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A love letter to the city.


Lindsey Trout documents life as a young actor in New York City.




Actress and sketch-comedienne Dani Faith Leonard (BroadsAndWenches.com & ReallySketchy.com) and filmmaker Alex Cirillo, have teamed up to create BigVisionEmptyWallet.com, the only one-stop news and production resource guide for New York City's indepen ...

Growing Up White


As a baby, I was abandoned on a doorstep in Seoul, South Korea and was adopted by off-kilter white folks and raised in rural North Carolina. I now live in New York City. My blog, Growing Up White, details the day-to-day of my crazy life full of existentia ...

Last American Childhood


A mom baffled by New York's mom-zombie culture, who hates mingling at playgrounds especially when there are no cocktails, likes to write about why having a kid can't possibly save your marriage, talk about her toddler peeing on power strips, and make up n ...