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How To Make Your Own Pure Mineral Eyeshadow

by BUST Magazine


Ever wanted to make your own makeup? It’s easier than you might think! Check out this excerpt from Make Your Own Pure Mineral Makeup: 79 Easy Hypoallergenic Recipes For Radiant Beauty, by Heather Anderson


How To Make Briar Eyeshadow



I don’t usually read fiction, but when I do, I love classic fairy tales that are made modern. Sleeping Beauty and Briar Rose are among my favorites. I love Briar’s kind, loving heart; she is incredibly sweet and makes friends with everyone — even woodland creatures! She is the kind of person who will do anything to help someone and make peace. She is a ladylike, classic beauty.

This eye shadow is a taupe brown with a gold sparkle. Apply all over the eyelid for a casual day look or wear as a mid-tone color for a smoky-eye look. Briar looks amazing on all skin shades and makes a beautiful highlighter for medium-dark skin shades.



Looks great with
Skin undertone: Warm and neutral
Eye color: Any, but especially blue or gray
Other uses: Highlighter, blush

1 pinch plus 1 smidgen silver gold mica
1 pinch nude silver mica
1 pinch satin bronze mica
1 pinch white gold mica
1 smidgen Makeup Base. 
Blend together using your preferred mixing method.

86 MVilaubi Briar MYOMineralMakeup 41c17Swatch photo by Mars Vilaubi


Making Makeup, Step by Step

Mixing Powders

Nearly all the ingredients in my recipes come in powder form, and with the exception of lip balm, lip gloss, and mixing medium, all the recipes in this book make powdered products. Combining multiple powders is not complicated, but matte pigments and lustrous micas do require different mixing methods to preserve their trademark characteristics.

How to Mix Matte Powders

Matte powders and pigments such as iron oxides and ultramarines are very dense and should always be mixed mechanically. You can use a mini blender or a small battery-operated herb or tobacco grinder. All of these tools will help you create a finer powder and streak-free color. Hand-mixing matte pigments will result in streaks of color, which can ruin the makeup application.

Recipes in this book that need to be electrically mixed include makeup base, matte eye shadows, matte eyeliner, matte eyebrow powder, foundation bases, foundation, concealer, color correctors, finishing powder, matte blush, and matte bronzer.

How to Mix Pearlescent Powders

To mix micas and other pearlescent powders into matte powder, makeup base, or sheer powder like arrowroot, cornstarch, or tapioca starch, you’ll want to work by hand to ensure that their luster isn’t dulled. Mixing colored micas by machine breaks up the sparkly surface, resulting in less shine. While you are experimenting with creating your own makeup, add one mica at a time and mix after each addition. This will help you understand how every change affects the color and consistency of the final product. Once you are familiar with a recipe, you can add all of the micas at once, making sure you mix thoroughly to ensure that all of the powders are distributed evenly.

You can use any of the following mixing methods for recipes with mica, including shimmery eye shadow, shimmery eyeliner, highlighter, shimmery blush, and shimmery bronzer.

Mixing in a Jar
1. Measure your first ingredient and place it in the jar.
2. Measure your next ingredient and add it to the jar. Attach the jar’s lid.
3. Shake until fully mixed. 
4. Repeat with each ingredient until all the powders are fully mixed.

Mixing in a Cup
1. Measure your first ingredient and place it in the cup.
2. Measure your next ingredient and add it to the cup.
3. With your stirring tool, mix in circular motions until fully blended. 
4. Repeat with each ingredient until all the powders are fully mixed.

Mixing in a Resealable Plastic Bag
1. Measure your first ingredient and place it in the plastic bag.
2. Measure your next ingredient and add it to the bag. Seal the bag.
3. Using your hands, massage the two ingredients thoroughly for a few seconds, until blended. 
4. Repeat until all the ingredients have been added.

Making Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Wash your hands thoroughly.
Wear a protective face mask, clean clothing, and an apron.
Pull your hair back or wear a hat or hairnet.

Eat, drink, or smoke while making cosmetics.
Leave open food containers near your makeup ingredients or finished products.
Make cosmetics when you are sick or when you have any hand wounds.
Let animals, their fur, or their dander or children come in contact with any of your supplies, equipment, or workspace.

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Excerpted from Make Your Own Pure Mineral Makeup, © by Heather Anderson, photography by ©Melinda DiMauro, used with permission from Storey Publishing.

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