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Beat Black


Polymer clay jewelry which themes include anatomy, sea life , candy and much much more! Come check out the intestines, moldy brains or cupcakes :)


Found It At Goodwill


This is a blog site dedicated to all of the weird and wonderful things that can be found at America's favorite thrift store as well as thrift stores and yard sales around the country. Check it out and please submit your photos and stories!



Offering advice for unfortunate girls, wayward boys, and unhappily married couples - as culled from vintage marriage and sex-ed manuals. Hersteria also features a Hussy of the Month!

Category:Dating & Sex

In Shadows...


A look at the darker side of Etsy's talented brood


Quirky and Unique Vintage Clothes, Original Paintings, ...


An etsy shop with the most original vintage clothes from the 1940's- 1980's. Also offered are original framed bizarre lowbrow paintings. Shop also offers comics, shoes, and custom pet portraits.

TEAM-ZEBRA Unique Funky Earrings & Funky Costume Jewelr...


Well, obviously we're very crafty... (Hee...hee...) Shop www.TEAM-ZEBRA.com for a GINORMOUS selection of unique DIY funky costume jewelry & handcrafted custom kitsh funky earrings. Lowest prices on the planet! ***FREE SHIPPING Worldwide for orders o ...

Ugly Baby Shower Art


Shower Art is waterproof art you can hang in your shower (or anywhere else, we're no dictators) with a suction cup.

Category:Home Decor