8 Statement Rings And What They’re Saying

by Meghan Sara

Statement rings are an essential part of your wardrobe, if you’re the kind of person who gesticulates wildly when you talk (like moi, for instance)! If you’ve ever accidentally knocked a cup of coffee out of a stranger’s hand while “talking with your hands,” only for them to compliment you on your rings, then you know the power of a good statement ring! Get ready to “put a ring on it” (air quotes of course) because all of these vendors will be showing their wares at the BUST Craftacular on April 23rd here in Brooklyn! Scroll on through and visit their websites for even more bold jewelry:

Pegasus Ring by Natalie Joy

Pegasus Ring by Natalie Joy, part of the Celestial Being Collection

What it says: My love of horses rivals Tina Belcher’s. I wear this ring when I’m getting ready to “stirrup” (yes air quotes) some trouble — and by “trouble” I mean mixing up a homemade G&T, lighting up my trusty Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle, slipping on my unicorn kigurumi, and rearranging my collection of ceramic ponies! Yeehaw!

Friendship Ring Pin Skyler Man

Friendship Pin Ring by Skyler Man

What it says: In my heyday, I’d go out on a Saturday night with a safety pin through each earlobe AND one in my nostril. But since I’ve made partner at the firm, I’ve been having the darnedest time working safety pins into my new wardrobe of business suits and Manolo Blahniks. Finally! A sleek, dainty bauble that doesn’t clash with my Armani skirt suit, and transitions sweetly from board room to mosh pit.

Bronze Water Drop Ring Tree Trunk Arts

Bronze Water Drop Ring by Tree Trunk Arts

What it says: Ever since that Vipassana retreat, I’ve been practicing conscious mindfullness. I’ve switched to eating an 80% plant-based diet and I haven’t missed a Sunday “Sun Salutations” Meetup yet! I’m trying to focus on the power of passivity, and this ring — which is formed when molten brass hits water — is a reminder of how even something as soft and gentle as water can bend and mold something as tough as metal! Deep, right?

Two Finger Ring Selkyrie Design

Two Finger Ring by Selkyrie Design

What it says: My college roommate said I’d probably lose my own head if it weren’t attached to my shoulders. Well, I may have left my wallet in a cab after trying to make out with that guy I met on “Beautiful People” in an empty room at the McKittrick Hotel during Sleep No More, but I’m never going to lose my ring finger as long as it’s attached to my middle finger! Thanks, trusty two-finger ring! And I never lose my middle finger, because I need it to flip off the pedestrians in the bike lane on the Williamsburg Bridge. They should know better! On a related note, have you seen my keys?

Tiny Love Knot Yumi Jewelry

Tiny Love Knot Ring in Rose Gold from Yumi Jewelry

What it says: I like to keep things delicate and simple. White walls and clean lines. My bookshelves are arranged alphabetically and there is NO clutter on my nightstand — just a framed, signed headshot of Martha Stewart, which I kiss goodnight every day for good luck. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but when I do, it’s elegant and dainty. I don’t want big clunky rings to get in the way when I’m rolling out rugelach, or working on technique in Muay Thai class. Plus, this ring matches my iPhone, and you know how things HAVE TO MATCH.

Sterling Silver Heart Carved Ring VioletRae Designs

Sterling Silver Heart Carved Ring by VioletRae Designs (also available in Brass and Bronze, see featured image)

What it says: Another weekend gallery hopping solo in Soho — now that I’ve split up with Jordan because he couldn’t tell a Monet from a Manet! He actually said, “I thought they were the same guy.” Can you believe it? I’m so miserable and fabulous, my heart is as empty and hollow as this incredible ring, made by a complex wax-carving process. Is it too much to expect that a grown man know the difference between Edward Hopper and Edgar Degas? At least there’s free moscato at this show.

Earthworm Ring Beloved Little Lamb

Earthworm Ring from Beloved Little Lamb

What it says: Ever since I saw Home Alone, I wanted a pet tarantula — but my mom wouldn’t let me have one! Well, she can’t stop me from wearing worms on my hands, and she can’t tell me not to swear on Twitter! Twitter is a free country, mom, and I’m not under your roof anymore, so I don’t have to follow your rules! I can be a vegan if I want to, I can buy jeans from the men’s department if I want to, and I can shave the side of my head if I want to because I’m a grown up! Also, can you please thank Aunt Shirley for the Olive Garden gift cards she sent me? Thanks.

Riverhead Crusoe 

Riverhead Horizontal Stacking Ring by Crusoe Jewelry 

What it says: Oh, this ring takes me right back to that summer in Newport when the cousins and I took sailing lessons. Picture this: We were close hauled on the port tack, when a sudden gust hit us and our mainsail got jammed in the cleat! Before we could let the sail out, why, the whole boat capsized. We scrambled over the gunwales and climbed on top of the centerboard to right the boat, just in time to swoop ahead of the Calverton twins and win the regatta! Oh, those were the days.


So be sure to come to the BUST Craftacular on Saturday, April 23rd to see these — and more — gorgeous pieces! Add some spirit to your “spirit fingers” (yes, more air quotes, deal with it)! I may just come with bare hands and leave looking like Liberace! See you there!


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