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9 TikTok Sex Educators Who Are Revolutionizing Our Conversations About Pleasure Right Now

by Margo Moran

How old were you when you realized that your health teacher’s mumbled, 10-minute tangent about how you should always use a condom or else you’ll die instantly was not an exhaustive and inclusive sex education? Was it when you had queer sex for the first time and realized you weren’t quite sure about any of the details? Maybe it was when you heard from a friend-of-a-friend that sex was supposed to feel good, even for people with vaginas? It could’ve been when your friend tested positive for HIV because they weren’t taught how to realistically practice safe sex? When people aren’t presented with acceptable sex education, they often turn to the Internet, where they think they will learn everything they need to know, when in reality, the often misogynistic and violent porn they discover is not an education. Information is power, but disinformation is real and dangerous, especially on a topic that is so important and central to development (whether you are interested in having sex or not). Platforms like TikTok should always be warily regarded because of their allowance of any person anywhere to bill themselves as an expert and reach hundreds of thousands of people who believe every word they say. However, the platform also allows mythbusters and educators to reach more people than ever could’ve been possible before, and to tell us everything that our health teacher left out. We rounded up 9 inclusive, sex-positive creators who have conversations about queerness, parenting, and more that might not have come up in the classroom.

1. @lexxsexdoc

@lexxsexdoc Reply to @eleanorrrriiaaaaa ♬ original sound – lexxsexdoc

Dr. Lexx (she/her) is a couples clinician and sexologist committed to, in her words, “#shamefreesexed for all”. Her focus is on sex-positive parenting and the navigation of raising children to be comfortable with conversations about sexuality and their bodies. She helps her followers have tricky conversations with their children that they may not have been prepared for by their own parents or educators, such as discussing porn literacy with their older teens and managing the discovery of masturbation.

2. @bdemoves

@bdemoves Who is Whit? ?️‍? #bdemoves #debunkdesire #smexed #ChimeHasYourBack #CandyCrushAllStars #greenscreen #fyp #edutok ♬ Stylish Jazz HipHop – Future Oriented Triad

Whitni (she/her/they) is an androgynous and queer Pleasure Coach who informs her followers about just that: pleasure. They have some incredible content about not basing your queer sex around heterosexual norms and focusing on the pleasure of yourself and your partner instead of aiming to recreate straight porn with a strap-on. They dole out advice for people seeking pleasure in any walk of life, tackling everything from the psychology of intimacy to offering a step-by-step guide for giving your partner the best oral possible.

3. @annatheaverage

@annatheaverage likeee I don’t think you understand. I’m. OBSESSED. #seggseducation #vibing ♬ SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY – Remix – Amaarae & Kali Uchis

Anna is a vibrator engineer and orgasm extraordinaire! She has read mountains of research about sex and pleasure for her work, and she uses that knowledge to answer her follower’s questions and do experiments around orgasms such as seeing if different foods, substances, or circumstances increase the likelihood or intensity. Her focus is on vaginal orgasms, which might have gotten left out of your sex ed altogether.

4. @scottyunfamous

@scottyunfamous Only use toys made out of these materials #learnontiktok #seggseducation #springoutfit #grwm #outfitinspo #seggsualhealth #health #wellness #selfcare #blackgirltiktok #fyp #spicytok #intimacy #fashion ♬ Hoop Earrings – Pardison Fontaine

Scotty (she/her) is a self-proclaimed “sexfluencer” who offers insight on stigmatized health concerns like thrush and bacterial vaginosis. They give helpful reviews of a variety of sex toys and teach her 24.1K followers how to achieve maximum pleasure for themselves and how to provide it to a partner. Her Instagram of the same name offers even more in-depth education and advice relating to pleasure, intimacy, and sexual health.

5. @itskatiehaan

@itskatiehaan Reply to @survivingonbooks_ I’ve got responses coming for a lot of the top questions! also HI NEW FRIENDS!! #wlw #queer #safespace #educational #lgbtq ♬ Relaxed everyday loop BGM – Milk

Katie (she/her) is a queer intimacy director who bills herself as the “TikTok big sis” of anyone with questions regarding sex, especially young queer people. She is also an advocate for peer-led sex education. Katie provides blueprints for conversations surrounding consent, pleasure, and boundaries and delves into queer theory and relationships, addressing huge topics like compulsory heterosexuality (the queer struggle of emulating straightness because it has been so normalized) and when labels are liberating vs. when they’re limiting.

6. @the.attitude.tok

@the.attitude.tok that was a lot to get in 60 seconds ?‍?? #didyouknow #learnontiktok #smexedwithmadeline #anatomylesson ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Madeline (she/her) is a queer and polyamorous creator. She teaches vulva owners how to own responsibly. She smashes myths and stigmas and speaks about the proper use of menstrual cups (she has her own line called Vampire Shot Glasses!) and the improper use of douching. As a certified sex educator, Madeline addresses safe and optimal pleasure, both with a partner and without. This account is a must for people with vulvas and/or people who have sex with people with vulvas. 

7. @drsadafobgyn

@drsadafobgyn Making the uncomfortable a nonchalant conversation around here ? #muslimtiktok #intimacy ♬ the joke is on you. icarly – Kate

Dr. Sadaf is an OBGYN, Sex Coach, and host of the Muslim Sex Podcast. She reveals the gaps she discovered in her own sex ed while becoming an OBGYN and aims to ensure that people do not live in the dark regarding their own sexuality. Shame has no place on Dr. Sadaf’s page where she promotes confidence and open communication, regardless of religious background and upbringing. 

8. You can order one of these cute cl¡t cushions from @Cliterally The Best aka Seggs Ed guru/ legend #seggsseries #seggseducation #anatomy ♬ original sound – Big C Energy

This creator who goes by Big Clit Energy (she/her) offers tips for queer people to have safe, pleasurable sex and shares her own experiences to make sure her followers don’t feel alone in theirs. This page is a little less scientific than some others on this list and is pure, unintimidating fun, while still being highly educational.

9. @drjeanius

@drjeanius You are in charge! Talk to your healthcare provider along the way so you’re comfortable! #complexfamilyplanning #speculum #obgyn #sexeducation #pelvicexams @drjeanius @drjeanius ♬ オリジナル楽曲 – ?きょっちゃん? – きょっちゃん

Dr. Jean (she/her) is a fierce advocate for reproductive health. As a practicing OB/GYN, she shares tips for vulva owners on being a little more comfortable while being examined with a speculum and takes the fear out of a visit to the OB/GYN. She shares truths about the legal and medical side of abortion which every vulva owner should know and that you may not have known before coming across her page, 


Pleasure and sexual safety are not dirty, nor are they a luxury. They are basic rights, and these creators do a spectacular job showing their followers that they deserve every bit of it.

Photo by //;utm_content=creditCopyText”>charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

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