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20% off just for bust customers until the first friday of March use coupon code BUST1223 when checking out. Gypsy and vintage wear for the bohemian fatimas. Indigenous and Ethnic Style Handmade nomad Goods, Jewelry, and Tribal Bellydance costume. Everythi ...

Jewelry for the Modern Bohemian


Soulbound Designs creates unique, one of a kind earrings, necklaces and bracelets for gypsies, hippy chicks, voodoo priestesses, free spirits, witchy women, rockers and fashionistas with a penchant for the unusual and edgy.


Urban Gypsy: Katelan V. Foisy


I'm a bohemian artist, writer, tarot reader, and muse sharing portions of my life, insights on the art business, self-portraits, and modeling shots, all in one place. Please join me for works in progress on the tarot projects, roadside divination, 1950 ...