Diane Coffee came strutting into the press lounge at the annual 4Knots Festival at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan wearing red and white pinstripes and giant, circular '70s pink sunglasses. The image matches the performance -- bright, retro, and flamboyant. Coffee later sported a thick stripe of metallic eye makeup across their face, as they wailed into the mic, truly putting on theatrics for the audience. A performer deemed "psychedelic motown" by fans and friends, they truly bring an enthralling live performance, as proven by their set at the festival that July weekend.
  Patti Smith must be a divine gift to this world. Deemed by some the "Godmother of Punk" and others the "Punk Poet Laureate," I see her myself as "Goddess Patti." Seriously, after seeing this woman dance, chant, swear, banter, and of course, sing live on stage, I am convinced of her other-worldly nature.  Check out just a few of the reasons why I think Patti is totally a deity sent to us to empower and inspire us into creative action.
Without much introduction or explanation, I will present a list I have compiled of songs in which myself or friends have enjoyed masturbating to. We encourage you to light some candles, put something sexy on, and get down with yourself to these choice favorites. 1. “What You Need” by The Weeknd 2. “Sex With Me” by Rihanna 3. “Anytime, Anyplace” by Janet Jackson 4. “Power Trip” by J. Cole 5. “XO” by Beyonce 6. "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" by D'Angelo 7. “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld 8. “Pickles” by Peaches 9. “Ride” by Ciara 10.
In a beautiful act of defiance, Kesha is going on tour for the first time since suing former producer Dr. Luke for sexual assault earlier this year, despite the fact that the lawsuit is not yet resolved. Appropriately, the tour is called "The Fuck the World Tour."  The fiery, feminist pop star made an announcement on her Instagram on Tuesday, July 19th, saying, “The day has come that I, now, present to you, Kesha and The Creepies. This project and upcoming tour comes from my deep eternal love of dirty rock & roll and country music.
Tameca Jones, a soul-pop songstress, hailing from Austin, TX, has a voice that will make your heart melt. She has been creating music and performing covers across Texas for years, but now, we can thank our lucky stars because Jones released an EP, titled Naked, chock-full beautiful, mesmerizing hits. One of these moving, soul-searing songs is "Sandman."  Jones talks about "Sandman" saying, "[it] is about not being able to get to sleep because I was tormented with sadness over a breakup. A lot of people don't understand the chorus lyrics.
Viv Albertine of The Slits did just about the most punk thing ever and defaced a punk exhibit for not including women involved in the movement. Albertine was at the British Library in London on Friday evening (July 15), taking part in an event in celebration of punk, featuring an exhibit “Punk 1976-78.
Music festival lovers, mark your calendars! Saturday, August 20th and Sunday, August 21st are the official dates of the 6th annual Full Moon Festival. Located on Governor’s Island, the 2-day beachside fest is self-described as “a boutique approach to a New York City music festival.” It takes place beneath August’s blue moon and is framed by the glittering Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty; AKA this will be the perfect opportunity to up your Instagram game.
Billie Holiday is known to be one of the greatest jazz singers of all time. The pioneering vocalist was known for her vivaciousness, soulfulness, and her ability to improvise. Holiday was outspoken about racism and made history with her famous rendition of “Strange Fruit.” Despite her struggles with addiction and her lack of formal musical training, Holiday’s voice remained powerful until untimely death at age 44. Her beautiful and melancholy songs continue to have influence and power today. Here are 24 quotes and photos to honor the legacy of the legendary Lady Day.
There were a million reasons as to why my last relationship was bound to fail, but the most significant, the singular comment that brought the romance all to a grinding halt, was when my ex said, “I think Carrie Brownstein is overrated.” The relationship was severed immediately. I’m typically patient and understanding when it comes to most things, but this…this was unforgiveable. To combat such a ludicrous comment, I’ve compiled a list of reasons as to why we here at BUST adore the multi-talented mega-babe and former BUST cover girl, Carrie Brownstein.
St. Vincent has taken the theme song of our beloved TV seniors, Andrew Gold’s “Thank You for Being a Friend,”and made it into an eerie dirge. Is it strange? Absolutely. Amazing? Of course. It is pure St. Vincent. I remade the "Golden Girls" theme song into a dirge. #thankyouforbeingafriend — St. Vincent (@st_vincent) July 11, 2016   The track is an ambient instrumental, complete with haunting synths, a different sound than we're used to hearing from St. Vincent.