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Angie Go Boom


"Angie Go Boom" is a lifestyle/personal hybrid blog "where materialism & poetic idealism meet for tea".

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Whether you're a mom-to-be or already a mother with another on the way, we have the essential baby information you need. Inside you'll find a variety of baby videos touching upon topics including pregnancy, medical information, nutrition and fitness advic ...

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A blog about being a mommy, make-up artist, wife, and just about life's happenings.

Goddess Moms


Created for you. Every woman is a Goddess. How can we help your inner Goddess shine today?


Handmade Art Jewelry/Metals


One of a kind, hand made jewelry based on the intricaies of nature. Unique wearable art. Contact me for commisioned pieces.


I want my nanny


I WANT MY NANNY!! is a cry for community. I’ve brought out my stories in a hope to find other like-minded, nanny-enabled parent’s out there. I want us to come together to share our stories and find solace in the fact that even with a nanny, life’s not per ...

Last American Childhood


A mom baffled by New York's mom-zombie culture, who hates mingling at playgrounds especially when there are no cocktails, likes to write about why having a kid can't possibly save your marriage, talk about her toddler peeing on power strips, and make up n ...

Laura Vernon: Illustrator and Such...


My blog is about my illustration, the process, and the things that inspire me in my life. I write about anything I feel is significant in my day to day life. I'm just trying to make it as an illustrator, and as a mom, and as a person. Please check it ou ...


Lavender-Love * Handcrafted Products for Mind, Body and...


10% off everything in my shop - use DISCOUNT CODE 1012101573 *** Handcrafted Bulgar lavender items, made in small batches after purchase to ensure quality and freshness. Great prices on bath salts, scrubs, teas, lotions, skin care, culinary extras, sache ...

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Moms and Bombs


Officially a blog dedicated to Jews, Queers, Babies and Acting, it instead offers a variety of cultural criticism. From homophobic rappers to drag queen nuns, Moms and Bombs has something for everyone.



Feisty Queerspawn blogger/memoirist who covers her quadrants of interest: Jews, Queers, Babies and Acting


Not Your Typical Southern Belle


I'm just a weird mom of two teens living in a tiny town in the south. I'm really into music, movies, tv, books, social media, blogging, writing, weather-watching, home improvement, roller skating/roller derby, cars/auto restoration, and travel. I also d ...

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Notes to Self


a blog about painful memories, mistakes, weird thoughts, random observations. all in the name of comedy.


Renegade Moms


We're not just moms and we don't always like our kids. Or yours. Renegade Moms is NOT a typical mommy blahg.

Shoelace Untied


Just a new mom who is loving her son.. through the good days and bad, for richer and poorer, till dad comes home to do us part. (does that make sense? I have spitup in my hair and my eyes are burning.. sorry!)

Sunshine and Merriment


The online playground of a single, stay-at-home, Asian blogger mom

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The Musician's Wife


Married to a musician, mother of three, writing about my life as more than a groupie.

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