Watch YouTubers Solve All Of Hollywood’s Sexist Problems In One Hilarious Video

by Dawn Day

The self-proclaimed co-dependent bestie vloggers of YouTube’s Just Between Us, Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn, have teamed up with Field Day to bring “Hollywood Solves Sexism” to your computer screen.  The satirical movie trailer points out some serious truths about sexism in the movie industry. From failing to give women superheroes equal stake in big budget films, to putting most female characters in high heels, the ladies of Just Between Us poke fun at almost every aspect of the already laughable treatment of women in Hollywood. Luckily, they have fixed all of the industry’s problems in just one movie! We caught up with Allison and Gaby to talk about their new video, superheroes and feminism: 

Normally dating is the main theme of your comedic videos. What sparked your interest in this project? 

Gaby Dunn: The video was Allison’s idea after Field Day approached us about making a bigger budget video. I believe she wanted to tackle a political/important/social conscious topic and thought women in movies was one close to her heart as an actress and writer. My favorite part is me eating the burger. I loved doing it. I love that it shows a woman eating in a movie. It’s just very funny to me, and I love the three people who have pointed it out as their favorite part.

Allison Raskin: It was a great opportunity to tackle something that mattered. I sort of reverse engineered it and thought about doing a parody trailer and then I thought, “what needs to be parodied,” and then I thought, “the entire entertainment industry.”  

Are there any examples of sexism in the media that really make you angry? 

GD: Well, um, everything, always. But I am a huge comic book fan, I love Marvel movies, and I am constantly baffled by the treatment of Black Widow opposed to the other Avengers. I was disappointed in how Black Widow was treated in Age of Ultron, but the more telling bullshit is how she’s treated in Marvel’s merchandising. In that, she’s in almost none of it. I look for Black Widow stuff at comics shops, and Target, and at Disneyland, and it’s nowhere to be seen. She’s not included on any shirts, or bedsheets, or lunchboxes. It must suck for little girls to see that. I can’t wait for Captain Marvel’s film since I love the comics. I also would love to see a Miles Morales spin on Spider-Man, which I think Marvel really dropped the ball by not doing in this new reboot.

Describe this “co-dependent besties” friendship the two of you have in 3 words: 

GD: “It’s a marriage.”

AR: “What she said.”

How do you handle the toxicity of the Internet trolls and do you have any advice for other women on how to deal with the haters? 

GD: Fuck ‘em. I’d rather trolls be talking about us, than us waste any of our time on them. There are so many women out there making stuff. Talk about it and band together and help each other.

AR: It’s hard because as a creative you need to be open to constructive criticism. The key work being constructive. If a comment actually offends you (aka “this isn’t funny”) then it has probably hit on some sort of insecurity. So you need to learn to toughen up and improve yourself at the same time. But also, fuck ‘em.

What does Hollywood need to do to change its representation of women?

GD: The more women that are in things and making things, the less strange it will be that there are so many different types of complex women.

AR: It needs to be fixed from the top down. Put more women in charge and there will be more women throughout.

Last, but most importantly: Are you feminists? What does this mean to you? 

GD: Yes. It means everything. Being a feminist has made my life 1000x better. It’s opened me up to creative possibility and audiences that desperately need and deserve content. It’s also given me the best female friendships I’ve ever had.

AR: Being a feminist means you believe in equality. For me it’s that simple and to say otherwise complicates a very clear situation and makes it that much harder to move forward in the right direction.

Follow Gaby and Allison on YouTube at Just Between Us.

Photos courtesy of Just Between Us.


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