: That thing where you log in to the internet for a second and see people idolizing the guy who raped you as a feminist. That thing sucks. — Stoya (@stoya) November 28, 2015 James Deen held me down and fucked me while I said no, stop, used my safeword. I just can't nod and smile when people bring him up anymore. Read More
The Kardashian/Jenner clan keeps us living and kicking—whether that’s because they’re hosting obscenely over the top weddings, starting a million businesses, screaming at us on Snapchat, or because, for better or worse, they’re posing for magazine covers. In this case…I’m gonna have to go with worse. Most recently, Kylie Jenner is in the spotlight for her cover with Interview Magazine, posing in a wheel chair. Read More
When Universal Music approached documentary filmmaker Asif Kapadia about making a movie about Amy Winehouse, the singer had been dead for only a year. “My first instinct was that it was actually too early, but I thought there was a story there because something didn’t quite make sense about what happened,” Kapadia told BUST on the phone. “The fact that this happened in London, where I live, in North London, where I live, it didn’t make sense that someone in this day and age could live that life and die that way. Read More
  Veteran actress Holland Taylor recently opened up about falling in love with a woman in an interview with the podcast “Death, Sex & Money.” Holland, 72, has been acting for almost 50 years. You might know her for her recurring roles on The L Word, Two And A Half Men, The Practice or Bosom Buddies or the movies Legally Blonde and The Truman Show. This is Holland’s first serious relationship and the first she has spoken about publicly, but she insists that the interview shouldn’t be seen as coming out. Read More
Girls aren’t playing as much as they used to with the takeover of smartphones and technology. That’s why the nonprofit organization Play Like A Girl is stepping in. Play Like A Girl recognizes that playing is an important part of girlhood. Shooting hoops, taking a ballet class, or playing hopscotch allows girls to stay happy and healthy. Since 2004, Play Like A Girl has helped inspire girls in the U.S. and Canada play more by involving them in games and sports. Read More
Prepare the box of tissues and whatever sweet or salty guilt-snack you’ll need to binge on, because next Thursday, the holidays are coming three weeks early. Dolly Parton’s made-for-TV movie airs on December 10th on NBC and we’ll be in our onesies, on the couch, grabbing for our mothers.  The movie, about Parton’s difficult childhood in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, began production in August. Read More