11 Badass Costume Ideas You Already Have In Your Closet

by Kat Hamilton



It’s down to the wire, almost Hallows eve with nothing to wear. You are actually contemplating caving in and just wearing cat ears.

Dont Fret!

Every Halloween someone will take the responsibility upon themselves to be a sexy bunny. Given this inalienble truth, I have put together a list of badass Halloween Costumes that you can probably find in your own closet. A list for those of us who don’t have moolah to drop on a last minute costume and to want avoid the dreaded “how will I ever wear this pumpkin suit again?” debacle.



Katniss Everdeen– There are many ways to be Katniss this Halloween, but for minimal Katniss, all you need is a leather jacket, a seriously functional braid, boots, black pants, and possibly a fake bow and arrow. You’ll be cozy and fighting against the evil political regime in style.




Gwen Stefani- A chance to wear all of your jewelery at once.  Although Gwen has gone through many style phases in her career, this way you can re-purpose your bikini top. Crucial- White tank top and some loud printed pants. And don’t forget your ‘tude!




Daria and Jane– A chance to combine forces with your bestie’s closet for optimal options.

No need to be so precise on this one. Keep the color scheme and the apathy and save the wig purchases for another year. Think of how fun it will be to pass silent judgement on your fellow peers!




The witches from Hocus Pocus- This costume may take a trip to your neighborhood goodwill or dollar store, but good news: the hair color varies from witch to witch so you can make the magic happen with the hair you have. Look in your closet for a bulkier long dress. See if you can borrow a vest or corset from a friend and voila! Make it a group costume and hit up the CVS together for black lipstick, cheap jewelery and long FINGERNAILS.





Arnold from Hey Arnold– A goodwill contessours dream costume:


Blue Leggings

Blue Sweatshirt

If you cant find a blue hat, you can make one out of playdough. Or you can be Kurt Cobain: no blue hat required.




A Cheetah Girl- The out and proud actress/singer Raven Symone would be my pick, but all of them are fabulous.

Wear anything cheetah, preferably cheetah pajamas and sing “I don’t wanna be like cinderella, sitting in a dark cold dusty cellar…” to anyone who says that you are “just a cheetah.”




Lisa Loeb- You say, I only hear what I want to…. Cateye glasses and a black dress. BOOM.




Lydia Deetz- oh Winona, so much misery and anguish. Wear every black thing you own, and use a little hair gel for that maybe wet-from-your-tears look. Also, try picking a up a couple pairs of cheap black lace anything and cutting it up to make a DIY choker or bracelets.




Judy Funny- Do you own anything purple??? Do you own anything black?

This is the costume for you. Grab a pair of sunglasses and perfect your best judy impersonation by rewatching old episodes of Doug.





Any member of TLC– This one is a bit trickier to find in your closet, but the key is baggy pants and bright colors. If you wanna go all out, do your hair in funky buns and cut the midsection off of a colored tank top. Also be sure to check out the new VH1 film on the iconic stars!



Alfalfa from The Little Rascals Although all of the little rascals make great costume ideas, Alfafa seems like the easiest and most recognizable.

What you need: hair gel and a dress shirt. You can buy a bowtie or draw one on.


That’s it everyone! Remember Halloween is a chance to be fun and creative, but there’s no reason to stress. Sound off below on other last minute costume ideas!


Images via Some Ecards, Ugo, Her Campus, Sing 365, Doug Funny’s Journal, Absolutely Dyer, EIL, Gurl, The Luxury Spot, This Recording, Elite Daily

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