‘Gilmore Girls’ Fans All Missed The Most Obvious Clue About Those Last Four Words

by Veronica Zabczynski

In Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the final four words were revealed, leaving many fans shocked. The fact that Rory, who had relied on making plans and to-do lists throughout much of the series, had accidentally gotten pregnant was, after all, very shocking. While many clues pointing to Rory’s pregnancy have since surfaced, it seems that fans of the show may have missed the most obvious clue of Rory’s pregnancy. Spoiler alert, it has to do with coffee.

During the episode “Fall,” Christopher Hayden (played by David Sutcliffee) makes his only appearance in the revival. Sutcliffe must be drinking the same water as Matt Czuchry, Milo Ventimiglia and Jared Padalecki, because these men have not aged. How is that possible? It’s beside the point, but the world would really benefit from knowing their anti-aging secrets.

In this particularly cold scene between daughter and father, Rory practically interrogates Christopher, first about his current life and then how he felt about her upbringing. These questions were asked under the guise of her upcoming book, which was why the audience, too, assumed she was asking Christopher about their past. After the revelation of the final four words, the Christopher scene takes on a new meaning. At first, it seemed that Rory was just trying to gain perspective for her novel. Upon realizing that Rory is pregnant with (most likely) her engaged ex-boyfriend’s baby, it is clear that Rory was actually trying to gain perspective for her new chapter in life. However, there is even more to this scene than the veiled questions about her future. There is actually a huge red flag of Rory’s pregnancy implanted right into this scene.

When Christopher enters, he hands Rory what seems to be the largest Starbucks cup ever. Instead of reacting with her usual enthusiasm for coffee, Rory simply comments on just how big this cup of coffee is. The Rory we all know and love usually reacts like a dog with a bone when someone hands her a cup of coffee this size. This uninterested assessment of the size of her coffee wasn’t out of character, but rather a clue about her pregnancy.

Paying close attention to the scene, Rory never takes a sip of this huge cup of coffee. While asking Christopher about his feelings, she holds the cup. She picks at the cup. She switches the cup to her other hand. However, she never takes a sip of coffee. When has a Gilmore ever been holding delicious, hot coffee and not guzzled it? Uh, never. The scene is bookended with another reference to the coffee. Before leaving, she thanks her father for the coffee, despite never having taken a sip.

Pregnant women can drink coffee, but it’s advised that they drink it in moderation, which is not how our Gilmore women drink their coffee. Moderation means only one cup of coffee a day, which is a measly 8 fl. oz. It’s completely likely that Rory had already had her 8 fl. oz. for the day, before Christopher had handed her a cup that looked to be about 20 fl. oz. or more.

Diving deeper into Rory’s coffee drinking habits and her pregnancy, she is a perfectionist. We wouldn’t be surprised if she quit cold turkey for the duration of her pregnancy. Whether that was the case, or whether she had already had her 8 fl. oz. of delicious caffeine earlier in the day, we don’t know. We do know that she didn’t touch the coffee Christopher gave her, which was a huge pregnancy flag that we all missed.

Amy Sherman-Palladino implanted the smallest clue of Rory’s pregnancy and it was, of course, related to coffee. It’s the perfect Easter egg for fans. Amy Sherman-Palladino proved, yet again, why all of us Stars Hollow junkies worship her storytelling. Now, we’ll just sit around patiently waiting for the news of another season.

Top photo: Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

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