10 Actors We Would Like to See as Batman

by Brenda Pitt

Catwoman is my favorite superhero (or villain, depending on how you see her), but Batman is a close second. Before Marvel, DC Comics was the premier comic book empire, producing the ever-compelling Superman comics. When Marvel entered the scene, the came out with less “All American” and boy scout-y characters, embracing the more dark and twisted side to heroism. We saw pain and personal motives in the Marvel characters, and we liked it. In order to stay competitive, DC had to come up with something good, and they created arguably the most complex, morally ambiguous, human character ever to grace comic book pages: BATMAN. Batman is haunted by the tragic deaths of his parents, and even as he makes the world a better place, he cannot help but be wounded by his past. Batman is emotionally and physically human: he has no superpowers, just super smarts. 


A lot of people are pretty ticked off that Warner Bros. has cast Ben Affleck as Batman in the next Superman movie because they feel that Affleck is too one-dimensional, that he isn’t dark and broody enough. We want to hear from BUST readers who you think would be the perfect actor to play the next Batman. Here are some possibilities, compiled by us BUSTies (and my fiance and total Batman expert, Tim Kail):

1. Jon Hamm Anyone who has seen Mad Men will know that this guy has got dark and brooding down. His character, Don Draper, can often be caught staring into a glass of bourbon, mourning over his past. Draper is a womanizer who never truly means to hurt anyone, and he can’t help himself from self-destructing. Talk about complex! The flawed decision making and inherent goodness of Draper would totally translate into an awesome Batman. 

2. Michael Fassbender This guy was totally brilliant in Prometheus; he terrified me and touched me all at once. If he can play a robot and evoke such poignancy, he can do a totally awesome and emotionally conflicted Batman. Fassbender is Tim’s choice, and I can totally see it. 

3. Ryan Gosling Gosling could easily pull of Batman and Bruce Wayne with his experience is playing both the wealthy playboy (Crazy, Stupid, Love.) and the hardened, relentless action hero (Drive). You need range to do a good Batman, and Gosling certainly has that. 

4. Denzel Washington It’s about time we had an African American Batman, and Washington would be totally perfect. He is the ultimate action-packed thriller star, and he can also pull off the warm, loving side of Batman. 

5. Johnny Depp Depp is great at being absolutely magical, at capturing the beautiful and terrifying sides of childhood wonder (Finding Neverland, Pirates of the Caribeann), and that’s what comics are all about!
6. Javier Bardem Bardem also has range: he can do action, and he can be soft and wounded while being totally badass. He can convey edge while remaining likable. 

7. Daniel Dae Kim Kim’s got that masculine, angular face so often associated with Batman, and his character on Lost was the perfect mixture of light and darkness: shame filled, kind of frightening, yet ultimately loving. 
8. Zachary Quinto He was amazing as his morally corrupt, wounded, and supernatural Heroes character. He also has experience with characters torn between human emotion and rational justice (read: Spock). 
9. Daniel Radcliffe I know this one might seem totally off, but if you saw him in Equus as the dark, twisted, and totally sympathetic Alan Strang, you might see where I’m coming from. He effortlessly played that heartbreaking, troubled kid, and once he sheds his Harry Potter skin, I think we’ll all realize that he has a lot to offer.  
10. And my personal choice… Carrie-Anne Moss Wait, wait, hear me out. A female Bat would be AMAZING, and Moss is perfect (have you seen The Matrix? She’s got ruthless, kind, and just written all over her). 


I just love her so much

Who would you like to see as Batman? Add your own pick in the comments section!


Images via  People, Glamour, Biography, Daniel Dae Kim, FanPop!, and Daily Mail

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